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Star Trek:DS9 - Operation Trojan Horse.

As Odo stepped out of the holo-suite, Maria Valdez was right behind
"Officer Valdez?" The Shape-Shifter asked of The Security
Officer,"What was the point of having me in here?"
"I value your input," she replied,"I also wanted you to make sure
that little Ferengi doesn't pry into what's happening in here, so I wanted
you to see just how important this was."
As she turned and walked back into the Holosuite, Odo bit back a
bitter laugh and returned to his Security Office.
- I can see through your lies - thought Odo to himself - Just
because I'm a member of the race that rules the Dominion they think I'm a
security risk! - he laughed out loud to himself, he already knew they were
going to follow him around the Station, see if he made any
'secret communiques' to the Dominion.
"What are you laughing about?" asked No'Kase, still in his Holding
Cell after nearly seven weeks from when he had invaded the Station (*).
The Cardassian's thought him dead (**), and he was here until Starfleet
figured out what to do with him.
"Just you," lied Odo,"I was wondering if they would put you to work
in the ore mines when they get you back, or if you'll just be executed?"
No'Kase frowned and sat back down, obviously finding no amusement
in the joke. His non-existence bothered him a great deal, as far as
Cardassia was concerned, he'd been killed by an Assassin who'd then gone
into hiding, as was the norm in The Obsidian Order. But he was alive,
and every day he lived in this cramped little cell was another reminder
of the huge embarrassment of his participation in the doomed raid on the
Odo's Security Console beeped, causing The Shape-Shifter to turn
and distractedly tap in a command. No'Kase had taken every chance,
every opportunity to observe Odo, to try and discover a routine, to find
an opening to help The Cardassian escape. But Odo was no fool, he kept
no set schedule and kept a hawk-like vigil of his own on No'Kase, and
The Cardassian knew that barring a miracle, he was here until Starfleet
figured out what they wanted to do with him.
Odo frowned and turned an eye on No'Kase, then made a quick
run off his smooth hands over the Console. A momentary humming noise
sounded, one that would have been ignored or even unheard by nine out
of ten people. Both Odo and No'Kase, however, knew it for what it was,
the sound of the force-field around No'Kase's cell growing stronger.
Just to be on the safe side.
"Don't go anywhere," muttered Odo, standing up and leaving the
Security Office.
No'Kase threw his head back in a silent, sarcastic laugh, then
growled as the doors shut behind Odo.
"My, in a humorous mood today, aren't we?" he muttered, then
settled back on his bunk and closed his eyes, trying to shut out the
bright light in his cell,"Maybe you'll do us all a favor and die

(*) In Immortal Voyagers, available upon request from me at :
[email protected]

(**) In Logic, available upon request from me at :
[email protected]

Kira stretched languidly in her bed and allowed a small satisfied
smile to cross her face.
She loved being naked.
She was usually on call all hours of the day (or night, even with
the Station Time Devices it was hard to keep track of day and night when
you lived on a Space Station) and rarely got an opportunity to sleep in,
and especially not naked.
It was something natural for Bajoran's, who - as a race of artists
and farmers, musicians and philosophers - found nothing scandalous or
embarrassing about the nude form.
Then the Occupation had come, and suddenly women who weren't
constantly bundled up were 'asking' for rape and sexual abuse. As a
member of one of the fiercest Resistance Cells during The Occupation,
Kira had grown used to being ready to run at a moments notice and to not
sleeping in the nude.
Captured female Bajoran's were lucky not to be raped anyway,
being nude hardly increased that chance.
But now The Occupation was over.
The Cardassian's were at war with The Klingons, her former
Occupier's finding themselves exposed to the long held-in-check fury of
Klingon Warriors. Kira could appreciate the irony, in fact, she
would have relished it if it wasn't such a sinful thing to do.
But all that was unimportant, because today was the first day
of a week off for Kira.
She ran her hands down her sides, eyes slowly rolling back in
her head and a low moan escaping her lips as she enjoyed the thrilling
sensation running throughout her body.
Her legs stretched, her skin moved along the cool, silken sheets
of her bed and she rolled her head back into the firm, yielding mattress.
Being so lazy, being nude, not having to worry about working,
the coolness of the sheets, the warm snug feeling you got after slowly
waking from a long, relaxing sleep, it was all building up in Kira's
body, making her feel very good about herself.
Her hands slid up her waist and moved up over her large, firm
breasts. Her nipples tingled deliciously, growing firm and erect beneath
her gentle touch as she felt her crotch moisten in arousal. Cupping
each breast, she slowly squeezed first one orb, then the other, smiling
at the sensation, half closed eyes rolling down to look at herself.
Her legs moved apart, her shaven vagina spreading, her asscheeks
separating along the cool sheets, sending thrills of pleasure throughout
her entire body.
"Niiice," she moaned, sliding her hands back down the underside of
her breasts and slowly down her flat waist. Her crotch twitched slightly
in anticipation as her digits made their way slowly down between her legs,
sliding down over the slight stubble of her pubic hair, growing back after
she had recently shaved down there.
She still didn't know why she'd done it, perhaps out of boredom
or to try something new, she shaven all of her pubic hair away and felt
a secret thrill as she'd walked around the Station on her next Duty
Shift, the only one aware of her dirty little secret, her cunt moist at
the delightful, almost forgotten sensation of being hairless on her
The feeling of stubble just above her clitoris was delicious,
but she knew as the day progressed it would likely get irritable and
cause a rash from constant scratching.
She chuckled at the thought of unconsciously cupping and scratching
her crotch right in front of Sisko, Dax, Bashir or.... Prophets forbid!
She parted the two fingers by her thumb as wide as she could and
spread them around her shaven cuntlips, then closed them together, causing
her almost bald pussy lips to mash together deliciously.
Dropping a third finger down beside her middle finger, then pushed
the middle finger inside of her pussy, sliding it deep inside of her
and groaning in happy satisfaction as the two fingers either side of her
middle one pressed together around it, increasing the pressure of her
cuntwalls on her finger.
Sawing in and out with a grin, lightly biting her lower lip and
grinning in dirty excitement. This was soooo naughty! Her first day off
in months and what was she doing? Masturbating herself stupid in bed!
She'd been around humans too long, she decided, to be so aroused by
something as simple as her own nudity.
With a sigh she slid her finger out and dropped her hand onto
her flat stomach, very conscious of the wet heat of her middle finger,
covered in her own juices.
She slowly trailed it up her waist and between her firm breasts,
up over her collar bone, skipping over her neck and stopping a half inch
from her face.
She lightly sniffed her own juices and grinned, then with the
silly paranoia that accompanied most self sex activities, she darted her
eyes from side to side before sliding her finger into her mouth.
Just in case she hadn't noticed The Ops Crew walking through the
door or something.
Her lips closed around her finger and she sucked it in and out,
enjoying the taste of her own cunt-juices.
Popping her finger out and chuckling to herself, she swung herself
out of bed and sat up, staring down at the floor and willing herself to
make the next logical step and stand up.
It had been hard enough just sitting up, she was so tempted to
just lie there all day, enjoying the slow, sexy sensations of being a
total sloth.
With a sigh that was half-put on and half-heartfelt, Kira stretched
her arms above her head, enjoying the way it made her breasts pull up
taut before dropping her limbs to her sides. She rolled her head around
slowly, making several revolutions to loosen up her neck before yawning,
grinning, and moving over to the replicator.
"Computer, replicate me a simple disposable razor, and a canister
of lubricating oil and baby oil," she chuckled, enjoying the idea of
cleaning up her stubble and then masturbating. She didn't know about other
women, but using the razor was a big sexual thrill for her.
[Unable to comply,] replied the Computer,[Replicator
Unit malfunctioning.]
"What?" muttered Kira, then frowned as the Computer took her
literally and repeated what it had said"What's wrong with it?"
[Unknown disruption in energy matrix, system wide malfunctions
are occurring.]
"Serious malfunctions?" asked Kira, concerned.
[Negative, malfunctions are in minor subsystems only, primary
systems are running within designated system parameters and back-ups
remain in place.]
"Great," muttered Kira, rolling her eyes,"So just my replicator."
She stared at the replicator angrily, as if doing so would fix
it, but when this failed to occur she reluctantly put the idea of shaving
herself out of her head.
"After all, I can't get in a Repair Crew to fix this just so I
can masturbate."
She moved towards the bathroom, thinking she'd take a shower (she
thanked The Prophets every day that being so close to Bajor and not on
a StarShip, they were able to use regular water showers rather than
the sonic variety) when a sudden thought occurred to her.
"Why don't I fix it myself?"
She grinned, she certainly had the no how, and there were always
some spare tools lying around, so why not?
She chuckled happily, grabbed a small silken bathrobe hanging over
a nearby chair and set about looking for the proper tools.

Odo frowned as the screaming Denebian was dragged away by members
of the mainly Bajoran Security Force he had working for him.
"Something wrong, Constable?" asked Captain Sisko, moving up
beside Odo,"We got our man, after all, he's been supplying arms to The
Klingons and The Cardassians and making a small fortune while causing
untold death and destruction."
"Yes, exactly," muttered Odo,"He's been selling to both sides
and getting away with it, he's careful, he's clever and suddenly his
personal holographic matrix and cloaking system breaks down and we capture
"Luck went our way," replied Sisko simply, smiling,"It happens
sometimes, roll with it, Constable, it's nice while it lasts."
Odo just made his trademark grunt/sniff to show his derision,
then nodded and moved away to take his Security Teams report. He wanted
to know why The Denebian was here, if he had a customer or customers
on Station and more importantly, he wanted to know if someone had exposed
The Denebian deliberately.
Because he had a sneaking suspicion he knew who.

"Ale?" asked Quark with a slight sigh, showing not a hint of
surprise at Bashir and O'Brien's strange clothing.
"Quark?" growled O'Brien, dressed in an aviator's leather jacket
and holding a protective helmet under one arm, as was Bashir next to
him,"The Holosuites are all locked out, Julian and I had a suite booked
"Don't complain to me," sighed Quark,"Federation Security came
in here and commandeered all Holosuites, locked out my emergency overrides
and surveillance nodes and told me not to wait up."
O'Brien exchanged a surprised look with Bashir, the latter turning
back to Quark and asking.
"Federation Security? Does it have anything to do with
The Enterprise?"
The Enterprise E was docked at DS9 currently, hovering over all
of them like a protective dragon over a castle. While it was an assurance
to have Starfleet's Flagship sitting right on their shoulder, it also
lent a certain paranoia to the general feeling on The Promenade... just
WHY was The Enterprise there?
"Don't ask, I won't tell," replied Quark,"They paid me well
enough to assure that much, at least."
"There's not a Ferengi alive who can keep a secret," chuckled
O'Brien,"There's always a higher bidder."
Quark grinned, then shook his head and lifted up two ales,"Enjoy,
gentlemen, on me."
Bashir and O'Brien exchanged another startled look.
"It's serious," muttered O'Brien.
"Quick, grab the drinks!" chuckled Bashir, reaching out and
grabbing his ale,"The chance will never come again."
The Engineer and The Doctor both laughed as they walked away,
taking a seat at a table and beginning their drinks. They would order
more of course, and invite friends over if they saw them walk past,
and inevitably they'd get competitive and play darts and drink more,
and in the end Quark's two free drinks would net him a healthy profit.
"Hoo-mans," muttered Quark with a slight smile,"They just don't
get it."

Kira was bending over in front of the replicator, trying to
re-divert the energy matrix through back-up circuits to avoid the
malfunction error. As she did so, her silken robe slid up over her
smooth, curved asscheeks, exposing her buttocks and slightly stubbled
pussylips to anyone who might have been lucky enough to stand behind
The feel of the silk running over her flesh sent a shiver of
delight throughout her entire body and she allowed a crooked smile,
forgetting the energy matrix for a moment.
How many people would have liked to see her in this position?
she wondered, Bashir? Definitely. Odo? most likely. Quark? beyond a
shadow of a doubt. Sisko? Who knew, the man seemed to be married to his
work, even arresting his girlfriend when he discovered she'd been helping
The Maquis. Dax? She wouldn't put it past The Trill, who like most
enlightened species was extremely comfortable with same sex or bi-sexual
relationships. O'Brien? Not likely, he was married in every sense of
the word. Worf? He was with Dax, but she'd caught him checking her out
a few times, not that she blamed him, he was a pink blooded Klingon male
in his prime, after all.
But who did she want?
She had to admit, Julian was attractive, even if his personality
tended to grate on her somewhat, and she knew the attraction was mutual
following a rather embarrassing encounter when a visiting Betazed Ambassador
had accidentally driven everyone mad with lust.
And Dax was certainly an attractive woman, with a fun loving
attitude and a sometimes devil-may-care attitude. But she was definitely
devoted to Worf, who was also devoted to her.
So poor old Kira was left alone with her fantasies.
One of which she decided to enjoy now.
Waving her exposed ass to and fro slowly, she continued to work
on the replicator as she whispered dirty comments to herself, pretending
she was someone else.
"That's it, Kira, shake that ass for Doctor," she chuckled,
mimicking Julian's voice before raising into Dax's,"Spread those legs,
you dirty little slut!" before dropping down into a parody of
Worf,"Prepare to be mated, Bajoran wench!"
Her shoulders shook from laughter, but her pussy was getting
steadily more aroused and now a prickly sensation was running through
her cunt, the small stubbled re-growth on her vaginal lips tingling
with desire.
"HAH!" she laughed, as the red energy nodule turned green and
her replicator regained it's power,"Computer, replicate a simple
disposable razor, a canister of lubricating oil and a canister of
baby oil!"
She stood up, rubbing her hands together in anticipation and
enjoying the smooth feel of the silken bathrobe sliding down over her
asscheeks. It was short, leaving the bottom curve of her asscheeks
exposed, and she hadn't cinched the silken belt closed, so it lay open,
exposing her breasts and pussy.
She moved into her bathroom, grabbing the replicated items as
she did so and settling down on her sink eagerly, running water into
the basin, filling it half way up.
Spreading her legs wide, she couldn't resist sliding one hand
down between her legs and over her vagina before placing down the shaving
The cool feeling made her moan with pleasure, and she had to
resist the urge to cup her crotch again, not wanting to smear the shaving
lotion about. Leaning back on the sink, she spread her legs wide and
scooped up the razor, eyeing it carefully before dropping it down to
her crotch and sliding it slowly, carefully up one of her pussy-lips,
groaning in pleasure at the delicious pressure.
The rasping sensation of cool metal scraping over her cunt lips
had her rolling her head slowly back in small circles, her upper body
jolting in sudden sharp takes as the scraping metal ran over her stubbled
cuntlips then up her crotch, removing all of her pubic hair from her
She soon finished, easily shaving her cunt totally bald, with not
a single pubic hair left. Grinning happily, her large breasts rising
and falling rapidly and her skin flushed with pleasure, her legs spread
wide and her vaginal lips a light red color, streaks of shaving lotion
spread over her crotch.
She cleared the sink, then ran water onto her hand and splashing
it onto her crotch, slapping it lightly to clear the last of the shaving
lotion before picking up the canister of baby lotion and squirting a
healthy amount onto her palm.
She turned her hand upside down and slapped it down onto her
crotch, cupping her cunt and sliding it in small, almost imperceptible
circles over her pussy, spreading the oil into her flushed red cunt.
The soothing, cooling liquid made her moan in pleasure, her
legs raising up in small, jerking motions as her hand continued to grip
and knead at her pussy.
The steadily rising heat of her pussy mixed with cooling liquid
of the baby oil was simultaneously sending flashes of exquisite heat
and cool shivers of sensation throughout her entire body.
Removing her hand reluctantly from her cunt, she stared down
happily at her once again bald pussy, which was still flushed red but
no longer in danger of developing a rash or becoming irritated.
She lifted her legs up and set her feet on the sink, spreading
them wide and parting her cuntlips with the fingers of one hand while
the middle finger of her other hand slid deeply up inside of her cunt,
right in past the second knuckle.
"Oooooh," moaned Kira happily at the delicious intrusion,"Good,
very good!"
She slid the finger back out and then back in, repeating the
movement again and again, fingerfucking herself on the sink of her own
She moaned and groaned, tossing and twisting her head about as
her finger sawed in and out of her newly-shaven cunt, stroking over her
clitoris and sending steadily increasing pulses of pleasure throughout
her entire body.
Her nipples ached with need, begging to be felt, to be sucked
or nibbled on. Her ass shifted about on the cool surface of the sink,
a light sheen of sweat making her body glisten, her ass sliding about
somewhat due to the smooth surface of the sink.
Her eyes had half closed, her teeth biting at her lower lip
as she let the sensations wash over her, allowing cycles of pleasure
to wash throughout her nervous system. Her nipples were erect in desire,
her cunt was contracting down around her finger, her asscheeks clenching
and unclenching, her body jerking and shaking almost uncontrollably as
she approached orgasm.
Her large breasts heaved up and down, her chest expanding and
falling faster and faster, the sexy Bajoran woman sucking in huge amounts
of air and letting a low, keening noise to emerge from her as she humped
her cunt with three fingers now, all pretense of control lost as she
collapsed to her inner-most desires.
"SO FUCKING GOOOOOOD!!!!" she moaned and thrust her cunt up
hard as her squirmed her fingers deep inside of her pussy, her thumb
pressing firmly into her clitoris, grinding in a rotating circle back
and forth against the erect love button,"So... UH! So GOOOOD!!!!"
She came, her cunt gripping eagerly onto her fingers and her
juices spilling out of her fuckhole, over her sticky digits and running
down between her clenched asscheeks to pool on the smooth surface of the
Her back arched and her tits rose high up, nipples pointing
at the ceiling and head thrown back. Her eyes had rolled back in her
head and her mouth was wide open, her cries - previously loud
and excited - were now reduced to a low, barely discernible whimper of
Finally her body shuddered to a finish, her legs flopping over
the sink, her back relaxing and her eyes opening. Her fingers remained
inside of her pussy, feeling the warm wet heat of her own cum and the
delightful pressure/pleasure of her cuntwalls gripping onto her digits.
With a groan she slid off the sink and caught her balance before
she could collapse. Steadying herself, she felt a wave of dizziness as
her blood-flow got back into it's proper circulation, and even that in
itself was arousing.
"I'm a fucking slut," she chuckled, pulling her silk robe back
into place and staring at the site of her masturbation. She'd knocked
over the canisters of oil and lotion during her wank, and it had mixed
in the basin with the remains of the water, pubic hairs and lotion that
hadn't gone down the drain. Her own juices were dripping off of the
sink and onto the floor by where she stood.
"That's the trouble with pleasure," she murmured with a crooked
grin,"It's so messy."

"Ahhh, Doctor, enjoying some... male bonding, I believe the
term is?" asked Garak, the Station's resident Cardassian 'Tailor' and
friend of Dr. Bashirs.
Although sometimes Julian wondered if friend was the right word.
"Hardly, Garak," Bashir replied, sipping his tea lightly. He'd
taken the ale because it was what O'Brien had been drinking, and it had
seemed to suit the clothes they were wearing. But without some Germans
to shoot down over London, he had come to feel more and more ridiculous
and the Syntha-Hol had just gotten cloying, so he'd gone back to a much
more civilized, soothing drink. Tea.
A few feet away, O'Brien was engaging in a game of darts with
several Vulcan's, who had for some bizarre reason expressed an interest
in the game. O'Brien, of course, had been only too glad to show them
how the game was played and the logical, scientifically minded Vulcans
had quickly shown a knack for it.... which in turn, left O'Brien feeling
competitive and demanding a 'proper game'.
"It seems the good Chief has found himself in a losing
situation," chuckled Garak, as one of The Vulcan's scored
another bullseye,"We have a saying on Cardassia, you can teach a Vulcan
to play a sport, but you can never have any fun doing it."
"We have a saying on Earth," replied Bashir with a slight grin
back,"You can't lose if you don't play."
"Excellent suggestion, dear Doctor," chuckled Garak,"Join me for
a meal?"
"Of course," nodded Bashir, and made to follow Garak. He paused,
turning to watch as O'Brien just missed his own bullseye.
He chuckled, seeing a thousand ways the Chief could improve his
game, from the way he held the dart to the flexing of his metacarpals. But
how could he suggest this to someone who was supposed to be a better player
than he was?
With a shake of his head, Bashir joined Garak at the table.
"I had seriously considered not coming to Quark's today," muttered
Garak after making his order.
"Oh?" asked Bashir, leaving Garak to expand.
"Well, I had to weigh up then pros and cons of coming,
of course," chuckled Garak, as if it was obvious,"I mean, look at all
those Undercover Security Agents."
Julian suppressed any sign of surprise, then turned to look at
O'Brien and The Vulcans, taking time to sweep his gaze across the bar.
Ahh, not that it had been brought to his attention, he noted that
several patrons in the Bar were also looking without appearing to look,
keeping a sharp vigil on everything going on around them while having
conversations, writing in journals or just drinking at the bar.
He doubted that anyone without his 'gift' (*) would have noticed
this type of thing, but then again Garak was a Master and trained to notice
the odd, the unexplained, the out-of-the-ordinary.
"You can stop gawking now, Doctor," chuckled Garak,"The new Dabo
girl is beginning to get nervous."
"You don't mean..." started Bashir, starting to look back at
Garak, before he was interupted by Quark, who had oddly enough brought
them their order, a task usually done by his staff.
"Yes, the new girl is a Security Agent," sniffed The Ferengi,"I
was quite frankly offended that they didn't think I'd notice."
"What's going on, Quark?" asked Bashir in a slight whisper, feeling
absolutely ridiculous,"Have you finally hit the big time or has Odo gotten
"I've always been big time," grunted Quark,"And Odo's always been
paranoid for that matter. But no, they're here to keep an eye on things,
make sure nothing goes wrong while The Enterprise is here."
"Something to do with The Dominion, perhaps?" Bashir asked, leaving
the question open to either Quark or Garak.
"Nothing so boring," replied Garak with a smile,"But this is not
the kind of conversation we should be having with 8 Starfleet Agents sitting
within surveillance range."
"8?" asked Quark, surprised,"I only counted 7."
"One of The Vulcans," chuckled Garak,"But don't get down on
yourself, I recognize him personally from my own.... shall we say 'glory'
"Then surely he recognizes you, too?" asked Bashir.
"Oh I don't think so," chuckled Garak,"I was a woman the last
time we met."
And with that enigmatic comment, Garak went back to his drink.

(*) Doctor Julian Bashir was genetically augmented as a child,
something which he hid for most of his life until it was uncovered by
the man responsible for creating the Emergency Medical Hologram program.

"Ahhh, a room-mate," muttered No'Kase sarcastically as the Denebian
was led into the Security Room,"How charming."
"Quiet, No'Kase," growled Odo as The Denebian was thrust into his
cell, the force-field coming into effect immediately.
forward and getting zapped back by the force-field.
"We've already contacted them," replied Odo quietly,"I should
say they'll be very eager to get hold of you again, a known Gun-Runner."
The Denebian's large, black eyes widened slightly, and then his
entire demeanor changed.
"No, no, it's all a misunderstanding," he soothed,"If I can be
given access to a Subspace line I can get into contact with Kul LaMor at
The Embassy, he'll explain this."
"Kul LaMor?" asked Odo,"I must say you're being very helpful,
we've been wondering who the connection in the Embassy was for a long time
The Denebian let lose a groan of despair as he realized his
mistake. He'd just blown his contacts cover, this would not only put him
and Kol in prison, but it would all be traced back to his family's business
in Gun-Running.
"Amatuer!" laughed No'Kase, his laugh a short, sharp bark,"Deny
everything, always, never give even the smallest truth in your answer or
you'll eventually give up everything..... you just gave up your contact
and got nothing in return."
"SHUT UP!" roared The Denebian, then, as if this had been the last
of his strength, he collapsed down onto his bunk and buried his head in
his long, graceful hands.
"Amatuers," chuckled No'Kase, sitting down on his own bunk and
shaking with head with a slight grin. He lifted his head and looked over
at Odo,"So, you'll be getting a commendation for this, won't you Constable?
Catch a Gun-Runner, nab his contact, Starfleet will LOVE you!"
He'd been being sarcastic, of course, but something he said seemed
to strike a chord with Odo, who narrowed his eyes at No'Kase.
The Cardassian wasn't stupid, he quickly shut up, turned around
and lay down on his bunk.
And The Denebian eyed Odo carefully through his slightly spread
fingers, and suppressed a small, smug smile.

Dax dropped down onto the bed with a sigh and stared up with a
baleful glare through her window at the hovering Enterprise E.
"Fucking ship," she muttered angrily under her breath, lifting
her hand up wearily and using the joy of perspective to crush the Flagship
of Starfleet between her thumb and forefinger.
"I squish you!" she muttered, mis-quoting a hideously old t.v
comedy show Sisko had shown her on an old archive holo he'd picked up as
part of a collection involving some old Baseball cards.
Most of The Ops crew had been given time off in preparation of
a major station overhaul coming up in a week. The old Cardassian equipment
was just too outdated, too prone to failure for anyone's liking, and now
that they were the front-line defense against The Dominion it was important
to Starfleet that DS9 was ready to repel any and all attacks without
worrying about a System Crash.
And it was during this Holiday time that The Enterprise E chose
to show up and grab Worf off of her yet again.
To be fair, it wasn't The Enterprise but Starfleet Security who
were to blame. For some reason they needed the old Enterprise Bridge
Crew from several years earlier back together, and Worf - who was still
a member of Starfleet after all - could hardly say no.
With a groan she sat up and reached behind her, unzipping her
uniform down the back, looking forward to being out of the
tightly constricting uniform and getting into something comfortable. Her
last shift had been a long one, and the knowledge that she wasn't needed
again for nearly a whole week made her feel gloriously lazy.
She pulled the top off, sitting in bra and pants on the side of
the bed, her face a mixture of surliness and lazy good humor. She was
pissed at not having Worf with her, but she was happy that she could
relax and just veg out for the next few days.
Standing up, she shimmied out of her pants and let them drop to
the ground, before sitting back down on her bed wearing nothing but a
bra and panties. Reaching behind her head, she loosened the clasp in her
hair and let it drop to her shoulders, enjoying the relaxing feeling of
having her hair spilling free.
She lay down on the bed in her bra and panties, her gaze
inevitably turning to the open window and the dominating image of The
With the large openings (protected by independently powered
forcefields) that all Space Stations and Star Ships used as windows,
privacy had been a major worry. Luckily, the ambient light to be found
in space from stars, nebula, planets, moons, the Stations own lights
and of course any docked starships easily protected people's privacy
by reflecting off the forcefield to create a reflective sheen giving
the appearance of a bright, white square to anyone looking at it. If
you were to get right up close, of course, you could see in, but it would
take a fairly determined voyeur to perve in on anybody in their quarters,
and they would be likely to notice you as well.
Peering through her window at the Enterprise, she noted all the
little white lights set into it's hull, most of the lower ones representing
somebody's quarters.
She wondered to herself what it must be like, working on a big
Starship like that. She'd been on Starships herself, of course, but never
something on the size of The Enterprise. She was used to knowing everybody
on board and knowing as much about them as she could, how could anyone
deal with the impersonal nature of The Enterprise.
Worf himself had told her that he had developed a close friendship
with the Bridge Crew, The Chief Engineer and a couple of others, but that
left hundreds upon hundreds of others that he had known only from the
rank on their necks. She couldn't deal with being on a ship where she
called people (or was called) Ensign, Captain, Lieutenant and so-forth.
She stared at one light in particular, focusing on it because it
was roughly in a straight line from where she lay now. As her hands slowly
trailed over her belly she wondered whose quarters they were. A fairly
low ranking Crew Member surely, perhaps an Ensign on his or her first
Assignment away from Earth, a little over-awed by the enormity of their
first assignment.
Or maybe it was some old hand, a middle-ranker who had never
shown any aptitude for moving up any higher. Some grizzled but competent,
hard working Crew-Member who enjoyed a good time and wasn't married to
his job.
Maybe he (or she!) was lying on their bed right at this minute,
staring through his/her own window and wondering about the person behind
her window.
She grinned at the thought, her hand unconsciously sliding down
her stomach and between her legs as she fantasized. Maybe he or she
was wondering how anyone could ever live on a Space Station, where you
knew everybody and everybody knew you and nobody was a stranger.
Something about the idea of somebody, maybe scores of people or
even hundreds could be looking right at her window at this very minute
and not be able to see what she was doing.
She chuckled, her hand cupping her crotch and feeling the growing
heat and moistness there. Her symbiote - Dax - allowed her the memories
and sensations of so many of it's past hosts, giving a form of immortality
to them all and eventually to herself as well. She was privy to their
deepest innermost thoughts and fantasies, and remembered in particular
Kirzon's infatuation with fetishes during a particular amusing period of
his life. He'd tried all sorts of fetishes, from voyeurism to role-playing,
from golden showers to rape fantasies to food sex to threesomes, orgies
and bisexual relationships.
Of them all, he (and by inclusion the symbiote) had gotten the
biggest thrill from voyeurism. It wasn't that he was spying on something
taboo, because for him their had been no taboos, but because he'd been
spying on someone's private time, he had found eroticism not in the act
itself but in the fact that he wasn't supposed to be witnessing it.
For Jadzia, those memories were still very strong, they were a
part of what had led to her very liberal and carefree attitude on life.
After having the memories of Kirzon alone, she felt like she'd already seen
it all, and she didn't see any need to waste time or life on being hung
up on some kind of sexual, racial or sexist hang-up.
And so now, lying on her bed with her hand between her legs,
imagining all those eyes on her, all those eyes, and not one of them able
to see what she was doing.
She imagined them all, as she lay there with her hand between
her legs, cupping her sex and slowly flexing her palm. In her mind
they were all there, standing around the bed, staring at her, men and
women, all brought there by the desire to see HER - Jadzia Dax - the
beautiful Jadzia, the sexy Jadzia.
"The horny Jadzia!" she laughed, sliding her hand up off of her
panties and then down under the waistband of her underwear, sliding her
hand over her trimmed pubic hair and onto her shaven cunt-lips.
"Aren't I beautiful?" she whispered.
"So beautiful."
"Oh yes, lovely!"
All the voices those of her imaginary admirers, staring at her,
watching her, WANTING her.
"Oh yes," Dax whispered, her hand against her crotch, stroking
at her clit as her other hand moved upward, sliding over her bra and
cupping one small breast. Pulling the cup down over the smooth tit
flesh, she gasped with delight at the feel of her erect nipple popping
up into the warm air of her quarters.
She imagined gasps of delight at the appearance of her nipple,
heard groans of barely suppressed pleasure coming from her invisible
Moaning low in the back of her throat, the Trill gently fondled
her breast, pinching at the erect nipple, biting her lower lip lightly
with her teeth as she did so.
Her other hand remained pressed firmly between the material of
her panties and her hot pussy. One finger had slid inside of her cunt
and was making small, humping motions in and out of her cunt, the knuckle
causing a small bump in her panties that rose and fell as she masturbated
for an imaginary audience.
Removing her hand from her breast, Dax pulled the straps of her
bra down over either shoulder and peeled the cups off of her tits, exposing
them to the air, letting the bra drop down over her stomach as her hand
played with first one breast, then the other as her other hand continued
to masturbate herself with erotic vigor.
She moaned softly as another finger joined the first, plunging
into her cunt with carnal need, her hips beginning to make involuntary
bucks an thrusts, causing her probing, twisting fingers to delve deeper
and deeper into her hot pussy. Her other hand pinched at her nipples,
tugging on them then releasing them, giggling at the painful pleasure as
they twanged back into place.
She was growing more and more aroused, not just by her talented
fingers manipulation of her nipples and clitoris, but by the thought of
so many people watching her, getting off on her. Her moans filled her
quarters, she cried in pleasure, getting off on the wild sexual atmosphere
that had filled the room.
"Oh.... UH! Yes, watch me!" she cried,"Watch me get myself off!
You want me, don't you! YES! You want me! YOU WANT ME!"
As she cried out, hot cream erupted past her digits and she came,
squealing in pleasure as she ground her hips up in the air, clenching her
tight ass-cheeks firmly as she orgasmed.
squealed, humping her ass up and down, her fingers squelching in and out
between her thighs, her juices flooding over her fingers, creating a
dark, wet patch in her panties, dribbling down between her tight buttocks
and dripping out onto the sheets below.
She gave another little squeal of pleasure out when she imagined
Worf this evening. He would enter her quarters, feel the sexually charged
atmosphere, smell the sex on her sheets, throw her down anywhere convenient
and fuck her brains out, Klingon-Style.
"Oh yes, Worf, FUCK ME!" cried Dax, pulling her hand out of her
hot, clasping snatch and running her sticky fingers up over her flat,
toned stomach and then around her hard, erect nipples before placing the
wet digits beneath her nose, smelling the tart, sweet odor of her own
pussy juices and then sucking them into her mouth, tasting her own cunt
"Tasty," she chuckled tiredly, and slid her hand back down under
her panties and between her legs, falling asleep like that, a truly erotic
sight for any lucky voyeur who might have been watching.
Her last thoughts before she fell asleep were that if anybody
had been watching her window through theirs, then they had no idea what
they'd just missed out on.

On board The Enterprise E, two Ensigns sighed as they approached
the subject of Jadzia's interest.
"Maintenance Storage 7-Alpha my ass," muttered the first Ensign,
turning his gaze on the other,"It's a Broom Closet."
"Not quite that primitive, Gordy," replied the other,"But I agree,
it's a fancy title for what equates to a cupboard."
They opened the door and stepped in, grabbing the electronic
vacuum units, or EVU's to go clean up a plasma leak on Deck 19. As they
grabbed them, Gordy noticed, not for the first time, the open window set
into the wall.
"Hey Frank, how come they put a window in here? Why do the EVU's
get a view?"
"Design flaw," replied Frank blackly,"Some idjit had ideas for
putting in Crew Quarters on this deck, until someone pointed out the
plasma manifolds had to run energy conduits throughout the deck structure."
"Man, Designers," muttered Gordy, then he and Frank turned and
headed back towards The Turbolifts. Arriving, they were nearly knocked
over by an Officer in a rush.
"Oops, sorry.... eh," The Officer glanced at Gordy and Frank's
collars,"Ensigns, carry on."
"Yes sir," replied Gordy, trying to think who this guy was, he
checked the collar,"Lieutenant, sir."
The three moved on, forgetting the others existence almost as
soon as they were out of sight.

"How are those System Diagnostics coming along?" Sisko asked
the technician. He was a bit put aback by having different officers on
Ops, but his regular crew were getting a well deserved break before they
performed an exhausting total overhaul on the Operations Center the
following week.
"They should be done by now, sir," muttered the technician, Lt.
Halves,"But I keep registering odd energy signatures in the
plasma manifolds, they're causing system malfunctions in several non
essential systems."
"Odd," muttered Sisko,"Find the source of the disturbances, then
get a Maintenance Crew down to sort it out, we don't need any kind of
malfunction a week before we replace everything."
"Yes, sir," replied Halves,"I think I've pinpointed the source

Sitting in Quark's Bar at a quiet table by himself, A Starfleet
Security Officer stopped his surreptitious surveillance of Garak and Bashir,
who had gone back to verbal sparring, and pulled on his collar as if to
loosen the tight material.
Activating the minuscule electronic device woven into his pips,
he began Operation : Trojan Horse.

The Denebian felt the slight pulse in his ankle but gave no sign,
lying perfectly still on the bunk, his black eyes gazing at the bright,
white roof.
In five minutes, the test would begin.

Rom sat up in his bed, blinking his eyes and smacking his lips
to get the moisture back.
He looked around, confused at the hazy atmosphere in his quarters,
his extremely sensitive ears picking up a low classical beat of Bajoran
music whose location he couldn't quite pinpoint.
"Hello?" he asked, suddenly sure he wasn't alone in his room.
"Hello, lover," whispered a low, sultry voice right next to his
ear, making him jump.
"Lee.... Leeta!" he gasped, noticing for the first time that
the sexy Bajoran woman was sitting next to him in the bed, wearing only
a skimpy crimson negligee.
"What's the matter, Rom?" she asked with that quirky smile he
loved so much,"Don't you want me here?"
"NO! Uh! YES! I mean.... oh I don't know what I mean!" babbled
The Ferengi,"Leeta, what's going on? Why is it so foggy in here? Where's
the music coming from... I don't......."
"Shhhh," she whispered, and lifted her hands to his ears, gently
stroking her fingers down the sides of his lobes.
His entire body stiffened in shock, then melted as his most
erogenous zone was stimulated.
"You like that?" she asked him, smiling.

....yes," he said, then realized he was standing in the shower
with her, both of them naked now, her fantastic body bared for him at
"What?" he asked, then shut up as she turned around and pressed
her naked, wet body against him.
"Wash me, Rom, then I'll do you."
Rom forgot all about the bizarre series of events that had led
to this point, forgot that he didn't actually have a water shower in his
quarters, just a sonic one, and decided to just go with it. He began
lathering up her smooth body with the soap he found in his hand. Leeta
groaned softly, enjoying the attention she was receiving from her lover.
She snuggled her body back against Rom, allowing him to run his
hands down over her body as his penis stiffened in anticipation of sex,
pressing into the crack of the Bajoran woman's tight ass.
Leeta reached behind her and grabbed his member, stroking her
smooth hand up and down over his cock as Rom took one large, soapy breast
in each hand. He lifted Leeta's large tits up, gently massaging them as
he pushed his hips forward, sliding his cock through her soapy fingers,
rubbing between the crack of her ass.
She leaned her head back into the crook of the Ferengi's neck,
looking up at him as she whispered,"Come on, Rom, take me right here in
the shower, do what you've always wanted to do, fuck me in the ass right
here in the shower."
Rom's eyes widened in total shock. He'd always wanted to try
fucking the hot Bajoran's asshole, he'd always had a fetish for anal
sex, but his first wife had totally refused it, no matter how much latinum
he'd offered her. Theirs had been an odd marriage for Ferengi, she had
been very dominant and extremely business savvy, sometimes she'd even
made him chew his own food!
But now here he was with Leeta, the girl he'd lusted after ever
since she'd taken a job at his brother's Bar, offering to let him take
her up the ass.
He'd be damned if he let this opportunity go to waste.
"Oh Leeta," he gasped enthusiastically,"If you want me to take
you up the ass right here in the shower, you know I will!"
"Oooh yes, hurry lover!" moaned Leeta excitedly, she bent over
so that her ass was pointing right up at him and spread her legs wide,
sliding her hand down between the soapy, parted crack of her ass.
Rom set one palm firmly against Leeta's back, and grabbed his cock
firmly with the other, pressing it forward so that the tip was pressing
firmly against the pink, puckered rosebud of her anus.
With a groan of happiness echoed by his Bajoran lover, The Ferengi
eased the head of his cock forward inside of her tight opening, feeding
his meat into her tight bunghole.
"Mmmmm," moaned Leeta happily,"Yes! That's it, Rom! Split my
ass with that big Ferengi cock of yours!"
Rom grinned happily, tilting his pelvis to increase the feeling
of incredible tightness around his cock. Pushing forward, he sunk his
cock deeper and deeper into The Bajoran's rectum as he arched his back
to increase the depth of his anal penetration.
Leeta moaned softly, feeling Rom's hot dick deep inside of her
butthole as hot water from the shower sprayed down upon both of them.
Rom was fully inside of her now and with a grin, began to pump his meat
in and out of his lover's ass as she began to make small thrusts back
onto his crotch.
"Oh-ho, you like that, don't you," chuckled Rom, feeling
a confidence he rarely ever felt,"You like having my big Ferengi cock
inside of your tight little Bajoran ass, don't you!"
"Oh yes, Rom!" cried Leeta,"I love it! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!"
Rom couldn't believe it, finally here was a beautiful, desirable
woman who not only wanted him, but loved to get fucked up the ass as well!
Ever since he'd seen her wiggling her hot little ass around the
Daboo table he'd wanted to ream out her asshole, and now he was getting his
dream, he was buttfucking the hot Bajoran woman, Leeta!
Her anus felt like a vise about his cock, she was so tight that
he knew he couldn't keep up the steadily increasing pace of his buttfucking
thrusts into her asshole for long, but he didn't let that thought stop
him. Instead he just kept banging away at Leeta's hott ass, pumping his
cock deep into her hot rectum, loving not just the sensation but the sight
of his balls banging against her hotly curved asscheeks and his thick
cockmeat burying itself inside of her hot asshole.
"OH! That's it, Leeta! your asshole is squeezing the cum right
out of my cock! I'm going to cum inside of your hot Bajoran butt!!!!"
"Oh I'm going to cum, Rom!" squealed Leeta,"Shoot your sperm
up my ass! Blast my butt with your jism!"
That was all Rom needed to hear, gripping her hips firmly he
thrust his cock fully inside of Leeta's hot asshole and blasted her
rectum full of sperm.
Leeta squealed in excitement and came herself, blasting her
cunt-juices down her thighs as her asshole clenched down tightly on Rom's
thick cock-meat. She was in heaven, loving the feel of her lover's
hot, hard cock plunged fully inside of her bunghole, his hot semen now
coating her anal walls as she shuddered through a delicious orgasm.
"Did you like that, Leeta?" asked Rom, then blinked as he found
himself back in bed, dry as a bone as Leeta hunched over his crotch, sucking
on his cock.
"Huh? Wha?" he gasped, then laid his head back into the pillow
and moaned happily as he felt Leeta's open mouth slowly pumping up and
down over his penis as she ran her tongue expertly around his shaft.
Lifting her head so that only the head of his cock remained inside
of her mouth, she pressed the tip of her tongue against the eye of his
penis and firmly applied pressure, tasting the pre-cum oozing from his
cock as one of her hands cupped his ballsack, kneading and massaging his
nuts before removing her mouth from his cock and lowering her face to
take first one, then the other, testicle into her mouth, sucking on The
Ferengi's balls.
With a groan of pleasure, Rom watched his cock disappear inside of
Leeta's mouth, her lips sliding down his cock and swallowing the full length
of his erection, deepthroating The Ferengi, then withdrawing back before
plunging her mouth down over his cock again, the head of his penis pushing
against the back of her throat.
"Oh Leeta," moaned Rom, and found himself face to face with the
sexy Bajoran all of a sudden, her legs up on his shoulders as he sank
his cock deep into her cunt.
With a groan of pleasure, The Ferengi began a quick, easy pumping
motion between her legs, fucking hot, wet Bajoran pussy with long, slicing
strokes of his meat into her juicy snatch. His crotch pressed firmly into
her tight asscheeks with each stroke of his cock, her feet on his shoulders
jerking up and down as the enthusiastic Ferengi thrust-fucked in and out
of the moaning, groaning Bajoran Beauty.
She had tilted her pelvis to allow him total, deep penetration
into her cunt, causing their crotches to grind together deliciously with
each connecting stroke of their hips.
Rom had given up on trying to make any sense on these fantastic
turn of events or the bizarre way things had come about, instead all he
worried about was fucking Leeta as deeply and hard as he could. The
lust in his eyes was mirrored in Leeta's own, her large breasts rose and
fell in an intoxicating rhythm, her feet drummed up and down on her shoulders
and her cunt clenched tightly around his pistoning prick.
He leaned firmly into her, shoving his hard cock as far inside of
her as he was able, gripping her large breasts and mashing them together
and rolling her nipples between his fingers as he watched his cock slamming
in and out of her cunt.
"Oh.... OH.. OOOOOOOOoohhhhh ROM!" squealed Leeta,"Oh yes! Oh
Bzzzzzzt! Bzzzzt! Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzt!"
"Bzzzt?" asked Rom, stopping in mid-stroke,"Leeta?"
Leeta stared up at him from her flushed, excited face, her eyes
alight with passion as she said,"Bzzzt! Bzzzt!"

Rom sat up with a gasp, sweat running down his body in rivers,
his sheets sticky with perspiration.
Bzzzt! Bzzzt!
His door was buzzing, signaling that someone was outside, wanting
to be let in.
"Leeta?" gasped The Ferengi, looking about and finding no one
else in the room.
Bzzzt! Bzzzt!
"Com.... COMING!" he yelled.
Shaking his head in confusion, The Ferengi got up, stared dismally
at his admittedly large but right now useless penis, and then pulled on
a pair of pants.
He stumbled to the door, holding his aching head and vowing not
to drink Romulan Ale ever again, no matter how much Quark felt like
celebrating record profits.
The door whirred open at Rom found himself staring at Ensign
Kalis, one of his fellow workers on his Maintenance Crew.
"Took you long enough," muttered Kalis,"Come on, we need you
down in the old Ore Processing Chamber to work on some Energy Fluxes,
grab a sonic shower and get your ass into gear."
"Oh... okay," he murmured, turning to stare at his rumpled bed
with a sigh,"Sure thing."

Odo approached his Security Office, irritated at Sisko's bizarre
request to write up a Station Security Report 4 days earlier than usual.

The Denebian grinned, stood up and moved to the connecting wall
between his cell and No'Kase's.
"Hey, hey Cardassian!" he grunted, tapping on the wall,"Wake up!"
No'Kase opened his eyes, staring at the ceiling and allowing a
small frown to crease his lips.
"Denebian, sleep is the only joy left in my life, this had better
be good."
"Oh it is, Cardassian, it's very good indeed," chuckled The
Denebian,"And call me Jac Ul-Mar."
"T'Nark," replied No'Kase, lying coming as naturally to him as
flight to a bird."
"How would you like to return to Cardassia a hero, T'Nark," said
Ul-Mar with a chuckle.
"You have my interest," murmured No'Kase, sitting up and staring
at the connecting wall with narrowed eyes,"Speak."

Odo froze at the corner of his door, spotting through the arched
circle of the Cardassian style doors The Denebian standing at the connecting
wall between his cell and No'Kase's.
He turned his back to the wall and with the barest hint
of concentration disappeared into the very surface of the wall itself.
Thinned down to a molecule thin sheath of liquid metal, Odo slid
through the cracks of the doors and spread out along a wall of the Office,
listening to everything that was said.

"The Dominion is planning to invade The Alpha Quadrant," whispered
No'Kase sighed,"I have been in this Holding Cell for months now
and I KNOW that!"
"No no, I don't mean at some point in the future, I'm talking about
a matter of weeks!"
"Weeks, T'Nark, Weeks."
"So how is this of interest to me?" growled No'Kase.
"As a Gun-Runner, there is always a war, there are always sides,
and they always have money," chuckled Ul-Mar,"I wouldn't be much of a
business man if I hadn't already established lines of contact into The
"And what have these.... 'lines of contact' told you?" asked
No'Kase, sounding bored but anything but.
"That the Cardassian Empire is very, very likely to be over-run
within one week of The Dominion arriving in The Alpha Quadrant."
"Oh really," muttered No'Kase,"I think Cardassia might have
something to say about that."
"Please, spare me the patriotism," chuckled Ul-Mar,"After that
disastrous Cardassian/Romulan attack on The Founders and the current
hostilities with The Klingons, The Cardassians don't stand a hope in hell
of fighting off The Jem'Hadar and you know it. And do you really think
The Federation will leap to aid Cardassia?"
"Of course not, they'd dance on our graves," growled No'Kase.
"I doubt that," chuckled Ul-Mar,"However, they would take the
extra time Cardassia's overthrow would give them to formulate their
own defense."
"So why are you telling me this," spat No'Kase,"Feel like doing
a little dancing on graves of your own?"
"Not at all," laughed Ul-Mar,"What I offer is something for us
both, a way out for you, profit for me."
No'Kase did not respond, which Ul-Mar correctly took as
an indication to continue.
"My lines of contact extend all the way up to an
important diplomatic connection, part of a member of a race known as The
Vorta who run the day to day business of The Dominion for their Founders."
"Very, I can assure you," laughed Ul-Mar again, his laughter was
like listening to liquid bubbles, charming at first but soon growing
very irritating,"And believe me, The Vorta is no more interested in a
long drawn out war than anyone would be.... with the exception of The
Klingon's of course. Anything that would speed up The
Dominion's take-over of The Alpha Quadrant, The Vorta are interested in
hearing about."
The Denebian paused, waiting for a comment from The Cardassian,
when none came, he continued.
"If I could get a representative from Cardassia to The Vorta,
a Treaty Offer could be given to that Representative who could then return
to Cardassia and give them the opportunity to be a part of the successful
occupation of The Alpha Quadrant... rather than a part of it."
"And why should Cardassia team up with The Dominion when they
could make a Treaty with The Federation and The Klingons, not to mention
The Romulans, and overthrow foreign invaders?" asked No'Kase with a
smirk,"The Human's have a saying,'Better The Devil You Know'."
"Because," chuckled Ul-Mar,"The Dominion is massing a secret
Fleet of Jem'Hadar fighters on the other side of The Wormhole, and within
the month this Station will be in the hands of The Dominion, perhaps
within the week.... when this Station is going through a major overhaul
of it's Operations Center."
No'Kase was silent for a long time, and then he let out a short
bark of laughter.
"Then it's over! The Federation, The Klingons, The Romulans, they're
living on borrowed time!"
"Oh, they'll continue to resist for awhile, making me a lot of
money of course, but yes, basically The Dominion will rule The Alpha
Quadrant within five years."
"Then everything changes," muttered No'Kase,"The Balance of power
will shift from The Federation to The Dominion, The Romulans will soon
fall into place and The Klingon's.... well, they'll never surrender but
they will be wiped out soon enough. That leaves Cardassia."
"And they can either be the first to fall.... or," started Ul-Mar.
"Or the first to join and share in the conquest," finished No'Kase
with a grin,"Okay, how does this help either of us, we're both in very
secure Holding Cells."
"You think I was captured by accident!" laughed The Denebian,"I
allowed this to happen to me so that I could meet you. You're the perfect
Cardassian for my needs!"
"Because I have no other options," muttered No'Kase darkly.
"Exactly!" laughed Ul-Mar, that bubbling laugh just plain annoying
No'Kase now,"And now that I've got your interest, what do you say... do I
have a partner?"
"Get me out of here, and I'm your man," replied No'Kase with a
"Then all we have to do is wait," chuckled Ul-Mar,"In five minutes
The Internal Sensors go off-line, and then my Partner will take down the
power grid and secondary generators."
No'Kase barked out another laugh, and then settled down to wait
for his freedom.
And The Denebian wondered to himself just where Odo was in the

Odo re-formed outside of his Security Office and frowned, his
mind twisting and turning through possible conclusions he could make to
the conversation he had just overheard.
If his suspicions were correct, then everything he had just heard
was nothing to be concerned about.... but if he was wrong, and could he
afford to take the risk? then within a week The Dominion could hold Deep
Space Nine and Cardassia could be joined with them in battle against The
Coming to a quick conclusion, Odo set off with purpose down the
ramping, tapping his comm-badge as he went and ordering one of the most
trusted of his Bajoran Security Detail to come up to his Office and keep
a close eye on No'Kase and Ul-mar.

"Be careful," muttered Rom to Kalis as the Technician began to
increase the plasma flow to the conduit in the Jeffries Tube the two
were crammed into,"The slightest miscalculation and we're going to get
"You know what I love about you, Rom," chuckled Kalis,"You're about
the most positive son of a bitch a guy could work with."
Rom's face fell, and then he smiled as he realized that Kalis was
"Okay, smart guy, just, uh, get to work."
"Good come-back," laughed Kalis, and then slowly began
to increase the plasma flow to make up for the deficiency running through
that section. Behind him, Rom monitored the plasma flow with
his tricorder, giving direction to Kalis as he made the
miniscule corrections needed.

The Security Officer stepped into his quarters, settled down at
the computer console and typed in a password.
"Computer, Security Clearance Jasons-001, Voice Check Analyze."
[Voice check confirmed,] replied The Computer,[Bypassing Security
Protocol's, Station's Internal Sensors are off-line.]

With a whirring noise heard through the Jeffries Tube, several
Sensor systems lost power, increasing energy output throughout the other
systems and drastically increasing the plasma flow.
"OVERLOAD!" cried Rom in shock,"Plasma Vent!"
Green plasma vented throughout the tube, burning the two
Maintenance Crew and dropping them down into the old Ore Processing Core,
hacking and coughing in pain.

Garak smiled at Bashir.
"Why Doctor, what a probing question, you certainly caught me off
guard, however can I come up with an appropriately misleading answer?"
Bashir leant forward and flashed a winning smile at the
Cardassian,"By evading the question long enough perhaps?"
"Touche Doctor, I must say...."
Suddenly, all around them, the lights went out.
"Well this should do the trick well enough," muttered Garak, staring
around in surprise.
Most of the cries from the Promenade were of irritation rather than
fear, but Bashir was more than a little worried.
"I know what you're thinking," said the Cardassian,"The last time
we had a powercut some prime examples of Neanderthal Cardassian tried to
board the Station."
"I had better get to Ops," said Bashir, standing up,"I hope you've
come up with a suitably misleading answer to my question by then?"
"Oh Doctor," called Garak after Bashir,"However are you going to get
to Ops if the power is out....the Turbolifts won't exactly be operational."
Bashir cursed.
"However," said Garak with a grin,"I may have a suitable solution."

Ul-Mar twisted his head in shock.
"What the hell is going on?" he cried, shocked beyond words.
The Internal Sensors had been supposed to go down, but he had been lying
about the power cut in order to give Odo an opportunity to make contact
with his connection to The Dominion.... if he did in fact have one.
"Your plan!" laughed No'Kase,"Well done, Denebian, you did it!"
The surgically altered human thought quickly, something had gone
wrong but for now there was nothing he could do about it, he had to roll
with it.
"Ahhh yes," he muttered,"Just a little sooner than I expected,
ahhh well, let's get going to meet my contact."
"The power is still on Odo's monitors," muttered No'Kase,"He's
must have back-up generators for his back ups... talk about paranoid!"
"It's what a good Security Officer has to be," muttered Ul-Mar,
not for the first time having second thoughts about this Sting Operation.
"Shhh!" muttered No'Kase, somebody's coming!"
How No'Kase had heard through the cacophony of noise coming from
the outdoor corridors was beyond Ul-Mar, but when the doors began to be
forced open he quickly retreated behind the Security Console, No'Kase only
barely visible in the dull glow of the still active Security Monitors.

Odo tapped his Comm Badge yet again, already resigned to the fact
that nobody was going to answer.
"Power's gone," he muttered,"Which indicates Ul-Mar was telling
the truth."
Nodding grimly to himself, he set off down the darkened corridor.

Meanwhile, on the Habitat Ring, in a special set of quarters
reserved for visiting Ambassadors currently unoccupied, a computer console
winked into life, opening up on a blank screen that provided the only
illumination in the darkened room.
[Awaiting password,] said the Station's Computer to the empty
On-screen, encrypted text appeared.
[Password verified, transferring information from
Holosuite, encrypted and protected, Ambassador Class Security.]
The information, on a Security Level protected from the prying
eyes of anyone on the station including Constable Odo and Captain Sisko,
had power still been active, began pouring over the monitor screen,
gigabytes of text, pictures, graphs and scales moving at a tremendous rate.

Starfleet Security Officer Maria Valdez - the architect of DS9's
current woes, let her mouth hang open as she digested what Picard had
just told her,"You mean Marvek? But why would he?"
Picard frowned,"Because he isn't Vulcan, or at least he isn't
Marvek, I think he's a surgically altered alien, perhaps Romulan or maybe
"We have no choice then," muttered Valdez,"We have to take a
chance," she tapped her chest where her comm badge should be and
said,"Computer, search program, locate Ambassador Marvek."
[Ambassador Marvek is on Earth, San Francisco.]
"We have to leave," cried Valdez,"Moriaty isn't out right now,
we can leave without worrying," she was talking about what would happen
when they ended the program, to anyone watching they would disappear for
several seconds while their actions were implanted in their alternates
memories, then their alternates would reappear,"Computer, remove us from
the program."
[Unable to comply, scenario incomplete.]
Valdez turned and stared at Picard in surprise,"Computer, what
[Players must end Dominion threat to Station Deep Space Nine,]
replied the computers voice,[Only then may players leave program.]
"Computer," growled Picard,"Who inserted scenario?"
[Ambassador Marvek.]
The Captain and Security Officer turned and stared at each other,
they nodded and headed out the door.

No'Kase's fingers dug into the Security Guard's neck, the Bajoran
was wasting his efforts trying to pull the fingers away when he should have
been going for the weaker spots of the Cardassian's face, his eyes and nose
for example.
"Amateurs," snorted No'Kase as the man's face turned purple and his
eyes rolled back in his head. After a few more seconds he dropped the
unconscious guard to the ground and strode over to the Security Monitors.
He flicked his gaze over each one, the corners of his mouth raising
slightly as images came into focus.
"We don't have time for this!" whispered Ul-Mar furtively, his
hand to The Bajoran's neck, relieved to feel a pulse, weak and fluttery
to be sure, but at least still there.
"If Odo's back-up back-ups are running, there will be at least a
few others on other systems as well," replied No'Kase,"That means the
power isn't cut totally, just lowered extremely. These Security Monitors
let us see where these places might be."
Ul-mar nodded slightly, his face concerned but hidden in the
"Quark's Bar has no power, but these monitors indicate that
his Holo-Suite's remain at full power.... interesting."
"Very," replied Ul-Mar distractedly, casting his gaze about,
hoping that members of Valdez's Security Detachment would burst through
there at any moment and arrest this mad Cardassian. Of course power was
still on in The Holo-Suites, for a Security matter this important they had
been placed on an independent power source to The Station, but No'Kase
was not to know that.
"Ops has reserve levels so low that they couldn't light
a candle," chuckled No'Kase,"And Life Support remains at full power, on
it's own reserve generators, of course."
"So have you seen everything?" asked Ul-Mar sharply,"My contact
will be waiting!"
This was true enough, another Starfleet Security Officer would
be waiting at one of the docking rings with a small ship, in order to
further perpetuate the Undercover Operation if it needed to be taken that
far to draw out any possible wrong-doing on Odo's part. The two of them
could easily overpower The Cardassian and there would be no harm done,
other than an hour long power shortage.... the origin of which he was
still unsure of.
"Okay, let's go," muttered No'Kase, then his eyes widened as
one of the images on the Monitor revealed a naked female lying on the
ground in one of the corridors that still had low levels of power. He
breathlessly typed in the commands on the console to zoom in, half not
believing his eyes as the camera zoomed in on her prostrate figure. He
noted it was gleaming with sweat and her large breasts were rapidly
rising and falling as she struggled to catch her breath.
"Been working out have we?" he muttered to himself,"Or perhaps
something else......" his eyes widened again as she sat herself slowly and
groggily up, her face coming out of the shadows momentarily before she
collapsed again.
Major Kira!
Memories flooded back to him, the incredible sensation of the
blowjob she had given him, and how much he had longed to push into her
deliciously tight pussy. Instead he had been forced to give that honor to
T'Nark, who had gotten him into this mess in the first place.
"Kira," said No'Kase, smiling evilly. He moved around the console
and knelt down beside the unconscious Security Guard's body, grabbing his
phaser,"We have some unfinished business!"
"Unfinished business?" asked Ul-Mar, stepping around the console
and spying Kira's naked body,"Oh no! No'Kase, we don't have time for this!"
In fact he would have killed for the extra time, but Ul-Mar was
not going to allow some poor Bajoran woman to be raped just to keep his
cover secret.
"There's always time for Kira," chuckled No'Kase,"Come on, let's
Ul-Mar twisted his head back and forth as No'Kase pulled apart the
doors with a grunt and moved out of the Security Office for the first time
in months. He couldn't allow No'Kase to go free, he'd never even been
supposed to get out of his cell.
Cursing beneath his breath and wishing he'd thought to grab the
phaser, the Security Officer rushed through the doors before No'Kase could
let them shut again.

"This Ore Processing Chamber," expounded Garak, who seemed to
take a great deal of pleasure in speaking all the time without actually
saying anything,"Has a Jeffries Tube which can get us to Ops, albeit by
a very circuitous route."
"And how do you know this, Garak?" asked Julian, grunting as he
and The Cardassian attempted to pull back the rolling Cardassian Style
Door that led into the old Ore Processing Chamber left-over from The
Cardassian Occupation,"Is having detailed knowledge of Station Schematics
a big part of the tailoring business?"
"Because, good Doctor!" replied Garak instantly with the wide
eyed smile that had become so familiar to Bashir, although he couldn't
see it in this pitch darkness,"This Station wasn't always Deep Space 9,
and it used to be that I was in a business where having said detailed
knowledge of Station Schematics could come in very handy."
"Oh Lord, more war stories from the good old days in The Obsidian
Order!" moaned Bashir, feeling the door shift slightly.
"Oh Doctor!" laughed Garak, feeling the same shift and redoubling
his efforts,"When are you going to learn, I wasn't IN The
Obsidian Order...."
The door rolled open with a protesting screech and Garak and
Bashir stumbled backwards.
With a grunt, Garak got to his feet, then found Bashir in the
darkness and helped him to his feet as well.
"I WAS The Obsidian Order."

With a grunt, Quark fell through the half open doorway leading
into the corridor housing his Holo-Suites. His workers were holding the
door open, all the Security Officers who had been in his bar fled to
various places on the Station for secret reasons all of their own and
Chief O'Brien and other Ops staff had rushed away to try and get back
to The Operations Center.
Quark, purely out of concern for his customers, was going to
check on The Holo-Suite with the Enterprise Crew in it.
He knew he was courting trouble, but as a Ferengi he knew every
possible way of looking at a contract until it made sense to his own
"If I don't look at what the Enterprise Crew are doing, but
just check to make sure the program is still running," he murmured to
himself,"Then I haven't breached their privacy."
He sighed in relief at his nobility in honoring this contract
and moved to The Holo-Suite housing The Enterprise Crew, Ambassador
Marvek and Officer Valdez and activated a small monitor in the console
next to the Entrance Arch. Typing in his Security Over-Ride code, he
ordered the Computer to bring up some part of the Holo-Program that didn't
include the living participants.
What he got shocked him.

"So you noticed he was past twenty? You must have had a good
look," growled Jadzia Dax.
"You're the one who said he was cute," snapped Kira,"Bet you got
all wet between the legs just staring at him!"
"Don't you dare try and put this back on me!" yelled Dax,"I'm
not the one who was flirting with a BOY nearly ten years younger than me!"
Kira rolled over on top of Dax before she could react, straddling
her lovers waist she reached down and grabbed her breasts,"You know you're
the only one for me."
"Hey! what are you doing!" cried Dax as she felt Kira's hands
grab her plump breasts.
"Besides," laughed Kira,"He didn't have a pair of these!"
"You think you can just feel me up and it's all better?"
Kira leaned down and smiled smugly into Dax's face,"The only
reason you brought this up is because you're so horny," the Bajoran
beauty laughed,"Come on honey, I'm sorry about the way I've been acting
lately, I've been tired."
"Aren't you tired now?" asked Dax suspiciously.

Quark pulled his head back from the Monitor.
"What the hell is this? Some kind of weird sex trip for High
Ranking Starfleet Officers? I've seen better script in those sex holo's
on the Ferengi Porn-Net."
Despite this, he went back to watching.

Dax sat forward, wrapping her arms around Kira's back and pushing
her own tongue into the Bajoran woman's mouth, her arms made small circles
over her lovers back and she rubbed her tits together against Kira's,
sending a buzz right through her lesbian lovers body. Kira broke the
kiss and smiled at Dax, then pushed her back onto the bed, kissing down
her lithe, sweating body until she came to the plump breasts. She sucked
the erect nipples into her mouth and Dax groaned with pleasure, her legs
spreading out slightly and sliding one hand down between her thighs,
slipping a finger into her dripping pussy. Kira felt Dax's legs move
and smiled around one nipple, then began kissing down Dax's waist, sliding
her ass down her lovers body further and further as she got closer and
closer to Dax's love mound.
Kira kissed lightly about Dax's open thighs, she groaned eagerly,
wanting to feel her Bajoran lovers tongue in her dripping pussy, which
was longing for attention. Finally she slid her tongue lightly up the
length of Dax's cunt.
"Immm...yes," moaned Jadzia, wanting to feel her lover's tongue
in her so badly that she humped her hips up slightly.
Kira grinned wickedly and slowly pushed her tongue deep into her
lovers pink pussy, tonguing her lover's juicy wet snatch, she pulled her
tongue back out and then pushed it back in.
"You're always so wet," Kira spoke, muffled by Dax's pussy, she
curled her tongue and slid it back into Dax's hot, tight cunt, Jadzia's
juices sliding into her mouth and down her throat.
Dax's juices were flowing faster now, a stream of hot, cuntjuice
pushing into her lovers mouth as she was eaten out. Excess cum dribbled
down Kira's chin and between Dax's asscheeks. Kira slid a finger down
between Dax's delicious derriere and pushed one now wet finger against
her pink, puckered anus. As she did this her free hand parted Dax's
cuntlips and two fingers slid in while her mouth rode up and suckled on
her erect clit.
Kira got the response she wanted when Dax began moaning and crying
out in pleasure, her hips once more humping up and down as fingers slid
in and out of both her cunt and her asshole. Spasms rocked her body and
she jerked about uncontrollably as her climax rocked through
her, orgasming noisily her cuntjuices spilled all over Kira's face and
onto the sheets. She gripped Kira's head tightly with her hands and
ground her cunt up into Kira's face, her clit pushing into her teeth,
her cunt lips and asshole clamping down onto her fingers. Kira pushed
her face even deeper into her lovers cunt, her tongue flicking in and out
of Dax's fuck-hole, sliding around her fingers.
"Oooohhhh! I can't take it anymore!" screamed Dax through gritted
teeth,"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm CUMMINNG!"

"Who announces their orgasms?" muttered Quark, but his gaze
remained fixed on the monitor and his erection was rising in his pants.

Kira just smiled and continued to suck expertly on her girlfriends
flooding pussy. She shot her tongue up Dax's juicy slit, her fingers
scratching along the cunt walls, her nose pressing against her clit.
Jadzir just shook, her body spasming with wild desire as she came
once more, her body shuddering wildly, rippling in uncontrollable ecstasy.
Once more Kira's mouth was filled with pussyjuice as Dax came again, she
ground her hips up into Kira's face, mashing her mound against
the Bajoran's face. Dax stiffened and gave a scream of pleasure, her hands
gripped Kira's head as tightly as she could and she wrapped her long legs
around Kira's back, pressing down as hard as she could, she raised her
upper body and every muscle seemed to lock up.
Finally her legs unlocked and collapsed down next to Kira's side,
her muscles relaxed and she slumped back onto the bed, her hair plastered
around her face and her chest rising and falling with large, heavy breaths.
Kira pulled her fingers free from Dax's open orifices and made a
couple of probing licks into Dax's sensitive pussy, then she raised her
head and grinned at Dax.
"Do you still think I was checking out that blonde?"
Dax laughed, her body jerking slightly in genuine humor.
"No," she finally said,"Besides, I don't think he could keep up the
"Speaking of which," laughed Kira, she got up onto all fours and
spun her ass around, her pussy resting a few inches from Dax's mouth,
already wet and ready,"Use that tongue of yours!"

Quark pulled his head back from the monitor and shook his head
in amusement.
"All that Security, all that Latinum for a little
'Corporate Relief'?" he laughed,"These Hoo-Man's are just so pathetic!"
He heard a dull thuds against the Holo-Suite doors and his eyes
"Well! there goes the Security Deposit!"

Ambassador Marvek kicked the door angrily.
"Computer! Open door!" he yelled for the umpteenth time.
[Unable to comply, internal power sources lowered.]
[Internal power sources have been lowered, unable to open holosuite
doors, please wait patiently until power sources have returned to normal.]
He looked behind him, he was still in San Francisco, but every time
he opened tried to open the Holosuite doors he got the same message, he
couldn't get out into the real Station.
"What the hell is going on out there?" he asked himself, then sat
down on the park bench to wait. A man came and sat next to him, he was
dressed all in white.
"Hi," said the man.
Marvek ignored him.
"You know," said the man happily, his voice slurred slightly,
meaning he was either drunk or slightly handicapped,"My momma always told
me life is like a box of chocolates...."
"Oh hell," growled Marvek, slapping his forehead with his palm.

Garak stared in dismay at the bright green plasma venting twenty
feet above them in the Jeffries Tube. Beside him, Bashir ran an ever
present Tricorder over Rom and Kalis' burned and bruised bodies.
"Severe Plasma Burns, a couple of broken bones," muttered The
Doctor,"No internal bleeding, thank goodness, but I need to get them to
"Can you get them there alone?" asked Garak, staring at the
venting plasma,"Because in twenty minutes or so I can shut down those
vents and get up to Ops."
"I don't know what I was thinking," muttered Bashir,"I'm a Doctor,
I should be in Sickbay, and the Ops Crew can get things working without
me.... or you."
"Very well," muttered Garak,"Let's fashion some stretchers and
get these two to Sickbay."
As they began casting about for materials to use, using the meager
light from Bashir's tricorder and the overhead plasma vents to find their
way about, Garak smiled.
"From tailor to nurse, I'm not sure which is worse!"

"I'm not getting any response at all!" snapped Commander Vli,
smacking the console angrily,"Power Levels are too low!"
"I don't want to hear that!" snapped Captain Sisko,"I want power
back and I want it NOW! Understand!"
"Yes sir!" cried The Ops Crew and redoubled their efforts, using
every trick they knew to get power back to The Station.
And all the time that they worked, Sisko's thoughts whirled from
one paranoid thought to another.
- Was this a Dominion Attack? -
- Had The Cardassian's tried yet another invasion? -
- Why wasn't The Enterprise helping them? -
- What was happening to his crew even now? -
That last thought rankled him the most, the rape of Kira and Dax
during the last Cardassian Invasion had really hit him hard and the
thought that such could be happening again while he was powerless to
prevent it was driving him mad.

On board The Enterprise Bridge, Acting Captain Peter Quincey
Taggart watched the darkened Station with interest.
As a young Lieutenant, he was rather over-awed with 'Having The
Helm' as it were, even if the Ship was just sitting in place over DS9, and
just sitting there looking at the most strategically important Space
Station in The Alpha Quadrant just sitting there darkly was driving him
"Relax, Lieutenant," murmured Starfleet Security Officer James
Victor,"It wasn't part of the plan, but Valdez loves to improvise, it's
all under control."

It had all gone out of control.
Valdez couldn't believe the situation she'd found herself in,
joined with mad Maqui Freedom Fighters who had captured Voyager and
were attempting to shut down The Wormhole to end a Dominion Invasion.
"One of Bajor's major cities," Harry Kim was replying to
a question Valdez had missed,"I think the Enterprise may have
been captured."
Moriaty turned and stared at Picard in horror,"Dear Lord, think
of the destruction they could do with that ship!"
"They'll do damage all right," said Valdez, trying to take control
once again, trying to reset the priorities to get them out of this damn
program without letting Moriarty know it was just that, a
Holo-Program,"But that's not our problem, we have to destroy the
Valdez's main concern, of course, was to return to the real
Universe, which they would not be able to do until the Wormhole was
destroyed and the Dominion threat ended,"Besides, even the Enterprise
alone can't stand up to the Fleet!"
"I did a lot of evil in my time," whispered Moriaty to himself,"But
it wasn't me who did it, my actions were controlled by a man who has been
dead for over perhaps half a millennium. Ever since I became my own man
I've strived to do better - I can't just leave without doing something."
"What do you intend Moriaty?" asked Picard, fearing he knew the
answer already.
"Do?" said Moriaty with a slight grin,"Why I intend to try and
make up for the evil in my life with one last, desperate gambit. I'm
going to destroy the Enterprise!"
Valdez suppressed a groan of dismay and tried to fight the urge
to just blast the most unique life-form in The Universe into oblivion.

Ul-Mar gulped as No'Kase led them down the darkened corridor.
They were now in a part of the Habitat Ring which had no Security
Presence from Valdez's unit, he was all alone with this mad Cardassian.
"There she is!" gasped No'Kase excitedly, spotting Kira's naked
body beneath a pool of light from one of the few remaining wall lights still
operating,"Finally I am going to fuck that bitch raw!"
"Okay! That's IT!" snapped Ul-Mar and brought his hands down
hard in an overhead arc, fingers wrapped together in one large fist.
And hit nothing.
No'Kase let out another short bark of laughter, having dodged to
the side the moment the Surgically Altered Human had warned him with his
loud roar.
"Fucking amateurs," he snorted with contempt, and smashed the
butt of the phaser down hard into the back of Ul-Mar's neck as he stumbled
With a groan, Ul-Mar collapsed onto the floor.
"And now!" chuckled The Cardassian, rubbing his hands together
with a grin,"Kira."

"Sir!" muttered Vli, his eyes lighting up,"If we re-route all
reserve power into a single generator and use that power to re-start the
other generators.... we might just get full power back!"
Sisko sat in the darkness, a barely visible silhouette in the
dull glow of the monitors,"Vli, are you suggesting that we.... jumpstart...
"Uhhhh, sir?"
"Forget it," murmured Sisko with a smile,"Vli, this is an all or
nothing gambit, if it doesn't work we have no power."
"And if it does, sir, we have full power back."
Sisko grinned.
"Vli, has anyone ever told you you've got the stuff to be a great

No'Kase settled down next to Kira, cupping the back of her head
and lifting her up. She moaned and her head rolled back slightly, eyes
fluttering slightly. He gripped one large, plump breast in his hand
and squeezed it gently.
"Kira, Kira," he whispered,"Open your eyes, see the surprise!"
She groaned and opened her eyes.

"Vli?" asked Sisko.
"Ready to try it now, sir," responded Vli.
"Then don't keep us in the dark, Mr. Vli," quipped Sisko,"Turn
the lights back on."
With a silent prayer, Vli pushed the button and began re-routing

In Sickbay, Bashir raised his head in surprise as the lights
flickered, faded, turned off entirely and then suddenly flicked back on
at full strength.
"What the hell?" he muttered.
"Ops," chuckled Garak, wrapping a bandage around the leg of a
sore but now unburnt Rom,"You're not the only miracle worker on
this Station it seems."

"Kira?" asked No'Kase as the lights flicked fully on,"Are you
She opened her eyes fully and stared in surprise at No'Kase, then
dropped her gaze down to her breasts, one of which was still firmly held
in No'Kase's hand.
"Oh No'Kase!" she gasped,"It's you, I've always wanted you!"
"Huh?" he gasped.
"Kiss me!" she moaned, and lent her head back, closing her eyes
and opening her lips,"Kiss me!"
"Oh Kira!" moaned No'Kase, months and months of pent up sexual
need exploding within him,"YES!"
He leaned forward and kissed her.

Kira sighed as the lights turned back on.
"About time!" she muttered, scooping up her comm-badge and tapping
it,"Kira to Ops, what the hell was that?"
"That's what I would like to know," came back Sisko's
deep voice,"I think maybe our friends from Starfleet Security have some
explaining to do."

No'Kase's eyes widened as he felt Kira's mouth shift, twist and
change, her nose losing it's ridges and her forehead becoming
more pronounced.
He pulled his mouth back with a shock, his hand releasing the
still firm, large breast.
"Was it good for you?" asked Odo.
"ARRRGH!" screamed No'Kase, stumbling backwards.
Odo's arm lashed out, extending to an incredible length at a
huge velocity, smashing into No'Kase's chest and slamming him back into
the wall of the corridor.
Standing up, regaining his familiar form, height and clothing,
Odo pulled the shocked Cardassian forward against him and slammed the
side of his other hand firmly into his neck, knocking him unconscious
to the ground.
"Because that was good for me!"

[Power levels have returned to normal,] the Computers voice
murmured, causing a wide grin to split Ambassador Marvek's face.
"Excellent, I don't have time to listen to this sprite drone on,"
he strode purposefully towards the doors and Tuvok fired without changing
expression. Marvek was blasted back against the wall and slumped down.
Beverly rushed to him and checked for a pulse.
"Nothing," she said in shock,"He's dead."
"As I feared," said Data,"Tuvok has disengaged safety protocols."
"Exactly," replied the Vulcan,"Do not attempt to trap me in one of
your prisons, I am a living person, even if I am a hologram, and I intend
to venture out into the real world and live."
He stepped carefully backwards to the doors, which opened behind
him, he stepped past the threshold without changing expression, but Picard
sensed something akin to satisfaction and relief coming from him.
"Goodbye," he said to them,"I wish you no harm....." he gasped as
he felt his legs tingle, looking down his mouth dropped open and he
revealed shock.
"I tried to warn you," said Data,"You may be aware of your nature,
but you are far from sentient, or you would have been able to break the way
you were programmed to behave, much like Moriaty did before his sacrifice."
Tuvok felt no pain, only a mad tingling as his body slowly drifted
away into nothing, unable to support itself outside of a holosuite.
Finally he was gone.
Standing in the corridor leading into The Holo-Suite's, Quark
shook his head in surprise.
"Now that's something you don't see every day," The Ferengi
Valdez looked down at Marvek's body and shook her head, she would
have to go to Odo for help in finding where he might have stored the
Database, that was probably the most irritating thing of all. She absently
wondered how Operation : Trojan Horse had gone as she tapped her
communicator and called for a couple of her Security Team to come down
and get the body.

Standing over No'Kase's body, Odo heard the call from Valdez
coming through the hidden comm-badge woven into the surgically altered
human's clothing.
"Hmmmph!" snorted Odo, picking up the unconscious Cardassian
and the unconscious 'Denebian' easily in his hands,"Valdez has some
serious explaining to do!"

"A TEST!" growled Sisko angrily, standing in Ambassador Marvek's
quarters with Valdez, Picard and Odo.
"A necessary one," replied Valdez,"We are in covert war with
The Dominion, we can't afford to take any risks."
"Well you took one hell of a risk with this bungled operation!"
snapped Sisko angrily,"You put the lives of MY crew, the habitats of THIS
Station and the people of Bajor at risk to test a theory!?!"
"We did not foresee the power-cut...." started Valdez lamely,"We
were simply going to lower internal sensors and see if Odo used the
false information our 'Denebian' friend fed him to contact The Dominion."
"I don't agree with this either," muttered Picard,"It was a
serious breach of protocols and Starfleet Regulations.... the ends can't
justify the means, history has taught us that at least and our little
encounter with Moriarty must have at least taught us that people can evolve
and change beyond our expectations."
"Forget it, Captain... Captains," muttered Odo,"It was a dangerous
operation, and we nearly lost No'Kase because of it, but in the end
nobody was harmed....."
"I think Rom and Kalis might have something to say about that!"
snapped Sisko.
"No permanent damage, anyway," responded Odo,"And Valdez at least
exposed the vulnerability of the Station. They may have used Federation
Security Over-rides to do it, but we can't put it past The Dominion to
try the same."
"Despite this, I will be laying a complaint against you, Officer
Valdez," Picard growled,"You and this entire operation were totally
uncalled for in my mind."
"Lay a complaint against what?" asked Valdez with a slight smile,
picking up the computer with the now dead Marvek's personal files and
the Federation Database stored on it. She walked to the door, stopped and
turned to face them,"Me and my crew don't exist, we were never here and
none of this ever happened. DS9 experienced a temporary power fault
due to a malfunction in a Plasma Conduit, stressing the need to upgrade
the Stations systems, as is being done next week."
She walked through the doors, which closed behind her, taking
her out of their lives, hopefully forever.
"That was.... distasteful," grimaced Sisko.
"Starfleet Security have never been the most people-friendly,"
replied Picard gravely.
"Welcome to war, gentlemen," said Odo with what might have been
a grin,"This is the bit they don't write about in the history books."

The End.

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