Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Prisoner Of The Dominion (MF,ncon)
by PJ

A violent shuddering throughout the smoke-filled bridge woke up Karen Farris. She winced as she sat up, her left side on fire with pain. She looked up at the bridge viewscreen, the Dominion battleship filling it, firing bright white disruptor bolts in a constant stream. The bridge shook again, and a support beam exploded from the floor, sliding up to crash into the upper bulkhead. Noxious gas streamed from the rent ceiling, making Karen cough violently.

The young woman staggered to her feet, clutching her side while making her way to one of the turbo-lifts. The deck swayed beneath Karen, the Valiant was listing, a dead hulk in space. Fortunately, the turbo-lift still worked, Karen descended to one of the life pod decks. Fire filled the passageway when Karen entered, she covered her face with her left arm, stumbling through the licking
flames to an open pod. She dove inside, her left side sending spikes of pain through her torso. Panting, Karen slapped the hatch panel, sealing the pod and initiating the launch sequence that blasted it away from the dying starship.

Karen gazed out the pod's porthole, tears slipping down her eyes as she watched the Valiant's last moments, remembering all the friends she left behind. The main engines finally exploded, ripping the Valiant to pieces.

Karen barely had a moment to acknowledge her grief before a transporter beam seized her in its cold grip. She materialized on a large transporter pad facing five Jem'Hadar soldiers with disruptor rifles leveled at her.

"Take her to a holding cell," ordered one of the Jem'Hadar.

"It will be done," nodded another, slinging his rifle over his left arm, climbing onto the pad to snatch Karen.

Karen was too hurt and numb to resist the Jem'Hadar who led her from the transporter room into the bowels of the Dominion battleship. He pushed her into a small, square cell before sealing it with a violet force-field. Karen sat heavily on the cell's bench/cot, trying to breathe lightly to reduce the strain to her broken ribs, glad to be alive, yet fearful of what the Dominion planned for her.

* * *

Karen was transported directly from her cell on the battleship to a large, dimly-lit chamber. The room was hot and stuffy as two Cardassian soldiers approached her, one covering her with a phaser pistol while the second began opening her uniform. Karen pushed the Cardassian's hands away, but he slapped her across the face, cutting her lower lip.

"Resist and you will die," said the Cardassian with the phaser, his finger tightening on the firing stud.

Karen licked blood from her lip, restraining her impulse to deck the Cardassian stripping her. Once her uniform was removed, the Cardassian led Karen to an immense metal chair. He pushed her into it, then fastened restraints around her wrists and ankles. An orange scanning beam slid over Karen's naked body.

"She has two broken ribs and an assortment of light burns and bruising," reported the pistol wielding guard who now operated a nearby console.

The second Cardassian snapped a metal band around Karen's neck, holding her head in place. He pressed down on her forehead, prying her mouth open and reaching in with a strange device. Karen let out a strangled cry when the Cardassian ripped out a molar, placing it in a small, nearby container. He took a shearing device next, gathering a piece of disheveled blonde hair from her head, and then another from her bush. He clipped several of Karen's fingernails, placing the clippings with the other samples in the container. The Cardassian pressed a hypo-spray against Karen's bare left arm, drawing out a sample of her blood. The Cardassian nodded to his companion, gathering his tools and Karen's samples before leaving the hot room.

A female Cardassian entered the chamber with a small medical case. She stood next to Karen's bound form, treating Karen's wounds, then departing without a word.

A comm signal beeped on the remaining Cardassian's console board.

"Is she ready?"

"Yes, sir."

"Beam her to Gul Miran's interrogation office."

"Yes, sir."

The transporter beam embraced Karen again, moving her to another barely lit room.

* * *

"What is your name, prisoner?" asked a grave Cardassian from his desk.

"Karen Farris, acting Lt. Commander for the starship Valiant," replied the naked girl from her seat on the floor.

"Valiant," murmured the Cardassian, inputting data into the console built within his desk. "Ah, yes! You engaged the Jem'Hadar's latest vessel. They destroyed your ship and killed all hands except you."

"What are you going to do with me?"

"You are a prisoner, girl. You have no rights, you will ask no questions. You will answer all questions put to you. If you resist in any way, you will die. Do you understand?"


"Good. This can be pleasant if you allow it to be. We are not barbarians like the Klingons or Romulans, cooperate and you will be rewarded. Now, tell me about your service with Starfleet, leave out nothing."

* * *

Gul Miran stood at Karen's right as she looked out over the capital city of Cardassia Prime. The sun was setting, turning the sky a beautiful shade of purple-gold. Tall, bronze towers rose up proudly, their lines curved and graceful. Not far away, the immense dome of Central Command dominated the heart of the city, the center of the Cardassian Union.

Sweat poured from Karen's body, sticking to the plain, grey smock Miran had given her. Even at dusk, the heat was oppressive, it weighed down on Karen, made her feel weak and short of breath.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" smiled Gul Miran, watching Karen. "I never tire of this view."

"What's this, Miran?" grinned another Cardassian as he walked up to Karen and her keeper. "Where did you acquire this young beauty?"

"The Jem'Hadar brought her in today, I'm in charge of her interrogation."

"And you're showing her the view? I could think of much more productive activities than this," leered the Cardassian officer.

"I'm happily married, thank you," retorted Miran.

"That never stopped me," laughed the other Cardassian. "Besides, she's just an alien."

"Well, maybe we can make a deal," mused Miran with narrowed eyes. "If you recommend me for that opening in strategic operations, I'll transfer this pretty thing to your custody. Does that interest you?"

The Cardassian ran his eyes over Karen's lithe body. She shrank beneath his gaze, knowing what he wanted from her.

"You have a deal," nodded the officer. "Have her sent to my quarters in CC."

"She'll be there within the hour."

"Very good," smiled the officer, licking his lips as he admired Karen one last time before departing.

"Come along," ordered Miran, taking Karen's right arm and leading her back toward his office.

Karen smashed her right foot into the back of Miran's left leg, then slammed the back of her right fist into the Cardassian's face. The girl ran across the curving balcony, hoping to find a lift or some stairs. Alarms began blaring, Karen could hear soldiers moving everywhere. She found a steep staircase and descended, breasts pumping as she fled. Two Cardassian soldiers appeared at the foot of the stairs, raising phaser rifles. Karen dove at the guards, covering one Cardassian's face with her left palm and slamming his head into the ground. She knocked aside the conscious guard's weapon, an orange beam snapping into the sky. Fighting the guard for his rifle, Karen didn't see the phaser beam that stabbed her chest, knocking her off her feet. She lay on the stairs, wheezing, her chest numb.

"Stupid Terran bitch," snarled the Cardassian who had shot her, raising his left fist and smashing it into Karen's face.

* * *

Karen opened her eyes slowly, her arms stiff from hanging so long by her small wrists.

"That was foolish, girl," said the leering Cardassian officer, rising from his desk to pace before Karen's naked body. "But Miran was sloppy as well, he didn't implant you as he should have. He always was soft with the prisoners."

"Implant me? With what?" asked Karen, her stomach clenching with fear.

The officer slapped Karen hard, then ran his right hand down between her breasts.

"Surely Miran told you the rules at least?"

"Never..never ask questions," whispered Karen, working her sore jaw.

"Yes, good girl," smiled the officer, twisting Karen's left nipple until she gasped. "I'm going to enjoy you."

"The implant inside you is very simple, allow me to demonstrate," offered the officer, returning to his desk briefly to pick up a small remote control. He pressed a button, and hot agony filled Karen's nude form. She screamed until her throat was raw, her limbs jerking helplessly.

"You have such a pleasant scream," smiled the Cardassian, walking closer to Karen's gasping shape. "I want to hear it again."

The officer pressed another button, but this time ecstasy filled Karen's pussy. She groaned, her legs shivering, cunt juices falling down her smooth white thighs.

"I can offer you pleasure and pain, child," purred the officer, placing his left hand between Karen's legs, gathering her honey on his fingers, then licking them clean in front of her with his tongue. Karen wept silently, she closed her legs together as tightly as she could.

"You're mine, Terran whore! Accept it!" growled the officer into Karen's left ear before he slowly licked up the side of her neck.

"," protested Karen, whimpering while the Cardassian pushed his hand between her clasped legs, fondled her young pussy.

The officer pressed a control button, and warmth filled Karen's vagina. She gasped, her thighs parting for the Cardassian's firm hand.

"That's my little slut," smiled the Cardassian, stroking Karen's cunt, rubbing her clit between two grey fingers.

Karen panted, her wrists tugging on the manacles that held them.

The Cardassian officer knelt before Karen. He pulled her legs apart, placing his face between her slender thighs. Looking up at Karen maliciously, the Cardassian started licking her pussy, his tongue slowly running up her pink slit.

"No!" grunted Karen, her legs quivering as the Cardassian sucked on her twat, his tongue piercing into her warm vagina.

The Cardassian depressed a button and Karen's tits grew hot. The girl'snipples became erect, they ached to be suckled upon.

Pure bliss radiated from Karen's pussy. She was overwhelmed with pleasure while her captor nuzzled within her cunt, licking the honey from her hole.

The officer stood up, kissing Karen possessively. She tasted her cunt juices on the Cardassian's lips, she tried to break away but the officer was too strong, too demanding. He licked Karen's left nipple, she nearly orgasmed with pleasure as he covered her tit with his mouth, savored the hot female flesh.

After lowering his trousers, the Cardassian grasped the backs of Karen's legs, picked them up, and pried them apart before shoving his cock into her pussy. Karen threw back her head, loose blonde hair flying as the Cardassian fucked her, slamming into her crotch again and again. Karen's tits bounced violently, the officer captured one in his mouth and sucked sharply on it while he slid into Karen smoothly. The Cardassian's thrusts came faster as his orgasm approached, his teeth bit into Karen's soft breast, making her grimace with pain, her face gleaming with sweat. He rammed deep into Karen's stomach, invading her, breaking her to his will. Karen let the sensual ecstasy seize her, she tilted back her head, moaning loudly, her cunt on fire when the Cardassian climaxed inside her , filled her with his alien seed.

The Cardassian lowered Karen's warm thighs. He kissed her roughly, savoring her young lips. Leaving Karen breathing heavily in her wrist bonds, the officer turned off all the dim lights in the office and left Karen alone, manacled, naked, and helpless. A prisoner of the Dominion.

The End


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