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Date: Wed, Dec 17, 1997 20:46 EST
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Hi there, since my last Trek story - Shadows - got three tens in it's
Celestial Review (unashamed plug and goofy grin!) I've decided to repost the
three prequels - DS9:Immortal Voyagers, DS9:Logic & TNG:Complexities And
Paradoxes - so I hope you enjoy them.


Hear this, now hear this, this story is not for those under the age
of eighteen - it does not recount the meeting of Barney the friendly dinosaur
with the happy go lucky crew of the Enterprise, but instead deals with SEX,
SEX, SEX - if you read this and are underage then I am not to blame -
I do not have permission to use the characters in this story - so
please don't send a copy to Paramount studios asking them to 'check this out'
That out of the way, I hope you enjoy the story, it's a sequel to my
original DS9 story (available upon request) and may be the lead in to a
series of them.
If you have any compliments or criticisms please send them to me at
- [email protected]


Logic - Part 2

"A 'pain' phaser?" said Sisko.
"Yes Commander, it fires a deadly radioactive venom into the victims
blood stream and kills him slowly, there is no cure," said Odo flatly.
"But it hit you?"
"I expelled it from my system easily enough," he said,"Now, I have
work to do."
"Very well Constable, Sisko out," he tapped his badge and looked down
at Dax,"I've never heard of that sort of thing before."
"Primitive," said Dax quietly, thoughtfully,"Now, if they had a
weapon that could slowly drive a man mad, while retaining his sanity enough
to know what was happening.....but how to get past the paradox......?"
She looked up at the Commander in irritation, then her face cleared
and she smiled,"Sorry Benjamin, I was.......gathering wool I believe the
phrase goes."
"Dax, are you all right?"
"Of course Benjamin, why wouldn't I be."
"Maybe you should......." suddenly an alarm rang out, Sisko rushed to
the console that O'Brien was tinkering with,"Chief, what is it?"
"Nothing," said O'Brien, turning it off,"The blasted thing went of
for no reason."
Sisko turned and looked for Dax, but she was gone.


The Enterprise was moving towards DS9 at Warp 5, they were no longer
allowed to break that barrier and the slow pace was almost too much for them
to take.
Picard looked to Data, who was going over various calculations, he
grinned as Data stifled a yawn - now that he was capable of emotion he was
also capable of boredom.
"Does this work not capture your imagination Data?"
"Hmmmm.....sorry Captain, but it's monotonous at best, however the
work is nearly complete," he yawned again,"I will enjoy some free time to
paint when this is done."
"You shall have it Data, how soon?"
"It's ready now, you were right sir, these energy reading indicate
that the entity is capable of destruction on a mass scale should he choose."
"Just how powerful Data?"
"Sir, if he wanted to, he could destroy this ship and all on it with
but a thought."


Dax thought long and carefully, Tapek needed a new body, he wanted a
male one - but because of the Ferengi's thought patterns he could only switch
bodies through intimate connections - sex in other words. And despite now
residing in Dax's body, he still retained a man's mind and did not wish sex
with another man.....if only he could.......then it struck him.....his mind
whipped through Dax's memories and finally found what he needed.


Quark's holo suites were designed for pleasure, but Tapek wanted no
part of anything perverse, he broke into the first one he found and ordered
the computer to find a simulation of a naked humanoid female......he waited
as the computer searched and found an unused one - one that wouldn't be
"Hologram located, hologram has been deleted, do you wish to recover
"Yes," said Dax.
"Name is _ira2.hol, please provide first letter of file."
Dax thought, then inspiration struck,"K"
"File recovered."
"Computer, run file Kira2.hol."
Suddenly she was in a cabin, Tapek recognized it as Kira's room from
Dax's memories, from the bathroom a voice cried out,"Jake, is that you?"
Suddenly a small Ferengi boy appeared in front of Dax,"You don't look
like Jake," he said,"Get out," the program ended and the yellow grid
"Computer run file Kira2.hol, executive override Dax 00895," the room
reappeared, the voice called out again and the Ferengi boy reappeared, after
telling her to leave once more he disappeared and she walked into the
bathroom. Kira was standing in there, she looked up at Dax and frowned,"Oh,
you don't look like Jake, but I like you, I like woman nearly as much as
Tapek's mind flew into the computers, he ran over the holoprogram and
discovered it had been created by Quark's nephew, and that Jake Sisko had
been a regular user, then Kira had used it twice and had it
added bonus, she had killed a Cardassian in here, one called.......T'Nark.
Kira2 grabbed Dax by the arm,"Take of your clothes baby, we can have
some fun."
Dax removed her clothes, she lay down on the ground and spread her
legs,"Do me good baby," she said with a giggle. Kira2 fell to, licking away
at Dax's cunt, she groaned in pleasure as she felt an orgasm coming quickly,
she played with her tits as the hologram performed cunnilingus on her - it
was unbelievably good.....when Tapek had possessed Kira it hadn't been this
good, she came and screamed in ecstasy, Kira2 swung around so that her cunt
was in Dax's face, the female went to, licking away at the holograms cunt as
she felt pleasure rock through her, this was good, damn good.
Kira2 suddenly got up and grabbed her by the tits, she grabbed one
nipple in her mouth and began to suck away wildly, taking the nipple and some
of the tit into her mouth, her other hand alternated between Dax's cunt and
her own, she suddenly began to rub her cunt against Dax's and the feeling was
incredible, never had she felt such pleasure, she came several times over
Dax, who in turn felt her own juices mingle with Kira2's and flow down her
legs, she came again and again and felt the incredible pleasure flow through
her....then a shock ran through them both and Dax fell unconscious.
Kira2 stood up shakily and began to waver around the edges,"Computer,
solidify Kira2."
"Unable to comply, Kira2 is losing justification."
Kira2 swore, Tapek's mind now occupied her body, but the Hologram
would not be a suitable body to be changed as he saw fit, he needed a male
body.....then a thought struck - T'Nark.
"Computer, end program."
"Unable to comply, objectives have not been met."
"What are o......" she doubled over as her body began to shimmer,
then solidified,"What are objectives?"
The Ferengi boy reappeared,"Really Jake, you have got to screw the
shit out of that Bajoran bitch," he disappeared.
Kira2 realized she would have to look for any genetic remains with
the hologram on, meaning she wouldn't be able to look for it with her eyes,
but would need to use this body that could be dangerous.
Suddenly the Ferengi boy reappeared, standing over Dax's unconscious
body, he said,"Jake, does this have to be hard? I thought you wanted her,
lucky I was fastidious in my computer design, Computer, remove clothes."
Metallic arms appeared and searched her body, there were no clothes
so they withdrew, the Fernegi boy grinned,"Computer, sexually stimulate," he
looked down at Dax,"Now Jake, until you agree to let the Major fuck you, the
computer is going to wank'll look a fool."
Suddenly the metallic arms gripped Dax by the arms and legs, an arm
ran down between her legs and searched for a cock, when it didn't find one it
hesitated, Kira2/Tapek watched in interest as a dildo appeared on the arm, it
slowly sank into Dax, who came awake with a gasp, she looked at the hologram
of Kira,"What the hell is this, Kira, what's going on, I can't remember
anything after coming to the sickbay to see if you were okay, now....this."
"I'm not Kira, I'm a hologram.....the computer memory says this same
thing happened to Kira against her will a couple of weeks ago when the
Cardassian's invaded, didn't she tell you?"
Dax gasped as the dildo slid deeper into her tight cunt.
"I guess not, anyway, I'm looking for a body, enjoy yourself."
As Kira2/Tapek began to search for any genetic remains still existing
from T'Nark, Dax was raped by the machine, the dildo pressed into her cunt
faster and faster and she felt her juices begin to flow, then a small
metallic dildo pressed against her ass and slowly slid up her ass, she cried
out in pain and called out to the computer,"Computer stop, executive override
Dax 00895,"
Nothing happened and the dildo's kept pressing into her cunt and ass,
metallic hands that were strangely soft began to knead her tits and she cried
out as an orgasm rocked through her, she called out,"Computer, how do I stop
this program?"
The Ferengi boy appeared,"Really Jake, you have got to screw the shit
out of that Bajoran bitch."
Dax understood that she had to tell the computer she was willing to
have sex with the hologram of Kira, since it was preoccupied with finding
genetic remains that had been cleaned out weeks ago, she figured she could
escape, but then Kira2/Tapek spun around and said,"Computer - give the
subject a blowjob."
Suddenly metallic hands grabbed Dax's face and forced her mouth open,
another dildo appeared in front of her face and pushed into her mouth, she
gagged, and then the dildo was moving in and out of her mouth, timing with
the one in her cunt and up her ass. She came again and tears rolled down her
cheeks, this couldn't be happening, in her three hundred years nothing like
this had ever happened to her. The machine picked up the pace and she found
herself beginning to move with the machine, her hips bucked against the dildo
up her cunt, ramming it to the hilt into her and then pushed back, moving the
one up her ass further into her, her mind was fading into a white haze of
unbelievable pleasure. She cried out as another orgasm was ripped from her
body, her juices were soaking into the floor now and she wondered how she was
going to cover this up.
Kira2/Tapek cried out in victory, she had found what she was looking
for, but her body was now dangerously unstable, and she found herself feeling
tired. The genetic material had to be separated from the wall it had been
burned into, it was nearly all gone, but she only needed one cell, inside was
the DNA structure that made up the body, she unraveled it in her mind and
slowly began reforming the body, much like a clone it built up from one cell
to 2, to 4, to 8 and so forth, but she sped up the process until the rough
form of a body appeared, then features appeared and soon the naked body of
T'Nark the Cardassian appeared, he stared up at Kira2 with dull
uncomprehending eyes - perfect, a blank slate.
This was the bit Tapek was not looking forward to, when Quark took
possession of the Fire gems he had been given a way out, by studying the
Ferengi's mind he had been given access - but no control - over it, when
Quark had sex that night with a hologram, he had been freed, but without a
physical body - but as sex had provided his freedom, it was the only way he
could gain a new body - through intimate contact. But luckily the recreated
Cardassian had no preconceived notions of intimacy, so what Tapek was about
to do would only be slightly discomforting. Kira2 reached forward and
grabbed T'Nark's head, she pulled forward and kissed him passionately,
rubbing her body against his - inside Kira2's body Tapek grimaced in disgust
- T'Nark's penis rose, then he came roughly, stepping back shocked he looked
down at his cock, then watched as Kira2 faded from existence, slowly
unraveling, when she was completely gone a spark of intelligence reached
T'Nark's eyes, then he grinned arrogantly.
"I am a man once more," said Tapek, looking over his new body, he
watched in interest as Dax was raped orally, anally and......what was the
word.....cuntingly? he laughed out loud and considered fucking her, but no,
he had business to deal with. For one, this body, though male - was
Cardassian, and he needed to find a sample of Vulcan DNA so that he could
change the structure of the body to that of a Vulcan, then he would once more
have full access to his powers.


"Ready Number One?" asked Picard.
"Yes sir," replied Riker,"Data, Deanna, you're with me," the android
and counselor stood up and walked with him to the turbo lift,"Dr Crusher meet
me at transporter room," he said into his comms badge, then exited.
Picard turned to the replacement helmsman,"Mr Riley, hold position."
Riker, Data and Deanna waited until Beverly arrived, then he
instructed her to step onto the pad with the rest of them.
"Is there a medical emergency?" she asked,"I don't have any
"Don't worry Doctor, we only need you in case DS9's doctor
is.....under the weather."
"DS9? But we haven't arrived there yet."
"I know, we're performing a ship to ship to ship transport, we're
beaming from here to a runabout we've stationed a few hundred kilometres
away, from there our beam will be boosted by DS9 into Ops."
"Isn't that dangerous?"
"It's a risk we have to take Beverly."
"Doctor Crusher, the ship to ship to ship beam has been done on
several occasions without...." began Data, Beverly hushed him.
"Data, don't pull the know it all android trick out of the bag, I
know it's just an act to you now."
Data grinned and motioned for her to hop on the transporter pad with
a graceful gesture.

End of Part 2

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