By Wonder Mike

Captain Sisko called Kira Nerys into his office at Deep Space Nine, he told
her he had a special mission for her. The Cardassian people where on the
verge of revolt, all they needed was a push over the edge to bring them to
the Federation. Col. Kira was the person to give them that push.

Kira balked at the proposal, she hated the Cardassian's more than she hated
the Dominion, she hoped they all died, Sisko explained that the war wasn't
going well, it could go on for years without a clear victor, the Cardassians
could turn the tide and save millions of lives, Col. Kira knew she had no

She was given a shuttle, she prepared to leave, Ezri Dax was already in the
shuttle, she told Kira that she couldn't get into Cardassian space on her
own, Kira was grateful for the company.

The two girls departed, the activated the cloaking device that had been
installed on the shuttle and landed without incident on Cardasia Prime, they
thought so far so good. Ezri had the feeling that something would go horribly

They made their way to a bar, it was where Cardassian resistance was meeting,
they were spotted immediately and dragged to the back.

They screamed at Kira, they didn't want a Bajoran on their Planet, Kira tried
to explained that she was there to help, to teach them how to start a
revolution, they didn't want to hear from her.

The Cardassians looked at Kira, they demanded that they but on a show they
way the Bajoran woman used to, they said the woman loved to please them. Kira
leapt to attack, she remembered what the Cardassian's used to make them do.

The Cardassian's aimed their weapons at the women, Ezri held Kira back, she
knew the importance of this meeting. Ezri told the Cardassian's they would
but on a show for them, if they promised to listen to them about the
revolution. They agreed to the terms.

Ezri had made lots of contact with the Cardassians in her past lives, she
knew they one thing that they enjoyed more than anything, she spun Kira
around so they were facing each other, she reached around Kira and grabbed
her by the ass.

Kira yelled "What are you doing," and tried to pull away, Ezri whispered for
her to just do as she says, she then stuck her tongue into Ezri's mouth, Kira
began to suck on it, Ezri was an attractive girl after all.

Kira reached around and grabbed Ezri by the ass, she noticed how firm it was,
she then stuck her tongue down Ezri's throat, Ezri began to suck on it up and
down, she slowly started to remove Kira's uniform.

Kira ripped Ezri's uniform off, she started to massage her small tits, she
then began to slobber all over them, Ezri began to moan, she then reached
between Kira's legs and jammed three fingers into her cunt.

Kira was surprised when Ezri entered her, she was standing on her toes, Ezri
began to pump her fingers in and out, Kira began to bounce up and down on
them, the Cardassian's looked on in amazement, they had watched Bajor woman
do this when they ran Deep Space nine, but it had been too long since they
had seen it.

Kira rammed two of her own fingers into Ezri, Ezri screamed as she was
entered, her cunt was very sensitive, Kira knew she was going to have fun
with her, she started to twist and turn her fingers inside of Ezri, she then
jammed in two more.

Ezri started pulling her own hair, Kira began ramming her fingers in harder
and faster with each stroke, Ezri screamed louder and louder, she was cumming
all over Kira's fingers, Kira then jammed her whole hand inside of Ezri.

Ezri was the one bouncing up and down now, Kira had her entire wrist inside
of her cunt, Ezri leaned over and kissed Kira again then she fell over, Kira
placed Ezri's legs over her shoulders, she then buried her arm even deeper
inside her pussy.

Ezri was breathing heavily now, she was cumming hard, her juices were flowing
up Kira's arm, Kira licked her arm clean as the juices kept flowing, Ezri
began kicking her legs upward forcing Kira's arm even deeper.

Ezri then rolled over so she was laying face first, Kira rammed her arm as
hard as she could into her friend, she then started to twist and turn her arm
inside of her. Ezri had her final orgasm, the juices were flowing freely.

Ezri managed to get up to her hands and knees again, she started rocking back
on Kira's hand, Kira just laughed "Bitch," and tried to get her hand in
deeper, she had reached bottom though, that was not a problem for the Col.

Kira took her free hand and slipped two fingers into Ezri's cunt, Ezri
growled like an animal, and slammed back against Kira, Kira added another
finger into her pussy, Ezri yelled even louder, Kira started to turn both

Ezri screamed "Fuck me, please." Kira rammed her hand all the way inside of
her friend, she had both arms past the wrist inside of Ezri's cunt, Ezri fell
face first to the ground again, Kira leaned over her and rammed her arms

This time the cum came flying out of Ezri's cunt, it shot everywhere, hitting
the Cardassian's and Kira, Kira stuck her tongue out so she could lap it up
like she was leaning over a fountain, Ezri was purring like a kitten.

Kira's face was covered with Ezri's cum, she scooped t up with her fingers
and licked them clean, the Cardassian's applauded, but they decided it was
time to take an active role in this show, three of them surrounded Kira.

Kira had been fucked by the Cardassian's before, she vowed she would die
before it happened again, she did find herself getting wet again at the
thought of it though, it was dirty, and nobody had been able to satisfy her
since, except for the shape shifter Odo of course, it was too hard to get him
to participate though.

Kira yelled' "What am I thinking." The Cardassian's were taken aback, they
didn't know what was going on, Ezri lifted her head and told her "Go for it."
Kira pointed at the Cardassian's said "You three, come here." "I'm going to
give you the thrill of a lifetime."

The trio of Cardassian's whipped out their cocks, they were 14 inches and
armor plated with ridges, just like Kira remembered, her mouth was watering,
she couldn't help herself, they were all fully erect, Kira was unconsciously
rubbing her clit.

She laid flat on her back and spread her legs, the first victim charged, he
threw himself on top of Kira and rammed his cock all the way inside of her,
Kira gasped as she was penetrated, she then wrapped her legs around him and
screamed "Fuck me." At the top of her lungs.

The Cardassian started pumping into her, Kira was thrusting upwards matching
him, he then pulled her knees up to her chest so he could ram her harder,
Kira just thrusted upwards harder, the Cardassian began to scream. He was
cumming already.

Kira screamed "You better not cum inside of me," he pulled out and started
spraying his seed all over her body, Kira looked up and laughed at him. She
exclaimed "Just like a Cardassian, just when we are getting started, you
fizzle out, I want you two next."

The next victim laid flat on his back, he ordered Kira to ride him, she
jumped into the air and came down on his massive cock, he let out a yelp,
Kira just shook her head in disappointment and started to bounce up and
down on his cock. He started to yelp louder and louder as Kira rode him.

Kira bounced up and down harder and faster with each stroke, she began to
scream as her juices began to flow, she was cumming but she wouldn't give
this pig the satisfaction on knowing, she wrapped her arms around his neck
and started slapping her cunt down on him harder.

The Cardassian refused to be humiliated by a former servant, he grabbed Kira
by the waist and began to thrust up into her, Kira began to scream louder
now, this only encouraged the man, he began to thrust upwards faster, there
was no doubt Kira was having another orgasm, her body began to shake.

The Cardassian signaled his partner, he knew together they could tame her,
the second Cardassian climbed on her back, he then slowly shoved his massive
cock into her ass. Kira immediately rocked back to take the entire thing,
she loved taking it
up the ass.

Kira screamed at the top of her lungs, it had been years since she had
Cardassian cock up her ass, now it was them who were laughing, they began to
thrust harder and harder into her, the louder she screamed, the harder they
fucked her, Kira just gritted her teeth and yelled "Harder."

The two Cardassians did as they were told, they each pulled the cocks almost
all the way out and rammed them all the way back in, they took slow, hard
strokes. Kira still screamed "Fucked me harder." They were being embarrassed,
they knew they had to fuck her until she passed out, it was their mission in

The two began to thrust faster and faster into her two holes, Kira was
slowly starting to bounce up and down on the two cocks penetrating her, she
screamed "Yes, by the profits, yes," she was building up speed. The two
Cardassians were starting to grunt and groan now, the tables were being

Kira knew she was in control again, she was slamming her body up and down
on the two cocks, she wrapped her arms around the man underneath her, and
slapped her ass up and down, they were all screaming in unison, Kira had he
fourth orgasm, she could feel the two Cardassians began to cum.

She screamed for them to pull out, she wouldn't let them cum inside of her,
they were one step below animals, Ezri jumped up and grabbed both cocks,
she held one in each hand and placed them both on the tip of her tongue,
they both began to cum, Ezri began lapping it up like a thirsty dog.

The duo completely filled Ezri's mouth with their seed, she drank it all up
without spilling a drop, Kira looked at her with disgust, Ezri just smiled
and licked her lips, what could she say, she liked the taste of cum, even
Cardassian cum, Kira just shook her head, Ezri stuck a finger in her mouth
and scooped out some cum from beneath her tongue, she offered it to Kira,
Kira turned away, Ezri sucked her finger clean.

The Cardassian's laid on their hands and knees, they were too weak to get
up, they looked at Kira and exclaimed, you have earned the right to lead
our revolution, we will listen to your plans. A Bajor will Lead the new
Cardassia, long live Kira.



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