Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Part 6 - In the Q (MFFF,F-dom,bond,tease,oral)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Odo was walking along the top level of the Promenade. It had been a busy day
for him. He had caught a couple of pickpockets, stopped a drunk Klingon from
causing a massacre and made his daily visit to Quark's bar to remind the
Ferengi that he was still around. Of course he'd put in another visit later
during the day, this time in his liquid form disguised as a crate, or chair,
or maybe even Quark's counter top. It kept Quark on his toes and made him
think twice before committing an illegal activity, and though he would never
admit it to another living soul, he liked watching the dabo girls as they
went about their, mostly sexual, duties.

As he walked around the Promenade his eyes examined the faces in the crowd
trying to spot any criminals that had dared come aboard Deep Space 9 even
though they knew Odo was there. Of course most of them were desperate, and
that made them easy prey for him. He could see the suspicious look in their
eyes, the way their feet shifted uneasily, how their head twitched each time
someone spoke to them. He had an eye for such details and this was why he
immediately spotted the human dressed in a Star Fleet admiral's uniform
walking through the crowd as unobtrusively as possible.

Odo tried to recall where he had seen that face before. It wasn't on any of
the Wanted holo-posters that lined the wall of his office, of that he was
sure. It had been a Star Fleet briefing some years ago ... but he couldn't
put a name to that face. He followed the admiral from a distance, catching
a last glimpse of his face as he got into a turbolift and he remembered. Q!
That was him, or it, or whatever you called a being made of pure energy
disguised as a human, a being who came from the Q Continuum. And a
troublemaker, recalled Odo. A big thorn in the side of certain Star Fleet
captains, including Deep Space 9's. He remembered all the confusion that
Q had caused aboard the station on his last visit years ago. He wondered
what Q wanted this time around. He touched his comm badge and said "Odo to
Captain Sisko."

"Go ahead Constable" Sisko replied.

"We have a problem. Q's back" Odo told him.

He heard Sisko sigh over the comm link, then "Thank you Odo. I'm sure he's
up to something as usual but this time we'll be prepared for him."

Sisko touched his comm badge again, "To all senior officers, meeting in the
boardroom in thirty minutes."

The thirty minutes elapsed and everyone had arrived in the boardroom and was
seated around the long table facing the large viewscreen. Sisko stood and
activated the screen. Q's face appeared as well as a text description of him,
his powers and the Q continuum. "I'm sure most of you are familiar with this
alien" Sisko said. He has enormous powers and is to be considered very
dangerous. However, he has one weakness. He is young for his species. Though
millions of years old, he is only a child among the Q. Therefore, StarFleet
directives to anyone who encounters this particular Q are to confound and
confuse him in any way possible. Any ideas?"

Sisko looked around the table as Dr Bashir turned to O'Brien and whispered
something to him. O'Brien shook his head and whispered back at him. Kira
seemed to be arguing with Jadzia Dax, who was grinning back at her. Worf had
a strange expression on his face as he listened to their conversation but he
remained silent. Odo was bringing up some information on his padd and showing
it to Deep Space Nine's newest officer, Seven of Nine. After a few minutes of
this, Sisko brought his palm down on the table and everyone looked up at him.

"Ok, people. I asked for ideas."

Jadzia looked at Major Kira who shrugged. Seven of Nine looked at them both
and told them "I have no problem in doing this" she stated.

Sisko looked at Dax and told her "Have you thought of something, old man?" He
was referring to the Dax symbiont's previous host, Curzon, who had been a man
and Sisko's friend. Sometimes Sisko would forget that he was talking to a
beautiful, young, female Trill and call her "old man" much to her amusement
and the astonishment of those around her.

"Yes, Benjamin" she said and with one hand she pulled at the seam of her
uniform's top until it parted and everybody at the table had a frontal view
of her bare breasts. Kira and Seven of Nine did the same and three pairs of
breasts were exposed for Sisko's viewing.

"What .. what .. are you .. have you .. gone crazy" Sisko sputtered as his
eyes darted from one bare torso to the next.

Jadzia grinned at him "See, it's confused you Benjamin, and it may confuse Q
especially if he is the Q continuum's version of an adolescent. If all the
female officers and maybe other females on the crew who are willing suddenly
bare themselves before him for no apparent reason, and maybe go even further"
she said her grin widening "then we're going to have one very confounded Q."

Sisko looked at all three females. This was a breach of Star Fleet protocol,
and he should be disciplining all three of them but then he thought, Q is an
extraordinary factor that required extraordinary measures. "Ok, Jadzia" I'll
go along with your idea. I'm sure you three will be able to take care of
informing other crew members about their new duties. Meeting's over." and
everybody got up and left. Sisko watched them go and as the door slid shut
he muttered "Q doesn't know how lucky he is" then shook his head and left for
his office.

A few hours later Q still in an admiral's uniform appeared in a flash of
white light in a corridor just off the Promenade. He still hadn't decided
what he was going to do to that human, Benjamin Sisko. His ego still hurt
from his last encounter with him. Not even Picard had dared touch him and
yet Sisko had punched him right on the jaw. What cheek! Maybe he'd transport
Deep Space Nine to the center of the galaxy and let it be sucked into the
massive black hole there. Or maybe he'd land it on Bajor. Absorbed by his
thoughts of revenge he didn't notice a young female ensign stop and stare at
him, then compare his face to the information she had on her padd. She called
out "Admiral" and he looked at her, remembering the disguise he was wearing.
He had hardly turned his head when the ensign pulled open her uniform's top
exposing two pert little breasts. She placed her hands around them, pushing
them together, then resealed her uniform and continued on her way as if
nothing had happened.

Q looked after her in astonishment. What did she do that for? he thought.
Is this some new human greeting that I don't know about? He raised a hand
and disappeared in a flash of white light only to reappear in a different
corridor, this time on the habitat ring. A Bajoran female in a brown
security uniform was talking to her colleague as they kept guard outside
a room occupied by a visiting Romulan delegate. She saw Q walking by, and
recognizing his face from Major Kira's instructions she called out "Excuse
me, Admiral" and pulled off her top and the black lace bra she was wearing
and handed them to the other guard who was just as surprised as Q. She
stood at attention naked from the waist up as Q stopped and stared at her.
When she stared back defiantly, he walked on only to bump into someone. He
put out his hands to stop himself only to find that they came in contact
with soft flesh. He looked up and found that he was touching the bare
breasts of a grinning blonde human female whose discarded top showed she
was a science officer on one of the starships docked with Deep Space 9. He
pulled his hands back as if bitten and told her "What's going on?" in the
most authoritarian voice he could muster.

"Nothing Admiral" she replied seriously though she was still grinning widely
"If the Admiral has finished feeling my breasts, I should be on my way." She
innocently bent over to retrieve her top, pointing her ass straight at Q as
it stretched the tight material of her trousers. "Nice meeting you Admiral"
she said and left leaving Q still staring at her with his mouth open.

He went to another corridor in the habitat ring and met a female Vulcan
science officer, pointy breasts visible, walking along with her hands behind
her back.

He went to a cargo bay to find two human females loading crates onto an
anti-grav cargo sled. Their bare breasts bounced with each exertion and were
coated with sweat from their hard work.

He went deep into Deep Space Nine's core and met a Bajoran technician
monitoring the micro-fusion plants. Her uniform's top was draped over a metal
pipe nearby and the bare skin of her breasts reflected the various colored
lights and led indicators.

He went to the Promenade only to be greeted by what seemed like a nudists

It would have been obvious that something was wrong to a Ferengi snuff
beetle, let alone someone with the intellectual capacity of Q. He was feeling
rather annoyed that these beings seemed to be up to something and he couldn't
figure out what it was. It must be that Sisko, always up to tricks. He'd find
out now.

He raised his hand and transported himself onto the command deck. Unknown to
Q, Chief Engineer O'Brien had calibrated the station's sensors to detect the
release of energy caused by Q's displacement and they could track his rough
location. That was why Q found an abandoned command center occupied only by
3 females. He recognized two of them from his previous visit, Kira Nerys and
Jadzia Dax, a Bajoran and a Trill. The third was a human but she seemed to be
equipped with Borg technology. Strange. He wondered how the humans had
managed to remove her from the Borg Collective. It was another mystery that
he intended to solve, but first he needed to know why females were stripping
themselves in front of him. He was about to speak when all three of them told
him "Hello Q!", "Are you having a nice day Q?", "Anything exciting happen to
you Q?" and all three broke down in fits of laughter.

When the laughter subsided, he glared at them and said "I am Q. If I wish I
can destroy you and this station. I can remove it from this universe with a
single wave of my hand. I want you to tell me what is going on immediately."

Jadzia spoke up "You're not so omnipotent, are you now? Otherwise you'd know
what is going on" then she poked Kira in the ribs with her elbow and giggled
"He's getting all hot under the collar" as she saw Q's angry expression.

Major Kira said in between laughs "Yes, maybe we should cool him down a bit."

Seven of Nine stepped forward. She was holding what looked to Q like one of
those medical tricorders the humans were so fond of. The woman pressed one of
its buttons and it emitted a green light that expanded as a bubble of energy
that engulfed all four of them. Surprised Q didn't do anything. If he wanted
he could have just disappeared in a flash of light or transported all three
of them hundreds of light years away, yet he just stood there curious to see
what these mere mortals were up to.

Jadzia told him "Q do you know what this is?" Without waiting for his answer
she continued "It's a tricorder modified to emit pulses of tachyon static on
a range of subspace frequencies. Seven of Nine told us that the Borg
Collective has had a number of encounters with different members of the Q
Continuum and they were attempting to devise a way to neutralize you. This
tricorder is the result of what Seven of Nine recalls of those attempts. It
has only a temporary effect in blocking your access to the Q Continuum's
energy but it's enough for what we have in mind."

Q was not curious anymore. He was starting to feel fear. Fear that he had
never experienced before. He tried to transport himself elsewhere ... nothing
happened! He tried again .. still nothing. What had they done? Could they
really have managed to find a way to block his powers? It seemed like they
had. He took a step backward, as the three women moved towards him. Were they
going to attack him now?

They weren't thinking of an attack .. they were thinking about a removal of
clothes. Jadzia grabbed Q's collar, while Seven of Nine grabbed the waist of
his trousers. Kira helped Seven of Nine undo the trouser's seam and pulled it
down around Q's ankles. They let go of him and stood back to look at their
handiwork, only to start laughing hysterically again, pointing at him. Q was
becoming very angry now. They had removed his clothes revealing the human
body he had designed for himself since he was actually made of pure energy
and now they were making fun of him.

"What's so funny?" he told them in a small voice. Finally Jadzia calmed down
enough to be able to respond and between an occasional giggle she said
"That!" and pointed to between his legs. He looked down and saw the human
penis he was equipped with. Since his kind didn't have the need for sexual
intercourse, he hadn't really gone into much detail when designing his human
body's reproductive organ. It looked normal to him, but these three females
seemed to think otherwise. Now Q had an ego bigger than a solar system,
probably bigger than the Alpha Quadrant, and to have three inferior beings
make such fun of him and of the body he was wearing was very damaging to his
ego, not to mention it was an insult to the entire Q Continuum. He couldn't
do anything about it though. He was at the complete mercy of these three
crazy women who had stripped him of his powers as well as his clothes.

Kira finished tying his hands behind the back of the chair they had put him
on. His legs had been strapped down too, so that the only part of his body
that he could move freely was his neck. The Trill stood before him and said
"Let's have some fun!"

Some soft music started playing and Jadzia began to sway her body to the
tune. Kira and Seven of Nine watched her for a minute then imitated her
actions though a bit more clumsily. Kira realized that one of Jadzia's
previous hosts must have been a stripper! Jadzia's hips were gyrating
seductively as she tossed her head about, freeing her hair from its
ponytail. She moved until she was only a foot away from Q and leaned
forward so that her hair covered his face. Q could smell the fragrance she
was wearing and much to his astonishment he felt something move between his
legs. What was happening to him? She moved closer until her breasts were
almost touching his face and one of her hard nipples brushed his chin. Q
was sweating now. He had never felt this way before .. but he had never
been so human before either. It must be that damn tricorder they were using
on him. Taking away his powers had made him as close to a human being as
he was ever going to get complete with human emotions ... yes, that was it.
He was feeling lust. Lust towards this Trill, lust for the Bajoran and the
human/Borg. Q would do anything to satisfy this sudden craving he was

Jadzia had turned around now though she was still bent over. She still had
her uniform trousers on, but the elastic material outlined her firm ass as
she swayed it seductively in front of him. She put her hands on her hips and
began to pull the trousers down slowly exposing her white flesh to his view.
He couldn't pull his eyes off her round butt as she pulled the material down.
Down and down it came, his eyes following the crack of her ass until it
widened at the apex of her legs. Q's eyes lit up as he got a glimpse of
hairless cunt lips for a moment before she moved backwards and sat on his
bare lap. Their bare skins touched and Q felt what seemed like an electric
shock. His limp penis rocketed skyward as Jadzia rubbed against him still in
tune with the music. His cock had grown to roughly four inches in length.
For the first erection in his more than a million years of age it was the
best he could do. Jadzia had positioned herself so that his dick was
positioned vertically between her two ass cheeks. She moved up and down
slowly so that her buns were rubbing the penis sandwiched between them. Q
was in ecstasy. He had never experienced such a feeling before and he closed
his eyes and stayed perfectly still hoping that the Trill would continue
forever. She didn't. He opened his eyes and saw that she had moved back and
was watching him with a smile on her face as Kira Nerys took her place before

The Bajoran knelt on the metal floor before him. What was she going to do, Q
wondered. Then as her head moved closer to his stiff penis and she opened her
mouth, he felt real fear. She was going to bite him! She must be a savage
after having fought for all those years of the Occupation against the
Cardassians! Why, oh why, couldn't he have left these beings alone. The Q
Continuum had warned him before that one day he was going to harm himself.
Now it seemed the day had come. He shut his eyes waiting for the pain he knew
he was going to experience for the first time. It didn't come. However he
felt a warm wetness at the tip of his member. He opened his eyes and looked
down. Kira had her tongue out and was licking the head of his stiff rod.
"Ohhh ... Ohhh ..." he gasped.

He was being bombarded by a variety of sensations, sensations which he was
unused to as a Q. Though he was still afraid, he made himself relax
completely and even began to enjoy himself as Kira's tongue circled the head
of his cock and occasionally slid down the whole length of it right to his
balls and back up again. A pearly drop of pre-cum emerged from the hole and
Kira flicked her tongue at it. She rolled it about in her mouth as if to
taste it. She looked back over her shoulder at Jadzia and Seven of Nine.
"First time I've tasted an immortal being's juice" she said winking "nothing
special I have to admit."

Jadzia began laughing and Seven of Nine smiled. "Now you've gone and offended
poor little Q" she said. Then she turned to the Borg female and told her
"It's your turn now, Seven."

Kira got up and made way for Seven of Nine who came forward and stood before
Q. Her large, bare breasts seemed to glow in the greenish light emanating
from the tricorder. Like Kira, she still had her trousers on and she didn't
seem to have any intention of removing them. Q would certainly have liked her
to do that, for his previous glimpse of Jadzia's cunt had really excited him
and he wanted to see more. However, he wasn't going to show these inferior
beings that he was actually enjoying himself now! Seven of Nine knelt before
him like Kira had, but unlike her she didn't intend to use her mouth. She
cupped a breast in each hand and began to rub them together, using her thumb
and forefinger to pinch the pink nipples. Q was amazed at the way the nipples
were growing visibly as she played with them. The show went on for a full
five minutes, until Q could still see those wonderful nipples being pulled at
and rubbed and kneaded and flicked even when he closed his eyes. Seven moved
forward until she was leaning on his thighs and her tits engulfed his cock.
She used her hands to push each breast firmly against his member and began to
move her chest up and down. His cock was completely surrounded by the firm,
warm flesh. He could feel those glorious, hard nipples rubbing against his
stomach. Q knew he wasn't going to resist much longer. Up and down, up and
down, up and down those tits went on his red hot tool. Seconds passed, then
minutes. He could feel drops of fluid emerge constantly from his cum hole,
leaving a slimy trail of wetness along the middle of Seven of Nine's chest,
helping his cock slide more freely between the globes of flesh. Q was feeling
so good that he was either going to pass out or explode. His dick decided on
the second option.

Seven of Nine sensed that Q was going to cum and she quickly stepped back
as he began to hump his hips upwards as far as his strapped down legs down
allowed him. Not that Seven of Nine was squeamish about cum. In fact she
loved it. In her few months of purely human life, after her time as a Borg,
she had engaged in frequent sexual encounters. She didn't really know why
so many men seemed attracted to her, she considered her body normal, though
many would disagree and call it fantastic, a real stunner! Anyway, she loved
it when they spurted cum all over her, onto her breasts and even into her
mouth. However, there was a time for play and a time for work, and this was
the time for work. Jadzia's plan was to get Q off, but leave him aching for
more; leave him unsatisfied so that they'd have a hold over him. If he ever
came to bother them again, they'd just have to bare a breast or ass and he'd
become a docile little man begging for a feel.

Seven of Nine deftly avoided the stream of cum that erupted from Q's cock.
It rose at least 3 feet high and droplets spattered onto the metal floor of
the command deck over 8 feet away. Another stream reached half that distance,
then smaller spurts coated his thighs with the milky white substance and
dripped off onto the floor. The whites of Q's eyes were visible and his head
hung limply backwards. His whole body twitched and spasmed as he experienced
his first ever orgasm.

It took several minutes for Q to come back to his senses. Before him were
Jadzia, Kira and Seven of Nine still in various stages of undress. Now
Captain Sisko stood between them looking at him. "Q, I hope you've learnt
your lesson" Sisko patted Jadzia's ass playfully and she squealed and
laughed "You've had excellent teachers too" he said while glancing first at
Seven's tits then at Kira's. Kira self-consciously raised a hand to cover
her chest. Seven of Nine just looked at Sisko, having no preconceived notion
or taboo about nudity.

Q sniffed, his eyes darting between the three females and Sisko. "You realize
that you cannot keep me trapped like this forever."

"Of course" Sisko replied and he waved a hand to Seven of Nine who picked up
the tricorder and pressed a button. The green glow faded to be replaced by a
flash of white light as Q felt the Q Continuum's energy and used it to
remove his bonds and redress himself in a StarFleet Admiral's uniform. He
re-appeared standing before Sisko.

"Though I should make you and all aboard this station cease to exist" Q said
"I will forgive you this time. The experience was ... pleasurable" Q looked
directly at Jadzia "and next time I will come fully equipped to satisfy
everyone" as a bulge appeared at his crotch and began to grow as he modified
his genitals. Obviously he was still smarting from Jadzia's earlier remarks
about a small penis. With a wave of his hand he left the station and returned
to the Q Continuum.

Sisko congratulated the three officers on a job well done then told Jadzia,
"You'd better make sure that the holo-recording of this encounter with Q is
sealed with Alpha level security. We wouldn't want Quark getting hold of it
and turning it into one of his holo-suite pornos!"

"I'll see to it Benjamin" she said "but first I'd better get dressed." Her
eyes glinted with mischief "Or maybe we could change StarFleet dress code and
have everyone running around naked!"

"Don't you even think of it Jadzia. Just imagine how efficiency would drop if
I were to allow that." He shook his head and laughed as he watched all three
of them get onto the turbolift and disappear from sight, with a final playful
wiggle of Jadzia's shapely behind. Maybe, just maybe, it wasn't such a bad
idea after all, he thought. Nahhh, Admiral Ross would probably demote him to
Ensign if he even suggested it!

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