Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Paramount Studios. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. This series portrays what happened to Hoshi Sato between the scenes that were aired for the general public.

Star Trek - Enterprise: Between The Scenes Part 2 - Fight Or Flight (F-alien)
by Phil ([email protected])

Even after her successful and very pleasurable first contact with the Klingons, Hoshi still had trouble adjusting to space travel. She recalled the fear she felt on her first away mission. They had come across an alien vessel adrift in space. There were weak bio-signs but they couldn't get in touch with the crew. Archer decided to take the shuttle to see what was wrong with the alien ship. He told Hoshi and Lt. Reed to get ready.

Hoshi tried to talk Captain Archer out of taking her. She admitted that the environmental suit made her claustrophobic. And going on an alien ship dead in space wasn't her idea of fun. But Archer was adamant that he wanted her on the away team. Making her carry a phase pistol did little to allay her fears. Wearing an environmental suit she had boarded the alien vessel with Captain Archer and Lt. Reed. The ship was dark, cold and appeared deserted. Until Hoshi found alien bodies (later found to be called the Axanar) hanging upside down from the ceiling. She screamed at the gruesome sight. The bodies were hooked up to a machine draining their fluids.

Dr. Phlox figured out that the Axanar were being drained for triglobulin, a valuable fluid that could be used to create medicines, vaccines, and aphrodisiacs. Hoshi went to Dr. Phlox to talk about her reaction on the alien ship.

"I screamed like a twelve year old," she told him.

He tried to reassure her that she had nothing to be ashamed of, that everyone is frightened by unfamiliar things.

"Nobody else screamed," she countered. "I'm a translator. I didn't come out here to see corpses on hooks."

"Have you ever considered that you might be happier back at the university?" Phlox asked.

"I'm an exo-linguist. I graduated second in my class. I spent three years in Starfleet training. I was Jonathon Archer's first choice for this mission. Every inhabited world we come to is going to be filled with language." Not to mention men she thought to herself. "Some will have hundreds of them. He needs me here."

But when Hoshi had to return to the corpse filled alien ship to try to translate the language to send a message, she realized as tempting as meeting new alien men were to her, this was way too stressful.

"I'm going to ask the Captain to take me home," she told Trip as they worked on the com system. "I should have never the university. I'm not suited for this.

"Give it a try. You'll be fine," he reassured her.

"The Captain needs someone he can count on. Someone who shows a little grace under pressure. That isn't me."

"You can't be sure of that."

"Oh yes I can."

After returning to the Enterprise, they were attacked by the enemy vessel that had attacked the Axanar ship. The enemy had superior weapons and the Enterprise was helpless against them. Another Axanar ship appeared and Hoshi tried to communicate with the Axanar captain through the computer translator, but its inaccuracy caused him to think the humans were responsible for the murders. Hoshi became flustered by the immense pressure on her. Their lives depended on her ability to communicate. The enemy ship lowered two metal arms which attached to their hull.

Captain Archer told her to translate directly with the Axanar without using the translator which was only causing confusion. Hoshi was too frightened, scared that she would mess up, that she would make things worse. As the enemy ship began to drill through their hull, Archer convinced her that this was the only way, that things couldn't get much worse.

Hoshi reluctantly abandoned the translator and began to talk directly to the Axanar captain as best she could in his language. Hoshi managed to convince the Axanar of their friendly intentions, but he still seemed hesitant to help. Feeling the vibrations of the enemy ship drilling through the Enterprise's hull, Hoshi, in desperation, told him that she would do anything for his help. The Axanar captain looked her over, then agreed, promptly attacking the enemy vessel.

Hoshi was nervous as she accompanied Captain Archer and Commander T'Pol onto the Axanar ship. The atmosphere was chilly as they stepped through the airlock into the alien ship. The captain and several crewmen stood in the entryway, waiting for them. They were all dressed in identical green and gray uniforms. Hoshi couldn't tell which one was the captain until he stepped forward.

"I am Captain Meenok. Welcome aboard our ship," he said as he bowed, his hand on his chest.

Hoshi stepped forward, mimicking his gestures.

"I am Sato and behind me are Captain Archer and First Officer T'Pol," she replied. "We thank you for coming to our assistance."

"It is our pleasure to know you," the captain answered.

Hoshi wasn't sure about the syntax but as the Captain's eyes wandered up and down her body, she realized he could have meant "It will be a pleasure to explore you."

They were led to a conference room where Hoshi translated for the captains and they came to quickly understand and respect each other. They set up teams from each ship to remove the dead crewmen so they could have their last rites done according to Axanar custom. Hoshi fretted during the entire meeting. When Captain Meenok agreed to help after she had promised him anything, she wasn't sure what he would ask for. She couldn't bring herself to tell Captain Archer what she had done after he had kept praising her. And during the meeting, she nervously kept waiting for him to ask for something outrageous or very valuable from the ship. She wasn't sure what she would do if that happened.

Then the meeting ended. Captain Archer, T'Pol, and Hoshi stood and turned to leave. Hoshi breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe he didn't understand what she had said in her moment of desperation. Then Captain Meenok said something and Hoshi paused.

"Captain Archer, Captain Meenok has requested that I stay and work with him. There's a lot I'm still missing and he wants to get to know us better."

"That would be fine," Archer replied "Just think, you're the reason for our successful first contact with these people. Make sure you don't get so caught up in your work that you forget to enjoy yourself."

"I'll try, Captain."

The other Axanar crewmen led Captain Archer and T'Pol out of the room and the door slid shut, leaving Hoshi alone with Captain Meenok. He walked up and stood directly in front of her.

"So you are a human female," he said as he looked down at her. "I was reluctant to intervene and save your ship, but when I saw you and you agreed to do anything for your ship, well, now I will find out if you were worth the effort."

So he had understood.

"I don't have much of value, but..." Hoshi started.

"I don't have need of materials. But I have lived for over 200 years and have never seen one such as you who was so obviously built to give pleasure," Meenok said as he inhaled noisily, taking in her scent. "Satisfy me and your debt is paid."

Hoshi instinctively looked down and saw a large bulge in his pants that was not present before. She almost smiled with relief. This was something she could take care of and Captain Archer would be none the wiser. Hoshi placed her small hand over the bulge and squeezed.

"I will do my best. After all, you did save our lives," she replied as she knelt in front of him.

She pulled at his pants, and the front split open, allowing his stiff member to spring forward. His penis was the same color as the rest of him and the same general shape as a large human penis, about ten inches long. There were ridges that ran down each side that pulsated in time with his heartbeat. The head of the penis was like a knob and at the tip a small amount of thick clear fluid oozed from a slit to form a bead. Hoshi licked her lips in anticipation. She was about to taste her second alien penis. She reached up and gently ran her hand up and down the shaft, feeling its bumpy but pliant texture. Wrapping her hand around its girth, she could feel it pulse in her hand.

Hoshi leaned forward and ran the tip of her tongue over the thick head, licking up the bead of fluid. It had a surprisingly sweet taste. She took the meaty tip into her mouth and sucked and was rewarded with a squirt of the thick sweet fluid. Eagerly, she continued to suck on the thick fleshy rod as she took more and more of it into her mouth. She grabbed his hips for leverage and pulled him forward until his whole length was stretching down her throat.

As an exo-linguist, Hoshi had to learn to change the shape of her mouth, tongue and throat to make all the different sounds that made up other alien languages. One benefit was that she was now able to orally accommodate almost every penis she had met. She worked him with her mouth, sucking on the tip, then taking it deep, back and forth enjoying the taste of the alien flesh. She looked up at Meenok who stood there, hands on his hips, watching her with his erection in her mouth. He seemed indifferent to her talents as she bobbed her head back and forth. Perhaps this was going to be more difficult than she had imagined.

She began to hum, adding vibrations to further stimulate him as she bobbed her head up and down, working the turgid flesh that jutted from the Axanar captain. Suddenly, his whole body began to tremble. His mouth dropped open and he began to gasp as the trembling became more pronounced. Hoshi thought the captain was going into a seizure and started to pull her head back. Just then, she felt his penis pulse forcefully as the alien spurted his thick sweet seed into her mouth. She swallowed as quickly as she could, as the shot after shot of alien semen filled her mouth.

Finally, he stopped trembling and Hoshi let his still erect member pop out of her mouth. Meenok looked down at her.

"Not a bad start," he stated. "What next?"

Hoshi was beginning to see that aliens seemed to have more endurance than their human counterparts. She undressed in front of him, first revealing her soft pert breasts topped with large brown nipples. The chilly air caused goosebumps on her skin and her nipples to become erect. Then she removed her boots, pants and finally her panties. Hoshi was acutely aware of his eyes examining her now naked body, taking in the curve of her breast, wandering down her flat stomach to finally fixate on the triangular patch of black hair at the junction of her soft shapely thighs. His erection seemed to grow even more as he silently observed her.

Hoshi waited, unsure of what to do. Captain Meenok was still completely dressed, only his penis jutted out from his trousers. He walked around her, looking her up and down silently appraising her. He cupped her breast, feeling its weight in his hand while he pinched a nipple. This sent a tingle of pleasure down her spine. All too quickly, he stopped and ran a hand over her bottom. Then he stood in front of her, hand on his chin.

"Very nice," he remarked. "Now present yourself to me."

Hoshi was confused and it showed. He impatiently pointed to the table.


Understanding finally what he wanted, Hoshi sat on the edge of the table and leaned back. She spread her legs, revealing her opening wet with arousal. Captain Meenok walked up to her, placed the head of his erection at the entrance, and thrust into her in one quick movement to the hilt. Hoshi gasped with the suddenness of the penetration, but she was so lubricated that it felt good to be so quickly filled.

He leaned forward grabbing her breasts as he began to thrust. Like a pile driver, he slowly pulled out, then quickly plunged back in, slow out, quick in, driving his flesh deep inside of her. Hoshi held onto the end of the table so she wouldn't slide as she adjusted to the rhythm, wrapping her legs around his waist so she could pull him in further. This also tilted her pelvis forward so that as he thrust, the head of his penis pushed against her G-spot. This stimulation plus the shocks of pleasure shooting down as his rough fingers pinched her nipples quickly caused a pleasurable pressure to build in her pelvis.

The Axanar captain then leaned over while squeezing her breasts and licked her now very sensitive nipples. His tongue was rough like a cat's. He continued to thrust as he licked and the added stimulation of his rough tongue on her nipples pushed Hoshi higher and higher until the pleasure peaked. She moaned with pleasure as the waves of her orgasm rolled through her body. Meenok continued to pump in and out of her writhing body with the same tempo not giving her body a chance to recover from her orgasm.

Hoshi felt the pressure build again quickly as the stiff alien flesh pushed in and out of her until she had another orgasm. Her body went into a spasm around pounding rod and this time, had the desired effect on the Meenok as his body began to tremble with his impending orgasm. His tempo did not change, but his thrusting became more forceful as he slammed his erection deep inside young ensign until he erupted inside of her. His penis pulsed as his semen shot deep inside of Hoshi filling her with his seed. As his trembling subsided, his erection did not. Hoshi looked up at Meenok. She suddenly felt excited by the challenge of seeing how long he would last with her.

Several hours later, she left the Axanar conference room, sore, but feeling very satisfied. During their marathon session, after both she and the captain had had many many orgasms, Hoshi had discovered that the Axanar were an androgynous race who lived for over 400 years. Since they were androgynous, they did not have mates like humans or Vulcans. Rather, those with more masculine tendencies had sex with those with feminine characteristics. Interestingly, those with the most masculine characteristics tended to be the leaders on their world and also had the strongest libidos.

Captain Meenok boasted that he had had thousands of alien women, but few had been as satisfying as Hoshi. He was an honorable man, and though he tried to persuade Hoshi to stay with him, he finally let her go, stating that she had paid her debt. At the very least, he had the holo-vids of their session to keep him and his crew entertained.

After her encounter with the Axanar, Hoshi began to finally feel more comfortable on the Enterprise and in space. She was no longer intimidated by meeting new races of aliens, realizing that on the most basic physical level, they were all very similar and that all males, whatever planet they were from, wanted the same thing. And this excited her because that's exactly what she came on Enterprise to do, to boldly let these alien men go where no alien had gone before.


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