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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Mind Control Attack
by BS (MF,FF,F-mast,ir,voy,mc,drugs)

Chapter I

The moment Leo lay his hand on the UX-71 data crystal, he knew exactly what
to do with it. He couldn't stop smiling to himself.

Leo just recently arrived to Deep Space Nine. Deep Space Nine was a huge
space station which connected two quadrants of the galaxy through the unique
wormhole. The wormhole made the travel of so many light years last only
seconds. This is why the station was very important, and hosted many unique
alien life forms.

The alien speaking to Leo right now was a Ferengi. One of the ugliest races
in the Alpha Quadrant. Huge ears, bold head and sharp teeth are what made a
Ferengi win this title. They based their civilization on merchandising,
combined with endless amounts of greed. But now all of this wasn't important.
The Ferengi speaking with him was Quark. A Ferengi which established a bar
when the station was occupied by another race- the Cardassians. When the
federation took over the station, the captain made him stay, to increase the
moral of his people, perhaps.

Although Quark tried to show his bar as a legal place, to buy some food,
drinks, and maybe gamble a little, his bar was also a great place for illegal
equipment. Which was why Leo was speaking to him right now.

"So," Leo said, "when it comes right down to it, how much will it cost?"

"1 Bar and 8 strips of latinum, concerning you want me to keep my mouth
shut...", Quark grinned.

"Look, if anyone will know I bought this thing, I'll make them know I bought
it from you. There are only 15 of this type scattered around the quadrant.
The federation located 12 of them, and they know you have at least one, but
you don't dare to use it, because you know they'll draw the responsibility
on you. So, again, when we come right..."

"OK! OK! One bar, two strips! JUST SHUT UP!"

Leo smiled, but didn't move.

"One bar?"

"Agreed. It's been a pleasure..." Leo slammed the bar on the table, "...doing
business..." Quark threw the little data crystal in his hand, "...with you."

Leo walked out of the bar.

Quark smiled. This is gonna be fun, both for Leo, and when Quark will make
his move, to Quark too.

Chapter II

Leo held the little data crystal he just bought from Quark in his hand, and
headed to the holosuites.

The holosuites used a sophisticated hologram technology, in order to build
very realistic form of virtual reality. He wanted to test his little crystal

The data crystal UX-71 was capable of transforming a Human's mind (or a
Ferengi, or Bajoran, or whatever) by using sophisticated holo-technology. It
was capable of ceasing control over every holosuite program, and it was able
to send sub-conscious messages through the program, changing the target
humanoid as the controller of the crystal wished. It also sent specific
drugs as though they were part of the food, drink or smell of the scenery.

Using the UX-71, Leo could control almost anybody who visited the holosuites
on the station... ANYBODY!

Leo search for any female life form currently visiting the holosuites. He
locked on a very specific life form he wanted to test his crystal on...
Jadzia Dax.

Dax was a Trill, a unique species. The Trill are symbiont combined with
humanoid body. When the body dies, the symbiont is implanted in another body,
carrying the memories of the old humanoid body.

Right now, Dax's humanoid body was that of a gorgeous female, in her
mid-twenties. Starfleet's tight uniforms did little to hide her attractive
figure. She was the best thing Leo could hope for. She had long brown her,
and a set of markings going down from the sides of her head down to the legs.

He stored a few programs in his crystal, so he can change the program inside
the holosuite the moment he was ready. He quickly located the holosuite
controls, and quickly attached the crystal in. He smiled. Dax won't leave
the holosuite in a long time...

Using a small data pad, he was able to control the UX-71 crystal from the
holosuite, which gave him the ability to control anything inside the

Dax was waiting for Worf to enter the holosuite. Worf was a klingon, a tough
looking race with ridges covering their forehead. She meant to train with
him in a little hand-to-hand combat. Their last session left her with a 3
broken bones (2 small, one big enough to make her lose her ability to work
for 4 days) and endless number of wounds covering her body. But it was worth
it. She waited inside their training program for him.

Dax wore a tight, one-piece uniform, which she thought that was a lot more
comfortable than starfleet uniforms for training. Although it arrived
almost to her neck, it was so tight that it made anyone who looked at her
daydreaming about... well, she didn't even wanted to guess...

But Dax was comfortable in this uniform, although she rarely walked outside
with this uniform.

Why wasn't Worf showing up?

Worf was already engaged in battle with Dax. Leo laughed while messing with
his data pad. He won't notice that he's fighting an holo-Dax even when he'll
quit the holosuite. That takes care of him.

Now, he thought as he pressed a few buttons on his pad, it's time to cease
control over Dax's program...

Dax sat on a wooden chair that was part of the scenery. She moved her shoes
on the sand, creating patterns, simply to occupy herself with something
other than Worf being late.

A picture crossed her mind... A young man named Leo. He arrived on the
station a few days ago. He was tall, with brown hair. He wasn't very

Why was she thinking about it?

The picture came to her mind again. Before she could think of anything else,
she knew what she wanted... She tried to locate Worf. The computer answered:
'Worf is sleeping in his quarters'.

Well then, this settles it. The jerk won't arrive...

Again and again the image flashed into her thoughts. She began to think of
him as a lot more handsome. In fact, she wanted him to fuck her.

God, she was wet.

She knew she can't just knock on his door and ask him to fuck her. So the
best she can do is to 'have fun' with herself.

She threw herself on the sand, and quickly removed her shoes. Her outfit
followed up next. She lay naked on the sand that was part of her training
arena. The next thing she did was spreading her legs and pushing two fingers
in... She couldn't stop herself. She finger-fucked herself for a few minutes
before she came.

The orgasm building in her was unleashed in such magnitude that she couldn't
stop screaming screams of pleasure.

Then she stopped.

Breathing heavily, she thought to herself. What made her act like it?

After watching her fucking herself, Leo decided that since it was working,
he can play a little... He pressed a button in his pad...

The scenery changed, but Dax didn't notice. She couldn't stop thinking about
what she done, and why she done it. Why thinking about this man made her so

Two muscular man arrived from behind and dragged her. They threw her on a
large bed. She lay there naked, unable to get up.

Looking around her, she noticed that the bed was located in a cage, which
appeared from nowhere. She knew that someone was controlling her program, so
she simply said: "Compuer, end program".

Well, it was worth a try.

Leo appeared from the shadows, naked, passed through the bars and climbed on
the bed.

Dax felt all of her anger leaving her. She was becoming wet again. She
wanted this man sooooo bad...

He decided to give her what she wanted: "Spread your legs".

She did so. She couldn't help herself anymore. She tried to move her hand
down to between her legs, but she was unable to do so.

Leo looked for a few seconds to the brown patch between her legs. Well, this
is going to be some test...

Leo climbed on top of her and pushed his cock deep into her cunt. Moving his
cock in and out, he heard Dax scream: "OH! GOD! YEAH, PUT IT IN ME! OH!",
she began to lose control, "FUCK ME! PUT IT IN! GOD! Yeah...".

When he finally came, her screams gave way to loud moans, and she came a
little after. After that, she finally passed out from pleasure.

Leo looked at her beautiful naked figure lying on the bed, her legs spread,
and cum covering her cunt and legs. He pressed a few buttons on his pad.
When she'll wake up, she won't be able to quit the holosuite. Also, with
each minute she will spend in the holosuite, her addiction to sex will get
stronger and stronger, until finally, she'll never get out of the holosuite,
and will simply stay there to fuck whoever comes in... espacially Leo...

When he finished pressing buttons on his pad, he got out of the holosuite.
Ready to bring his next target into the holosuite. He turned to the Dabo
table, where Leeta, the Bajoran, stood.

Meanwhile, inside the holosuite, Dax awoke. All she could think about was
sex... without realizing it, she began to dream about Leo, while her hand
entered her cunt...

Chapter III

While Leo approached the Dabo table, he stopped thinking about Dax and the
data crystal. All he could focus on was the size of the Dabo Girl's breasts.
Leeta was a Bajoran, humanoid race, with a set of wrinkles running down on
their nose.

He didn't knew that when he was so occupied, Quark, decided to make his

Leo didn't worry about what happens if the crystal will stop working.
Although he won't have such a control over Dax anymore, at least she'll be
his slut as long as she lives. He only fucked her once, and watched her
masturbate once, and he already wanted to fuck her as long as he'll live.
Yet, the custom Leeta wore drew his attention a little more at the moment.

Leeta wore a silver push-up bra near the Dabo table, and a white dress cut
in a few places to show her silver panties. Leo felt a familiar pain down in
his pants which hinted on the actions he intended to do later.

Quark opened the panel which held the holosuite controls, and watched the
UX-71 plugged into the system. Currently working on sending sub-conscious
messages and stimulating drugs into one of the programs. He scanned it with
a tricorder to see what's going on in there.


Quark saw Dax, naked, in a cage where a bed stood. Dax stood on the edge of
the bed, her legs spread outside of the cage, using the cold metal of the
steel bars to stimulate her vagina.

"Well," Quark grinned, "here's a thing you don't see every day. I wonder if
I can get a piece of her...". Quark laughed. But he knew well that as much
as he wanted Dax, he can never use the situation to get her. It's too
dangerous. He's about to do enough illegal things as it is.

>From his pocket, he took an identical crystal, while saying to himself "and
he though I only have one...". His plan was not to ruin Leo's plan, but to
make it more... intresting. Then, since he'll have a recorded holosuite
program of it all, he'll sell it through the black market, earning a lot of
money. Also, he'll be able to change a few of the people bothering him, and
it'll put him in a very high position in the station...

He plugged the second data crystal in a spot near Leo's crystal. Then he
pressed a few buttons to command Dax. Dax's mind was submissive enough to
follow the sub-conscious command immediately. Without realizing why, she
said in normal and calm tone (although she was masturbating): "Dax to Sisko.
Please meet me in holosuite 3". Quark then entered the holosuite, took Dax's
uniform, and pressed on the commbadge. He then played the message. Quickly,
he got out from the holosuite, and pressed another few buttons on his pad.
Now, this is going to be intersting...

Meanwhile, Leo got near Leeta, and told her that Quark wants to show her
something in Holosuite 3. They began walking toward the holosuite, and when
Quark saw them, he knew that he was in problem. He quickly unplugged Leo's
crystal from the holosuite controls. Since he couldn't let Leo's plan
interfere with his, he can at least make Leo think that everything is going
according to the commands he entered on his pad, and when he'll realise he's
been cheated by Quark, it'll be too late.

Quark already saw the possibilites. Selling tickets to watch on live
holosuite action- and what action will it be... Leo, Dax, Sisko and Leeta
fucking without ever stopping except for eating and sleeping.

He had one mistake.

He didn't remove the right crystal.

When Leeta and Leo entered the room, she saw Dax naked, masturbating on the
iron bar. The moment they entered, the bars disappeared. And the drugs
started to stimulate Leeta...

At first she wanted to throw up, seeing Dax like this. She wanted to hit
this sick man, and to run away. Then, he lay on the bed, quickly removing
his clothes, and Dax began to ride on him. She somehow couldn't look away.
Not only that, but she removed her dress, standing only with her silver
panties and bra. She lay down on the sand, and masturbated.

Dax quickly came, screaming like crazy: "OH GOD! SO GOOD! OH! YES! FUCK ME!

When she finally stopped moving on top of him, he threw her on the bed,
where she quickly began to masturbate. Leeta also came, but it didn't seem
to be as big as Dax's orgasm. She wanted this man to fuck her...

While Dax masturbated on the bed, Leo approached Leeta, and pushed his hand
down her silver panties. A soft moan escaped through her lips. He felt his
hand brush against the short hair around her cunt. She started to move back
and forth on his hand, but he quickly let the hand out. She knew what he
wanted. Without saying a word, she removed her panties. Her bra followed up
next. Leo lay on the sand. She climbed on top of him, moving up and down on
his cock, moaning loudly...

God, Leo thought, this woman is HOT! She didn't seem to want stopping
this... And this only after spending a few minutes in the holosuite. When
Leo exploded into her, she tensed her body, not letting out a word. Yet, it
was obvious that she came...

Leo marked her to get on bed. She did so. The moment she did it, Dax lay on
top of her. Leeta pushed her tongue deep into Dax's cunt. Dax moaned, while
moving up and down to increase the penetration of Leeta's tongue.

Sisko entered, followed by Kira.

Quark looked at the viewscreen showing the activity inside the holosuite.
Things were beginning to get hot the moment Sisko arrived. He turned off the
viewscreen because he knew Sisko's about to burst.

Leo quickly moved to his pad, pressing a button, the shocked Sisko and Kira
dropped to the floor.

Sisko was a black, bald man, with a short black beard covering his face.
Kira was also a Bajoran, which look just as handsome as Leeta and Dax.

Leo didn't want anything from Sisko, It's not his 'type'. Yet, he thought
about using him to keep Dax busy while getting a piece of Kira...

Sisko woke up. He was naked, and he couldn't remember how he arrived this
situation. He was lying on a soft bed, under the stars. He saw the bed was
located in the middle of a field covered with thick grass. Then, he noticed
Dax standing in front of him, wearing nothing but panties and bra.

"Dax?!", Sisko didn't really understand, but it didn't matter. He knew, that
in some way, this was a right thing.

"Shhhh. Don't worry about anything right now...", she whispered, while
getting on the bed, "I wanted to give you what you dreamed about for so
long... I will let you fuck me. But you only have one time, and tommorow
this is all going to be a dream, so let's use the time we've got...".

Dax got over him, spreading he legs over his stomach. She brushed her bottom
against his rising cock. "Why won't we start with a little... warm-up...",
she said, while an odd smile covered her face.

Dax moved down to his cock, spreading her lips and moving her tongue around
the tip of his cock, Sisko almost came right then. All of his dreams came
true in this moment. He was ready to fuck Dax, and he didn't care on which

Taking half of his cock in his mouth, she moved her tongue around. He felt
himself building, while Dax's hand were busy in her pussy. She was so wet
about doing this.

Keeping Sisko on the edge, Dax increased her pace, moving her mouth up and
down while moving the tongue around his cock. Finally, he came. His cum
spilling into her face. She didn't seem to miss one drop of his cum.

She realized that she didn't come yet. She threw herself on the bed. It is
now Sisko's turn.

Sisko got over her. Positioning himself, he gave her breasts a kiss, and
then he pushed his cock down her cunt. While she moaned heavily, he buried
his face between her large breasts, stopping only to kiss her down the neck.
While he did that, he put his hands on her breasts, playing with her
rock-hard nipples.

She came, screaming like crazy, and moving her hips up and down to help
stimulating his cock. He came soon after... Breathing heavily, Dax's hand
moved to the pad near the bed. After pressing a button, she said: "When
you'll wake up you'll think that all of this was just a day-dream. You were
in the holosuite to test a new ship design. You'll exit the moemnt you wake
up, feeling just a little embrassed about your daydream. You'll also think
nothing of the fact that Kira is missing."

When she finished talking, she pressed another button, and Sisko's eyes

Chapter IV

While Dax was busy in pleasuring Sisko, Leo was busy in fucking Kira, and
entering sexual messages into her mind. She soon learned the benefits of
eating cunts, and sucking cock. When Dax finally joined them, the real fun

Leeta lay on the big bed, and spread her legs. The now-submissive Kira begun
eating her cunt, while masturbating herself. Dax then placed her cunt above
Leeta's, and let Leeta's tongue dig deep inside her, while she was sucking
Leo's cock.

Dax quickly orgasmed, and replaced Kira in eating Leeta's cunt. Kira began
eating Dax's pussy, but she was still masturbating. Leo, deciding it's time
to fuck Kira's pussy, positioned himself above her and quickly put his cock
in. The pleasure threw Kira's head further, into Dax's cunt.

When Dax, Leeta and Kira's mind was totally submissive, however, something
else happened.

Quark turned a viewscreen to see what was going on inside. He saw that Sisko
was gone. "How did he manage to...", Quark thought, while pressing a few
buttons in his pad. Realizing that he lost control over the holosuite,
because he took the wrong crystal out in the first place, he quickly drew
the second crystal, and tried to plug him in.

An electrical shock hit his hand, and the second crystal exploded.

Warning message was played from Leo's pad. Dax, Kira and Leeta was too busy
to hear it, but Leo did. The message was: "Crystal Break-down in 30

He didn't have much time. He closed the program. Dax, Kira and Leeta were
shocked. He told them to quickly dress, and forget whatever happened since
they entered the holosuite. However, he knew he didn't want to completely
restore their personality, so he stopped there.

The crystal exploded, leaving darkness in the holosuite.

Dax was already dressed and walking toward the exit. Well, she's about to
yell at Worf about this. He could at least tell her if he wasn't about to
show up. While walking, she felt that her legs was weak for some reason. She
quickly got to her quarters, changed into long white robe, and closed the
lights. She couldn't, however, go to sleep. Pictures kept flashing into her
mind, and she was soooo wet...

She masturbated couple of times before passing out from pleasure.

When Leeta was out, she was so horny. She felt like she's about to fuck
every man who'll get near the Dabo Table. She took a break, entered her
quarters, and ripped her silver panties away.

While she walked, she could feel the fragment of her dress touching her cunt
softly. It was teasing her... She pushed with her fingers the fragment
inside, moaning loudly. Then, without realizing she left a stain on her
dress, she walked toward the Dabo table, her nice-shaped ass looking quite
impressive without the panties covering him where the dress wouldn't.

Kira spent the day working normally. It took a long time before the things
she experienced in the holosuite had an effect on her.

She finished working and returned to her quarters, changed into short, pink
robe and got ready to sleep. But she couldn't.

She was wet...

She masturbated for a few minutes before realizing it won't help. She needed
something... else...

She got dressed and exited. After a few minutes she had reached Quark's bar.


Quark was not surprised to see her out of the holosuite, but he was
surprised to see her in his bar: "Hello Major. What can I do for you today?"

"I want to rent holosuite 3."

"I'm sorry Major, but the holosuite aren't working. Some fuses were burned,
and the system went completely mad trying to reject some intrusion made by
another program"

Kira got frustrated. She lifted Quark 2 inches above the ground whispering
at him: "I need the holosuite..."

Quark's face remained as cold as before: "I'm sorry Major. The holosuites
cannot be accessed tonight".

Frustrated, she left the holosuite, saying to her combadge: "Computer...
locate lieutenant commander Dax."

"Dax is in her quarters."

Good, this settles it then...

Still feeling the moisture between her legs, she walked towards Dax's

Dax woke up to the sound of the opening door of her quarters. She quickly
said lights and moved her hand to her phaser just to find out that the
intruder was Kira.

"Kira. You really surprised me. What's the urgency?"

"Take your clothes off".

"I'm sorry?!", Dax was confused, but for some reason, this kind of
suggestion didn't startled her.

"Take your clothes off, and THAT'S AN ORDER!".

Dax felt herself getting horny.

Kira couldn't hold any longer. She took a phaser out, and fired at Dax.

Dax felt herself getting dizzy, but only for a second. She fell down.

Although she quickly regained strength, because Kira set the phaser to
minimum power, she remained on the floor, opened her legs, and rubbed her

Kira smiled, this is getting better. She took her clothes off and watched
Dax masturbate. Dax quickly took her clothes off, too.

Kira lay over Dax, and kissed her passionately...

After spending the night together, Leeta, for some reason, called them. When
they met her, her clothes were torn apart, she was almost completely naked,
and her pussy was dripping wet...

'Dax, Kira, I REALLY, REALLY need to feel a tongue between my legs...'

Kira smiled, and dived in when Leeta opened her legs...

Meanwhile, Leo was on his way as far as possible from DS9. He didn't erase
Dax, Leeta and Kira's personality, so he thought he might return someday...
Then again...

He smiled, looking at the burned crystal which lay shattered on the table...
It can be fixed, he thought. And it will be...



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