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Ambassador's Third Day

The ambassador spent the day in his ship and the crew went about
their duties normally. The Defiant returned and Worf got some needed

Ambassador's Fourth Day

Worf waited three days for his old friends from the Enterprise. As he waited for them to arrive he wondered if he had sent them on a false emergency. Nothing had happened since his tryst with Major Kira, and everyone seemed to be acting normally. True he had been gone on the Defiant for two days but still if something was affecting him it should do so even on the Defiant. At least the talks with the alien were going well. He hadn't seen much of Sisko lately. He spent all day locked in a room with the ambassador then spent all night in his cabin with Cassidy Yates, at least someone's life was working out.

He opened the door on his old friends. "Hello Worf." Dr Beverly Crusher patted his shoulder as she walked into his cabin. "Looking good Worf." Counselor Deanna Troi gave him a hug as she entered his quarters, they both took seats.

Worf sat down heavily. "I may have called you here on a fools errand."

"Don't worry about that Worf. At worst we'll get a little vacation on Bajor. If there's nothing wrong?" Crusher responded.

"But tell us what made you call for us?" Troi asked in her most calm voice.

Worf always hated that voice. He decided the best way to get her from using it would be to shake her up. "I slept with two different women under unusual circumstances within one hour."

"How nice for you." Deanna subtly mocked him.

"I know it sounds crazy now but two women i respect, fellow officers practically attacked me for sex."

"Well you're an attractive man Worf." Crusher commented.

"Its not just me. I've heard things, I've heard of impossible sex orgies all over the station. Supposedly there's an female ensign that's taken on half the men on station."

"You know how rumors start on these stations." Troi commented.

Crusher was thinking, since she had arrived she had seen some odd things nothing to make her too suspicious but with what Worf was saying it made her think. "When exactly did these women have sex with you?"

"Seventy six hours ago and seventy four hours ago."

"Nothing after that?"

"About sixty five hours ago I left on patrol on the Defiant and returned about eight hours ago."

"And in the last eight hours how much contact have you had with the crew?"

"Nothing much, I've been sleeping for a while. I just got up and was waiting here for you."

"Well you could be on to something." Crusher pondered his responses for a moment. "Did anything happen to these women before you're sexual encounters?"

"Nothing unusual." Worf thought a moment, "before Dax she met that new alien ambassador from the Tuck and Major Kira was giving him an tour of the station just before our encounter. YES that's it doctor." Worf exclaimed.

"Lets not get ahead of ourselves Worf. We've got a theory that we need to check out, for now I think we should keep it on the qt."

"Alright assuming this is not all in your minds how do we test your theories?" Deanna broke in.

Crusher thought about it. "Well it could be something on the ambassadors person or atmosphere or anything. We need sensor readings. Where would we be able to get some tricorder readings?"

Worf pondered for awhile. "Dr. Bashir probably has plenty of readings."

"Good, I'll go see him as soon as possible. Maybe even arrange to meet the ambassador afterwards. But I'd like something from someone in recent contact with the ambassador or one of his people?"

"An engineering team is going aboard the ambassadors ship in about an hour to study how we need to upgrade their systems. They should be good candidates."

"Okay I'll handle them." Deanna opened up. "Now since I have a couple of hours I'm gonna go take a nap."

"Good idea," Crusher turned to Worf. "We took some visitors quarters so we wouldn't be noticed. Now don't worry, if anything is happening we'll take care of it."

Counselor Troi collected some gear at her temporary quarters and then headed to where the ambassadors ship was docked. As she headed for the ship she kept considering that Worf was crazy. She would have to council him when this was done. He had always been confused by sexual mores it had probably all been in his head.

As she arrived at the airlock she started taking reading from down the hall to avoid looking too suspicious. She saw five Star Fleet crewman leave the alien ship, she started taking readings off of them. As they came towards her she ducked back into a doorway. The men came closer, suddenly they were next to her. The door behind her opened and she fell into the room. Suddenly all five men were around her they were fondling her body tearing at her uniform. She tried to scream but a part of her torn uniform was shoved into her mouth. Her hands were
being held above her as the last of her uniform was torn off her body then her legs were grabbed and forced far apart.

"I'm gonna get some real counseling." The first man commented as he shoved his hard prick into Counselor Troi's tight cunt. He rammed into her dry cunt and shot off quickly to be replaced by a second man and then a third.

Troi was trying to deal with the rape but her biggest problem was that she couldn't believe what was happening. She couldn't breath out her mouth so she tried to gasp in enough air through her nose. She smelled the men's sweat and their cum and something else she couldn't place. She also was empathizing with the men's thoughts and all this combined with the sensations of the mens hands roaming her body she was getting very excited. As the fourth man entered her cunt she found that she wanted to be fucked. She started thrusting her pelvis back at the man. Someone removed the gag from her mouth and instead of screaming she moaned. "Yes fuck me harder." Suddenly a cock was at her lips and she sucked it into her mouth.

As Troi took the one man into her mouth she felt yet another one fill her cunt with his cum. Then another man sat atop her and put his dick between her breasts and started to fuck her tits. The man in her mouth pulled out and shot his cum on her face and then the man in her tits shot his load into her face. She found herself licking at their cum in a sexual haze.

Two of the men grabbed her side and flipped Troi over so that she was on her hands and knees. One of the men came up behind her and in one swift stroke buried his cock into her pussy. "Time to really counsel this bitch," with that he pulled out of her pussy and rammed the length of his cock up her ass.

Troi opened her mouth to scream in pain, another cock was shoved into her mouth and started to fuck her face. She tried to suck on the man in her mouth but her ass felt like it was being ripped apart. Finally the man shot his load up her ass any relief Troi felt was quickly cut off as another man entered her ass. They each took a turn in her ass most of them followed it by fucking her face. As the last man finished they let Deanna roll back onto her back. They left her
there covered in sweat and cum and to her shock she started to masturbate herself bringing herself to orgasm.

After cumming like a geyser Troi's head started to clear and she realized she was lying naked in a store room. She tried to collect her things, she quickly found the tricorder, she had been using and was surprised that it had collected readings on her and her rapists throughout the attack. She found her uniform was torn into little pieces and completely useless for wearing but she used it to clean herself up a bit, then found a uniform in a locker it was for a smaller
breasted woman but she fit into it. She then raced for her quarters but was walking rather stiffly.

* * *

Dr. Crusher headed for the medical bay as Deanna headed for the docking bay. She found the doctor handling some minor contusions on a rather attractive ensign. "Hello, Dr. Bashir?" Crusher started out.

"Ah Dr. Crusher. A pleasure to meet you. I've read a lot of you're work in the medical journals."

"Why thank you doctor."

"Now what can I do for you?"

Now for the lie she thought. "Star Fleet is a bit concerned about this new alien race. If this treaty goes through and it looks likely, a lot of our people will be assigned to their ships temporarily. So they want me to check that there's no possibility of contamination."

"I've already checked." Bashir shot back.

"I know Dr. but we just want to go a bit deeper then you have facilities for here. Remember we're looking not at just today but five years down the road. We don't want to have a plague hit us as we're fighting the dominion."

"Alright I don't think you'll find anything but I'll give you my readings. In fact the ambassador has agreed to come in for a complete medical breakdown this afternoon. You're welcome to take any readings you like then."

Crusher was a bit surprised at the offer but she had to go with it or give away her cover story. She was a touch worried about personal contact with the ambassador if Worf was right but she figured the risk was minimal. "Alright doctor I'd appreciate that."

"Good if you'd just help me set up the machines for any readings you want." Together they spent about an hour resetting the various systems. Finally Capt. Sisko brought in the alien ambassador and they spent at least two hours going over him with a fine tooth comb, as the Capt. continued to talk to him about some treaty or other.

The tests went normally and Dr. Crusher could find no basis for Worf's fears but she was abnormally horny. Then again two handsome men like Benjamin Sisko and Julian Bashir could get any womanish juices flowing she rationalized. Finally the ambassador left but Sisko stayed. "How does it look?" He asked.

"Fine Capt." Crusher responded continuing to try and concentrate on her readings. There was something wrong but she couldn't wrap her mind around it. She felt Sisko come up behind her and stand looking over her shoulder without thought she moved back into him and rubbed her ass over his hardening cock.

Sisko felt the Dr. driving into his pelvis. He reached around her and cupped her heavy tits through her uniform."Very nice doctor. She moaned in his hands as Dr. Bashir came up to them and pulled on the zipper of her uniform it opened and Sisko pulled apart her uniform exposing her tits.

Crusher couldn't believe what she was doing. She felt so wanton, somewhere in the recess of her mind she knew she that Worf had been correct and she should fight this but her rational mind was overcome by her sexual nature. She allowed the men to pull off her uniform. She turned and faced Sisko he kissed her hard as his hands roamed her body. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Bashir had already stripped out of his uniform.

Suddenly a young pretty blonde female ensign that had been helping with the ambassadors tests walked back in the room. She dropped the tray she was carrying and the others turned to stare. For a moment, she was shocked at Crusher and Bashir being naked and the Capt stripping, but her mind went quickly into sexual overdrive. She turned and locked the door she had come in and saw Bashir locking the other entrance to sickbay using the quarantine force field to make sure they weren't disturbed again.

Bashir watched as the ensign stripped off her uniform. She wasn't quite as large up top as Crusher but quite acceptable. He walked over and grabbed her up in his arms, placing her on a biobed. He quickly entered her cunt in long full strokes.

Crusher couldn't believe it as Sisko turned her over and pushed her onto a biobed. He rammed his cock into her pussy, she tried to keep her feet on the floor but every time Sisko pumped into her he lifted her feet of the floor throwing her down onto her tits. She moaned in orgasm as he rammed into her. Then he pulled out and positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass. "No don't." She said as she felt his cock penetrate her ass. He buried his cock into her ass. Crusher couldn't believe the pain but her moans of pain seemed to inspire Sisko to greater force. After what seemed an eternity she felt him shoot a load of cum up her ass. As he left her body she climbed up onto the bio
bed and tried to lay quietly for a minute.

Bashir was fucking the ensign fast and furious. She was so tight he guessed she was a virgin. Sisko came up and stuck his cock in her mouth. Bashir shot his load into her pussy as Sisko spewed a load into her mouth. As they both pulled away from the young ensign, Bashir watched her stand up and go over to Dr. Crusher's biobed.

Crusher felt someone at her legs. She was still sexually excited but in a bit of pain from Sisko's huge prick. She looked down and saw a big head of blonde hair between her legs. She was confused for a moment but as a tongue hit her clit she realized it was the ensign eating her out. After only a few seconds of the ensign's tongue work Crusher felt herself cumming again but before she got off the ensign climbed onto Crusher and flipped her pussy right over Beverly's head. As the ensigns pussy lowered onto her face she started to lick at her clit. As the ensign continued her ministrations on Beverly's cunt.

Bashir and Sisko were getting horny watching the two women in a very hot 69. They were soon rock hard again. Bashir moved to the controls of the table. As the two women played with each other, he lowered it and climbed onto it. He entered Beverly Crusher's cunt, he rammed it all the way and met little resistance. The ensign licked his cock as it went in and out of Crusher's cunt occasionally switching to suck on Beverly Crusher's cunt.

Beverly couldn't believe the sensations, as she was alternately fucked and sucked. Then a shadow crossed over her and she saw at close range Sisko's cock penetrate the young ensign's vagina. His balls hung down right into her face so she sucked them into her mouth. Then Sisko switched and shoved his meat into the ensigns tight ass. She could hear the ensign scream as he penetrated her anus but Beverly continued to suck on Sisko's balls then her screams were cut off as she seamed to have something in her mouth. As Bashir had left her pussy she guessed what.

Sisko pulled out of the ensigns ass and Beverly saw a hint of blood on his schlonge, but he moved the tip till it was at the entrance to her mouth, and to her surprise she opened her mouth and took the cock all the way in. His cock hit the back of her mouth and continued to slide down her throat. She could barely breathe but all she wanted to do was give Sisko pleasure. She felt his hot seed going down her throat right into her belly. As they withdrew she guessed she passed out. When she looked up the men were gone.

Beverly Crusher stood and was a bit wobbly. She found a piece of equipment and ran it over her body getting more readings. Then she noticed the ensign laying on the other bed god she looked young Beverly thought. She went over to the ensign and checked the readings. She gave her some painkillers and stopped the bleeding in her cunt and anus.

"What happened?" She looked up and saw Dr. Crusher standing over her.

"That's a good question ensign." Crusher thought she'd need to go over her tests very carefully now that she knew Worf was right. She found her uniform and put it on then she found the ensigns uniform. "Here get dressed, you'll be okay."

The ensign got up and dressed but was still unsteady. "Did we really do what I think we did?" She asked nervously.

"I think we did, yes." Crusher thought the ensign needed something to help her through this. "Its okay, I think we've been effected by the ambassador somehow. You are going to be okay but I've got to go meet someone." The ensign nodded in understanding. Then Crusher raced out of the room.

* * *

Crusher entered her quarters and found the counselor working on a computer. "Well Worf is definitely onto something."

"Tell me about it?" Troi asked.

"Why what happened to you?"

"Only if you tell me what happened to you."

"Okay we'll share later, have you come up with something?" Crusher asked.

"Yes humaniod libido levels rise dramatically around the aliens and lasts for some time."

"Makes sense, they seem to give off something that humans pick up on."

"But what?"

She looked at certain parameters and found something odd, "Pheromones."


"Humans give off a pheromone during sex just like animals do. Its so small we don't even notice but the alien gives off a very similar chemical naturally maybe even as sweat."

"So, that would only effect those in physical contact."

"No there would be an airborne element too."

"Now can we do anything?" Deanna asked.

"I don't know? We may be able to counteract it given time." Crusher responded.

"Alright we'll go to the Captain. Quarantine the ambassador until we come up with something." Deanna offered.

"I don't think we can. All I've got is some vague anomalous reading nothing strong enough to go to Sisko with." Crusher would be horribly embarrassed after what had happened in sick bay. "We have to be sure."

"But there's a reception for the ambassador tonight, if we don't stop it there's no telling what will happen."

"I know Deanna, i know. I just don't have enough yet to go to Sisko. Give me a little time and maybe." Crusher tried to slow Troi down.

"No, we have to go to the captain. I'm going right now, you coming?" Deanna put her foot down.

"Alright lets go, I'll have Dr. Bashir meet us there." The two women arrived at Sisko's office a few minutes later Dr. Bashir arrived right after them.

"Sir, there's a problem with the ambassador" Deanna Troi spoke up.

"What kind of problem?" Sisko responded barely looking up from the desk.

"There is something about the ambassador that has an effect on humanoids."

"I've been with the ambassador for almost a week now and I don't know of any odd side effects." Sisko responded.

"What about what happened in sickbay?" Crusher shot back but was shocked when Sisko and Bashir gave her very blank looks.

"What happened in sickbay?" Bashir asked.

"You don't remember?" Crusher asked confused.

"What's there to remember. I discussed some things with the ambassador while you and Dr. Bashir went over the ambassador with a fine tooth comb. When the ambassador left I went back to my office end of story, correct Dr.?" Sisko looked over at Bashir.

"Correct sir." Bashir responded calmly.

'They don't remember a thing,' Crusher thought to herself. She then showed her findings to the Captain but they didn't think she interpreted the data correctly. After a half hour of trying to convince him, Sisko finally dismissed them.

"Doctor this seems to be a pit of paranoia on your part maybe some of you're experiences on Enterprise have made you gun shy. But here we have to deal with alien life forms every day and this theory of yours seems like alien bashing to me."

"But Capt," Deanna tried to protest.

"No. I will not risk these negotiations on some nebulous theory that my own doctor can't see."

"Very well Capt, but i protest." Crusher responded.

"So noted, dismissed doctor." Sisko was tired of these Enterprise people telling him how to run his station. As they started to leave he decided to add an order to show them who was in command here. "Dr., Counselor we're having a reception for the ambassador down at Quark's tonight 1800 hours. I expect you both to be there, dress uniforms ladies." He saw them start to protest, "no arguments ladies."

As the two women arrived back at their quarters counselor Troi turned on the doctor "What do we do now?" She said more stridently then intended.

"I don't know?" Crusher responded.

"We have to be at that reception. You know what will happen if we don't find a counter agent by then!"

"It will be a reception that will go down in Star Fleet history, at least to the women since apparently the men can't remember a thing."

"What about Worf?"

"He's a Klingon so there's a bit of difference in memory engrams. All I can do is try to find a cure before tonight."

"And if you don't?" Deanna asked.

"Well I'm gonna lube up my asshole, I'm still a bit sore from before."

"Well if that's all we can do." Troi was a bit disgusted at the idea but also slightly turned on. "I suggest we get to work."

* * *

The two women lost track of time as they worked to find a counter agent to the alien ambassadors effect on humanoids. At 1730 hours Worf walked in on them. "Ladies are you ready to attend the reception? Capt Sisko is expecting you."

"Alright Worf, we'll be ready in a minute." Troi ran to her room and grabbed her dress uniform, while Dr. Crusher did the same. As they came out they found Worf looking over their work "Yes we found something Worf."

"Well what is it?" Worf asked.

"We haven't cracked this yet but the computers chewing on some possible theories. The problem being we won't have a solution till tomorrow and with this reception tonight."

"Who knows what will happen?" Troi finished for Crusher. "But we better go, if only Sisko had listened." Troi lamented.

"Well its just possible we're wrong." Worf replied but both women gave him a look so he didn't continue the thought. They arrived at Quarks and Worf introduced them to Dax, Kira and Odo and the rest of the crew. They then said their hellos to Keiko and O'brian whom they knew from the Enterprise.

They waited a few minutes before the ambassador arrived and then Crusher and Troi were horrified when a half dozen of the ambassadors people came in and started a performance. They showed off a kind of weird dance. Crusher started feeling something wrong as she watched the rhythmic motions of the dancers. It washed over her, a wave of sexual energy. She could barely control herself. Finally the dancers finished and left Quarks. Crusher watched as the ambassador walked up to the podium that had been set up earlier. Crusher hoped the ceremony was almost over she was losing control.

The ambassador gripped the sides of the podium and made a few casual remarks and then made a short speech. As he finished he stated "in the way of our people a new agreement means openness between our peoples, to symbolize this we display ourselves to each other we hide nothing." With that he reached for the collar of his outfit and unhooked a clasp. A gasp went through the room as the ambassador
revealed himself..

Crusher had to stop herself from rushing to the naked ambassador all she wanted to do was drop to her knees and take him into her mouth. She couldn't believe it as she looked and saw he had two pricks one larger one on top one smaller about an inch below. She wondered if they would fit in her holes, and even as she thought it she had to fight the feeling to go and try him.

Sisko saw the ambassador's embarrassment and could see his hard work on the treaty going down the tubes. "We honor you by following you're customs." With that he pulled open his uniform and let it fall to the floor. He felt embarrassed but if this helped win the war it was worth it. He then turned a critical eye to the other officers in the room. He walked over to Kira and Dax, the male officers had already started to strip. "This is important people. You can consider it an order!"

Kira and Dax exchanged a look and then started to strip off their uniforms. After only a few minutes everyone in the room was completely naked.

The ambassador went back to the podium his confidence renewed, "and now for the traditional finalization of our deal we have sex."

Dax was stunned but very turned on. For some reason she dropped to her knees before the ambassador and took his larger prick into her mouth. "Mmm yes," she moaned as Kira bent down next to her and took the ambassadors smaller prick into her mouth.

Miles O'Brien was in heaven. All around him the room devolved into an orgy he had been standing off in an alcove with his wife and Dr. Crusher and Troi. Right now Troi was sucking the shaft of his prick as Crusher and Keiko were sucking on his balls with this action it wasn't long before he shot his load down Deanna's throat.

The ambassador pushed Dax up onto a table and used his pricks to enter her cunt and anus. Kira leaned over the moaning Dax and started to suckle on her breasts then Kira felt Bashir open up her pussy. "God yes fuck me doctor," she yelled as she was penetrated.

Dax was moaning as she was double penetrated. She could feel Kira at her chest she felt the alien cum inside of her in a warm blast that brought on her own orgasm. As the ambassador withdrew she felt empty. "Someone fuck me," she screamed. The ambassador threw Kira on the table beside her. Bashir quickly entered Dax's pussy she was in heaven.

Odo was curiously watching the humanoids in the room fucking and sucking Suddenly Leeta was in front of him grinding into his pelvis.

"Fuck me Odo!" Leeta tried to pull on Odo's prick and was surprised as it grew in her hands. "Yeah stick it in me." She felt Odo penetrate her pussy and she rammed back into him. "Fill me up!" She moaned and she felt his prick expanding to fill her. "OH God Odo." She felt herself cumming as Odo played with her ass. "Fuck me in the ass, use me Odo." She cried out as she felt him penetrate her anus, while he continued to fuck her cunt. She looked back and was shocked to see that now two pricks extended from Odo's body into her ass and cunt. She
lay over a barstool Odo was filling her up completely. Suddenly Sisko was in front of her and she opened her mouth and took Sisko's prick into her mouth.

Worf saw Keiko had finished with Mr. O'brian. So he grabbed her up in his arms and threw her on a table and began to fuck her hard. She was moaning as he rammed his prick into her.

Dr. Crusher found herself being moved onto the bar. As she lay facedown a Ferengi offered a cock to her mouth, she opened up and took him into her mouth. She almost screamed as she felt something large being crammed up her ass. She glanced back and saw another Ferengi fucking her ass.

After swallowing O'brian's load Deanna Troi forced him to the floor and climbed atop his rapidly hardening cock. She rode his shaft for a few minutes before someone came up behind her and shoved a hard prick up her ass. "Fuck my ass." She screamed as she looked back and saw Sisko.

The night for Dr. Crusher became one long series of sensations, before she finally passed out from exhaustion. She awoke in some pain laying on the floor. She looked about and realized she was naked and covered in cum. She looked around and saw all the others seemed to be in the same condition, a few were just know coming around. The Ferengi seemed to be the most mobile, there were a couple of them up and dressed and cleaning the bar up. One was polishing the bar, Crusher remembered being fucked atop that bar and groaned. The person next to her heard her groan and started to move. She looked over and nudged him
awake. "Capt. Sisko?"

Sisko came awake. He looked around and took stock of his situation. He was naked in Quarks and had no idea how he came to be in that situation, but looking at the naked doctor was having no effect on him. So he could guess what he had been doing since he had blacked out. "Doctor Crusher?"

"Yes Capt. Do you believe me now?"

He looked around and saw Dax untangling herself from a group of men. "I don't remember what happened. Last thing I remember I was presenting the ambassador at the reception. Then I wake up like this." He tried to sit up but groaned and held his head in pain. "So yes I believe you. I will order the Tuck to be quarantined immediately, until you find what causes this. Good enough?"

"Good enough Capt, just one more thing."

Sisko stood on shakey legs. "What's that doctor?"

"Could you help me find my uniform?" She grinned at Sisko's embarrassment.

"Anything to help doctor, better late then never." He smiled back and tried to remember where his own uniform lay.

The end


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