Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Virus Part 4
by Eridan ([email protected])

Jadzia was looking up to him, her eyes so full of fear it turned him on
incredibly. His infected brain was full of sick thoughts and preverted ideas
so raping a woman was normal for it. There he stood in front of her and
thought what he should do to her at first.

It did not take long for him to decide. After a while, he began to close his
fist around his cock and began to jerk right in front of her pretty face.

The sight of her nude body in front of him, shaking as she cried in fear was
enough to get him off after a while. He felt his cock explode, sending wave
after wave of hot cum flying into her face.

At first, Jadzia tried to move her head or at least her face away but he
immediatly grabbed her head, forcing her to let her face be covered in cum.
She cried even harder as she was humilitated this way, as she was forced to
let the white sticky substance land on her face. Huge drops of cum were also
landing on her tits.

After his first orgasm had subsided, he grabbed her cheeks and dug his
fingers in them, forcing her to open her mouth. Then he thrust his hips
forward and forced his cock between her cum-covered lips. Jadzia gagged and
chked on it as Sisko forced his massive member down her throat but she could
not escape the invading tool. The ropes held her hands tightly.

With both hands, Sisko grabbed the back of Jadzia's head and began to fuck
her face hard and fast. Just as he came in her mouth, the door to her
quarters slid open again and many, many other men were coming in. Most of
them grinned. And they all had these golden spots in their eyes.

Sisko pulled out his cock and undid the ropes while the other men grabebd her
and forced her to lay herself down on the bed, spread-eagled...

This was how it had begun. Jadzia hadn't been granted a single break for 4
hours now. Always there was a man in every one of her holes. The matress
under her was soaked in cum.

Kira was half unconscious as Bashir was fucking her in the ass for the 15th
time now. She knew that after that she would have to lick his cock clean
again. Her mouth was already full of cum and she could not swallow any more.

From everywhere on the station the screams of women could be heard as well
as the sighs, grunts and groans of men who were busy fucking them.A

nd in the minds of most of the women there was only one thought...

If only Odo would come back or if I would only die.....

The End


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