Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: The Love Boat (MF,FF,F-mast,inter,voy)
by ErosTrek

Captain Benjamin Sisko sat in his command chair in the center of the
Defiant's bridge. Due to the war against the Dominion, Federation ships
were stretched thin all across the sector and the Defiant had been forced
to make extended patrols far from Deep Space 9 which it was supposed to
be protecting. These two week long patrols were intensely boring for the
entire crew. This far behind the front lines, it was rare to encounter
anything more dangerous than a contraband carrying freighter and on this
trip they hadn't even encountered that.

"Sensors" he called "anything new?"

Jadzia Dax was at the sensors station and she swept the area for several
parsecs around the Defiant. Five unknown blips appeared on her screen and
she waited impatiently for the computer to analyse their transponder codes.
Maybe they were going to have some fun after all, it they turned out to be
Jem'Hadar or Cardassian warships. The blips changed from unidentified amber
to friendly blue. Jadzia sighed.

"No hostiles, Captain" she reported "Just a merchant convoy escorted by a
Klingon bird of prey."

Sisko didn't bother to reply, he just slouched back in his chair and tried
to think of something to make the time of this mind numbing patrol duty pass
faster. A short chime on his control panel interrupted him.

"Personal message for Captain Benjamin Sisko" the computer announced. He
picked up a padd and routed the message onto it. His thumb print unlocked
the message encryption and the smiling face of his fiancee, Cassidy Yates,
appeared on the small screen. It wasn't a realtime broadcast, just a
recorded message but it was enough to brighten up his day. Cassidy began
to talk.

"Hi Ben. I commed Deep Space 9 but they told me you were out on patrol. I
know how boring these things can get for you, so I've prepared a little
surprise." She smiled at him and bent over towards the screen. The view
zoomed out as she fiddled with the camera's controls and he realized she
was in her bedroom aboard her freighter.

Sisko's eyes grew wide as he watched her strip her clothes off and stand
there in front of the camera, gently running her fingers through her pubic
hair. She teased him for a while before slowly moving her fingertips lower
and lower until she felt herself touching her full outer labia. She gently
stroked them and then pushed them apart to stroke her pink and wet inner
lips. Cassidy followed them up until her finger was resting on the hood of
her clit. She ever-so-gently tickled her now growing clit until she felt
her cream dripping down the inside of her left thigh. Cassidy's head had
tilted back and her eyes were closed.

Fully aroused, she opened her eyes and stumbled back towards the bed, making
sure she remained in view of the camera. Cassidy lay down on her back, legs
apart, totally nude. She immediately caressed herself down to her hot, wet
pussy, and entered inside. She gently felt around with one hand, while
playing with her left breast with the other. Her pussy was milking her
fingers and her clit was fully erect and begging for stimulation. Cassidy
obliged and gently fingered herself. As she did, she felt incredible tension
inside her crotch. It was so good. Her pussy was lubricating double-time and
it was all gushing down her crotch. Cassidy savored that wonderful sexy
feeling of hot wetness between her legs, knowing that Ben would be watching
her every move.

Her back arched as she moved her clit in circles with her finger. She felt
the juice from her vagina oozing out and down her ass cheeks and onto the
silky soft pillows under her. She started breathing harder and harder and
moving her sensitive clit faster and faster. Cassidy felt herself getting
closer and closer to an orgasm which was sure to be quite intense. As she
felt herself rising, she arched her pussy even more and began bucking it
into the air against her wicked finger. Sparks shot up Cassidy's spine as
she felt herself coming to the brink of orgasm-that unbelievable point of
incredible pleasure. Her whole body began to shiver uncontrollably. She
could feel her hard clit throbbing and pulsing with each increasing heart
beat. Her crotch was spasming hard and she darted the fingers of her free
hand deep into her pussy to feel the amazing spasming and to relieve the
pleasurable aching feeling that had begun deep inside. It was unbelievably
hot in there. Cassidy moaned louder and louder with the inevitable orgasm
and suddenly, her supple body tensed incredibly hard. Cassidy let out a
yelp, she had no control. Her pussy spasmed and she went rigid with amazing
pleasure. She cried out "Oh my God!!! And felt herself convulsing. She
shrieked as the release she felt was the most incredible feeling she'd ever
had. Cassidy's orgasm was so intense that her pussy actually squirted her
hot juices out with each spasm. She was cumming like a volcano! She
continued thrusting her fingers up her pussy as her shuddering continued
for a good 30 seconds. She moaned over and over, then finally calmed down
and stared directly into the camera. "I love you, Ben" she panted and ended
the recording.

Benjamin Sisko had forgotten to turn down the volume of his padd and much to
his embarrassment the bridge crew had listened to most of the transmission.
They knew better than to turn from their positions and stare but he could
imagine the wide grins on their faces, thanks to the entertainment he had
unwittingly provided. Shit! And there was another problem to attend to. He
was rock hard. Seeing his fiancee masturbate herself and cum so wildly had
made his penis so stiff that it was almost painful. Thankfully the duty cycle
was almost over so he could leave the bridge without causing further comment.
He stood up and walked towards the exit.

"Captain off the Bridge" an ensign called as he stepped outside and the door
shut behind him with a hiss. He had taken only a couple of paces down the
corridor when he heard the door open again. He hoped it wasn't an emergency
that had occurred in the last few seconds because he wasn't in the proper
state of mind for combat or anything else. Fortunately it wasn't. Jadzia Dax
had relieved herself from her station and followed the Captain off the

"Ben" she called and he stopped and turned towards her.

"Ben" she said again as she caught up with him. "That was quite an
interesting message you received" she told him grinning wickedly.

"So you all heard it" he said "I can just imagine the wild rumors that are
going to be generated because of this."

"Don't worry, Ben" Jadzia told him "it will just show the crew that the
captain is as human as they are."

Sisko was in agony now. He had been about to run to his quarters and jack
off the sexual tension that Cassidy's masturbation had built up in him and
instead he was still here talking to Jadzia. Couldn't she see that now
wasn't the time for small talk.

"Jadzia, if there isn't anything else ...."

"Actually there is" she said and Sisko almost groaned out loud.

The pretty Trill grinned as she saw noticed his physical discomfort and
decided not to tease him any longer.

"Ben, I followed you because after Cassidy's little show back there I knew
you'd need quick relief." She took a step towards him.

Sisko looked at her strangely. What the hell was she trying to tell him.

"What are you talking about, old man?" Though she was a young woman, the
worm-like being inside her had lived in six other hosts, the last one being
Curzon Dax, a man who had been Sisko's friend.

Sometimes Ben could really be thick, Jadzia thought. "Do I need to spell it
out for you, Ben. I can see you're as hard as a ship's hull" and she pointed
towards his crotch for emphasis "and I'm a woman, and I'm available right
now!" To make sure he understood she cupped her hands under her breasts and
raised them, while pressing her entire body against his.

This was too much for Sisko. His nuts were about to burst and he couldn't
resist any longer. He grabbed Jadzia's shoulders and pushed her roughly
against the wall. He dropped his trousers around his ankles and his massive
black cock sprang to attention. Jadzia helped him by undoing her trousers
and pulling down her panties. Ben placed both hands around her back, palms
grabbing her bottom. In one swift motion he picked her up and she circled
her legs around his waist. His stiff cock found her hole immediately and in
a couple of strokes had travelled up the entire length of her vagina. Jadzia
placed her arms around Ben's neck as he savagely entered her, releasing all
his pent up sexual energy. She screamed in pain at the sudden penetration
of her tight cunt, but after several more strokes her cries turned to ones
of ecstasy as his pre-cum and her juices flowed together. Jadzia remembered
that they were only steps away from the Bridge and tried not to scream so
loudly, instead digging her nails into his back. Sisko didn't even notice so
intent was he on satisfying his intense urge.

Ben usually lasted much longer but his balls wanted immediate relief. A final
deep thrust and he came, spraying sticky cum up into the Trill's vagina.
Jadzia shuddered as she felt the fluid coat her innermost parts as she came
too, having enjoyed the short yet wild ride. Sisko was taking deep breaths as
he let go of Jadzia's butt and she dropped her legs to the floor.

Before he could say anything she kissed him on the mouth and then placed a
finger on his lips, "Don't worry about Cassidy. Imagine that I was just
another form of masturbation which you certainly needed back there." She
smiled at him, bent over and wore her panties before the cum inside her
began to drip out. Her trousers followed and she walked down the corridor
leaving a still stunned Captain Sisko alone.

After a bit of banging, Jadzia always liked a cup of hot roctageno, so she
made her way to the Defiant's mess hall. Since the Defiant didn't have a
large crew, the mess was a medium sized room with two replicators set into
the far wall and twelve tables in a grid pattern that could seat six people
each. It was the night cycle aboard the ship, so the place was at 50%
lighting and she was the only person there. She ordered a roctageno at one
of the replicators and when it appeared, she took it to a table in the
corner and sat down to sip slowly at the hot liquid. She was just sitting
there in the semi-darkness enjoying the feeling that came after having had
sex as well as the wetness between her legs, when two people came into the
mess hall arms draped around each other. One of them was Chief Engineer
Miles O'Brien and the other was a young girl that Jadzia had only seen once
or twice, one of the many young ensigns fresh out of Star Fleet academy. She
was cute, Jadzia thought, with shoulder length honey blonde hair, a perfect
figure that the Star Fleet uniform did little to hide, medium sized breasts
and long legs. O'Brien seemed to have had a little bit too much to drink
already and he was flirting openly with the girl, as if he had forgotten his
wife Molly back on the station.

Jadzia grinned. Maybe O'Brien hadn't forgotten his wife, maybe he just wanted
the extra bit of excitement - she was hardly going to find fault with that.
She shifted herself further back into the shadows and settled back to watch,
while she silently sipped the roctageno.

Miles pinched the girl's shapely ass and she leaped and giggled then
proceeded to smack Miles' hand playfully.

"Hey, you shouldn't touch me there, Chief" she said in a high pitched voice.

"No. I shouldn't" Miles replied "maybe I should just touch you here" and he
cupped a breast in one hand.

She giggled again and said "No, no, not even there" but she didn't make any
attempt to remove his hand.

"And maybe I should touch you here and here" Miles continued removing his
hand from her breast and groped all over her ass.

The ensign was giggling so loud now that she was gasping for breath.

"Sssssssh" Miles said "you're gonna wake up half the ship" but she giggled
even louder. Miles leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. This brought
a stop to her giggles as she responded to the kiss by parting her lips and
sticking her tongue into Miles' mouth. Surprised he broke contact. Ever
since they had children about the house, Molly rarely kissed him on the
mouth, just a quick peck on the cheek. The eighteen year old girl however
had other ideas. She put her arms around the Chief's neck and pulled him
towards her, kissing him deeply and passionately. As they exchanged saliva
and their tongues twisted together, O'Brien's hands went down to the
ensign's waist and pulled up the top of her uniform. When it reached her
neck she pulled away from Miles to allow him to pull it off her completely.
She was bare from the waist up, not having worn a bra, and yet her firm,
young breasts stood proudly away from her chest.

"Do you like them?" she asked, pushing her chest forward.

"Yeah .. they're fucking beautiful" O'Brien grunted as he fondled them
roughly, squeezing at the soft, malleable flesh. The young woman was backed
up against a table, and she sat on the edge as Miles bent down and began to
suck alternately on her right and left nipple, the thick fleshy nubbins
stiffening and rising in the Chief's mouth.

While Miles was busy with her nipples, the ensign hooked her thumbs in the
waist of her trousers, lifted her butt off the table, and pulled them down.
From her corner of the room, Jadzia could see that the girl wasn't wearing
any panties since she could make out a patch of honey blonde fur. She
grinned. The little slut had probably been setting up the Chief for days -
probably had a crush on him too. Jadzia, shook her head in mock despair,
whatever was the galaxy coming too. Her roctageno had turned cold, but she
could hardly get up and order another one. She pushed the mug aside and
continued to watch the erotic scene unfolding before her.

After having removed her uniform, the ensign's hands had turned to the
Chief's uniform. She had already managed to get his trousers down around
his ankles and was now pulling his boxer shorts off. Though she couldn't
see what she was doing because O'Brien's head was buried in her breasts,
she could feel the thick pipe between his legs very well. While not very
long - in fact Jadzia would have considered it short by her standards -
the young ensign seemed amazed by its thickness. It was twice as thick as
a normal cock and now the young woman was having her first doubts about
initiating sex. How was he going to stuff that thing into her tight pussy,
she thought, he'll rip me apart. But it was too late to back out of this
situation now. O'Brien wouldn't have stopped if the Jem'Hadar transported
a strike team right in the middle of the mess hall. Satisfied with her
breasts he kissed her again, while he pushed his hips forward, pressing
his cock against her hand. At first she didn't know what to do so he told
her, "Put your fingers around it, and jerk it up and down till the skin
moves back from the top."

The ensign obeyed and after a few strokes of her hand, the foreskin moved
back uncovering the large head. She watched fascinated, having never done
this before. O'Brien let her stroke it a bit more until a few drops of
pre-cum were squeezed out of his piss-hole. Miles touched her wrist,
stopping her jerking motion, then he spat into his palm and lathered the
head of his cock with the saliva.

"Lie down on your back" he told the eighteen year old ensign "and open your
legs as wide as possible" She did as she was told and O'Brien bent over and
examined her slit. His thumb parted the small opening and the fleshy folds
petalled open in response to his touch. She was quite wet, and though it
would be a tight fit, O'Brien knew that she'd expand to accomodate his thick
cock without much pain. Miles stood up straight and grabbed the girl's
ankles, pulling them up and over his shoulders. He positioned his dick at
the entrance to her vagina and proceeded to push it in slowly yet firmly.
She gasped as the head slid into her hole, filling the channel completely.

"It can't go in" she cried in dismay "I'm too tight."

Miles grunted and pulled his cock out. He put his hand around it and slid the
tip up and down the top of the wet slit, just below the patch of pubic fur as
he attempted to find her clit. After several tries he could feel the hard,
little nubbin of hard flesh press upwards as it emerged from its sheath.

"Ohhhhhhh....." the young ensign gasped as she felt the Engineer's cock slide
over and around her highly sensitive clitoris. What was he trying to do, she
wondered? Since she was so tight, he'd probably jack off over her and try to
get her off by rubbing her g-spot which he seemed to be doing already. She
shut her eyes and lay back to enjoy the feeling, but then O'Brien stopped
what he had been doing and the girl opened her eyes again in puzzlement. The
joy she was feeling turned to pain as Miles used thumb and forefinger to
pinch the flesh around her clit and pull it upwards while keeping it still in
one position.

"Miles ..." she moaned "what are you doing? You're hurting me!"

"Don't worry, babe, I know what I'm doing" he replied and he positioned
his cock directly over the exposed and taut clit which he held between his
fingers. He lowered himself slightly so that his cock pressed against the
tiny female equivalent of a penis. Miles relaxed in a way that his friend
Dr Julian Bashir had taught him in their many holo-suite sex sessions, so
that his piss-hole irised open slightly. As he applied forward pressure,
the clit slid smoothly into the wide open piss-hole - a perfect interlocking

"Ohhhhh fffffuuuuucccckkkk!" the girl wailed in a wavering voice that made
Jadzia Dax half rise from her seat in the corner ready to intervene if it
became necessary to pull Miles away from the ensign. In her 300 years of
sexual encounters she had never seen anything like this ... how could the
usually technically minded yet shy Miles O'Brien devise something so
sexually perverted, but exciting as this. She could barely imagine what it
must feel like, having your clit buried to its hilt in a tiny hole, almost
as if it was a miniature reversal of the whole penis/vagina thing. She'd
have to try it out herself sometime, but now she continued to watch the
situation develop even more closely.

"Fuccckkk, fuccckkk, fuccckkk ... "the ensign kept repeating like some
sort of insane mantra, as her back arched like a bow but her hips remained
perfectly still, held there almost magically by the contact between the
clit and piss-hole. The incredible connection between Miles and the eighteen
year old girl was giving a new meaning to ecstasy, and this is what Julian
Bashir had told him to expect. Julian had also warned him not to keep her in
this position for long because it gave her so much pleasure due to the clit's
sensitivity that she'd come almost immediately without giving him much chance
to enjoy himself. Slowly, so as not to hurt her, Miles pulled his cock away
from her and the little clit came out of his piss-hole with a tiny popping
sound, almost like the cork from a bottle.

The young girl screamed in intense pleasure at this last treatment of her
clit and Miles realised she was extremely close to cumming. Without wasting
any further time, he put his cock against her wide-open cunt hole which had
stretched to almost twice its size during his "clit-riding", the only reason
he had done it in the first place. Now his thick cock fit easily into her
dripping wet love tunnel. Three strokes and he was in as deep as he would go,
the moans of the sexy, young ensign mixing with his animal-like grunts as he
fucked her wildly. He banged her until he was exhausted. He didn't even
notice that she had already cum three times and that she was on the edge of
unconsciousness. A final thrust and O'Brien came, thick wads of creamy cum
shooting into her womb and sliding back down her vaginal walls, mixing with
her fluids and pooling around the blockage that was O'Brien's thick cock
until he pulled it out and the wet mixture flooded onto the table.

Mightily satisfied and exhausted, O'Brien pulled on his trousers and left
for his quarters to get a sonic shower, leaving the girl half asleep, half
unconscious on the mess table - nude and covered in sweat, semen and female
cum. When Miles had disappeared down the corridor and the door slid shut,
Jadzia got up from the corner table she had been sitting in and walked
towards the girl.

"Wow!" she muttered aloud "that was incredible. I've never experienced or
seen anything like that in all my lives."

Her voice, soft as it was, had woken the ensign, who turned her head towards
Jadzia, gasped when she saw who it was and attempted to cover her exposed
breasts and cunt, though without much success.

Jadzia smiled at her, "At ease, ensign."

The girl looked like she was on the verge of tears, so Jadzia put her arms
around her shoulders and sat on the edge of the table next to her.

"Don't worry" Jadzia told her "I'm not going to report you to the Captain or
anything silly like that. You're off-duty after all, and from what I could
see it was O'Brien that was doing most of the .... errr ... work."

"R..R.. Really?" the eighteen year old sniffed "I don't know what he did to
me ... it was so ... so ..."

".... special?" Jadzia finished for her.

"Yeah" she said "I've had sex before but it was so plain and uninteresting
compared to this. I can't even begin to explain what I felt when the Chief
did that to my ... you know ... my....." and she blushed, the color in her
cheeks making her look even prettier than she was.

Jadzia nodded but didn't speak. The smell of sex here was pretty intense,
and combined with the fact that Ben Sisko had fucked her so quickly before,
meant she was still very horny. Her hand moved down the girl's back, petting
the smooth skin in calm, soothing motions.

"What's your name?" she asked her.

"Rachel, ma'am" was the parade ground answer.

Jadzia grinned, "You're just out of Star Fleet Acadamy, aren't you" and
before Rachel could answer, she continued "When off-duty, you may call me

Rachel nodded, then seemed to brighten up "You're a Trill?" Jadzia nodded.
"I've heard so much about your species. I always wonder what it's like to be
joined together. I have so many questions ....."

"Hold on, one at a time" Jadzia told her "what's the first you want to ask?"

Rachel opened her mouth to speak then abruptly shut it again and blushed even
more deeply.

"What were you going to ask?"

"Nothing .. really"

"Come on, I'm not going to bite or anything, no need to be shy."

"Well .. I don't know why it came into my head like this ... but I was going
to ask ... do the spots go all the way down to .... errr .. all the way down
to your ......" Rachel stopped as Jadzia stood up and faced her "forget it,
I didn't mean to ask that ... I should never have."

But Jadzia hadn't been offended. She had stood up to take off her clothes
much to the ensign's amazement. When she was completely nude, having dropped
her wet panties onto the growing pile of clothes on the deck, she told her
"See for yourself." Indeed the ensign found out that the Trill spots
converged on Jadzia's crotch. She also found out that Jadzia was aroused,
her bare pussy lips already wide apart and quite wet.

Slowly and gently, Jadzia made Rachel lie down again on the table and
climbed up near her. She then lay over her in a 69 position, her crotch
above Rachel's mouth and her mouth close to the soppy mess that was
Rachel's crotch.

Rachel had never been this close to another woman's pussy before, but the
scent from it was actually arousing her.

"Jadzia ..." she said softly "... can I really touch you here?"

Jadzia had expected to have some more convincing to do, so it came as a
pleasant surprise that Rachel seemed willing to go ahead. "Do whatever you
want to do, dear" she told her and was even more surprised when she felt
Rachel's tongue directly in her vaginal opening, without any further
hesitation. The girl sure was a fast learner, because she was sliding her
tongue up one side of her pubic mound, down the other side then along the
labia and then sticking it deep into her pussy.

"Ohhh .. this tastes so good" Rachel exclaimed.

"It does, doesn't it" Jadzia replied, grinning. She didn't bother telling
her that it wasn't just her juices that she was lapping up, but also Captain
Sisko's fresh cum that was still inside her. That would probably overwhelm
the young girl.

Jadzia turned her attention to Rachel's sopping cunt. She knew that some of
this goo was O'Brien's cum. She didn't mind. Her tongue began to lap it up,
like someone who was thirsty after having crossed a desert. Some women would
have considered such a thing gross ... but not Jadzia. The nastier it was,
the more she got turned on. Anyway, the young girl's fresh aroma had an
extremely enjoyable taste and texture to it and O'Brien's cum only added that
extra tang to it. She finally had cleared the cunt lips and pubic mound of
cum and was about to touch the clit. The tip of her tongue made contact with
the bit of red flesh just as Rachel inserted her tongue into Jadzia's pussy.
The clit was naturally sensitive, but O'Brien had almost rubbed it raw. If
Jadzia hadn't been lying over Rachel, she'd have shot through the roof.
Instead, her face rose beneath Jadzia's crotch, her stretched tongue reaching
so deep up Jadzia's vagina, that she came instantly. A shower of female cum
rained down unexpectedly on Rachel's face much to her amazement. Jadzia
screamed in joy, as the tongueing got her off, her cunt spasming rapidly as
she had a whole string of orgasms.

Both girls lay exhausted over each other, covered in each other's love
juices. Though they would have loved to find the energy to bring each other
off again, time was against them. The ship was about to shift to the day
duty cycle, and half the crew would be coming in here for breakfast. It
would certainly be a pleasant surprise for them to find the two girls in
this state, but it wouldn't be very pleasant for them, so they kissed each
other and left for their quarters promising to get together again back on
Deep Space 9.

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