Star Trek - Deep Space Nine/Star Trek - Voyager:
DS9's Interdimensional Wet T-Shirt Contest Part 1 - Introducing Quim
by Omega Phallic

Admiral Kathryn Janeway couldn't believe that
18-year-old-busty-blond-in-pig-tails-bitch-of-a-Q was doing this too her.

This was a Q like no other, one of the newer Q, the daughter of two Q's she
had never met, but she wasn't only the most evil Q she'd met, she was the
sluttiest bitch in the Alpha Quadrant, Janeway decided.

She was sitting on a throne on the DS9 in an obscene version of star fleet
uniform. Her uniform was skin tight and form fitting, cupping her big tits
like a second skin.

Admiral Kathryn Janeway on the other hand was on the same station, but on a
stage in a white t-shirt that left her midriff bare, and matching cotton
panties, the first contestant in the DS9 wet t-shirt contest.

Q, or Quim as some of the crew of DS9 had come to call her behind her back,
had come here, just months after Voyager had returned to the Alpha Quadrant
and decided to make DS9 her home. She'd summoned Admiral Janeway from a
conference just yesterday. When Janeway tried to leave, she couldn't.

Quim herself had only been on board for three days, but in the time, she had
summoned the hottest women in the Galaxy to be contestants in her twisted wet
t-shirt contest, against their will.

Quim of course, being the slutty bitch that she was, liked huge tits, and so
every woman on the station found herself with a magnificent set of 42FF cup
tits or larger.

Janeway's thoughts were interrupted, when Quark got up on stage with a spray
gun. Janeway put her arms behind her head, so that Quark could soak her top.
The admiral hated offering her tits up for public view, but she had to do it
for Bajor.

Janeway gasped as a jet of ice clod water hit her top, making it transparent,
her mountainous milk melons on display for millions thanks to Quim.

Two massive class FF star fleet melons bounced around in her tight t-shirt
to the gasps and cat calls of the massive crowd.

The humiliation for the star fleet admiral was unbearable, but it was also
very arousing, a previously unexplored part of her sexuality coming to the
fore thanks to Quim.

Janeway pulled up on her panties so hard that she wedge them into her cunt to
the point that her pussy lips were on display.

It was then that Quim decided to make things more interesting, as is the
custom of mischievous Q like herself, and in a flash a pair of Kazon warriors
appeared on either side of Janeway, hard cocks at the ready.

Janeway was only participating in the wet T-shirt contest because Quim had
threaten to destroy Bajor if she didn't, but seeing the two Kazon on either
side, cocks pointing with sadistic glee in her direction, Janeway
instinctively rebelled.

"Q, this gone on for long enough, if you want to explore your sexuality then
go to Risa like everyone else!" Janeway demanded forcefully, her voice thick
with well earned authority.

Janeway was seething on the inside as one of the Kazon warriors grabbed her
wrists and forced them behind her back, but she did not dare to fight back.
As cruel as they were, these Kazon weren't doing this of their free will,
they were Quim's puppets.

The other Kazon warrior grabbed Janeway's t-shirt and with mighty tug, ripped
it open freeing Catherine's enormous tits.

The Kazon holding her arms pulled her to one side of the stage and forced her
onto her knees.

He then dangled her out into the crowd so that her massive melons were just
inches from Jake and Nog.

Unable to resist the oversized tits, Nog gave the big tits a squeeze, the
firm tit flesh yielding to his fingers. At first Nog had felt guilty about
it, but he was Feregeni, so that guilt didn't last long.

Janeway gasped, as the ensign lewdly fondled her. Janeway couldn't resist
arching her back so that even more of her soft tits were pressed into Nog's
greedy hands.

Nog had never fondled an Admiral before, especially one as beautiful and
unwilling as Janeway, it was better then being the Nagus!

The humiliated look in her eyes as her body responded to her sexual abuse,
the soft tits in his hands, the fact that it was an Admiral he was sexually
molesting, all served to make the ensign harder then he'd ever dreamed.

Wanting to raise the Admiral's humiliation to the next level, Nog started
sucking and licking every inch of her heavy jugs.

Jake could resist no longer, thought on playing with the Admiral huge tits
was too tempting, and joined Nog in molesting Janeway hooters, each lad
taking a melon on.

Janeway stared down in amazement at the sight two young man, playing with her
tits, a titgasm overwhelming her, crashing down her like a ton of bricks.

"See Jake, Admiral Slut here likes being treated like a whore in front of
everyone, don't you bitch?" Nog asked, before diving into her melons once

Fearing punishment for not answering, Janeway gave into debasing herself.
"Yes master, I, I like being treated like a dirty little whore."

Nog was harder than he'd ever been it felt like his cock had a mind of it's
own as Nog freed it from his pants.

Nog's cock was the strangest looking thing Admiral Janeway had every seen in
all her years, including her odyssey in the Delta quadrant. It was 12 inches
long, with two sets of nut sacks fulled with six nuts each, but the weirdest
thing was the small sucker that looked like a cross between a golf tee and a
tiny flower, that Janeway assumed was for stimulating clits.

"Please ensign, er, Master, shoved that gorgeous cock of yours between my
huge tits, I need that hard cock of yours Master, decorate my planetary sized
tits with your steaming hot cum!" Admiral Janeway begged, with a ravenous
thirst for cock and humiliation that almost made her faint.

What happing to me Janeway asked her self, hoping that it was Quim's
influence, but knowing deep down inside that it was all natural, a masochist
side of her.

Kathryn moaned lewdly when Nog took her soft tits and wrapped the ample
mounds of tits flesh around his thunder stick.

"So how do you like my slip of latnim you hoooman bitch?" Nog asked before
losing himself in the utter ecstasy of the Admiral's pillowy tits around his
extra sensitive cock.

"I'd say it's a lot bigger then a slip, I'd say a big juicy bar of latnim"
Janeway purred as her big jugs pleasured the ensigns cock.

"Oh, fuck me! I'm coming, oh God I'm coming!" the Admiral shrieked in a less
than dignified manner, her huge knockers coming alive with almost painful
rapture of her titgasm, stealing her dignity and replacing it with wanton

Nog's voice joined his senior officer's as his cock exploded, huge thick
ropes of creamy white sperm splashing down on her awesome tits, coving her
heavenly globes with his foul salty blessing.

Admiral Janeway bent her head to lick the cum from his cock, before the
Federation slut moved onto Jake.

Jake pulled his own tool out, which was almost as big as Nog's, which was
damn good for a mere hoooman.

Jake teased the high ranking slut's big nipples with the head of his cock,
even slapping her beautiful melons his stiff man meat.

"Oh, please Gawd, fuck my tits with that magnificent cock, please I'm begging
you to fuck my tits like the cheap fucking whore that I am!" Janeway groaned
at the sight of the young man's cock meat, sending the beautiful Admiral into
state of salivation.

Janeway was rewarded for her whorish words with Jake's hands grabbing his
massive orbs and enfolding them around the cock she so fervently worshipped.

"Oh..." the lovely young Admiral gasped as Jake used her melons to slate his
debauched desires.

Soon the Admiral was crying out again, as a titgasm swallowed her whole,
while good old Jake was adding his own creamy seed to the vulgar nectar
already adorning her bountiful chest.

Jake wiped his dick off on the debased Admiral face, before she was lead off
two the next two in the front row. Jadzia Dax and Seven of Nine.

* * *

Jadzia was still getting used to having been resurrected by Quim, Dax had
died before, but had never returned with the former host. Jadzia looked over
at the other Dax, Ezri. They were going to need to have a long talk after

Still having been a man before, gave Dax the understanding of male fantasies
and what was expected of her.

Jadzia started licking the cum off one of Janeway's big tits, the soft mam
meaty the nicest breasts Jadzia had tasted since Curzon.

Seven, unsure of what to do, followed Jadzia's lead, gently lapping up the
semen coving the Admiral tasty tit flesh.

Janeway had never had any experience with women, but instinct took over and
she arched her back so that the two beauties feasting on her heavy, but firm
chest, when have an ever greater feast before them.

Seven had never tasted jizz before, but it tasted better than she'd ever
imagined, so she gobbled it up, caused her cunt to drool its juices, leaving
a wet stain on her body tight suit.

Seven didn't know why she did what she did next, but she did know she enjoyed
it greatly, as did Janeway (even if she'd never admit to it), it was just an
instinctive response to growing arouse at molesting her helpless superior

Seven pulled Janeway over her knee and started spanking the slutty Admiral.
Janeway closed her eyes, totally absorbed in the way Seven's hand felt
smacking cruelly against her firm buttocks.

Jadzia seeing an opportunity, buried her face in the Admiral's snatch,
feasting lovingly on the federation slut's tasty cunt. Nine life times of
experience gave Jadzia the cunt licking skills of a true master.

Seven shoved the middle finger of her free hand up the Admiral's tight ass,
increasing both Janeway's humiliation and enjoyment. The look on Janeway's
face encouraged Seven finger fuck her ass harder, increasing the sped and
brutality of the anal violation.

Between being spanked in a most embarrassing manner by Seven and getting head
from Dax, Janeway found herself creaming in the Trill's face, pussy juice
dripping down Jadzia's spots, her climax a burning sun buried between her

Admiral Janeway was pulled back into the centre of the stage by the Kazon and
forced on her back. The Kazon ordered the busty Admiral spread her legs as
far apart as she could giving the crowd the perfect view of her pink pussy.

"Please, fuck me, ram the big cock of yours into me till I scream! fuck me
please! I do anything you ask, just make me your fuck slut!" Janeway offered
desperate to have some big Kazon cock filling her tight human cunt, her mind
twisting from the Q enhanced sexual abuse she was receiving.

The taller Kazon was the first to kneel between the slut's legs to teasing
her clit with the head of his cock.

Just when she least expected it, the Kazon pounced, stabbing his enormous
cock into the gorgeous Admiral, fucking the bitch as if he meant kill her
with his cock meat.

Janeway's big tits swayed in circled, the massive orbs almost hypnotic. This
drove the other Kazon to sit on her chest just below her huge melons, so he
could shoved his cock between her beautiful tits.

Janeway pushed her firm jugs around his big cock, while he leaned forward, so
that his pelvis was pressed hard against the top of her knockers, his hands
on the floor so her had the leverage to fuck her giant tits good and hard.

As the Kazon warriors fucked her tits and cunt, Janeway turned her head so
she could look the audience members in the eyes, to her self disgust getting
off on anyone seeing her getting used like a cheap whore.

Janeway cried out wordlessly to the heavens as she was swept away in an
orgasm of astronomical proportions.

The Kazon between her legs thanked her by filling her with his spunk, which
dripped out of her and onto the floor. The other Kazon added his two cent, by
adding his own gooey load, giving the Admiral a pearl necklace for all the
trouble she'd given the Kazon.

With a wave of Quim's hand the Kazon and Janeway vanished. Janeway reappeared
between Quim's legs, eagerly eating the Q's hot wet cunt.

"Quark as a reward for your help in setting up and executing this wet t-shirt
contest, you may have that cute young, blond, Bajoranfrom Janeway's crew as
your personal sex slave, but make sure to remember to fuck her daily and feed
a good dose of sperm and humiliating sex acts" Quim cheerfully offered as
Janeway continued to eat her snatch.

The pretty Bajoran gulped nervously, before Quim snapped her finger and the
ensign reappeared on her hands and knees before Quark, wearing only her
earring and a dog collar with a leash that Quark held onto.

The ensign's cheeks went bright red as everyone stared at her beautiful body
and huge tits on display in such a vulgar and degrading way.

Quark shoved his own big dick into her mouth and she dutiful sucked on it,
greedy slurping his cock, her cheeks hollowing.

"As for you Nog, for being so entertaining, you may have Deanna Troi and her
Mother." Quim offered snapping her fingers again.

Deanna Troi and her mother Luxanna Troi appeared in much the same attire as
the ensign, naked on their knees before Nog, their leashes in his hands. They
didn't understand why they were there, but Quim just removed their minds,
setting them up to serve their new master. The Betazoid bimbos went to work.

Quim didn't worry about having turned the Betazoids into mindless fuck
slaves, there was alway more copies of both women in other realities she
could play with.

Deanna Shoved her face into Nog's ass, while her mother, started blowing him.
The two beautiful Betazoids reached around Nog to grabbed the other's huge

"Jake you too amused me, you may have Tasha Yar and her Romulan daughter."
Yar and her daughter appeared naked before Jake wearing nothing more then
the others. Both looked at Quim with venom, but both had no choice, Quim
destroying their minds and replacing them with the urge to please their

Yar sat down in Jakes lap, impaling herself on his massive throbbing cock.

Yar moaned at the feel of the young man's thick cock filling her tight cunt,
the pain and pleasure exquisite.

Seeing that Jake only had one cock, but two busty slave sluts, Quim snapped
her fingers and Jake had a second cock and balls.

Jake was shocked at first, but it was hard to think straight when a busty,
blond, starfleet officer was bouncing up and down on your cock.

The Romulan got up and hovered reluctantly over Jake's cock, facing towards
her mother, before the young man pulled her down hard impaling her on it.

Tasha Yar's massive tits rubbed and slapped against her Daughter's, as the
two slutty blonds made out, slipping each other the tongue.

Quim continued the depravity while unknowingly the USS Vancouver speed to
the stations rescue.

* * *

Captain Dominic Dross eyed the station wondering how the hell was he supposed
to stop Q. He knew what his orders were, but he had a bad feeling about the
plan, with good reason.

He was the only man on the ship, the rest of the crew was made up of some of
the hottest pussy in Starfleet. The ship was bait for Quim.

Starfleet command had decided that Quim needed to be tempted away from DS9
and Bajor at any cost, billions of people were at stake.

Dross had been chosen to join the ladies as bait, because he was one quarter
Naussican and as such had a cock literally like a horse, only covered with

Starfleet was hoping if the ladies weren't tempting enough, his well hung
dick would be.

Still, he was the only one on the ship who had any idea what their true
mission was, the rest of the crew knew only that the station was in trouble.

"Zolinna fired a warning shot at the station's shields" he ordered the lovely
Orion ensign at the helm.

Zolinna was first Orion animal woman to join starfleet. She was brilliant
pilot, proud that she'd passed the academy without using sex, and she had no
idea what was in store for her.

For the tenth time Captain Dross cursed Starfleet command and the injustice
of it all. Either that poor girl was going to die or she was going to be used
in ways no Orion slave girl had ever dreamed.

Captain Dross looked over at his second in command a Trill, who's purple hair
was in a pony tail. She looked only 18, but the worm inside her was at 5000
years old. Fuck, she could remember what it was like when the Trill had
Shaman's instead of warp drive. Shit she still was a Shaman, one of the last
practising ones among the Trill.

Her spirits weren't going to protect her from Q.

Nor was he able to protect his Bajoran Chief of security, or his Edo Chief of
engineering, or his Vulcan Counsellor, or his Alpha Centauri moral officer,
or any of the other member's of his crew.

He just pray his Bolian science officer didn't commit suicide before Q tired
of them. Bolian religion favoured suicide if it averted suffering, and Dross
know he needed her incredible body if they were going to buy Bajor and DS9
time to evacuate.

He just wished he could tell them that they were little more then the
Federation's sacrifice to an horny God, but he couldn't take a chance that
they'd mutiny.

"Fire on the station" Captain Dross ordered warily, guilt weighing heavily
on him.

"Firing phasors" offered Zolinna as the USS Vancouver fired on the station.

* * *

"And for your reward Jadzia and Seven, you'll be the next contestants" Quim
offered, making the duo reappear on the stage wearing cotton panties and

"Quark you may..." Quim started, before being rudely interrupted by the USS
Vancouver, the station rocking under phaser fire.

Quim just smile and snapped her fingers causing the usual flash of light...
and nothing else at least that those on DS9 could see.

* * *

Captain Dross found himself standing beside his chair with Quim sitting in
it, reading covert federation documents.

Captain Dross didn't remember getting out of his seat, but as he understood
it, that was par for the course when it came to the Q.

Captain Dross didn't have to look at the Documents to know that he and his
crew of 12 were really and truly fucked.

What the hell Starfleet had expected him to accomplish was beyond him, the
blond slut was omnipotent for fucksakes and he was no Picard.

"Have you been in two places at once before? I have tell you there is nothing
like it" Quim asked as if they were having a simple chat about the local
interstellar weather.

"What do you want Q?" Dross asked. He wasn't about to beat around the brush.
Unlike Picard, or Sisko, or Janeway, Dross didn't have a death wish, so he
planned on doing his best to please her. He wasn't some legendary Captain,
his ship normally escorted Dilithium Cargo ships. Even during the Dominion
War he hadn't fought in any, but the last battles.

"I want you to fuck every single member of your crew, at the same time" she
declared mischievously. With a wave he was in 12 different places at once.

It was disorienting, his mind unable to cope with such an experience. All 12
of him dropped to the floor with thud, his minds imploding at the unexpected

"Oh shit, mortals, such weak minds, but tasty cocks, er, I mean weak minds
and tasty tits, or was it...oh who gives a fuck" Q uttered, to the confusion
of the crew.

"Since the captain is dead unfortunately, I declare myself the new captain,
Quim captain of the USS Vancouver, I like the sound of that" Quim announced,
making sure the pips on her uniform reflected her new Rank.

The ship security chief's hand was moving towards her phaser, ever so slowly.
It never reached it's target.

* * *

12 new contestants appeared, lined up in a query, with no idea why they were
wearing nothing, but cotton panties and white t-shirts. Their tits were
bigger then before too.

Quark was just getting on stage to soak Jadzia and Seven's tops, when the new
arrivals appeared.

Quark got a twinge in his cock, but otherwise didn't respond to the new
arrivals. He was starting to like used to the new commander of the station,
Quim. Maybe she'd let his visit the Great Vault while he was still alive, if
he pleased her.

Turning back to his task, Quark was dizzy with anticipation. He'd been dying
to see Jadzia's sweater meat for years, but when she'd died, he thought
opportunity was lost.

And see her dancing with another hot piece of ass, that former Borg, Seven of
Nine, was almost enough to make the Ferangi cream his pants. Boy, was the
mouth of his new slave girl about to see some use.

Quark aimed the water gun at Dax's huge tits first, Jadzia putting her hands
behind her head and started making her tits bounce around.

Curzon had been many a Wet T-shirt contest and Jadzia remembered what got
Curzon off. Combining those memories with over a dozen erotic forms of dance
Dax had learned over the centuries, gave Jadzia the abilities that would have
made concubines jealous.

Two immense melons moved thru her see thru top, leaving not a single cock
soft in the audience, as Jadzia danced around, using her big melons to maxim
advantage. Jadzia grabbed the sided of her giant tits and used her hands to
bounced them up and down obscenely at the crowd, meriting the cheers and
whistles she got in response.

You could even see the spots thru her top.

Seven was next. She gasped as the cold soaked her top, exposing two of the
biggest and hottest tits Quark's eyes had ever seen. Seven's tits needed no
help from Quim, having been huge to begin with.

Seven grabbed the sided of her giant tits and used her hands to bounced them
up and down obscenely at the crowd, just like Jadzia, only licking her lips
enticingly as she paraded herself on stage as a piece of fuck meat.

Quark decided to give Seven a helping hand, walking behind Seven and
replacing her hands with his own. Seven moaned, arousal thick in her voice
as Quark helped display her self lewdly to the crowd, her big tits bouncing
like two magnificent suns under her wet t-shirt.

Brunt, that Ferangi that had taken away his business licence, decided to even
the odds and jumped up on stage to move behind Jadzia. Grabbing Jadzia's
meaty tits in his hands, his felt her big melons up throughly, before moving
his hands to the sides of her giant knockers, allowing him to bounce Jadzia's
exposed hooters to the cheers of the mob massed before them.

Jadzia and Seven turned sideways, to that as the Ferangi bounced their tits
lewdly, their tit flesh smacked meatily into one another.

Since she had free hands, Jadzia grabbed Seven's panties and pulled up had,
wedging them up deeply, fucking the blond slut with them.

Seven response first by an orgasm that set all her nerves alight, her first
orgasm giving the blond pleasure that she could never have guessed at in the
collective, and then by pulling up hard on Jadzia's panties.

Naturally enough, Jadzia leaned forward, deeply soul kissing Seven, who's own
mouth responded ravenously enough.

Jadzia could taste Seven's delicious tongue and the sweet taste of her spit.
It was at moments like this that Dax missed having a cock. A mouth like
Seven's was made to suck dick, much like Jadzia's own.

"Your wish is my command" Quim lied, reading Jadzia's mind, snapped her
fingers. A pair of strange gray, flaccid strap-on appeared at Jadzia's feet.

Jadzia stopped tit fucking Seven and motioned that Quark and Brunt should
make some room. Jadzia strapped one on and shoved Seven to her feet. "Suck
my cock you sperm guzzling whore, it's time you learned to suck dick, your
certainly built for it" Jadzia announce, lost in her lusts.

As Seven started stroking Jadzia's fake cock, something strange and wondrous
happened. The strap-on took on the colour of Jadzia's skin, spots and all,
and it started getting hard. But that wasn't what made it better than any
other strap she'd used. It was that she could feel what Seven was doing to
it as if it were apart of her body.

Seven started licking the cock, tracing its veins. It tasted real enough to
Seven, though this was her first blow job, so she had nothing to compare it
too. The fat head of Jadzia's big cock passed between Seven's lips as Seven
started blowing the other woman, her first taste of cock meat driving Seven

"Suck you fucking worthless slut, suck my fucking cock, show me how much you
want a face full of cream you cock swallowing sperm bank" Jadzia demanded,
getting off on dominating the blond former Borg.

Seven skilfully deepthroated Jadzia with talent that was innate, not learned.
Dax hadn't had a blowjob since being Curzon and so ended up plastering
Seven's face with Jizz instead of making her drink it. It was like the good
old times. Dax missed all the pussy Curzon used to get.

Jadzia's cock did shrink as a normal Trill cock would, so she stuffed it back
in Seven's mouth, the blond Borg fuck slut giving head like major sex object
that she was.

Seven's heavy tits pressed against Jadzia's legs as took the Trill's now hard
cock down her dick loving throat.

Seven put on the other strap-on, the dildo coming alive like the other one.
The two starfleet cunts got to the sixty-nine position, Jadzia swallowing
Seven living dildo, while Seven sucked on Jadzia's strap-on's balls, her hand
beating off the shaft furiously.

Jadzia had to admit, Seven definitely the hottest piece of ass she'd ever
had, and while she felt guilty about fucking her while Worf watched
powerlessly, having been turned into a living statue upon attacking Quim,
Jadzia reminded herself that she wasn't cheating on Worf, she was being

Seven's hot cum splashed the beautiful Trill in the cream, the streaming hot
semen squirting her in the face in the barrage of degrading cum shots. Once
Jadzia's face was doused with wet sperm, Jadzia returned the favour, hosing
Seven's beautiful face down, trying to plaster so much cum on her face that
the Borg's eyes wouldn't open.

Jadzia took advantage of the blinded Borg. Flipping around so that she was
kneeling between Seven legs, Jadzia spread the blonds legs leaving her sweet
virgin pussy unprotected.

"Ohhh, God your splitting me in half!" The unsuspecting Borg bitch screamed
as Jadzia rammed the dildo's cock meat into Seven, popping her brutally.

Unlike Janeway who's rape had brought out her masochistic side, Jadzia's
sadistic side was unleashed, the part of her that came from her former host,

"Beg for it bitch, your nothing but a big pair a tits, aren't you? Your just
a huge pair of mammaries, aren't you Seven? That all there is to you isn't,
everything else is just an illusion to make people think there's more to you
than her large breasts when there isn't?" Jadzia asked, making Seven her
bitch, her fuck toy, slut slave, showing Seven her true self.

Seven wanted to deny it, wanted to pretend that it was just Quim and the fact
that they were being forced to preform for the Omnipotent slut's amusement,
but Seven knew that what Jadzia had said was the truth, that she was nothing
more the a big pair of beautiful tits, that the rest was just an a shell to
back up the massive orbs on her chest.

"Yes, I want it, fuck my brains out!" Seven cried out of as Jadzia pounded
away mercilessly at her cunt, trying to break the Borg Ice Queen, trying fuck
an admission from her.

Jadzia started tugging on Seven's nipples, squeeze the soft flesh that was
the by far the most sensitive part of her, sensing Seven was close to
admitting it.

"I'm am nothing more the a big pair of boobs, the rest is just fluff, the
only part of me that matters is my huge chest!" Seven screamed at the top of
her lungs, her confession freeing a weight off her, allowing to cum all over
Dax's strap-on cock, her cunt exploding with orgasmic joy at truth, while her
tits were savaged by titgasms the dwarfed they ecstasy in her cunt.

Jadzia pulled her cock out and unleashed a flood of sperm on the very essence
of Seven's being, the massive mammaries that defined Seven's existence.

Quim smiled at her success. Not only had unleashed Jadzia's inner Dominatrix,
even surprising the Q with her skill at training Seven, but she'd gotten
Jadzia to reveal the busty blond slut for what she really was, the big
titties everyone stared at when ever she entered the room.

Quim snapped her fingers and where Seven was, now stood a human sized pair of
breasts, wobbling in the slight breeze produced by the stations environmental

"This is just the first round sluts" Quim whispered, thinking of all the
other Sevens, Jadzias, Kiras, Siskos, Picards, and other starfleet officers,
that existed in an infinite number of universes, all fuck toy for the evil
Q's perverted amusement.


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