Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Paramount Studios. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. This series portrays what happened to Hoshi Sato between the scenes that were aired for the general public.

Star Trek - Enterprise: Between The Scenes Part 3 - Civilization (MMF,alien)
by Phil ([email protected])

Enterprise discovered a Minshara-class planet with a pre-industrial society called the Akaali. The crew of the Enterprise was excited about getting a chance to study a new world first hand. As they made preparations to go down to the planet surface, they picked up neutrino emissions which indicated the presence of an antimatter reactor on a planet without indoor plumbing. Hoshi was part of the away team to not only study this new race of people, but to discover why an antimatter reactor was on this primitive planet.

Doctor Phlox added ridges to Hoshi's forehead to make her look like the Akaali and her hair was curled and loosely braided down the back. She wore a simple long burgundy dress with a gray apron and a loose light blue collar. Disguised as Akaali, the away team landed their shuttle outside of a town after dark. They split into two groups, Captain Archer and Commander Tucker in one and T'Pol and Hoshi in the other. Hoshi pulled the hood of her coarse woven purple cloak over her head as they entered town. They noted that many of the people on the streets had lesions on their skin. They paused near a busy street where several men were standing outside a shop, in an animated discussion.

"I tell you, witches have done this to us," stated a skinny man with his face covered with sores. "A year and a half ago, none of us were like this."

"The apothecary seems to think it is related to the new curio shop," another man added.

"No, I think it's witches. The problem is how can you tell who's a witch?" asked another.

"Well I know for a fact that a witch cannot stand the touch of our manhood," a large burly man stated as he grabbed his crotch. "Their magic is meant to keep us from functioning, to keep us from our women. But that is also our weapon against these witches."

"Well if we find one, we should torture her so we can find them all and be rid of them once and for all," the skinny man stated.

"Keep your eyes open for anyone acting suspiciously," the burly man warned.

Hoshi and T'Pol made their way through the town. They stepped around a corner of a building so that T'Pol could use her tricorder. Hoshi peaked back around the corner and came face to face with a local, who quickly made his way to another villager and whispered something to her. They looked fearfully back toward Hoshi and T'Pol who decided to leave for a more secluded location. As they left, one of the villagers went to the burly man and pointed them out. He motioned to the skinny man and they stealthily followed the women.

T'Pol stopped at a deserted street corner.

"I cannot get an accurate reading here," noted T'Pol as she looked up from her tricorder. "It will be more efficient if we separated. Meet me here in one hour."

"Are you sure it's safe for us to split up?"

"It's for only one hour," T'Pol answered brusquely. "What can happen in that time?"

T'Pol went down the darker street. Hoshi put her trepidations to the side and forced herself down the other street. It was late at night and most people were now inside. There was no one out as Hoshi's steps echoed off the stone walls. She looked behind and thought she saw a shadow move. She quickened her pace thinking that there was someone behind her. She turned a corner and almost ran into the burly man. Hoshi was startled by his sudden appearance and jumped back.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?" the burly man asked.

Hoshi quickly pulled her wits about herself as the skinny man caught up to them. They were alone in a darkened, deserted alley, with high stone walls on both sides.

"I got lost and there was no one to ask for directions."

"You're not from around here, are you?" the burly man asked as he looked closer.

"No, I'm new in the area," Hoshi answered, noticing that their eyes were roaming up and down her body, lingering on the swell of her breasts. "My name is Hoshina."

"I am Sinep," the burly man replied, "and this is Nemes."

Hoshi quickly sized up the situation - she could pump these men for information and other things and have fun doing it, rather than wander the streets alone for the next hour. She looked carefully around to make sure T'Pol wasn't around.

"Pleased to meet you two," Hoshi replied, turning on her charm. She unbuttoned her cloak giving them a better view of her breasts. "I was actually hoping I would run into a couple of the local men who could give me a feel of the area."

Nemes was instantly pulled in, hook, line, and sinker. Hoshi knew what part of his body made the decisions. Sinep was a bit more cautious.

"How do we know that you're not a witch that's responsible for the plague?" he asked.

Hoshi stepped up to him and ran her hand up and down the bulge forming in front of his pants.

"Would a witch do this?" she asked while squeezing his erection through his clothes.

Sinep shook his head. Hoshi knelt on the stone path and fished his large stiff penis out of his pants and pumped her hand up and down the shaft.

"How about this?"

Sinep again shook his head. Then Hoshi took the thick mushroom shaped head into her mouth and began to suck. Sinep groaned as she took his entire erection deep inside her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and began to thrust.

Nemes was not about to get left out of the action and leaned over so he could cup her breasts from behind. Dissatisfied with the clothing that was in the way, he undid the top of the apron letting it fall over at the waist, then slid his hands to the front of her dress. Too impatient to undo the tiny buttons, he ripped open the top, sending buttons flying as Hoshi's breasts bounced into the open. Her nipples hardened as the cool night air then Nemes' calloused hands caressed her exposed flesh.

Nemes pulled her up by her hips so that she was bent over at the waist, her mouth still working on Sinep's stiff rod. Hoshi felt Nemes pull up her dress until her bare bottom was exposed. She avoided wearing underwear whenever she could, and this was no exception. She heard some rustling, then without warning, felt a shaft of flesh penetrate her. Even though Hoshi was already dripping with her arousal, the suddenness of the penetration made her gasp with surprise and pleasure. He grabbed her hips and began to thrust at a furious pace. She wanted to tell him to slow down to enjoy the ride, but the erection her mouth made that impossible.

Sinep took this opportunity to fondle her breasts bouncing beneath her as he too began to thrust more vigorously. Hoshi could feel the pressure beginning to grow in her pelvis as the two men plunged into her at both ends, the calloused hands kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples. Her dress was bunched up at the waist with only her leather boots and blue collar covering the rest of her body giving the Akaali men ample opportunity to let their hands roam over her.

She felt the sweet pleasure grow and grow, but all too quickly, Nemes' thrusting became more frantic as he slammed his erection deeper and deeper into the young ensign. He began to groan in time with his thrusting and she felt his penis pulse as he ejaculated deep inside of her. She felt him become flaccid as his seed leaked out of her and down her thigh.

Hoshi wanted Sinep to take his place behind her, to push her over the edge so that she too could have her moment of ecstasy. But before she could stop him, he held her head in a vice like grip and began to thrust harder into her mouth until he too shot thick load after load of his seed into her mouth. Hoshi swallowed quickly, not wanting to lose a drop of his semen. She continued to suck him dry as his penis deflated in her mouth.

They escorted Hoshi to their room which was in a building close by. In their post-coital state of bliss, Hoshi was able to get quite a bit of information from them about the local plague as well as local Akaali customs and beliefs. She also discovered that the Akaali men recovered very quickly and soon they had her on a table, this time with skinny Nemes in her mouth while Senip pushed his stiff member into her most intimate opening. Their pace was less feverish and they were able to last long enough to push the already aroused Hoshi quickly over the edge. She moaned and shuddered as her body was wracked with pleasure, overstimulating the two Akaali men who were unused to such a sensuous woman. Simultaneously, they ejaculated, filling her mouth and vagina with thick ropes of their semen.

Hoshi suddenly realized that over an hour had passed and she was late. She quickly pulled on her clothes. The men invited her to stay for the night, but regrettably she had to leave.

Hoshi rendezvoused with T'Pol who was waiting, punctual as always.

"You are late, ensign," T'Pol stated.

"I was busy sampling some of the local goods," Hoshi replied.

"Yes, and you still have some on the corner of your mouth," T'Pol said as she pointed.

Hoshi quickly wiped the drop of semen with a finger and licked it.

"And your clothing is disheveled." T'Pol continued.

"I took part in some of the local customs," Hoshi answered.

"I must admit that I am surprised at how much you seem to enjoy exploring new worlds," T'Pol remarked. "I was sure that you would leave Enterprise at the first opportunity given your initial trepidation with space travel."

"Well, I've found that making contact with new races can be quite stimulating and is much more enjoyable than I anticipated."

"The Captain wants to rendezvous in three hours. I still need to get more soil and water samples throughout the city."

"If you don't need my help, I would like to continue my study of the Akaali," Hoshi asked, trying not to sound too eager.

"It is very late. Do you think there are any villagers still awake?"

"I just left a couple of the locals. If they've retired, I'm sure I can arouse them quite easily."

"Very well. We will meet in three hours. Do not be tardy, ensign."

Hoshi quickly went back to the Akaali men and spent the next three hours trying every combination she could think of with the two men. What they lacked in endurance, they more than made up for with their enthusiasm and a short recovery period.

She discovered that the Akaali women were very frigid. When it was time to mate, they would lay still on the bed, fully clothed. The men would have to undress them and position them with their legs apart so that they would have access while the women lay perfectly still. During the entire process, the woman did nothing, made no sound. If a man took too long, only then would the woman act, pushing him off to end the session. The men who quickly ejaculated were thus more likely to be successful impregnating the women. Hence the quick ejaculatory nature of the Akaali men.

Sinep and Nemes never had a woman who was so sexual and vocal and this brought them to orgasm even faster than normal. But it also so stimulated them, that they were quickly ready for action again and again. They each ejaculated numerous times and after three hours, it was a very satisfied Hoshi who finally left to meet her crewmates.

She met T'Pol in the pre-dawn darkness and they went to meet Captain Archer and Trip at the curio shop. Hoshi was exhausted and sore and hoped that T'Pol with her heightened sense of smell would not be able to detect the scent of the alien seed which had dried on her body. She had hoped to be able to return later to "study" the Akaali men some more, but after their confrontation with Riann, the apothecary, at the curio shop, she had to return to Enterprise.

As Enterprise left orbit, Hoshi sighed. She was definitely going to miss the eagerness of the Akaali men, but the thought of all the worlds for her to explore made her almost giddy with excitement. So many worlds, so little time. The young ensign shivered in anticipation of her next encounter.


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