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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Past Encounters Part 3 (MF)
by Okudas

Dax was dreaming. Dreaming of her days serving under Hayes. She had been under him by many places in rank. She was female and slightly older than the present host. She was however still stunningly beautiful. Many times Hayes had asked her for a date and many times she had refused. Until one time during shore leave. They had both been drinking and Dax was feeling very mellow. They had gone back to Hayes' quarters and things had gotten very romantic. They made love many times during that next three days neither of them leaving the room for hours at a time. Then abruptly Hayes had been reassigned. Dax had never seen him again. Until now.

She awoke with a start and realized she had become wet once again. She showered and rinsed away the stickiness both from her dreams and from last night. Last night. Hayes had visited her and caught her masturbating to the view on the screen. Had that been a dream or was it real. Abruptly the shower stopped and her cell disappeared. She was left standing on the floor of the holosuite. As had been the case so many times in the last week she was totally naked. Her Trill spots were glistening with the water from the shower. The door opened and she tried with little success to cover herself with her hands. Hayes walked in and set the Holosuite controls to set them in a lush garden. Dax recognized it instantly. It was the garden of Algeron on the Trill homeworld. He also ordered a set of clothes for Dax which she climbed into gratefully. He looked away as Dax tucked her bosom into the flowing summer dress which did little to hide her assets. Eventually he spoke.

"How's things going now. Bit more settled in"

Dax had been thinking that things had been going a bit better when she realized that that was exactly what he wanted her to think. Abruptly she canceled the simulation and Hayes who was sitting down fell and crashed to the floor. He stood angrily.

"You've been treated well. Fed well and have anything you want. What is your problem!"

Dax hit the roof.

"I'll tell you what the fucking problem is. I'm a prisoner. I hate you and everything you do here. I think you're disgusting."

All through her outburst she had failed to realize that when she canceled the simulation her dress had also disappeared. Hayes stepped forward and put his hand lightly on her breast. He flicked his finger over the small nipple and involuntarily she went hard. She moaned as he continued and she began to loose her anger. All the pent-up frustration was flowing from her and she began to slip slowly to the floor.

Hayes had called up a new simulation. This time they were situated in a hayloft. Dax fell lightly into the straw and tried vainly to resist the emotions flooding her brain. One half of her mind wanted Hayes deep inside her while the other half was revolted by the thought. Eventually the horny side won.

Hayes slipped from his jumpsuit and his penis popped from it's moorings. He walked slowly towards Dax's resting place and put his lips to hers. The kissed passionately for a moment and her hand fell to his crotch. She flicked her finger over the head of his straining cock and he let out a small moan. They lay in the hay kissing passionately. The Dax symbiont was confused as feelings buried for two centuries rose once again.

* * *

Dax was lying on the floor sweating. Hayes large cock was buried and clamped between her creamy thighs and she was grinding for all she was worth. He was on the verge of his second huge orgasm and she was still building towards her first. He lost control and began to pump his load deep into Dax cervix and beyond. The feelings this gave Dax sent her rocketing towards a beautiful climax. A trace of fire scorched across her abdomen and into her loins. She was still sore from her previous experiences but Hayes had been gentle and she felt no pain. As her orgasm blossomed she cried his name and collapsed. When she awoke he was gone. Her cell once again in place and she was lying on silken sheets.

However some 20 minutes later he returned. This time he had news for Dax.

"You're to be released this afternoon. The audience had grown bored of you."

"What! You mean me and Kira can just go. Just like that?"

"That is correct. You will be transported to your runabout and sent home, but first we will put you on show in here for one last time. I hope you like the sea."

"Fine, who's the partner?"


Dax complied only because of the promise of release. At least that's what she told herself. His hands moved to remove her clothes. Hayes slipped her dress off her shoulders and slid it down her arms. She barely had his pants open when he pulled her dress off and lowered her to the sand. Which had been simulated around them.

Hayes slid his hands along her body, thrilling in her softness and her warmth. He had only dreamt about being with the beautiful woman in his arms once again. The memories of those past encounters fueled his desire for her. He covered her face with light kisses, moving down her throat to her speckled breasts. He lingered there, licking and sucking each nipple until it was hard.

Dax managed to slide her hands inside Hayes' pants and grasped his hardening cock. Stroking it slowly, she felt the blood pulse through his shaft. She felt her own juices dampening her pussy. Instinctively, her free hand found its way between her legs.

Hayes loved the feel of Dax's hand on his cock. Her strokes were sending his nerve endings into overdrive. He caught a glimpse of her hand when it reached her pussy and watched with delight as she masturbated. An overwhelming need to taste the beautiful brunette overtook him. He swung around, moved her hand and buried his head between her legs.

"Oh God!" moaned Dax as the captain's tongue circled her inflamed clit. Hayes clasped her hips and dove deeper into her wetness. Her juices flowed freely as he licked and sucked the length of her. He darted his tongue in and out of her tunnel sending shock waves through her body.

Her stroking became more frenzied, her breathing labored. Unable to hold back any longer, Hayes pulled from her grasp and entered her in one motion. He had wanted to prolong their joining but his need was too great. Pumping furiously, Hayes felt Dax's body tense. She cried out as her orgasm surged through her once more. Seconds later, Hayes came, his cum shooting deep inside her. He started to pull from her but Dax tightened her pussy muscles and prevented him from leaving.

His come filled her up and began to ooze from within her. With one final thrust Hayes brought Dax to one final devastating orgasm. She shuddered and once more fell to her knees. Hayes cock was forced from within her tunnel and was covered in a slick layer of cum which was flicked into Dax face. She licked herself clean and then proceeded to show Hayes the one thing which her previous host could not do in bed. She leaned forward and began to lick her own pussy clean. As he watched the woman's tongue dart in and out of her own pussy he began to harden once more. He masturbated himself to and further sticky orgasm and Dax carried on her delicate work. When she was done she stood and looked deep into Hayes' eyes.

"I wish I could say it's been nice meeting you again. What you do here is depraved and demeaning. Whatever turns you on my friend."

The Transporter took effect once more and she was standing, fully clothed in the runabout. Kira materialized a moment later and they sat.

"How the fuck are we gonna explain where we've been for the last week?"

The END...


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