Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Part 5 - Held For Ransom (mFF,M+FF,cons,ncon)
by ErosTrek

It had been an uneventful voyage and Jadzia Dax was getting bored. The
runabout had been humming along at Warp 2 for three days now as she took Deep
Space Nine's new officer, the female ex-borg Seven of Nine, on a tour of
several solar systems, planets and asteroid belts within a thirty light year
sphere of the station. It was the standard familiarisation tour given to all
new officers so that they could get their bearings in their new area of
operations. Their next stop was going to be the Badlands, an immense area of
space containing a nebula. From afar the orange, blue and purple hues of the
various gases and dust that made up the nebula looked beautiful. From up
close it was extremely dangerous. The raging particle storms, the plasma
discharges, the rogue asteroids hidden in the gaseous clouds undetectable to
sensors overloaded with static made life extremely difficult for anyone
trying to navigate a spaceship through the nebula. Only desperate people or
those who had no choice attempted to cross it. In most cases they failed,
never to be heard from again.

On the fringes of the Badlands some planets and planetoids were still
inhabitable, though just barely. They were the home of a variety of
outcasts - the remnants of the Maquis, Bajoran and human freedom
fighters who had fought the Cardassians before Cardassia had been
taken over by the Dominion; pirates; Orion Syndicate outposts were
contraband, drugs and weapons were stored awaiting pickup by the
occasional freighter. Needless to say it was a dangerous place and
that was why Jadzia had brought them here. She needed some excitement
or she'd go crazy staring at the runabout's screens showing empty

She looked at Seven of Nine who was seated to her right at the controls of
the runabout. "Slow down to half impulse and take her in. Make sure sensors
are set to the maximum and watch out for those discharges." With that she
sat back and tried to relax as Seven piloted the small craft into the orange
glowing clouds. Seven seemed calm enough as her hands moved all over the
control panel as she kept the runabout stable amidst the turbulence that
would toss them about like a leaf in a storm if they lost power to their
engines. Jadzia smiled. Seven of Nine was a very good pilot. Quick reflexes
and cool under stress, no doubt thanks to the fact that she had been part
human/part machine up to a few months ago. She was going to tell Seven of
Nine to turn around and head back to DS9 when a screen flashed and the
runabout's computer announced "Incoming sub-space transmission."

"On screen" Jadzia commanded, and a grainy picture appeared in one of the
display panels. A man's face could barely be seen and the audio faded in and
out but they could just make out his words " .....sing air. Engines failing.
Please help. Repeat. This is the freighter Suvari. We have been attacked by
unknown ships. We managed to escape into the Badlands but we are losing air.
Engines failing. Please help. Repeat......" The transmission began to loop
again and Jadzia reached out to cut the audio. She used her control panel to
locate the rough area from which the sub-space transmission originated and
she sent the co-ordinates to Seven of Nine's screen. Seven turned the
runabout's nose around and accelerated to full impulse until they cleared the
roiling gas clouds. Clear of the nebula, she engaged maximum warp for the
runabout and the stars blurred as they raced towards the freighter
transmitting the distress signal.

After two hours they emerged from warp and began a search pattern trying to
locate the ship. After several hours they were about to give up when Seven
of Nine said "Commander, sensors are showing a trail of debris and oxygen
leading to the edge of the nebula."

"Follow the trail, Seven, while I transmit a report to DS9."

They entered the nebula for the second time that day though in this location
the clouds looked relatively calm and the electrical flashes and plasma
discharges were far in the distance. The sensors' efficiency was reduced but
it didn't take them long to find the large freighter. It was a cylindrical
ship, some 100 meters in length with four huge cargo pods on either side. As
they came closer they could see that there was a large rent in one of the
cargo pods from which air was escaping.

"Bring us in closer. I'm not detecting any life signs from here."

The runabout edged closer as Seven of Nine used the craft's thrusters to
match the freighter's rotation about its vertical axis. From fifty meters
away, Jadzia detected several faint life signs but no-one responded to her

She ordered the runabout to keep the same position next to the freighter,
then got up and removed a medikit from a cabinet set in the cockpit's wall.
"Seven, let's go and see if we can rescue these people." Seven of Nine stood
next to her, as Jadzia activated the transporter and beamed them over to the
disabled freighter. They materialised in a dark corridor that smelled of
dampness and stale air. A reddish glow came from the light panels that did
nothing to dispel the gloom. Seven switched on the torch she was carrying
and swept its beam around. Jadzia activated the tricorder and said "This
way". They moved down the corridor and reached an open hatch. They went
through into pitch blackness. The torch's beam wasn't powerful enough to see
much and they were about to go back the way they had come when the lights
came on automatically.

They turned around and were greeted by seven men in an assortment of dirty
Bajoran and StarFleet uniforms and civilian clothing. Each held a different
weapon: phasers, Bajoran laser rifles, Klingon disruptors, one even held an
antique crossbow. The men had wide grins on their faces as one of them,
probably the captain, stepped forward. A long scar started from his forehead,
down under the eye-patch he wore, to his cheek. One side of his mouth didn't
move but the other side was crooked up in a wicked grin.

"Look what we have here!" he chortled "Look at what our message managed to
reel in! Ladies, I welcome you aboard the Free Trader Suvari. I thank you for
coming to the rescue but now that you're here it's you who need rescueing."
This brought a burst of laughter from the group of men surrounding them and
he raised his hand for silence. He pointed at a short, bald man holding a
disruptor "Take them to the brig and make sure you switch on the force field
this time or you'll regret it!"

"You'd better release us" Jadzia told the leader "we're from Deep Space 9 and
they know of our location. Help is on the way as we speak. If you let us go
we'll forget that this has taken place and we'll even help you repair your

This made the men double up with laughter and the man with the eye patch
guffawed loudly. When he stopped laughing, he looked at Jadzia who was
glaring at him. "Lady" he said "do you really believe that the story we
transmitted?" As if in answer, a deep rumbling vibrated the deck plates
and they felt some acceleration before the artificial gravity generators
compensated and the gravity returned to normal.

"So you are pirates" Jadzia told them.

"Well, some people usually call us that, but we're more like a business
enterprise, with you two being the goods we transact in, if you get my
drift." He smiled at her and then said "Now on your way. I'm sure StarFleet
will pay us your weight in gold-pressed latinum, and if they don't the
Dominion probably will be interested in completing the transaction."

Jadzia and Seven of Nine were led down dark corridors prodded occasionally
in the back by a disruptor. They reached a round room divided by a force
field projector. At the far end there was a bunk set into the wall and a
small chemical toilet in the corner. The short pirate placed a hand on
Jadzia's bottom and when she turned to sort him out he grinned at her and
waved the disruptor in her face. "No funny ideas" he told her "if you try
to attack me your friend here will spend a few days scraping your atoms
off the wall." He pushed her roughly towards the back of the cell and
turned to Seven of Nine. She had already followed Jadzia into the cell so
he couldn't get a feel of her too. Disappointed, he punched a fist at the
force field controls and the air shimmered with a bluish glow as a screen
of energy tougher than any metal wall appeared between him and the
prisoners. "See you later, beauties" he told them grinning lewdly at them
and left.

Alone, Jadzia and Seven tried to find anything that they could use as a
tool or a weapon to get out of the cell but besides the bunk and toilet
there was only bare metal. They tried using their communicators to get in
touch with the runabout's computer which they assumed was still keeping
position with the freighter, but there seemed to be some sort of jamming
device in the cell because all they got was static. They sat on the bunk
and talked for a while about this and that till they could think of
nothing else to say, and Jadzia dozed off.

Several hours later they woke suddenly hearing a metallic noise near them.
A young boy, probably not older than fifteen years, had placed a dinner tray
on the floor before the force field and was staring at them. He had been
about to switch off the force field to pass them the tray but when they had
woken up they had startled him and he was afraid that they would try to
escape. His father would kill him if they did. As he tried to decide what
to do, Jadzia had an idea.

"Hey, what's your name?" she told him.

"I'm Brent" he told her.

"I'm Jadzia and this is my friend Seven" she said smiling sweetly "What are
you doing on this ship?"

"My father's the captain" he said "I've lived onboard since I could walk."

"Oh" Jadzia didn't really know what to say. Since the opportunity had
presented itself she'd still go ahead with her plan though she was already
starting to feel sorry for the boy.

"Do you have any friends onboard? Maybe a girlfriend?"

"No" he replied looking at the floor.

"Are there only men on the ship?"

"Right now yes, but some of the crew are married and sometimes their wives
are onboard especially when we're moving our home base to another asteroid.
Dad sometimes hires a few women for the crew after a long voyage when we've
made some money ... you know, er, those women" and he blushed studying his
shoes intensely.

Jadzia was about to speak when he looked up at her and said "None of them
are as beautiful as you two though."

The two women smiled at him when he said that. If they could only convince
him to deactivate the forcefield now. Jadzia undid the seal of her uniform
jacket and took it off. Underneath she had a tight fitting halter top that
revealed lots of cleavage and outlined her breasts nicely. "It's really hot
in here" she said "I think the air vents are malfunctioning" she said fanning
her face with her hand. She used an elbow to nudge Seven of Nine who caught
onto her plan immediately. "Yes, it is 5.3 degrees above standard
temperature" and proceeded to remove the top of her form fitting grey
uniform. Unlike Jadzia, she wore nothing underneath.

They looked at Brent whose wide eyes had locked onto Seven of Nine's large
breasts topped with pink nipples. His jaw had dropped and he seemed frozen
in place. Jadzia urged him to deactivate the forcefield and he obeyed
seemingly in a trance without removing his eyes from Seven's tits for a
second. As soon as the forcefield vanished, Jadzia got up and grabbed hold
of Brent's arms and pulled him forward prepared to knock him out if he
reacted in any way, but he was still mesmerized. She pulled him towards
the bunk and Seven handed her a piece of cloth she had torn from the
bedsheet to tie his hands. As she was doing this, her hand brushed the
front of his trousers accidentally and she felt his hardon.

"Seven, check this out will you. Look at what you've done to the poor boy!"

Seven obliged and placed a hand between Brent's legs "It's quite hard. I
think it needs to be satisfied."

"Yes" Jadzia said grinning, glad that Seven had understood what she was about
to do "It would be rude of us to leave him like this" and she pulled down his
trousers in one smooth motion.

Brent had been looking at the women as they talked about him and touched his
most private parts. When Jadzia removed his trousers he regained his voice
"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Don't worry, we're not going to hurt you" Jadzia told him reassuringly "Do
you masturbate?"

"What!?" Brent said stunned at such a question "Er, yes ... I do .. lots of
times" he said blushing fiercely.

"Well, then you should enjoy this" she told him "and it's much better when
someone does it for you, you know" she told him.

Jadzia placed a hand around his flagpole and began to move it up and down
very slowly until the skin pulled back revealing the head. She licked her
lips then stuck out her tongue and used it to wet the tip of his cock. Brent
let out the breath he had been holding in an explosive gasp as a woman he
didn't even know, his father's prisoner, began to give him his first ever
blow job. He looked down and watched as she sucked on him and jerked his
shaft with one hand. With the other hand she grabbed his arm and pulled it
down to her breasts. She pulled the halter top off baring her tits and
pressed his hand flat against one of them. He got the hint and with what
little knowledge he possessed of such matters from the few porno-holos he
had seen he grasped her flesh and began to squeeze gently. He could feel
the nipple harden under his palm as he rubbed. Their eyes made contact and
though she had her mouth full of him and couldn't talk, he saw that she was
enjoying herself as much as he was.

Though Jadzia was setting a very slow pace she knew that the boy would come
soon. It was obvious that he had never done anything with a girl and these
new sensations would make him explode prematurely. She stopped and pulled
her mouth back. She could see the disappointment in his face so she told
him "Don't worry, you're going to enjoy this even more."

Seven of Nine had been watching Jadzia blow Brent from her place on the edge
of the bunk. She hadn't wasted any time and removed her trousers and was
playing with her nipples when Jadzia got up and pulled Brent towards her.
Ever since she had come aboard Deep Space 9 she had been getting an excellent
course of sex education from Jadzia with the help of practical examples from
a few very willing men and some women on the station. She had become used to
Jadzia's apparently insatiable appetite for sex ... every situation seemed to
be just an excuse for intercourse for the Trill so she wasn't surprised that
Jadzia wanted to have this teenager too. This time though she seemed
satisfied with her partial blowjob and was offering the young boy to her.
Seven wasn't about to refuse. Her time as a Borg had lacked any form of
sex ... she hadn't even known what it meant .. in fact she hadn't spent any
time at all thinking for herself when she was part of the Collective.

Seven looked up at the boy's flushed face as he stood before her, his
engorged penis level with her stomach. "You are still a virgin" she stated
and he nodded at what he assumed was a question. "I think the correct human
term for what I'm going to do is to pop your cherry." His blank expression
showed that he didn't understand her. Of course, it didn't really matter
since she was going to demonstrate it anyway. She leaned her back against
the wall of the cell and widened her thighs so that her slit was fully
exposed in the dim light. It was clean shaven except for a triangular patch
of blonde fur at the top. Brent looked down between her legs and if Jadzia
hadn't held him up from behind he would have fainted. He had plenty of vivid
wet dreams especially after viewing erotic holos but none had prepared him
for being so close to such a beautiful, nude woman opening her legs before
him. He was so close that he could smell her odor. It was a mixture of sweat
and an exciting muskiness that made his nostrils flare widely as he breathed
it in.

A voice from behind startled him out of his dreams. It was the other
prisoner, the one who had used her mouth on him. "Are you going to stand
here all day?" she told him "I suppose I have to explain every single
little thing." Her voice was one of exasperation but the smile on her face
told him she was just having some fun with him. She knelt down between him
and the blonde girl sitting on the bunk and reached out and held his dick.
He shuffled forward as she pulled him and guided the head of his cock until
it was actually half buried in the patch of pubic hair. Jadzia pushed Brent's
cock further down until it was positioned on top of Seven's cunt mound. She
wiggled it about till the pussy lips began to part and it was able to slide
in freely. "You have to help me now" she told Brent "push your hips forward
slowly." He obeyed and shut his eyes in ecstasy as his cock was gripped
firmly in a warm, wet tunnel. "Ok, that's it" Jadzia told him "Now pull it
out slowly, yes like that ... not too much" as his dick popped free again.
Jadzia helped connect Brent and Seven of Nine again, but this time he had
got the hang of it and he began to push it in and out in slow motion. Seven
was content to sit back, relax and get fucked slowly by the boy, enjoying
the feel of his normal sized cock sliding into her love tunnel. She knew
that if she humped back at him or increased the pace he'd probably cum
straight away due to his total inexperience.

Jadzia was still kneeling, her eyes level with Brent's rod as he rammed
her friend. She watched his cock disappear deep into Seven's pussy, then
re-emerge coated with a sheen of cunt juice. She reached out with a finger
and rubbed it along the bottom of his manhood until it too was wet with
the natural lubricant. She brought it to her lips and tasted it. Mmmmmm,
she thought sucking greedily on her finger, tasty! Brent had looked down
when he felt her touching him and the sight of her licking her finger clean
after having touched him was too much. He had never seen anything so ...
so ... excitingly, sexily ... dirty ... it was enough to bring him to an
orgasm. Without any warning his cock began to pulse as he shot a large
load of cum straight into Seven of Nine's pussy. Jadzia had already reached
forward and pulled him out but it was too late. His legs were trembling as
his cock continued to stream with strands of cum and he flopped down onto
the bunk exhausted. Seven was looking between her legs as Brent's semen
flowed out of her pussy and slid down the inner part of her thighs.

Jadzia was the first to regain her composure. "Not bad at all Brent, for
your age. I hope you enjoyed your first fuck." All Brent could do was nod,
his eyes still glazed over. "Now we two have to be going. I hope your
father doesn't give you a bad time over our escape." He nodded again, not
knowing what to say. Jadzia and Seven of Nine gathered up their clothes
not bothering to dress yet. They'd first have to find a place on the
freighter not affected by the frequency jammer and then they would contact
the runabout's computer then they would dress ... Her train of thought was
interrupted by the feel of cold metal pressing against her bare back.

"Not so fast" said the grinning, one-eyed captain. His one eye was constantly
roving over her bare chest and sneaking a glance at Seven of Nine standing
totally naked behind her with his son's cum still dripping from her legs.
"Did you think I'd leave my rabbit brained son let you out that easily?" He
waved the dangerous looking dart pulser he was holding towards the corner of
the room at a hidden camera. "That was quite a good show you put on. My men
will spend quite a few hours of their rec time watching it. And I'd like to
thank your friend for showing my son how to fuck a real woman rather than
jerking off. But now, I regret that I must punish both of you for attempting
to escape."

He touched a comm button set into the wall "All hands to the brig. We have
two escapees, you know the usual drill."

A couple of minutes passed and the first crew members appeared in the doorway
grinning lecherously when they spotted Jadzia and Seven still undressed at
the back of the cell. Two of them carried a large, stained mattress which
they tossed onto the floor in the center of the room. When all six crew
members were present, the captain ordered them to strip. They did so eagerly,
unbuttoning trousers and pulling down pants. They knew what was about to
happen since it wasn't the first time they had been ordered to 'discipline'
female prisoners. This time they considered themselves lucky that both women
were exceedingly beautiful and human standard, not some female Klingon or

Huddled together at the far end of the cell, Jadzia and Seven of Nine too
could guess what was about to happen. Though their faces showed some fear,
Jadzia was secretly pleased that they were about to be gang raped. She had
wanted some excitement on this trip and she was certainly going to get loads
of it now! Seven of Nine licked her lips in anticipation. This was going to
be a new sexual experience in her short life as a full human to be relished
and catalogued for future reference. The men were fully undressed now and
all of them already had stiff erections. The one-eyed captain motioned Jadzia
and Seven forward with his gun and made them lie down on the mattress. Brent
was still sitting on the bunk and he was looking on in amazement as his
father removed his trousers and knelt before Jadzia. The captain looked up
at his son and told him "Brent, these two StarFleet bitches are going to be
taught a lesson they're never going to forget. No-one tries to escape from
the Free Trader Suvari or our family, remember that son. You may remain here
to watch if you want." Brent nodded and remained seated, his limp cock
starting to harden again as his father pulled off Jadzia's trousers revealing
the Trill's patterned but hairless pubic area and long legs.

"Oh please don't do this" Jadzia squealed pretending she was terrified.

"Shut up bitch. You should have thought about the consequences when you
blew my son" With that the one-eyed captain spit on his hand and used it to
lubricate his dick. He held Jadzia's legs open and pushed his slick manhood
against her slit penetrating her roughly. Next to her a crewmember knelt
between Seven's legs and pushed his cock into her wet cunt.

"This slut is dripping wet!" he exclaimed.

"Of course she is you dipshit" panted the captain as he fucked Jadzia hard
"that's my son's cum pouring out of her."

"Oh" replied the crewmember taken aback but not for long as Seven of Nine
placed her shapely legs around his back and pushed him deep into her.
Surprised that she seemed to be willing, he began to hump her at a fast
pace. He was even more surprised at the amount of control she had over her
vaginal muscles as they contracted and pulsed, grabbing his tool in a vise
like grip. The final surprise came when after only a couple of minutes he
came prematurely without any warning much to his embarrassment and the
amusement of the rest of the crew who would rib him mercilessly for months.
He made way for the next crewmember to have his turn at the blonde bitch,
while the captain was still grunting away between the black haired slut.
She was gasping and screaming with pleasure as he began to hump her in
quick, short bursts. His face turned red and a vein pulsed in his forehead
with the exertion and he suddenly withdrew his cock and sprayed his load
all over her stomach. Jadzia smiled up at him as she used her hand to spread
the jism over her skin.

"Next please" she said cocking her finger at the next in line and using her
foot to push the exhausted captain out of the way. A tall, pale skinned man
eagerly stepped forward his cock already coated with precum and proceeded to
fuck Jadzia.

Seven of Nine was being reamed by the short, bald crewman who had a short,
fat cock. Her pussy was stretched to the limit as he stuffed it into her and
held on to both of her tits. "Oh yes baby" he was saying "oh what a hot twat
you have, oooh yes" as he rammed her. She reached down with one hand and
grabbed his ball sac which she began to rub slowly. Startled he came suddenly
filling her vagina with his seed. She smiled at him as he withdrew his
dripping penis, "It is strange how none of you are lasting so long with me.
You can do better than that surely" she said. Jadzia turned her head towards
her and feigned a yawn. "They're not much fun are they" she said between
sighs as the pale skinned fellow thrust deeply into her lovehole while
holding her legs over his shoulders. The crewmen exchanged surprised
glances ... here they were supposedly gang banging these two sluts and not
only were they not screaming for mercy but they were actually making fun of
their sexual prowess or lack thereof!

The two crewmembers who had still not been satisfied and had been jacking
themselves off waiting for their turn stepped forward. "We'll show you now
you whore" as they laid down on either side of Seven of Nine. They turned
her over on her side so that she was sandwiched between them. One of them
raised her leg and penetrated her wet cunt from the front while the other
inserted a finger into her asshole and pushed it in gently forcing the
sphincter muscle open. When it was wide enough, he placed his cock against
her anus until first the head then another two inches were swallowed. Seven
of Nine screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she was penetrated
in both holes at the same time. The man ramming her pussy set a rapid pace
while the one in her ass was content to stay still in her tight hole feeling
her body jerk against him as his friend fucked her. "That's ... ugh ...
better .. oh yes" Seven whimpered "fill all ... ooooh ... aaah ... my holes.
Fuck me harder!"

The pale skinned man fucking Jadzia finally shuddered and let out a gasp as
he came inside her. He rose as quickly as possible, his cock still jetting
spurts of cum, as he manoeuvred himself over her face. A couple of wads shot
directly into her mouth and she swallowed eagerly then when no more came out
she reached out with her tongue and began to clean his tool from head to
base. A few pearly drops dribbled out of the side of her mouth and down her
chin. She still hadn't reached an orgasm but all crew seemed exhausted and
unavailable for a second helping of sex, except those two still pounding
away at Seven. Disappointed she sat up to watch and used her hand to rub
vigorously at her clitoris trying to get herself off. Seven was moaning in
ecstasy at the double penetration as Jadzia got up on all fours and crept
closer to her hoping to get involved. As she watched she felt someone grab
her from her hips and felt a cock slide into her cunt from behind. Surprised
she looked back over her shoulder, tossed her long black hair aside out of
her face and much to her amazement she saw the fifteen year old Brent taking
her doggy style. He had been so meek and still a virgin previously when she
had given him a blow job that she would never have thought him capable of
mounting her in this way of his own volition. Yet it had happened and she was
getting his hard dick deep within her vagina and she was actually enjoying
his young cock! It must have been the orgy scene he had been witnessing,
seven men including his father, fucking two young, gorgeous women, herself
and Seven of Nine, that had given him the courage and enlarged his penis and
balls to the point of bursting to do what he was doing now. He was holding
her love handles as he rammed her hard, his balls slapping with a wet sound
against her sopping pussy directly onto her exposed clit. She gripped the
mattress tightly and buried her face in it, raising her ass so as to give
him the best access possible to her genitals. This was the best sex she had
had in a while and for Jadzia to say that about a virgin teenager was a
compliment indeed! An orgasm built up from deep within her womb and her
vaginal muscles contracted so hard that she almost fainted. She screamed
loudly as she had a whole series of orgasms that lasted for longer than a
minute releasing an incredible amount of pent up sexual energy. Though
inexperienced, Brent knew that this was the correct time for him to come
and he spent himself deep within her adding to the large quantity of semen
already in her love tunnel. Jadzia arched her back as he came turning her
head so that they were face to face and she kissed him with an open mouth.
Brent reciprocated tasting her tongue as she smiled at him her eyes glazed
over with lust. Both of them totally exhausted, they flopped back down onto
the mattress and Brent hugged her, hands feeling her breasts, his slowly
softening penis still in her pussy. She didn't move or attempt to pull out
enjoying the feel of the fifteen year old boy's manhood filling her sore

Seven of Nine and the two men fucking her had reached their peak. Her orgasm
exceeded the one Jadzia had just seconds ago and her high pitched screech
startled everyone in the room. The man stuffing it in her ass pumped what
seemed like a pint of white fluid into her small red hole, which flowed out
just as quickly when he pulled his penis out. It sprayed all over her firm
ass cheeks and dripped down the crack of her ass and between her legs mixing
with another river of cum streaming out of her pussy as her other lover came
as well. All three of them moaned in the throes of ecstasy as Seven humped
her hips wildly in an orgasmic frenzy and dug her nails into the shoulders
of the man in front of her. Her nanobot augmented hands tore bloody furrows
through his flesh and his screams of pain mingled with his ecstasy.

Jadzia was the first to come back to her senses and she staggered upright and
looked around. The room was a mess and it stank of love making. The scent of
sweat, cum and pussy juice mingled together into an erotic perfume. The
already stained mattress was soaking wet from the pints of cum that had been
spurted on it and areas of the metal deck were slippery where less well aimed
squirts had fallen. The six crewmembers and the captain with the eye-patch
lay were they had fallen exhausted, some panting trying to regain their
breath, others already asleep probably because they had already been drunk
on Klingon blood-wine before they had participated in the gang rape.
Incredibly, Brent was sitting up looking at her lewdly and masturbating
slowly. She shook her head in amazement, the sexual stamina of teenagers was
almost unbelievable, she thought. She bent near Seven of Nine and shook her
shoulder. Seven opened her eyes and got up slowly, cum flowing liberally down
her legs. She looked a mess, a very sexy mess at that, as Jadzia looked her
over. Jadzia had a sudden urge to lick her friend all over savoring those
intermingled sex juices, but she remembered their current situation and
instead gathered up their clothing and together they dragged the
semi-conscious crewmembers into the cell area. Jadzia activated the force
field much to the surprise of the groggy captain who had managed to drag
himself to his feet and step forward. He hit the sheet of energy which
flashed white and threw him several meters across the room into the opposite

Jadzia laughed at the stunned captain and told him "I hope you've all enjoyed
yourself as much as we have, but now we really have to leave. Consider the
sex you've had as our ransom, paid on the spot. However, don't mess with
StarFleet again because you'll be sorry for it." With that she and Seven
turned, both still naked and went through the ship until they found the
command center. Jadzia programmed a course that would take the ship some 350
light years away from this location in the direction of a United Federation
of Planets penal colony. The only way to stop the ship would be to disable
the main computer or abandon it using the small emergency craft stashed in
one of the cargo modules. She grinned as she set the forcefield in the brig
to switch off in thirty minutes. The pirates were going to be in for a big
surprise when they found out what she had done to them. She found the jammer
that had been blocking their comm badges and in no time at all they
transported themselves back into the runabout and set course for Deep Space
9 at a leisurely Warp 2. It had turned out to be an exciting trip after all.

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