Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Part 2 - Like Father, Like Son (MMF,inter)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Jake Sisko walked along the upper level of the Promenade, head bowed towards
the ground. His arms were crossed behind his back and a padd dangled from one
hand. The screen flashed occasionally to remind its user that it was still on
in active mode but Jake ignored it.

He had rushed to the docking ring where a runabout had just delivered several
survivors from a Federation vessel destroyed during a Jem'Hadar attack. They
had been packed in escape pods for a whole week and when they had staggered
out of the runabout they had collapsed onto anti-grav stretchers supplied by
Dr Bashir and several Bajoran nurses. None of them had wanted to talk to Jake
so he had nothing to write about. All he had was a holo-vid of the event but
seeing a group of weary, dirty and bleeding people dropping onto stretchers
was so common nowadays that none of the news feeds on Earth or any other of
the core Federation planets bothered with it nowadays. They wanted human
interest stories from the war zone, and Jake was having difficulty providing
them, notwithstanding that he was right in the middle of the fighting.

He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't see his Ferengi friend Nog
until Nog grabbed hold of Jake's arm. Jake jumped in surprise and almost
dropped his padd.

"Hey, Jake" Nog said "I'm off duty for the next twelve hours and I've just
had a great idea."

"Hi Nog. What's your idea? Another of your pranks? I don't particularly want
to land in trouble right now."

"No, no. It's something much better than a joke" Nog said grinning, his mouth
wide open displaying his pointed teeth. "Let's start moving and I'll tell you
what it's about along the way."

Jake followed Nog to the nearest turbolift and as soon as they were out of
earshot of the people strolling about the promenade Nog began to explain.

"You know Seven of Nine" Jake nodded "and you now how cute she is" and this
time Jake nodded, grinning widely. Nog wouldn't believe what he had seen his
father doing with Seven of Nine a few days ago! Nog continued "Chief O'Brien
has set up her Borg power resupply unit down in Cargo Bay 3. They tried to
fix it in an officer's cabin but the power feed couldn't keep up with it.
Seems that's where she used to sleep on Voyager, in a cargo bay."

Jake wondered what Nog was getting at. "So?" he asked.

"I know a way how to get to Cargo Bay 3 without being seen by Security while
Seven of Nine is sleeping" he said excitedly "you know .... maybe she sleeps
nude or something ... and from all the stories going around about her ......"

"What stories?" Jake asked.

The turbolift had arrived at their destination and Nog looked around the
corridor to make sure it was empty before replying a low voice "Stories about
Seven of Nine's sexual activities. If what people are saying is true she's
fucking just about anyone who has a dick! I couldn't believe them at first
but when uncle Quark said he has had a 70% drop in dabo girl call-outs ever
since Seven came onboard, then it must be true." Quark's dabo girls did not
just spin the dabo wheel at the game tables in Quark's Bar, but provided
paying customers with "extra" services.

Jake decided to tell Nog his own story. "Nog, a few days ago I returned to my
quarters and there was my father and Seven of Nine. Both were undressed and
she was bent over a couch and dad was sticking it into her from behind. He
was fucking her as I came in and they both were moaning and groaning and when
she saw me she just said as if it was the most normal thing to do - Hi Jake,
pleased to meet you - can you believe that?"

"Wow" Nog said "she did Captain Sisko first. I guess being the Captain has
its privileges. So she really is a slut. We've arrived." They were at a bend
in the corridor in front of a maintenance access hatch which Nog pulled open
using his father's technician access code. Nog crawled through the hatch and
along the maintenance tube followed by Jake. After fifteen minutes of
crawling on all fours Jake was about to tell Nog that he wanted to get out
of the cramped space when Nog stop suddenly and told him to be quiet. He
waved him on and Jake squeezed through past him and looked through a grill
that blocked the passage. Beyond the grill was Cargo Bay 3 a huge space
filled with piles of metallic crates and containers of all shapes and sizes.
In one corner, the crates had been moved aside to make space for a strange
apparatus that glowed with green energy. Standing in the alcove was Seven of
Nine. Her eyes were shut and she seemed to be sleeping as the machine
recharged the Borg technology within her body.

Jake hadn't seen her face clearly before ... he had been too stunned when he
had caught her with his father ... but now he could see how beautiful she
was. Her blond hair reflected the occasional electrical arcs that a round
panel in the alcove generated. Her face was the prettiest he had ever seen
on a girl, her high cheekbones, her perfect nose, her full red lips which
twitched as she dreamt. None of Quark's dabo girls even came close to such
beauty. She was dressed in a tight fitting silver-grey uniform that hugged
her body almost as if it had been sprayed on. This emphasized her large
breasts and if Jake squinted he could make out the outline of where her
nipples pressed against the material. Jake took out his padd from his belt
pouch and pointed it at Seven of Nine through the grill. It began recording
the scene and what happened next was beyond what Jake would ever have
imagined. As Jake and Nog watched, Seven of Nine's hands twitched as if they
had come alive on their own. Suddenly her left hand moved to her body and
began to caress her waist, then her thighs, then much to the watching boy's
amazement slid between her legs and began to rub her crotch urgently through
the tight material of her uniform.

"She's having a wet dream" Nog whispered knowingly, having previous
experience on spying on unsuspecting dabo girls in their bedrooms. Jake just
nodded, his mouth open in surprise as he tried to keep the padd steady in his
shaking hands. He could hardly believe that he was holo-recording the sexy
ex-Borg while she masturbated. Remembering that the padd's optical sensor
could zoom in, he activated the viewscreen and touched an icon at the bottom
of the display. Seven of Nine's body now filled the screen as her palm dipped
between her thighs repeatedly. Her hips began to rotate slowly as she ground
her crotch against her hand, but the slippery material of her suit wasn't
very suitable for what she was doing. Jake could see a frown of frustration
forming on her sleeping face as her hand wasn't generating enough friction to
satisfy the growing urge in her genitals. Seven's mouth parted slightly and
she moaned softly, but it was loud enough that both Jake and Nog heard her
from their perch in the maintenance duct. They looked at each other and
grinned then turned back to look at the erotic scene below them.

"Are you sure that thing's recording? Are you getting it all in memory?" Nog

"Yeah" Jake said "Do you think your uncle will pay much for this?"

"Probably 2 or 3 slips of gold pressed latinum" Nog replied "Though he'd pay
more if she were nude."

"Do you want me to go down and ask her to undress?" Jake told him

Nog didn't reply and they continued watching in silence as Seven of Nine
humped at her hand frenetically, sighing, moaning and gasping all the while.
Jake was getting a hard-on and so was Nog just by listening to her! Both of
the teenage boys were so mesmerized by the scene before them that they didn't
even know how much time had already passed. They just pressed their faces
against the grill to see better while Jake had his hands busy with the padd
and keeping Seven of Nine in focus.

Suddenly Seven of Nine's entire body trembled, a final loud gasp and she
stood motionless as a statue in her recharging station.

"That's it?" Jake said.

"Guess so" Nog told him inching forward past Jake to get a better view out
of the duct. After several minutes in which Seven of Nine didn't move at
all, Nog turned around to go back the way they had come. With his foot he
accidentally hit the grill through which they had been looking from and it
fell into the cargo bay, bounced off a couple of crates and hit the metallic
deck with a resounding crash! Seven of Nine's eyes snapped open and her neck
turned towards the direction of the sound so quickly that Jake who had still
been filming her almost didn't see the movement. They had woken her up! Shit.
They were in big trouble now, she'd certainly report them both to his father,
Captain Sisko. Jake tried to back up but Nog was crouching hands over his
head, blocking the maintenance duct. Meanwhile, Seven of Nine had
disconnected herself from the alcove and walked towards the vent where the
boys were hiding.

"You may come down now" she said.

Knowing that they had been caught, first Jake then Nog, appeared from the
vent and climbed down into the cargo bay using the space between stacked
crates as footholds. Sheepishly they stood before Seven of Nine, studying
the floor near their feet intensely.

She saw the padd that Jake was holding and held out her hand. "May I see
that?" and Jake handed it over to her. She touched a couple of icons on the
screen, rewinding the recording then viewing the whole thing at fast forward
in just under three seconds. Her facial expression didn't change at all, but
Jake blushed deeply and wished that the wormhole would somehow open beneath
him and swallow him he was so embarrassed.

When she had finished watching her image on the screen she looked at the
boys and said "I suppose you know that I will be reporting this incident to
Captain Sisko whose only course of action will be to court martial you,
Ensign Nog, for spying on a fellow Star Fleet officer and punish you, Jake
Sisko, for the same reason."

Both of them nodded. They were finished. Nog's career in Star Fleet was
ended. Jake would be grounded for the next ten years. And all for nothing ...
or almost nothing, Jake thought, at least they had come face to face with
this beautiful woman and had seen her masturbating. However, Seven of Nine
had continued talking while Jake had been thinking of the consequences.

"...... and considering that I'm not what you would call a normal Star Fleet
officer I will not be reporting you on one condition."

Nog had finally found his tongue "What condition?"

"That you satisfy me" she said.

"What?" Jake and Nog said in unison.

"As you saw yourselves, and what is recorded on this padd" she said "I did
not fully gratify myself sexually several minutes ago." When she saw the
blank look on their faces she added "I did not reach a complete orgasm, or
as your human language puts it so neatly, I did not cum."

Jake and Nog were both stunned. What they heard next was beyond even their
imagination and as teenagers they certainly had large doses of it when they
thought about sex.

"I want you both to help me cum properly, even have sex with me if you feel
up to it."

She waited for them to reply tapping her foot on the ground but they were
both too busy picking up their jaws from where they had fallen. Finally Nog
nudged Jake and whispered "I told you she was a slut"

"Yeah, but what do we do?" Jake whispered back and they continued conversing
in hushed tones for a few seconds while Seven's foot tapped impatiently.

"I say we accept her generous offer. I mean what choice do we have?" Nog

"But .. But .. I mean" Jake mumbled "I'm a ...."

"I know, you're a virgin." Nog smirked, though he was one too but of course
he'd never tell Jake that. "You were telling me about Kaela yesterday. [See
Coming of Age] She didn't let you go all the way. Now you have a chance here
that won't be repeated .. she's offering herself to us, hu-mon." When Nog
became excited his voice began to take on Ferengi undertones that his
Universal Translator couldn't keep up properly and human was stretched out
to a lengthy "hu-mon".

"I don't have all day" Seven of Nine interrupted their intense discussion
and she reached out with her hands to the boy's crotches. Her movement caught
them by surprise and they just stood there as she first grabbed then fondled
their genitals through their trousers.

"Gawwwwwp" Jake exclaimed and "Aeeeeeiiii" screamed Nog as he let out a high
pitched screech, both startled by the sudden contact.

"Good" she said "you're hard already" as she removed her hands from their
hard-ons. Seven of Nine took a step back from them and reached behind her
neck. She undid her suit's seal and pulled it off. She stood before them,
her torso bare, revealing her splendid breasts in all their fullness and
topped with pink nipples. It finally dawned on Jake and Nog that this
fantastic, blond, sexy woman actually meant what she had said! Never in
their young lives would they have imagined that they would ever be in this
situation, a Star Fleet officer newly aboard Deep Space 9, rumored to be
sexually insatiable, probably a nymphomaniac, offering her body to them!

Jake and Nog probably broke a record as they stripped out of their clothes
in two seconds flat. Meanwhile Seven of Nine had continued undressing,
pulling her trousers down off her legs and stepping out of the high heeled
boots that were part of her silver grey catsuit. In the dim, electric green
light the boys could make out a neatly cropped triangular patch of blond
pubic hair at the apex of her thighs as well as the top of her slightly
parted pussy lips. They could also see that the skin in this area as well
as her thighs glistened wetly from her juices which had flowed during her
recent masturbation. Jake's black cock must have grown another inch when he
saw this while Nog's orange skinned cock was twitching wildly of its own
accord. Seven of Nine stepped backwards till she came to a large flat crate
that was about waist high. She sat on it then reclined backwards, her feet
dangling down the side of the crate. With one hand she motioned the boys
forward and they obeyed.

She smiled at Jake and said "You first, since you're Captain Sisko's son
and rank has its privileges!"

Jake had a wide grin on his face as he stepped forward between Seven's thighs
as she opened them wide. Her slit was moist and though he had never done this
before it came to him instinctively as he aimed his cock for her opening. The
head of his cock made contact with her slick skin just to the right of her
cunt lips and she reached down, placed a hand around his shaft and guided him
into her.

"Push it in now" she hissed and Jake complied. His cock slid into the tight,
hot tunnel until he could go no further and he could feel her warm wetness
against his stomach. "Now pull it out and do it again ... and again ... and
again" she gasped each time as he plunged his rod deep inside her. He got the
hang of it quickly and jerked his hips back and forth till the only sound
that Seven of Nine was making was a short scream of pleasure at each of
Jake's thrusts. Nog didn't want to be left out so he moved to the side of the
crate she was lying on. When Seven noticed he was standing there, she took
his short, orange cock in her hand and began to rub it up and down until the
foreskin moved back to reveal a four-lobed head. Nog sighed with pleasure and
rubbed his own large ears to increase the sexual stimulation he was feeling,
while closing his eyes to enjoy the sensation. It was only a couple of
seconds before he opened them again feeling a different sensation and saw to
his amazement that the blonde human woman had turned her head sideways and
put her mouth around his cock and was sucking it like you would suck a glop
stick bought from one of the food stands on the Promenade! This made him
squawk in surprise and he caught Jake's eyes who was in his own ecstasy as
he pumped his penis in and out of Seven's cunt.

"This is ... ugghh .. fuckin' great .. ahhh" Jake told him, as sweat dripped
down his back from his exertion.

"Yessss" Nog replied as Seven of Nine slid her tongue around his multi-lobed
cock head with a slurping sound "this hu - mon knows how to fuck ....
aaaaaahhh...." Her darting tongue had found and penetrated the Ferengi's
pisshole making him gasp explosively. Her tongue came away with a bead of
pre-cum on its tip and she smiled at Nog as she slowly closed her mouth and
swallowed it. Nog knew that he couldn't take much more of this. He was very
close to coming all he would have to show for it was a blow job.

"It's my turn, Jake" he whined and his friend didn't disappoint him. Jake
rammed his cock up Seven's tight pussy one final time then withdrew his
member coated with sticky cunt juice, and they swapped positions.

"Lick me, bitch" Jake told Seven of Nine without realizing he was addressing
a high-ranking StarFleet officer, not to mention a woman who was ten years
older than him, in such a manner. Seven obeyed, keeping her face straight as
always, but happy that she had helped transform two virgin teenagers into
sexually active men. She tasted her juice on his black cock and sucked at it
eagerly, licking at its whole length from tip to base and around his balls
while Jake gasped at the incredible sensation he was feeling. She really
knew how to give a blow-job and was nowhere near what he had experienced
previously with Kaela or any holo-porno. He reached over and grabbed a
handful of large tit, squeezing it and pinching the stiff nipple while she
pleasured him with her mouth.

Meanwhile, Nog was pushing his cock into Seven's wide-open cunt with some
difficulty since he was much shorter than Jake and the crate the female was
lying on was a bit high for him. He pushed himself up on tip-toes and tried
to slide his rod into her but the position was making his back ache. Jake
noticed his Ferengi friend's predicament and looked around until he saw a
small packing crate lying to one side. Bending over without removing his own
cock from Seven's hungry mouth, he pushed the crate towards Nog who stepped
onto it bringing his cock level with its target.

"Thanks Jake" Nog mumbled with a sigh as he finally eased his aching tool
into Seven's warm, wet vagina.

Now it was his turn to pop his cherry and he did it sloppily but effectively.
His cock was a blur as he humped Seven of Nine. What it didn't have in length
he made up for in speed. Occasionally it would slip out and in his frenzy Nog
wouldn't even notice continuing to hump rapidly, his cock pounding against
her pussy lips or sliding down between Seven's ass cheeks towards her
asshole. She would circle his cock with her fingers and guide him towards her
pussy leaving him jackhammer it into her. Several minutes passed as she
submitted herself to Nog's frenzied reaming while sucking on Jake's dick. She
could feel herself rising to a climax and she began to tense her vaginal

Incredibly, Nog began to feel this already tight cunt squeeze at his cock
even further and knew he wasn't going to last any longer. He grabbed his ears
with both hands and let out a long moan as his pent up sexual energy let go
in one long orgasm. Streams of Ferengi seed poured out of his cock into Seven
of Nine's pussy before she managed to pull herself up and out of the way. It
pulsed several more times coating one of Seven's thighs with the thick,
creamy liquid.

Jake saw his friend come and he too couldn't resist any longer. "Oh baby, oh
baby, I'm coming" he cried just before squirting his load into Seven's wide
open mouth and straight down her throat. She almost gagged on the gushing
semen, but had become quite an expert at swallowing the warm, sticky liquid
since her arrival aboard Deep Space 9 and after she got over the initial
impulse to spit it out she began gulping it down.

Jake's balls continued to empty themselves as he watched this StarFleet slut
swallow his cum, while it dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and down
her chin. Finally she milked the last few drops out of his limp cock, then
sat up with a satisfied look on her face. While both cocks were pouring their
juices into her, she had cum several times herself, something she had been
unable to do while masturbating alone while asleep several minutes
previously. Now the two youngsters stood before her, their eyes roving over
her sweat covered body as they took in all her curves, amazed that they had
just had sex with this vision of beauty and lust.

She stood up and without bothering to dress she bent over, picked up the
boys' clothes from the floor and handed them to them. They dressed quickly
and she handed over Jake's padd which had recorded the whole scene.

"I hope you enjoying watching this" she told them with a sparkle in her blue
eyes, "maybe we'll get together again one day." Jake and Nog gulped, both
nodding and grinning not knowing what to say. Finally they thanked her for
the great time and left. Jake held onto the padd tightly since it was his
most treasured possession. He knew what he was going to do with it. With
careful editing to remove his and Nog's identity, he was going to send it
out to all the intergalactic subspace news broadcasters. He could just
imagine the headlines "Sex vixen does Deep Space 9" or "Star Fleet Slut
Exposed" or "Sex beyond the Final Frontier" .....

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