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Star Trek - Deep Space 9: Mirror Mirror Part 1 (FF,MF,mF,inter,bond,mc)
by ALurker8192

Dr. Bashir came up the docking ring his friend Miles O'Brien, was waiting
for him. "Nice of you to join us Julian." Miles said sarcastically.

"Some of us are busy Miles. What is happening."

"We just tractored this ship in, its really beat up. We can't get clear
readings but we're guessing there are several survivors. All set, then lets
go." The hatchway opened and Miles led his team into the crippled ship.
"This way," although he had never seen a ship like this Miles guessed where
the bridge was. They headed into a small room at the front of the ship.
There was one person in the room slumped over a command console.

Julian raced over to the inert form. "He's alive. Sorry, she's alive." He
ran his machines over her without moving her then he moved around in front
of her. "You're not going to believe this Miles." Julian called his friend

"MY God, she's dead," Miles looked with shock at the face of Jadzia Dax.

"Well, right now she's alive and I'm getting her to sickbay." He hit his
comm badge. "Two to transport to sick bay."

Miles grabbed his arm, "Julian its not her!"

"I know Miles." He could tell Miles didn't believe him. "Energize." the
two figures dissipated, leaving Miles alone for the moment.

Miles thought he saw someone move and called out. When no one answered he
forgot about it and assigned his crew to check out the ship.

Dr. Bashir worked on Jadzia for over an hour. He finally came out of the
operating room and most of the command staff was waiting for him. "She'll
be okay."

"Good we have a few things to discuss." Kira spoke out.

"I"m afraid you can't speak to her yet, she's going to be out for at least
a day if not longer. She was badly beaten up."

"No sooner Dr.?" Odo spoke out.

"Why is there a problem?" Bashir asked.

"One of my men was hit over the head and his uniform stolen." O'Brien spoke

"Its safe to assume she wasn't alone on that ship. Whoever was with her is
now loose on the station. Any idea who they are or where they came from?"
Sisko thought aloud. "Are they shape shifters or from some kind of Mirror

"I'd say the mirror universe from some readings I took on the ships hull."
O'Brien spoke out. "Probably the same one you visited before sir."

Sisko saw Basher start to speak up but Sisko cut him off. "We'll table this
discussion until this Jadzia comes awake. Now about the intruder is there
anyway to find out who it is?"

"No," Odo spoke up. "Our doubles from the parallel universe are physically
identical to us. In fact anyone in this room could be an imposter and there'd
be no way to tell."

"Well, everyone keep their eyes open. The intruder could be anyone even
someone in this room." Sisko thought aloud. "Except me and you constable,
we know our doubles were killed in the parallel universe."

"That's assuming she is from the parallel universe we know." Ezri Dax spoke
out for the first time. The idea of meeting the previous host was amazing to

"Well, we're not going to get anywhere like this." Sisko broke up the
speculation. "Odo I want security on this Jadzia. The rest of you have your
duties dismissed."

Major Kira headed for her quarters. She had been up since the derelict ship
was sighted over 10 hours ago, and was exhausted. She opened the door and
walked in she closed the door. She turned around and was shocked to see her
duplicate sitting in the room. "You!" she reached for the comm panel. She
slumped as a phasor blast hit her.

"Now is that hospitable." The Intendent walked over to Kira, "Good thing
these don't show up on sensors." She grabbed Kira and half dragged and half
carried her into the bedroom. The Intendent stripped Kira of her uniform
then tied her to the bed.

After some time Kira came awake. She was laying naked on her bed she tried
to move her limbs but they were tied securely, by what she couldn't tell,
she was gagged and couldn't make any noise. She looked up the Intendent was
doing something in the corner. She had on Kira's uniform.

"Good you're up." The Intendant walked over to the bed and ran a hand along
Kira's naked body. Kira shivered in revulsion at the touch. "Not ready yet
you soon will be." The Intendent poured something on the floor. "Oh, you're
wondering what this is. Since we're so close I'll tell you. Its a simple
variant on mold, but with some special properties. You see it's spores when
ingested by a human, or whatever, makes the ingestee more in touch with
themselves," she laughed. "In other words it makes them ready to fuck like
jack rabbits. After enough is ingested the victim will be unable to control
him or herself. Isn't it just lovely."

The Intendant started to straighten up, she put on Kira's earring. "Isn't
it just lovely, don't worry you won't be left out I've spread plenty of
mold in here. I'm off to spread more around the station. I'll be back when
you're a bit more compliant." She started to leave but then turned back to
Kira. "One last thing," she pulled out a small vibrator, "I developed this
to torture my captives. Don't worry its not painful just incredibly
frustrating." She pushed the vibrator into Kira's cunt and turned it on
Kira instantly reacted to the pleasure it was giving her. "There is a sensor
that makes sure you won't cum until I get back. You should be quite horny
by then, see you soon I'm off to spread my fun."

The Intendent headed out. She was fairly sure of Kira's routine after
checking her logs. Kira was very anal rentative everything was spelled out.
Everywhere she went the Intendant dropped off more of the mold. She checked
on Jadzia and found no way to get to her. Soon enough the guards would have
other things on their mind. After going about Kira's duties for several
hours, placing spores as she went. The Intendent headed back to Kira's

As the Intendant walked into the bedroom she could tell the mold had taken
hold, with every breath she took in more spores, she had a vaccine for
herself. Major Kira was still on the bed, sweat covered every inch of her
naked body. "Much nicer." the Intendant ran her hand along Kira's body.
"Are you ready for me?" she ran her hand between Kira's legs and found her
pussy was very wet, she pulled out the vibrator. "You're going to have to
beg for what you want." she pulled her hands away from Kira and removed the

"I want to cum, do anything you want to me." Kira tried to pose for the
Intendent but being bound it was impossible.

"I guess you are ready." The Intendent started stripping off her clothes.
"We'll have to hurry, I have plans for you. Theres a freighter captain who
will be taking you on a little trip." The Intendent climbed on top of Kira
and shoved her pussy right onto Kira's face. "You pleasure me and I'll
pleasure you." Kira started licking at the Intendants pussy first
tentatively and then with more and more gusto. "Yes, thats right soon I'll
pleasure you. Although soon you'll have more pleasure then you know what
to do with. I've signed you up for duty as ships whore." Kira sucked on
the Intendants clit and she had a major orgasm.

"You want me to do it to you?" The Intendant climbed off the bed and picked
up a large dildo. "Do you want this?" she climbed between the Kira's legs.
"If you don't speak up I can't help you."

"Fuck me with that prick!" Kira begged her need outweighing her humiliation.
"Stick it in me." Kira felt the head penetrate her pussy. "All the way, I
want you fuck me us me abuse me. I'm a whore do anything you want to me.
YES!" She felt the rest of the dildo penetrate her. "Lick me, please." She
begged and the Intendant answered her pleas and started to lick at Kira's
clit making her spasm in pleasure.

The Intendent came away from Kira. "What a good girl, you're going to have
such fun on the freighter." The Intendent hit two buttons on the comm panel,
the first scrambled the stations sensors for ten seconds the second beamed
Kira form her bed into a prepared room on the Bolian freighter. "Have a
pleasant trip, the Bolians are known for big dicks." The Intendent laughed
at the now empty room.

The Intendent took a shower and relaxed for a bit then she got her clothes
on. She decided she wanted to see what was happening with the rest of the
station. After a quick check of Kira's duty station she knew the crew
hadn't traced the sensor malfunction. She decided to head for the Captain's
quarters, he was her biggest danger, other then Jadzia. She went to his
quarters to see if he had any suspicions, if he did she would kill him if
not she might just fuck him depending on how the mold was working.

The Intendent entered Sisko's quarters to find only his son Jake. "Is your
father here Jake?" She asked.

"No sorry major, he's helping Obrian trace some computer glitch. should I
tell him you stopped by."

"Yes please." She noticed Jake was ogling her body. She sniffed the air it
was heavy with mold spores. "My I never noticed before what a big strong man
you've become." She moved closer to him and ran her hands over his arms.
"Yes you've grown up well." She reached up and gave him a kiss, as her lips
touched his he started to return the kiss.

The kiss lasted several seconds before Jake broke it. "Major what? Maybe we

"I want you Jake, I've seen you watching me." The Intendent guided him
towards the bedroom. "Just relax and enjoy." She pulled off his pants
without a struggle and took his long hard cock into her mouth.

"Oh God Major!" Jake muttered.

"Call me Kira," the Intendant laughed. She pushed him back on the bed and
climbed up on top of his prick. She guided the thick black shaft into her
pussy. "Oh yes such a big boy." She started to ride up and down on his
large prick, behind them the door opened.

Cassidy was tired as she walked into Bens room . She had been scraping mold
of her ship for the last several hours. "JAKE, KIRA?" Cassidy Yates looked
in on the two lovers at first she had thought it was Ben Sisko her fiancee
on the bed. She was relieved to see it was young Jake then shocked at the
sight, then incredibly turned on. She had come wanting sex from Ben, now to
her shock, she was considering Jake.

The Intendent looked back at the doorway, in an instant she took in Cassidy's
exceptional good looks. "He's so big and so good I couldn't resist." She came
off Jake showing Cassidy his large prick. "Would you like to join us?"

Cassidy was shocked but intrigued. To her own astonishment she started
walking towards the bed stripping of her clothes as she went.

"He's so good." The Intendent continued to ride up and down on his prick.
Jake groaned and shot his load into her. The Intendent slid off of him.
"He'll be down for a minute but I can handle you too." The Intendent pushed
Cassidy down on the bed. She kissed her on the mouth then moved down her
body, kissing her tits moving down between her legs.

"I've never done anything like this." Cassidy groaned as the Intendent's
tongue penetrated her pussy. "It feels so good don't stop." The Intendent
pushed her fingers into Cassidy's pussy. "God yes," Cassidy's back arched
as her orgasm overcame her.

"Now back to Jake." The Intendent moved back between Jake's legs and started
sucking on his rapidly hardening cock. "You try," the Intendent offered
Jake's cock to Cassidy and she quickly gobbled it down. "I think he's ready
to be ridden."

Cassidy climbed aboard Jake's large cock. "Yes Fuck me," she moaned and bent
forward burying Jake in her tits, to his pleasure.

The Intendent moved away from the bed to get a better view. She heard the
door open and moved back against the wall out of sight from the door.

"CASSIDY!" Benjamin Sisko yelled out.

"OH God Ben." Cassidy turned and saw her fiancee but Jake's fucking brought
her to orgasm at the moment. "OHH yes, Fuck me Jake." Cassidy went back to
fucking Jake completely out of control. out of the corner of her eye she saw
Ben close the door.

Jake ground into Cassidy and shot his second load deep inside of her. He
looked around and saw Kira had gone. Now Cassidy was rushing out of the room.
"Wait," Jake called out after her but she still left.

* * *

Miles O'Brien was frustrated he had been called to Quark's and he knew what
the problem was. "What's the matter Quark?"

Quark put a glass in front of him it was covered in mold. "That, how can
I serve that to my costumers?"

"Its all over the station. We're working on the problem." He had tried
everything but the mold just wouldn't die. "I can't do anything right now."

"Just look at the blob in the back room. Leeta!" Quark called over the dabo
girl. "Leeta show him the back room."

"Alright Quark." Leeta lead Miles into the back, a small room the girls
sometimes used to change. All the walls were half covered in the mold. "Just
look at this Chief." She ran her hand over the mold and tons of spores came
out. "Can't you do anything Chief?" she inhaled deeply and moved closer to

Miles looked down her shirt at her large tits. "I don't know?"

"Please Miles won't you help me." Leeta cupped his balls through his uniform.
"I'd be ever so grateful." She pulled the zipper down on his uniform. Leeta
quickly had his prick free, she wrapped her hands around his cock. When he
didn't object she knelt down and started sucking on it. She worked at
removing her clothes as she pleasured him.

Miles knew he should stop this but he couldn't. "Yes, Leeta that feels so
good." He fell against a wall. He sneezed as more of the mold spores were
released. Leeta pushed him down on the ground. Miles didn't resist as Leeta
climbed atop his prick.

"Oh yes it feels so good" Leeta started riding up and down. "Suck my tits
yes." She pushed her tits into Miles's face and was soon orgasming. She felt
Miles shoot his load deep into her pussy.

Miles pushed her off of him and stood up. He collected his uniform unsure of
himself. he didn't know what to do about what just happened, his communicator
beeped. "O'Brien here."

Dr. Basher voice came over the intercom. "Jadzia is awake, Sisko wants the
command staff to meet in sickbay."

"I'll be there," he shut off the comm badge. "Sorry Leeta I've got to go.
You know how it is." Miles raced out of the back room. As he left Quark
asked him where Leeta was, after Miles told him he saw Quark head that way.
He briefly wondered what would happen but then raced for sickbay.

* * *

Benjamin Sisko still hadn't had time to get over his anger at Cassidy as
Miles came in he said more loudly then he had intended. "Mr. O'Brien, What
is with this mold? Can't you even keep this station free of mold. Dammit
I expect more from you!"

"Sorry sir." Miles was amazed, Sisko was almost ranting. "Most of our
disinfectants don't work on it. I've got men scraping it up now but I don't
know if thats going to do any good."

Bashir entered the room. "You can see her now." He saw the entire staff
move in. "Worf, Kira, I think you should stay out a moment. Don't want to
excite her unnecessarily, remember in the parallel universe you aren't
too friendly." They seemed to take the logic of the statement. He ushered
in the others. Jadzia was sitting up on the bed.

"Hello Benjamin." Jadzia jumped up and wrapped her arms around Sisko. "Its
good to see you again."

"Good to see you too." He slowly pulled away from Jadzia uncomfortable at
the contact. "We have some questions first are you from a parallel universe?"

"Yes, after being captured by the Intendent I managed to escape with her as
prisoner. I managed to get away and head for Torak Nor but was cut off by
Klingon warbirds. I used the transporters to create a dimensional rift. Then
came through it to here. If I hadn't I'd be dead."

"So the Intendent was your prisoner."

"I assume you have her in custody."

"I wouldn't say that." Odo spoke with his customary sarcasm. "She seems to
have disappeared."

"Unless she is pretending to be Kira," Miles spoke aloud.

"What would you have me do?" Odo shot back, "Throw Kira in a cell because
she might be the Intendent?"

"No," Sisko paused to consider. "But put a watch on her. Do it personally,
I don't want everyone to know about this. We can't have everyone distrusting
Major Kira. Also check any ship thats left in the last few days make sure
the Intendent didn't get off the station."

"That will take some time." Odo responded.

"I know Constable, but the Intendent isn't very dangerous in this universe.
Now Jadzia until we find the Intendent you are welcome to stay on station
after that we can decide whether or not to send you two back or not, Okay?"

"Sounds good. I could use the rest."

"Just remember, the people here are not the same one's in your universe.
Worf and Kira are not you're enemies." Sisko warned her. "Constable would
you find her some quarters and I want updates on the search for the
Intendent every 3 hours. I'll be in my office." Sisko left.

"Yes Capt." Odo guided Jadzia out of the room.

Julian Bashir turned on his friend. "Miles what is with this mold. I'm
having a hell of a time keeping my surgery sterile."

"I know I've tried everything this mold just won't die. I tell you I'm at
the end of my rope."

"Maybe I can do something." Bashir thought aloud, "but what we really
need is a botanist." He considered, "What about Keiko?"

"Thats a great idea Julian," Miles thought a moment he really didn't want
to see his wife right now. "But could you ask her? You see we had a big
fight last night about her not having enough to do on the station. If I
ask her to help, she'll think I'm being patronizing."

"Alright, I'll go get her right now." He saw miles looked downtrodden.
"Don't worry I'll convince her it's important."

To Be Continued...

Jadzia Dax/Sisko whos upset about seeing cassidy {doesnt see intendent}
Ezri Dax/Jadzia Dax during therapy session Jadzia describes how intendent
abused her
Odo/Ezri trying to figure it out overcome by spores
command staff meets accuses Kira to get away uses concentrated spores


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