NOTE: This is the first ever erotic story I wrote way back in 2000. Since
then I have written lots more Star Trek stories and branched off into other
series such as Charmed, Roswell and Dark Angel, but this remains one of my
personal favorites. I hope all of you at TSSA enjoy it !

Though ErosTrek has told me the Seven Of Nine on DS9 stories don't go in any
specific order I think they kinda do, since other stories mention facts from
other stories setting sort of a continuity. I put them together in the order
I suspect they could go in. - Dr. Blasphemy

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Part 1 - A Surprise Visitor (MF, inter)
ErosTrek ([email protected])

Harry Kim walked down the long, curving corridor trying to keep up with
Seven of Nine's long strides. They were heading for a small party being
thrown by Neelix marking the passage of the 40,000 light year to home mark.
Most of the crew thought it was in bad taste as it only highlighted the
fact that they had made less than halfway progress in the past five years,
but they'd turn up anyway because Neelix's parties were famous for the way
they ended up as orgies. Captain Janeway had let Neelix go ahead anyway
because any distraction from normal duty would help crew morale.

Harry saw that Seven of Nine had walked past the turbolift, so he ran
towards her and reached out grabbing her elbow to stop her. She had noticed
her mistake however and had already turned towards the turbolift. Harry
looked down at his hand, which instead of holding Seven's elbow, was holding
a good portion of one of Seven's breasts. Blushing bright red, Harry let
go of her as if he had burnt his fingers on her silver catsuit with an
"Ooops .. sorry, I meant to grab your elbow." [author's note: This "accident"
actually happened while Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) and Jeri Ryan (Seven of
Nine) were filming a Voyager episode]

Seven of Nine looked down at where Harry had touched her, then at Harry.
"Ensign Kim, this is the fourth time in a month that you have touched my
mammary glands" she said "the anatomical difference between them and my
elbow is vast. You should visit the Doctor and have him check your

Harry was blushing a deep shade of purple. "Yes, I'll visit sickbay on the
way back from the party." He was actually considering doing just that because
it was becoming extremely embarrassing. The whole crew had noticed his now
famous breast/elbow grab mistakes and he was sure most of them were giggling
behind his back whenever they saw him. Even Commander Chakotay had chuckled
when he had walked onto the bridge this morning. It wasn't fair. Seven of
Nine's breasts seemed to be everywhere he placed his hands. It was like
avoiding something that did it's best not to be avoided.

They entered the turbolift together and Harry kept his hands crossed behind
his back to avoid any further contact. Seven of Nine looked straight ahead,
the incident filed away for future reference. After exiting the turbolift
they reached the galley where Neelix greeted them both with fancy paper hats
which he propped on both their heads. "Come on in. Come on. Enjoy the party."
He motioned them towards a long table where a large variety of fruits, sweets
and other delicacies were set out. Several other crew members were already
piling food high on their plates. In an area of the room where the lights had
been dimmed a few couples were already making out. A pile of clothes was
strewn on the floor and would get larger as the evening went on.

Just as Harry had placed a delicious looking syrup covered pear-like fruit on
his plate his comm badge beeped "Janeway to Kim."

"Ensign Kim here" he replied touching his comm badge.

"Ensign, I need you and Seven of Nine on the Bridge right away."

Seven of Nine had heard and was already on the way out, "On my way, Captain"
she said. Kim rushed after her. What a great party he thought. Pity we're
going to miss it. He had made up an elaborate plan of how to ask Seven of
Nine to join him in the ensuing orgy, but now Janeway had spoiled it for him.

In just over a minute they arrived on the bridge. Captain Janeway was sitting
in her command chair. She pointed at Kim's communications console and said
"We've begun detecting a garbled transmission coming from a solar system that
has only one planet and which doesn't seem to have any life-forms on it
according to sensors. Maybe you can decipher the transmission."

Harry Kim nodded and stepped to his console. He used the controls to try to
remove the static but he was only partially successful. After a while trying
he gave up.

"Captain, I can't get much out of this. It's too fragmented. However I think
it is made up of standard StarFleet inter-system comm traffic."

Janeway turned around and looked at him. "Are you sure? How can it be

Seven of Nine had been looking over Kim's shoulder while he worked. "Captain"
she said "I think I have an explanation. She brought up a schematic on the
main viewscreen. Look at the neutrino flux in the background. It is much
higher than normal. I think the comm signals we're picking up are being
amplified and re-transmitted over the distance in some way by the neutrino

"How can that be possible?" Janeway asked "The only way that neutrino flux
can amplify radio or subspace comm traffic is ........."

"..... is when it originates near a wormhole" Seven of Nine finished for her.

Janeway smiled and nodded. "So there is a wormhole out there with one end of
it in Federation space. I think we've just found a way home."

Just in case it turned out to be a false alarm, Janeway didn't broadcast the
discovery over the comm system. Instead she called senior officers to the
bridge, and then brought Voyager onto a course that would take it close to
the neutrino flux anomaly.

"Seven, I want you to go out on a shuttle and get as close as possible to
whatever's out there. I don't want to take Voyager in too close before we
know what we're up against."

"Yes, Captain" and turned on her heels and made for the shuttle bay.

Harry Kim looked at her shapely behind as she left the Bridge and the doors
slid shut behind her. He had a strange premonition deep in his stomach that
he wouldn't be seeing her again. Shaking his head at being anxious over
nothing, he turned to his console. Seven of Nine was certainly capable of
taking on anything thrown at her.

After 30 minutes they came within the shuttle's range of the anomaly and
Seven of Nine took the tiny craft out of the rear shuttle bay and raced
towards the neutrino flux emissions at a quarter impulse. When the shuttle
came within a hundred kilometres of the area of space where the anomaly was
located, Voyager's sensors detected a large leap in the neutrino flux as
well as a new source of gravitons. Visually, space around the shuttle seemed
to boil with clouds of bluish gas illuminated by a bright white light. The
shuttle seemed to fall towards the central area of this cloud though Seven
of Nine had reversed engines with full impulse power.

"Seven of Nine, get out of there" Janeway shouted at her but no return signal
was received. There was no way to tell if the shuttle was actually receiving
Voyager's signal. Voyager's bridge was silent as the shuttle reached the
center of the whirlpool and seemed to blink out of existence without leaving
a single trace of it ever having been there. The comm traffic and neutrino
flux too disappeared as suddenly as they had started. Ensign Harry Kim
blinked tears from his eyes "It's not fair. I'm the only one on Voyager who
hasn't had a go at Seven. What am I going to do now?"

For weeks, Voyager cruised the area desperately trying to re-open what they
assumed was a wormhole or waiting for Seven of Nine to find a way back but
finally they gave up and continued on their long journey home mourning the
disappearance of a fellow crew mate and indefatigable sex vixen they had
rescued from the Borg.

* * *

40,000 light years away

There was silence on the command deck of the space station Deep Space Nine
except for the various beeps and chimes made by the instruments and consoles
all over the circular room. Captain Benjamin Sisko was in his office tossing
an old, worn-looking baseball into the air and looking out over the command

A console began beeping insistently and Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax
pressed a touch activated sensor on it. She turned toward's the Captain's
office and touched her comm badge "Captain, we are detecting an increase of
neutrino flux from the wormhole. Possible craft coming through" she said.

Sisko left his office and walked down the steps into the command area. "Put
it on screen."

Jadzia brought up a view of space just off Deep Space 9 on the large viewing
screen at one end of the room. After a few seconds, the wormhole seemed to
pulse then blossom open like a flower in a release of radiation. A small
craft came through and seemed to spin about as if uncertain which direction
to take.

Sisko opened a comm link to the craft. "Unidentified craft exiting wormhole.
You are violating space under the control of the Unified Federation of
Planets and Bajor. Please turn off your engines and identify yourself."

Sisko repeated the transmission but from the looks of it the craft was
heavily damaged and probably was not hearing them at all.

Jadzia turned towards him and said "Ben, sensors are showing one life-form,
a human ...." and she frowned as she continued to study the readings.

"And ..." Sisko urged her on.

"We're also detecting the signature of Borg technology onboard. Captain, this
may be a trap."

Sisko nodded. There was something strange about this vessel. It was of a
familiar type of Federation shuttles, as were carried on most starships.
It was about half the size of Deep Space Nine's runabouts and without any
interstellar capability since it didn't have warp drive, yet it had come
through the wormhole, meaning that another ship must be out there. He knew
of no Federation ship that had gone through the wormhole recently. The
shuttle was heading directly for them at a quarter impulse so they would
find out what this was all about soon enough.

He touched his comm badge "Active security personnel to docking ring.
Possible Borg activity. This is not a drill." As he finished saying this a
loud klaxon began to blare all over the station and panels of red light
set into the walls began to blink insistently.

"Jadzia, the bridge is yours" he said "I'm going over to the docking ring
to see who our surprise visitor is."

"Be careful, Ben" she told him as the turbo-lift disappeared below the floor.

When Sisko arrived at the docking port they had opened for the shuttle, he
was greeted by six Bajoran men in brown security uniforms holding large
phaser rifles at port arms. Dr Bashir was there as well for any medical help
the shuttle's pilot might need, so was Chief Engineer O'Brien who had been
doing some maintenance work in another docking bay and had wandered over to
see if he could help. As the shuttle docked with the station and was secured
into place by a docking clamp, Colonel Kira Nerys joined the crowd and drew
her side-arm.

The outer door of the docking tube swiveled open resembling a large cog wheel
and a mixture of steam and fog exited the shuttle making it impossible for
the assembled people to see inside. The inner hatch rolled aside and the
Bajoran guards aimed their phaser rifles toward the center of the swirling
mist as a silhouette appeared.

Sisko suddenly felt dizzy and shut his eyes for a moment. When he opened them
the light seemed to have dimmed and the people around him seemed to glow from
within. Kira turned toward him her side-arm resting against her side.
Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Kira looked at him and said,
"The Sisko has received a gift"

Sisko suddenly realized that he was talking to the Prophets, considered gods
by the Bajorans, in reality they were extremely powerful aliens made of pure
energy who resided the in the wormhole. They communicated with Sisko, whom
they had chosen as their Emissary, by using his mental images of the people
around him. Only a nano-second passed in these trance-like states and only
he would notice that something had occurred during this fraction of a second.

The Bashir/Prophet looked at him. "The gift must not be harmed."

Sisko said "What is this gift? Is the person coming aboard Deep Space 9 from
this shuttle carrying the gift?"

"The Sisko doesn't understand. It is limited by it's mental capacity" the
O'Brien/Prophet said.

A Bajoran guard/Prophet said "It can learn. It will understand."

The Kira/Prophet "The Sisko will accept our gift."

"Explain" Sisko told them "You never speak clearly, only in riddles. How do
you expect me to understand what you want of me."

The Bashir/Prophet told Sisko "The gift was brought to this location with a
great expenditure of energy. The Sisko must use it wisely."

Before Sisko could ask any more questions a bright light caused him to blink
and when his eyes opened again he was back in normal space/time and a figure
was stepping through the docking hatch under the unwavering watch of six
phaser rifles. He could hardly believe his eyes at the vision before him and
neither could Dr Bashir or Miles O'Brien from the way their jaws dropped
down. If this was the gift the Prophets had spoken of, then it was really a
fantastic one.

The tall figure standing in the hatch was definitely female, possibly human.
She was dressed in a tight fitting silverish suit that revealed every portion
of her anatomy. She might as well have been stark naked. She wore high heeled
boots that seemed to be part of her catsuit, perfectly shaped legs that went
on forever led up to wide hips, narrowed into a taut stomach and widened
again at her chest. The large breasts seemed to be straining at the suit's
material and Sisko almost expected them to burst forth at any moment. Her
long neck was bare and her blonde hair was pulled back into an elaborate
hairdo, only hinting at its length. The only blemishes that Sisko could make
out on an otherwise perfect figure was a curved piece of metal seemingly part
of her skin above her left eyebrow and a metallic exo-skeleton encasing the
fingers and wrist of her left hand.

Sisko wondered if this vision could talk and in fact she didn't disappoint

"I am Seven of Nine, from the USS Voyager. Where am I?" she said looking
directly at Sisko, having noted his rank insignia.

"The USS Voyager?" He looked at Kira "Wasn't that the ship that was lost in
the Badlands some five years ago?"

Kira nodded affirmatively "We thought the Maquis had managed to destroy her
or it had some accident in the Badlands. Either this woman has been wandering
around the Badlands in that tiny shuttle for five years or Voyager's still
around somewhere."

Sisko turned to Seven of Nine "You're on Deep Space 9, near a wormhole to the
Gamma Quadrant. The closest inhabited planet is Bajor."

Seven of Nine took it all in stride. She had traveled some 40,000 light years
and almost made it to a home she didn't know, while Voyager and all her
friends aboard it were still stranded in the Delta Quadrant. She explained
all this to Sisko and the other people present, also letting them know that
she used to be part of the Borg Collective and had been saved by Kathryn

Sisko and the rest listened in amazement as she told this incredible story.
The part about being stranded in the Delta Quadrant didn't make sense because
the wormhole ended in the Gamma Quadrant. However he had been told by the
Prophets that they had expended energy to bring her over. Possibly they had
the capability to open a temporary terminus of the wormhole in completely
different locations. Would they do so again and bring the entire Voyager
back this time? He didn't know. The Prophets didn't seem to listen to him,
just speak to him in riddles. Anyway, he would take this one step at a time.

He waved off the security personnel who seemed reluctant to leave as they
gawked at Seven of Nine. Dr Bashir came eagerly forward insisting that he
perform a full medical check while O'Brien insisted he first inspect the
human/nanobot interfaces. Sisko exerted his command authority and told them
they'd all get a chance. For the time being he was going to personally
debrief Seven of Nine and send the report off to StarFleet Command. He led
her to his quarters preferring a more private place than his office on the
command deck. Making sure that Jake was somewhere else on the station and
not about to pop back in soon, he asked her to take a seat on the couch in
the living room.

He stood in front of her taking her in from head to toe again, then shook
his head, and activated a padd. He entered the Stardate, then "Debriefing
of a crew member from the USS Voyager, previously thought destroyed with
the loss of all hands in the Badlands." He looked at her "Where shall we
start?" She was about to say something when he switched the padd recorder
off and threw it down onto the desk. "I don't know what's wrong with me he
told her "I just can't think straight. It must be those damn aliens playing
with my head."

Seven of Nine knew what was wrong with Sisko. The same thing had occurred
aboard Voyager when she was around in her current human version for the
first time. She'd have to solve the problem in the same way, which could
be a bit messy sometimes, but in the end it was for the best of everyone
involved including her. "Captain" she told him "I think I know what's your
problem and I have a way of solving it."

"Really?" Sisko told her "so, what is it?"

She stood up and undid the seal at the back of her skintight suit. She
pulled it down to her waist revealing her enormous breasts which were
topped by bright pink aureoles and hardening nipples of the same color.
She undid her blonde hair and shook it free so that it reached down over
her shoulders and framed her beautiful face. In another quick motion she
bent over and pulled her catsuit the rest of the way down her legs until
it was bundled around her ankles. She kicked her legs free of it until
she was standing unashamedly stark naked before Sisko who was gawking at
her like a fish out of the water.

"Captain Sisko, since I've come aboard the station you and those male
personnel who have seen me are unable to concentrate, get distracted easily,
have bouts of breathlessness and a constant erection of the genital organ.
Is this a correct description of your symptoms?"

Sisko nodded gasping for breath still looking at her body with a stunned

"This is a natural occurrence for men who see me and come in close contact
with me. It seems that besides my natural beauty, I also generate pheromones
that overcome the rational resistance of any man. The only cure for it is to
have sex with me and over time a natural resistance to my pheromonic emission
is built up, though I have not yet met a man who has resisted my beauty."
Seven of Nine said this in a normal conversational tone of voice as if she
were discussing today's lunch, though in this case she was the main course!

Benjamin Sisko, Captain of Deep Space Nine, commander of over 5000 StarFleet
personnel as well as Emissary to the Bajoran people, became the first man in
the Alpha Quadrant to succumb to Seven of Nine's temptation. He would by no
means be the last.

Seven of Nine stepped towards him and his hands were all over her, touching,
palpating, squeezing, rubbing. Breasts, thighs, stomach, back, breasts,
bottom, cheeks, neck, breasts, legs, ass cheeks, breasts ..... her large
tits were attracting his hands like a bee to honey. He pinched her large
pink nipples until they stood straight out from her breasts. With one hand
he reached between her legs, exploring the triangular patch of yellow hair.
She helped him by standing with her legs wide apart until his fingers found
her mound of Venus. He rubbed the soft flesh until he felt it petal open and
ran his finger along her slit, finding and penetrating her love hole with
his index finger. Though she was standing still, Sisko felt his finger being
pulled into her pussy, almost as if it was being sucked into her mouth.

Though he would never tire of exploring her glorious body with his hands, he
felt his penis would burst if he didn't give it some relief. He undressed
quickly, freeing his cock from his pants and it sprang to immediate
attention. Sisko didn't even bother pushing Seven down on the couch. He was
so aroused that he'd fuck her anywhere, even standing up in the middle of
the room, right here, right now. Seven of Nine obliged by balancing on one
long leg while raising the other around his waist. He held up this leg with
one hand around her perfectly shaped thigh and with his other hand he grabbed
her luscious ass tightly. In this position her slit was exposed and his stiff
rod found it without any difficulty as he pointed it between her legs. She
was well lubricated with cunt juice and he eased his dick's head into her
warm, silky love tunnel.

"Oh you're so tight" he told her huskily "fuck me baby, oh yes, fuck me" as
he jerked his hips forward at her. I'm in heaven he thought. She was tight
as a virgin, but his cock slid in easily - a perfect fit. Her vaginal muscles
seemed to pulse in a sequence that drew him in as deep as he could go then
let go of him allowing him to withdraw to be able to pound her again. She
seemed to be in complete control and was setting such a fast pace that he
wasn't sure he'd be able to last long.

Seven of Nine's head was tossed back as Sisko fucked her and she'd let out
an occasional moan or sigh. Sisko kissed her on her long neck and licked her
along the outline of her jaw. She turned her head to one side and he nuzzled
her behind her ear, inhaling her hair's fragrance. He nibbled playfully at
her ear lobe and she moaned loudly, Sisko having found one of her erogenous
spots. Several minutes had passed and the position they were in was beginning
to get uncomfortable for Sisko, though Seven of Nine wasn't tiring at all. He
let go of her leg and reluctantly pulled out of her. He led her around the
couch and told her to place her hands on the backrest and bend over. She
obeyed and Sisko got his first good look at the bright pink flesh of her
wide-open cunt as he moved around behind her. He moved her legs apart, slid
his hands up the inside of her thighs, over her pussy and up her perfect ass
leaving a wet trail of her own clear fluid. His cock was craving her warmth
so he penetrated her again from behind, doggy style. Holding her hips tightly
he fucked her deeply with such force that the couch she was holding onto
jerked forward an inch at a time. The reaming he was giving her was finally
having some effect on her usually cool appearance as she was moaning much
louder than before and she would give off a low scream whenever his dick
actually touched the cervical opening of her womb deep within her vagina.

Sisko's world had been reduced to a vision of her blonde hair, now matted
with sweat, flying all over the place as she tossed her head about in
ecstasy .... her back coated with a glistening sheen of sweat ... the skin
on her hips tinged with a reddish hue where he was gripping her with both
hands ... her ass pounding against his stomach and the wet sound of his
balls slapping at her pussy flesh. He was going to come, he could feel the
jism rising from deep within his balls. Almost there now and he wouldn't
be able to stop it .......

....... and the door chimed. It broke Sisko's concentration and startled
him making him withdraw his cock and it dangled stiffly in the air. "Don't
stop now" Seven of Nine said as if she hadn't heard the door.

"Sssshh" Sisko told her, then in a louder voice "Who's there?"

"It's me, dad" It was Jake, his son. Damn, why had he come back so early?
And at such a moment too! What was he going to do now. Luckily he had locked
the door so there was no danger that his son would see him like this. He
hadn't even finished formulating the thought when the computer intoned "Lock
override, Jake Sisko's authorization" and it slid aside with a hiss ignoring
Benjamin Sisko's frantic "No ... no ... stop .. close!"

Jake stepped in making straight for a counter at the far end of the room "Hi
dad. Thought you were on the Bridge. I forgot my padd somewhere here" and he
pushed aside a pile of plates and a potted plant before finding the digital
tablet "ah, here it is." He turned to leave the room and came to an immediate
stop as if someone had frozen him in place. "What ... what..." he stammered
as he faced a scene right out of one of the porno-holos that he and Nog, his
friend, watched together sometimes. There was his father standing, completely
naked, behind a woman, an amazingly beautiful, sexy, naked woman, Jake added
mentally, bent over at the waist and holding onto a couch with her hands. His
father was holding onto the woman's waist and ..... and Jake could make out
his dad's large penis glistening in the room's dim lighting. His father had
been fucking her ... that was the only possible explanation. Oh wow! he
thought. "Dad?" he asked not really knowing what to say.

"Jake" Ben Sisko said "this isn't what it looks like. I'm ... she's ..." he
stopped knowing that whatever excuse he invented his son wouldn't believe

Seven of Nine came to his rescue. "Is this your son?" she asked him as she
stood up straight giving Jake a frontal view of her body. Ben Sisko nodded.
"Hello Jake. It is a pleasure to meet you" she said.

Jake gulped "The pleasure is all mine" and he really meant it as he looked
straight at her large tits and hard, pink nipples. He looked further down,
but was disappointed as she was hidden from the waist down by the couch.

"Jake, you don't have to worry about anything you're seeing here. This is a
perfectly normal thing for your father to be doing with me" she said "I have
just arrived on board the station and he is welcoming me aboard."

"Ahh, so that's what they call it now" Jake said "Look, I'm seventeen years
old and I understand certain things." He looked at his father "Cassidy may
not be so understanding though" he said grinning. Cassidy Yates was his
father's new wife, which he had married only recently. She was a freighter
captain and she was away from the station for weeks or months at a time,
ferrying cargo between several star systems. She was perfectly capable of
vaporising him with a phaser if she ever heard about one of his escapades,
especially if they involved female StarFleet personnel.

"You won't tell her ... will you?" Sisko asked his son worriedly.

Jake made a show of thinking about it then "Naaah" grinning. "Enjoy yourself,
dad. I'll be going now to leave you two to get on with it."

"That's a good boy" Sisko said "I'll find a way to thank you" he told him.

Meanwhile, Seven of Nine had been studying Jake intensely and now she winked
at him, smiled and licked her lips slowly when he looked at her. Ben Sisko
was behind her so he couldn't see her face as she signaled his son. Jake
wasn't sure he understood but it seemed that this beautiful woman was hot
for him! "I will see you around on the station" Seven told him, winking

"Yeah, sure, see ya" he told her surprised as his dick began to tent his
trousers and he rushed for the door before his father could spot his hard-on.

Sisko sighed in relief as Jake left. He was embarrassed that his son had seen
him like this and his cock had gone limp. Seven of Nine had noticed since she
had turned towards him and grabbed it with her hand. "Let us continue" she
said and knelt down and took his flaccid member in her mouth. It took only a
few seconds for her tongue to revive it, and only a minute or so before the
jism that had already traveled half the journey from Sisko's balls erupted in
a fountain of creamy, white cum into Seven of Nine's awaiting mouth. She
swallowed some, savoring the new taste, so similar and yet so different to
all those other men on Voyager. Satisfied, she removed Sisko's cock from her
mouth and still pumping it with her hand, guided the remaining wads of cum on
her breasts. When Sisko stopped humping the air she used his cock to trace
the outlines of her breasts and nipples like a thick pen, spreading his jism
all over them.

Mentally and physically exhausted, Sisko slumped down onto the couch while
she took a quick sonic shower and dressed in her skintight suit. She kissed
him lightly on the cheek when she found him asleep, still undressed, a
satisfied smile on his face. Today, she would explore Deep Space 9 and make
her presence felt amongst the males onboard. She certainly had a vaster
selection here than she had on Voyager she thought happily as the door to
Sisko's quarters closed behind her. This was going to be very interesting!


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