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This story features: FF, MF, Oral, Anal

Stuff: This was requested by our leader, Dr. Blasphemy himself! So this will
hopefully be of the highest quality (or else my neck is on the line). It was
such a good idea I may turn it into a series with semi-regular mirror
universe members fucking their way through the universe. If you would like
to do 'Mirror Universe Adventures' of your own, feel free. I am after all
using someone else's franchise without permission so I don't have anything
against someone else using mine!

Stuff you should know: In DS9 we often see episodes featuring the Mirror
Universe. Here good guys are bad and bad guys are good. And even good ships
are evil (they have swear words painted on the side. j/k ) In the Mirror
Universe the Mirror Kira (known as the Intendant) is a total slut and even
sleeps with women (in fact one of DS9's two lesbian kisses was the Intendant
with the Mirror Ezri. Who is also a slut). The basic storyline is that the
Intendant has come aboard with the intention of fucking her own horny body.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9: Mirror Universe Adventures - Kira And Kira
by Chaos

Part 1: Ezri

The Intendant admired herself in the mirror. She was wearing a Bajoran
militia uniform the same as this universe's Kira and it accentuated her
curves. She looked so horny. She wished she could fuck herself. Oh well, soon
she would. She stepped out of the quarters. Using a dimensional transport
device she had transported to this universe and bought this uniform off a
Ferengi. Now she would find her way to Kira. She smiled to herself. Soon she
would have her way. She walked down the corridor. She passed crewmen on their
way to certain jobs and then she saw her. Ezri Dax. In her universe she and
Ezri were lovers. And Ezri sure was good in bed. She licked her lips at the
thought of fucking two universes Ezri's. Maybe she could take a......detour.

"Ezri!" She said in a close approximation of Major Kira's voice.

"Kira! How are you?" There was naivety, even innocence in the voice. Kira
felt horny. She liked that in a girl.

"Fine. A little horny but fine."

"Really?" Said Ezri surprised at how candid Kira was being. "What makes you
so horny?"

"You want to know the truth?"

"Yes." Said Ezri, she felt horny herself at the Intendant's sexy tone of

"You do." Said the Intendant.

flattering.....but....I'" Stuttered
Ezri as she walked backwards away from the Intendant's sexy walk. She banged
into the wall. The Intendant moved in and kissed Ezri hard on the lips. Ezri
began to melt. 'Kira' was an excellent kisser. "Oh my God. That was real
good." Ezri didn't know that the Intendant had put a chemical in her mouth
which when she kissed people would cause people to fall in love with her.
"Fuck me, Kira, fuck me."

"Don't worry I will fuck you hard." They both wandered into the nearby cargo
bay. Finding a place among the boxes and crates they lay together kissing
each other. Slowly the Intendant and Ezri got of and between kisses they
slowly removed their clothing. Soon they were naked and the Intendant began
to slowly kiss Ezri's body. She came to Ezri's petite breasts and slowly
sucked a nipple. Ezri let out a soft moan as the Intendant bit down on her
nipple. The Intendant's hands moved to Ezri's cunt. Her fingers moved inside
the amateurish trimmed cunt. Two fingers inside they explored Ezri's cunt
watching her slowly lose her innocence.

"No. Not yet!" Ezri moaned.

"What do you mean not yet?"

"I don't want to come yet! Please!" She pushed the Intendant to the floor and
burrowed her face into her cunt. Her tongue lapped at the Intendant's juices
and she flicked her clit until the Intendant came. The Intendant's body
spasmed as wave after wave of ecstasy moved through her. She got up.

"Now it's your turn." She said grinning. Once again her fingers entered Ezri
and stroked her G-spot until Ezri came she blacked out. When she awoke Kira
was gone.

Part 2: Odo

The Intendant stood outside the cargo bay dressed.

"Senior officers to Cargo Bay 5." She said. Walking off, she knew the crew
would be surprised to see their counsellor in such a state. She continued to
walk down the corridor to this Kira's quarters which she knew Kira was locked
inside off. As soon as she had arrived on the station she'd told the computer
to lock Kira's door and put a dampening field in her room, stopping transport
and communications. She adjusted her suit a little as she carried on walking.
She waited at a turbo-lift and the doors opened to reveal Odo.

"Nerys." He said.

"Hello Odo!" She said smiling. In her universe Odo was dead.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine today, Odo." Odo placed a hand on her shoulder and looked lovingly
into her eyes. This told the Intendant all she needed to know, Odo and this
Kira were together. She walked inside. "Ever wanted to do it in a
turbo-lift?" Odo grinned.

"Anything for you Nerys!" They locked the elevator doors. Kira once again
removed her clothing and Odo formed his body in a flurry of tentacles, four
turned into hands which held the Intendant to the floor. She struggled but it
was no use. Lots of little mouths now moved over her body. Two sucked on her
nipples while another one engaged in a French Kiss with the helpless, horny
Bajoran, one moved to her cunt licked at her frantically. When the Intendant
was about to come the tentacles removed themselves teasing her while she was
still held down. Then the next wave came. Cocks. Huge 10 inch cocks. One
stuck itself down her throat. Another entered her cunt while another violated
her arse. Lastly one fell between her breasts while two other tentacles
pushed them together tit-wanking it. The onslaught of pure sex was just too
much and in no time she came, over and over again. At the same time the cocks
came. bathing her in a close approximation of spunk. She smiled.

Part 3: The finale

Here she was, outside the quarters of Kira. She'd rigged it so that only
voice recognition from her (or Kira) on the outside of the door would allow
access. She entered.

"Oh thank the Prophets! Someone got in!" This universe's Kira ran into her
living room and then stopped when she saw who it was.

"Hello, Kira." Said the Intendant.

"You. What are you doing here?"

"Just a friendly visit."

"Was it you who locked me in?"

"Yes." The Intendant moved closer to her prey.

"What do you want with me?"

"Well I was looking in the mirror the other day and I thought, 'I'm so sexy!
I wish I could fuck myself!' and then I realised, I can!"

"You want to fuck me? Isn't that kinda like incest?"

"Well yeah, but who's gonna know."

"The Prophets. The Prophets see all! Incest is against the Bajoran faith!"

"Well who cares!"

"I DO!"

"You won't in a minute my darling!"

"What do you mean?" In that second the Intendant pulled Kira to her and
embraced in a full kiss. At first Kira resisted by then the chemical took
hold and Kira began to reciprocate. The two Kira's stripped. Their bodies
were identical. 34C breasts they even both had shaved cunts. They embraced
yet again, their identical breasts pushing into each other, their wet cunts
rubbing against each other and their juices flowing into each other as they
became more and more wet. The Intendant pushed Kira to the ground and sat on
her face demanding her cunt be licked. Kira's tongue licked the outside of
the Intendant's love lips. The Intendant moaned. Then Kira's tongue plunged
into the Intendant's cunt exploring her and playing with her swollen clit.
The Intendant came all over Kira's face. Kira drank her own juices. The
Intendant walked over to the replicator. She pushed a few buttons and the
replicator buzzed as a large dildo appeared. It was double-headed, a
strap-on and 14 inches in length. It was dark black and the Intendant put
it. As she pushed it into herself she almost came from the huge cock. She
walked over to Kira.

"Get on all fours." She said smiling. She sat down behind Kira, her fingers
explored Kira's most intimate area. She moaned. Next her tongue explored,
almost bringing Kira to orgasm. The Intendant stood up and slowly pushed the
huge cock inside Kira's arse, Kira yelped in pain, even though the 14 inch
monster had been lubricated by the replicator. The cock continued inside
Kira, she slowly began to enjoy it and moaned, this time in ecstasy and not
pain. Kira's Bajoran arse opened up and she came with wave after wave of
ecstasy. They laid in each other's arms confident that this would happen


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