(Star Trek Deep Space 9 episode "Strange Bedfellows" Episode synopsis: Worf
and Ezri are beamed aboard a Jem'Hadar ship, where the Female Shapeshifter
and Thot Gor, the respective leaders of the new Dominion-Breen alliance,
prepare to sign a treaty designed to destroy the Federation and end the war.
However, Damar objects to signing it because of concessions, made to Thot
Gor, which could harm Cardassia. Meanwhile, Kai Winn and Dukat seal their
bond by pledging to restore Bajor--even if the Emissary stands in their way.

This story attempts to fill in the missing scenes where Ezri Dax and Worf
are on their way to Cardassia to be executed.)

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Prisoners (MF,nc-cons)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

The Vorta Weyoun sat at a console in the corner of the darkened room. He
stifled a yawn as he glanced sideways at the Breen commander standing beside
him. Their new allies looked quite impressive in their armored environmental
control suits and snout like helmets. Certainly they didn't whine
continuously and interfere in command decisions as the Cardassian legate Gul
Damar had been doing of late. Weyoun wondered what was under that impassive
mask. Only the Founders probably knew ... he corrected himself ... the
Founders knew. They were gods after all, they knew everything! Of course,
they had decided not to reveal such irrelevant details to their faithful
servant Weyoun or anyone else for that matter. The Breen valued their

A loud groan of pain interrupted Weyoun's thoughts. It was the Klingon
StarFleet officer, Worf, that was being interrogated. The Klingon was held
up against the far wall of the room by invisible forcefields. Small, metallic
devices with blinking lights were placed at various points on his body. Each
time a Cardassian at a console similar to the one Weyoun had before him would
press a button the devices would transmit pulses of energy directly into the
Klingon's major nerve centers causing immense pain. Very few beings could
resist such pain yet this Klingon had been here for three hours and had not
confessed to his crimes nor parted with any useful information, which was why
Weyoun was getting bored.

Weyoun decided to try something different. He got up and walked over to the
Klingon who though weak and restrained, began to struggle to try and reach
the Vorta. Weyoun smiled.

"Such strength," he told Worf, "Such resistance to torture. You Klingon's are
a proud race. But you see this is all useless. You are going to die anyway,
and the Dominion is going to utterly destroy Star Fleet, the Klingon Empire
and anyone else who stands in our way. Thanks to our new allies." he added
glancing back at Thot Gor, the Breen who still remained standing in the same

Weyoun continued in his soft voice, his purple eyes only inches away from
Worf's face, "Do you wish to give us any information now? Fleet dispositions?
Comm frequencies and decryption algorithms? StarFleet HQ computer access
codes maybe? I can assure you that your death will be long and painful if you

Worf's reply came in the form of a glob of saliva that hit Weyoun in the
center of his forehead. Weyoun took a step back and almost lost his calm, but
then he smiled as if nothing had happened and wiped off the offending fluid
with his sleeve. Without taking his eyes off Worf, he called for the guards
and two Jem'Hadar warriors entered the interrogation room.

"Take this Klingon back to the detention cell and bring the female over.
Since we cannot get anything out of him, we'll have to torture the Trill and
see if she will talk."

This finally got something out of Worf as Weyoun had known it would.

"Don't you dare touch Ezri," the Klingon growled, "if you so much as harm a
single hair on her head I will rip you apart with my bare hands and shit on
your remains."

Weyoun didn't reply. He just waved him off with a hand as the Jem'Hadar
dragged the weakened but still struggling warrior off, listening to the
Klingon cursing all the way down the corridor until he was placed in the
turbolift and taken deep into the bowels of the vessel.

* * *

Ezri Dax on the bare metal bunk in the dimly lit cell. She was holding her
head in her hands and her eyes were swollen and red from crying. She sniffed
occasionally but the tears didn't come down anymore. Only yesterday she and
Worf had made love under the stars after she had rescued him from the escape
capsule he had been in for two weeks. Now Worf and she had been captured by
the Breen and were being held captive. Worf had been taken away several hours
ago and she didn't know if she was going to see him again. Ezri didn't know
what to do. She had been joined with the Dax symbiont for several months ago
and she supposedly had the memories of all the previous hosts including
Jadzia who would have known what to do. But all she could recall right now
was the great love that there had been between Jadzia and Worf and it
certainly wasn't helping her keep a clear mind to try to figure out a way to

The door slid open suddenly, startling her and a disheveled Worf was tossed
into the cell. He rose to his knees and she rushed to his side to help him

"Oh Worf, what did they do to you?" she exclaimed.

Before he could reply, a Jem'Hadar warrior stepped forward and grabbed her
with both hands, one around her neck the other around her arm. She screamed
and tried to free herself but her strength was no match for the genetically
enhanced Jem'Hadar warrior. Worf rose to his feet with an immense effort
even though his body was racked with pain but before he could do anything
Ezri had been pulled bodily out of the cell and the heavy doors had slid
shut again leaving Worf alone.

Ezri was dragged along the corridor, into a turbolift, down another corridor
and into a dark room. Her eyes took a while to adjust to the dim lighting.
Meanwhile, the Jem'Hadar had shoved her roughly against a wall and she had
felt forcefields form around her arms and feet, spreadeagling her against the
wall. She tried to move but she was unable to, almost as if she had been
frozen into place. Out of the shadows came a humanoid form and she recognized
the Vorta who had met them when they had been transferred from the Breen

"It is a pleasure to meet you Ezri Dax," he said, "I am Weyoun and I serve
the Founders."

"Please let us go. StarFleet is searching for us and you can drop us off on
a shuttle. No one will know that you helped us," Ezri said in a voice that
would have broken the heart of any being that had one.

"That would be impossible, my dear," Weyoun told her. "If I tried something
like that I would have to suicide myself so that the next Weyoun clone can
be activated."

As a matter of fact the Weyoun speaking to Ezri was the seventh one. The
previous Weyouns had been killed or suicided themselves under orders from
their shapeshifting superiors whom they considered gods. All the Vorta were
clones, an entire race created by the Dominion founders to act as their
intermediaries and command the Jem'Hadar. Both they and the Jem'Hadar were
blindly obedient to the Founders and would never dream of betraying them.
Sometimes though, a few of the clones were "defective" and would do something
that would makea Founder order them to terminate themselves.

Weyoun was only a pace away from Ezri. He had been moving forward towards her
while she spoke and now he lowered his head to an inch away from her ear and
spoke to her in a low voice, so that the Cardassian behind the console at the
center of the room couldn't hear.

"I do not wish to harm you. If you co-operate with me I won't allow them
to do what they did to Worf. I can assure you that these Cardassians are
barbarians who enjoy dealing pain to their prisoners." He didn't tell her
that they did it because he commanded them to do so. A small detail best
ignored, he thought.

It happened suddenly. Weyoun felt dizzy, the pupils in his eyes dilated to
double their normal size and he felt unable to move as if he too had been
affected by the forcefields holding Ezri. What was happening to Weyoun,
however, didn't have anything to do with something being generated by the
various devices in that room. It was something biological, something that
was not mentioned in the Obsidian Order files on the Trill species he had
gone through before this interrogation.

Under extreme stress, Trills had a natural defense mechanism which was rarely
used. In fact, it had been forgotten by most of the Trills themselves and
little or no reference was made to it by Trill biologists which explained why
it had been missed by the Cardassian's secret service. Several glands in a
Trill's body would begin to generate a variety of pheromones that would mix
together until a combination was found that would subdue or cause some change
in the person or object that was about to harm the Trill. This function of
Ezri's body was controlled subconsciously by the worm-like symbiont, in this
case the 300 plus year old Dax. In most species, these pheromones caused
unconsciousness or a trance like state which was quite useful if it was a
predator that was following a Trill. Certain species however, especially if
they were humanoid, would suddenly find that the Trill they had wanted to
kill or harm in any way had suddenly become irresistibly beautiful and the
urge to harm was converted to an intense urge to love.

Which was why Weyoun, who had just inhaled a dose of pheromones suddenly
forgot about the interrogation, forgot about the Founders, forgot about
everything ... except the beautiful, sexy Trill before him. Ezri Dax was
the center of the universe for him. Nothing else mattered. He was drawn to
her like a moth to a flame, like a spacecraft towards a black hole's event
horizon. At the corner of his eye something distracted his attention from
the goddess before him. It was the Cardassian.

"What's wrong with you?" he was asking insistently. Weyoun heard the voice,
far, far away. He ignored it, but it continued buzzing in his ear like a
tiresome insect.

"Go away," he croaked, "leave me alone with her," he managed to say and the
Cardassian shrugged and turned to leave.

Now that the voice had stopped, Weyoun could dedicate all his energy to adore
the object of desire in front of him. In his pheromone induced daze he didn't
notice that the Cardassian didn't leave the room. Instead he stepped back
into the shadows and began to watch Weyoun intently, wondering if this was
some weakness of the Vorta which the Cardassians could use in the future
against their Dominion "allies".

Meanwhile Weyoun had placed his head on Ezri's shoulders inhaling her aroma
along with her pheromones. He nuzzled his nose against her neck, the edge of
her short hair tickling his nostrils. Each breath he took meant another dose
of pheromones which made him want Ezri more than ever. Now Vortas had not
evolved naturally but had been genetically altered for millennia by the
Founders. However, they still had reproductive organs even if they had no use
for them since they reproduced through cloning. Normally used to pass bodily
fluids, Weyoun's genitals had been dormant for most of his life. Now under
the effect of Ezri's scent, blood had rushed to and swollen that rarely used
penis so much so that Weyoun was feeling uncomfortable in his trousers.

Ezri watched with a mixture of fear and amazement as first the Vorta had
begun to talk to her then stop suddenly for several seconds and his purple
eyes suddenly go wide. Then he had begun to snuffle against her neck and now
he was ... she gasped ... he had just pulled off his trousers right here in
front of her. He was standing naked before her and her eyes were drawn to
the stiff erection between his legs. His skin was very pale, almost albino
white, and if Ezri had not been in the position she was in she would have
laughed at the sight of his bright white skinned penis topped with a reddish

The Vorta finished undressing and stepped towards Ezri, a look of urgency on
his face as he again began to smell the skin of her neck. This time he poked
out his tongue and licked the lobe of her ear making Ezri gasp. His tongue
flicked out again and this time licked the spot covered skin down her neck.
When he reached her collar he looked surprised as if he hadn't realized she
was dressed. He held his head sideways as his pheromone swamped brain thought
its way through the simple problem. When he finally made a decision he acted
upon it immediately. He undid Ezri's uniform by pulling at the seal that held
it together and in a few seconds her torso was naked. Bending down he pulled
down Ezri's trousers, finding some difficulty in pulling them off completely
because of the forcefields restraining her feet. Ezri was only wearing a
small pair of black lace panties under her uniform. Her small, young breasts
were bare and enticingly firm. Weyoun seemed to be enchanted by those
beautiful tits and he raised his arms in slow motion towards them. Each hand
covered a breast entirely and with thumb and forefinger he began to massage
the tiny nipple buds which began to stiffen and rise under his touch.

Ezri had been too stunned at this sudden change from imminent torture to
imminent rape at the hands of the Vorta to realize that she herself was
causing the alien's libido increase. The Dax symbiont communicated with her
by transferring memories in the form of a flashback to the life of a previous
host where Dax had been in a similar situation. Over in nano-seconds, the
flashback showed how one of her predecessors had pheromonically stimulated
two Romulan assailants into seducing her, then managed to escape when they
had collapsed from sexual exhaustion. Ezri Dax doubted she could do the same
since she was sexually inexperienced, however that was her only option now if
she intended to save herself and Worf from certain death. Reluctantly, she
relaxed herself as much as she could in her forcefield manacles and decided
enjoy as much as possible whatever pleasure the Vorta was about to offer her.

Weyoun had stopped playing with Ezri's nipples and breasts and was busy
tracing the outline of the Trill spots that continued down from her neck,
past her breasts, down her sides and onto her thighs. His hands would first
rub the skin gently almost as if to see if the spots would come off, then use
his tongue to lick them. He seemed to have an incredible fascination with the
spots or maybe, thought Ezri, it could be that they were the pheromone
emitters. She'd have to ask Dr Bashir about that when, or if, they ever got
back to Deep Space 9. Weyoun had reached the point where the hem of Ezri's
panties circled her narrow waist and thighs. He placed a hand between the
thin material and her skin and with a single tug he tore them off. The
panties fell from his hand but remained caught between her legs. As he pulled
at them and they dropped to the floor, his hand came in contact with her
silky bush. Weyoun's fingers seemed to come alive as he passed them through
the pubic hair combing and patting the trimmed bush. Lower and lower his hand
went until it finally made contact with soft, smooth shaven flesh. A shiver
ran through Weyoun's body at this contact and it was mirrored in Ezri's body
as she shut her eyes. As Weyoun slid his index finger between her labia, he
could feel her most private parts begin to petal open as if to invite him

"Ohhhhhh," murmered Ezri. It was the first sound she had made since Weyoun
had started touching her. She had been willing herself to remain silent so
as not to give the Vorta the pleasure of knowing he was having an effect on
her but as his finger penetrated her quim all resistance she was offering
broke down. "Aaaaahh," she gasped again as his fingers found her small,
fleshy clit still hidden under its sheath. Weyoun rubbed gently at the hard
protrusion until the sheath slid back revealing Ezri's pleasure center. In
the next second two things happened. Weyoun, still in a trance like state
decided that he was going to kiss the supreme beauty before him. In the same
moment his fingers touched her exposed and extremely sensitive clitoris.
Ezri screamed with pleasure just as Weyoun's lips closed around her mouth.
Her exclamation was stifled in mid shout. Her eyes bulged as Weyoun's nimble
tongue slid between her open lips. Their tongues made contact, intertwining
like two mating serpents. Ezri had forgotten that Weyoun was her captor. She
was in the throes of passion that she had never experienced before. They
continued to deep kiss until they both ran out of breath, then their mouths
finally separated as they gulped in lungfuls of air.

Ezri's eyes were sparkling as she looked at Weyoun, her glossy, red lips
still wet with his saliva.

"I need you," she told the Vorta, "Take me now!"

Weyoun hardly needed the invitation. Her pheromones had seen to that so much
so that his erection was becoming painful and he needed to do something about
it. Rather clumsily - it was his first time - he placed his rod against the
opening of her vagina and bucked his hips forward. It slid in smoothly, into
the wet, warm flesh. Weyoun grunted as his cock slid up the full length of
Ezri's love tunnel, until his balls banged against her flesh. Weyoun stopped,
not knowing what to do next. He probably would have stayed motionless till
his cock shrivelled if Ezri hadn't began to grind her pelvis against him,
urging him on. Still constrained by the force field, her movement was slow
and uncoordinated but Weyoun got the hint. Gingerly he pulled out several
inches of his penis, careful not to dislodge it completely from the tightness
that was pleasing him so. Then he pushed it back in, finding a rythm that
matched with Ezri's pelvic rotation.

"Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me harder," whispered the young and not so innocent
Trill, "Aaaaagh ... push your cock deep inside me ... yes ... yes ... like
that ...oooooh."

Weyoun obeyed the commands of his prisoner, lost in a sexual frenzy only
partly generated by Ezri's pheromones. Minutes passed as he continued to ram
his aching member into her soft, tight cunt. Wetness coated Ezri's thighs and
dripped down onto Weyoun's legs as her juices intermingled with his pre-cum.

Unknown to the two lovers, the Cardassian who had remained behind had watched
everything with extreme interest. Now he sat on a stool, his hand around his
stiff, grey-skinned cock jerking himself off as he listened to the groans of
pleasure, cries of ecstasy and wet sounds as Weyoun's balls slapped against
Ezri's slit. As he masturbated, he opened a comm channel to Gul Damar.

"You have to hear this," he told his superior, "the Vorta is fucking the Star
Fleet prisoner."

"What?" Damar responded, "Weyoun is fucking the Klingon!? He's an idiot but
I'd never thought he had such a big problem."

The Cardassian rolled his eyes at Damar's mistaken conclusion, "No, the other
prisoner, the girl."

"Oh," Damar said, "He's not as stupid as he seems. She does look like a tasty

"You're telling me," the watching Cardassian said as Ezri groaned and jerked
her head back at one of Weyoun's thrusts. The Cardassian hand became a blur
as he jerked his reptile-skin covered cock knowing that he wasn't going to be
able to resist any longer.

Damar had stopped talking and was listening intently to the sexual sounds
coming from over the comm link. He was thinking of a way to use this
interesting situation against Weyoun and the Dominion.

Meanwhile, Weyoun was exhausted. His body was slick with sweat and Ezri's
juices. His mouth hung open as he panted for breath and his normally neatly
set curly hair lay all matted and flopping down over his large ear membranes.
Ezri's eyes suddenly opened wide as a massive orgasm swelled up deep inside
her. The contractions of her vaginal muscles as she came were the last straw
for Weyoun. His cock began to pulse rapidly as his balls delivered their load
into Ezri's cunt. Thick semen spurted into her vagina only to slide back out
of her pink hole as it mixed with Ezri's own ejaculation of clear female cum.

Weyoun slid to the floor onto a puddle of sweat, cum and other fluids. He was
totally overpowered with exhaustion, sex and Ezri's pheromones. He sat there
immobile except for his heaving chest, purple eyes still dilated.

At the other end of the comm, Damar didn't hear any further sounds of passion
so he guessed that the two lovebirds had finished. He called over the comm to
the Cardassian who had been in the room with them. There wasn't any answer
except for a strange gasp. Damar couldn't know that the Cardassian was
spraying his own sperm over the console he had been sitting at having cum
when Weyoun and Ezri had screamed in pleasure as they orgasmed.

"I'm here, I'm here," he finally replied.

"What's Weyoun doing now?" Damar asked.

"He's on the floor. He doesn't look very well. Guess he's not built for sex,"
the Cardassian smirked.

"Then free the girl and show her the way to the cell where the Klingon is,
then leave her alone." Gul Damar ordered.

"You sure?"

"Yes, now obey."

The Cardassian shrugged. Gul Damar was his superior and he was trained to
blindly obey his superiors. He touched a control coated with his own cum and
deactivated the forcefields holding Ezri spreadeagled against the wall. She
fell forward her muscles numbed with the exertion she had just been subjected
to. He helped her up, nostrils flared at the lingering pheromones and the
intense sexual aroma her body was coated in. He managed to shrug off the
effects because he was relatively satisfied when he had jerked off. Ezri
obeyed the Cardassian's instructions knowing instinctively that he was
helping her, though she had no idea why.

She reached the detention cell where she found Gul Damar and two Jem'Hadar
guards waiting for her. He opened the door and Worf shot out of the cell
holding a metallic bar which he had removed from the cell's bunk. His first
blow split the skull of the Jem'Hadar on the left. The other Jem'Hadar was
too quick for him and managed to draw up his pulse rifle and was about to
shoot Worf when Gul Damar drew his own weapon and disintegrated the Jem'Hadar
in a flash of orange light.

Both Ezri and Worf were surprised that Gul Damar was helping them escape.

"Why?" asked Ezri.

"Tell StarFleet that they have friends on Cardassia now," Damar replied as
he made the decision to rebel against the Dominion.


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