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Pairing Code: Beverly/Deanna/Ezri

Rating: NC17 (FFF)

Personal Comments: First star trek story I normally write Buffy fanfiction.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine/The Next Generation: Your Time Is Up
by Rob39874 ([email protected])

Ezri Dax strolled around her temporary quarters on the Enterprise E she had
been told by Captain Sisko to get some R&R at Risa she was still getting over
he being joined and her feelings for Worf and Bashir. She sighed and began
reading the pad she had brought within her a Novel that Curzon had got of
Sisko years ago. When the computer said, "Incoming message."

She walked to the pad and activated it and smiled when she saw Ben's face on
the screen, "Hi Old man, just sending a quick message to say enjoy your
vacation and send me a postcard," the message ended and Ezri smiled even
after all these years Ben still hadn't got out of the habit of calling her
old man she closed computer terminal and went back when her door chimed.

"Come," she said the doors opened to reveal Deanna Troi and Beverly Crusher

Ezri remembered the young counselor from the last time they met as Jadzia and
old feelings never seemed to die she felt herself get wet at the sight of the
sexy counselor again.

Deanna sensed the sexual tension in the air and wanted to get Ezri alone.

Beverly smelt the scent that she smelled all to often arousal, "Deanna maybe
we should come back later I think Dax has something to do."

"Beverly, you go ahead I'll see you later," Deanna said.

"Actually I think you both should stay," Ezri said.

Beverly turned around and saw Ezri with a wicked gleam in her eye.

"That is if you want to Doctor," Ezri replied before Beverly could reply Ezri
stripped free of her uniform revealing her naked body she never wore bra or

Deanna gasped and stripped herself before fondling Ezri's breasts. Beverly
was shocked but couldn't leave she was strangely turned on by watching her
best friend now sucking on Ezri's tits.

She walked over and kissed Ezri and when her lips opened to admit her tongue
she instantly touched her tongue to Ezri's.

Deanna came from behind and felt Beverly's tits, "Your wearing to much

Beverly quickly stripped off revealing her luscious body to both Ezri and
Deanna who gasped.

"You're a naughty girl keeping this from me," Deanna said, "I thought you
were my friend."

"I am but you never asked to look before," Beverly replied Ezri kissed
Beverly, "Well, Dr. lets get yourself into the bedroom so you can give us
all a through examination."

"One that I will enjoy," as Ezri dragged her in the bedroom Ezri lay down
and Beverly fell onto her and began kissing her neck while Deanna the bolder
one opened Ezri's legs and began licking at her swollen clit.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah," Ezri moaned, "lick me like that." Beverly who heard that
moved her position so her crotch was over Ezri's mouth. "Lick me you bitch,"
Beverly said.

They licked each other to orgasm after orgasm until the chronometer on Ezri's
beside table bleeped. They all stopped and lay down exhausted "Looks like my
time is up," Ezri said.

"It's not over till we say, right Bev." Deanna said.

"Yeah, we say when your time is up," and she kissed Ezri again before all
three fell asleep.


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