Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Paramount Studios. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. This series portrays what happened to Hoshi Sato between the scenes that were aired for the general public.

Star Trek Enterprise: Between The Scenes Part 5 - Dear Doctor (F-alien,oral)
by Phil ([email protected])

Hoshi sat on the bridge of Enterprise, listening intently. Enterprise had run across a disabled pre-warp spacecraft and there was no response despite there being two life signs on board. The craft was brought into Launch Bay 2 where they discovered two alien astronauts. They were taken to sick bay where Dr. Phlox revived them. The astronauts revealed they were from a planet called Valakis, and had been traveling in space for over a year searching for technology to develop a cure for an epidemic that was slowly killing their people. The Valakians appealed to Captain Archer to allow Phlox to help them. Archer agreed and Enterprise went to their world on a mission of mercy.

Archer, Phlox, T'Pol and Hoshi visited a Valakian hospital and learned more about the epidemic. They also learned that there was a second humanoid species indigenous to the planet called the Menk who were less evolved than the Valakians. The Menk worked for the Valakians - they were very hard and loyal workers. However, the Menk had never contracted the disease so Phlox decided to research their immune system.

With Hoshi and Cutler's assistance, Phlox visited a small Menk village to run some tests and take blood samples. The village, where a dozen Menk families lived, was located in the woods outside of the city. The men wore loose fitting knee length pants and a long shirt that came down below their waist made from a coarse brown woven cloth. Hoshi found the relatively primitive Menk very cooperative and surprisingly bright. One helper named Larr began to learn English just by listening to them. He also organized the blood samples in a sophisticated way, grouping them by families and relationships.

As the three of them continued to work with the Menk, Hoshi learned more about them. They were a communal people, sharing everything, food, supplies, even wives. Since no one knew for sure the paternity of the children everyone participated in the raising of the children. Hoshi found them very easy going and eager to please. They were also very curious about Hoshi and her crew as the humans were the first aliens they had met.

Their idea of personal space was limited and Hoshi kept bumping into them. She wryly noted that they managed to keep out of Dr. Phlox's way. And many times they managed to rub up against her breast or bottom as they reached for something or slid past her. Larr had an uncanny ability to be standing right where she would run into him. But he was always very deferential, making his actions seem accidental. Hoshi began to tease him by reaching past him and letting the weight of her breast rest against his arm. She would stay in that position as long as she could, working with an instrument while rubbing her breast against him.

She wondered what kind of effect that was having on him or whether she was misconstruing his actions. Perhaps on this world, this kind of behavior was akin to touching someone on the shoulder. Larr was standing against a wall with more samples in his hands and Hoshi had to go past him. He lifted his arms to make more room as she turned sideways to pass. The ensign pushed her bottom against him, letting the globes of flesh rub against his crotch. The surprisingly large bulge she felt confirmed that her actions were affecting yet another alien man.

The Enterprise crew finished collecting the first set of samples and stopped to take a break. Hoshi reluctantly followed Cutler and Dr. Phlox out of the building, wanting to tease the Menk helper some more.

"It seems like a vacation," said Cutler. "Then I keep remembering why we're here."

Hoshi quickly came up with an excuse to return to the building.

"I'm going to help Larr finish packing up," she told them. "He's back on duty at the hospital in an hour."

Hoshi found Larr in the storage room putting away the supplies.

"Have the tests helped you find a cure for the disease?" he asked.

"Not yet," she answered. "We have to find out how the Menk and the Valakians are different."

"Larr can tell you how."

"Really? How are you different?" Hoshi asked.

"Well, main difference is Menk are bigger."

Hoshi looked at Larr and smiled. She had seen many Valakians and Menk and though they looked very similar, the Menk were definitely shorter.

"You mean the Menk are shorter," she corrected him.

"No. The Menk men are bigger in certain ways."

"What do you mean?"

"We have a much larger tipli."

"What is a tipli?" Hoshi innocently asked, though she had a very good idea what it was.

"It is our madarash organ. It is why Menk and Valakians stay separated."

"I'm afraid I don't understand," Hoshi said, feigning ignorance. "Perhaps you can show me."

"I don't know..." Larr said, somewhat embarrassed.

"This could be the answer to the cure for the Valakians," she encouraged. "I am a scientist. You can show it to me."

Larr struggled against his modesty, but could not defy an authority figure. He pulled down his pants and pulled up his shirt to reveal what looked like a large salami hanging between his legs.

"So that's a tipli," Hoshi stated as she licked her lips, suddenly feeling flushed. "I have to examine it closely," she continued as she knelt in front of him.

Hoshi gently held the dense warm flesh in her hand and lifted it up to eye level. His testicles hung down from the base like two baseballs.

"This is why Menk and Valakians stay separated," Larr explained. "Valakian men are unable to make children with Menk women because they are too small."

"What about Menk men with Valakian women?" asked Hoshi.

"It is forbidden."


"Yes. It is said that once a Valakian woman has had Menk, she can never go back."

"Do those unions lead to children?"

"It does, but Valakians deny this. And no one would admit to it because any Menk caught with a Valakian woman is sent into exile."

"That's awful."

"Yes, it is terrible. But many liaisons still occur."

"I can see why," Hoshi murmured to herself.

Suddenly, something Hoshi had noticed earlier made complete sense. Even though the Valakian men treated the Menk with obvious disdain, the Valakian women's behavior was more complex. In front of others, the Valakian women were similarly disdainful of the Menk men. But when others were not watching, they seemed to go out of their way to bump or rub against the Menk. She now knew why they were so eager to get close.

"Well, as a scientist it is my duty to try to learn as much about you as I can while we are here, " she continued in as official voice as she could muster. "Tell me if my examination causes any discomfort."

Hoshi rubbed her hand up and down the shaft which began to harden and become redder as blood filled his organ, making the log of flesh jut out perpendicularly from his body. She was inexorably was drawn closer until she was nuzzling the tumescent organ, inhaling his musky scent while she fondled the huge testicles heavy with seed. Then she stretched her mouth over the thick head and drew it into her mouth.

Larr gasped as she began to suck. Hoshi stopped and looked up.

"Is this causing you pain?" she asked.

Larr shook his head. Hoshi continued her oral ministrations on his now huge erection. She moved her head back and forth, taking more and more of his penis into her mouth. Larr stood silently looking down at her as she used her hand to pump his shaft in time with her bobbing head. After a while, Hoshi paused and stood.

"Why are you just standing there?" she asked.

"I don't want to interfere with your investigation," the Menk replied. "And besides, we must have permission to do interact with off-worlders."

"Well, part of my study is to see how you respond to certain stimulation," she stated as she stood closer to him. Hoshi undid her top, letting it fall to the floor, then pulled off her undershirt, freeing her breasts. "Just pretend I am a Menk woman and do what you would normally do in this type of situation," she suggested.

Larr stood there, staring at her breasts.

"Go ahead. You can touch them."

He tentatively reached out and ran his fingers lightly over her breast. Hoshi shivered at his touch. He cupped her breast, gently squeezing it, then moving to the other breast to feel it too. He grasped her nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. Hoshi enjoyed the gentleness of his touch as she continued to stroke his stiff member. Larr seemed mesmerized by the texture of her breasts as he continued to massage them.

After a while, as much as Hoshi was enjoying the attention her breasts were getting, she realized that she was going to have to provide Larr with more explicit directions if anything more was going to happen. She pushed down her pants and underwear and stepped out of them. Then she lay back on a table and spread her legs.

"Lick me here," she commanded, spreading apart the inner lips.

Larr obediently knelt between her legs and ran his tongue up and down her slick opening. He homed in on her clitoris and she jerked as he flicked his tongue over that sensitive nub of flesh. Electrical shocks of pleasure shot through her pelvis causing her juices to flow abundantly forth. He reached up and massaged her breasts and soon the combination of all that pleasurable stimulation pushed her quickly to the brink. Her head thrashed back and forth as her orgasm cascaded over her, making her body go rigid in her ecstasy.

But even as her orgasm subsided, she wanted more. She stood, leaned over the table, and looked over her shoulder at Larr's throbbing erection.

"Put that in me now," she ordered.

Larr stepped forward and Hoshi reached behind her and grasped his penis and guided it to her dripping opening. He didn't need any more encouragement. He grasped her hips and thrust forward. Hoshi gasped as his thick pole suddenly filled her. He pulled out and thrust forward, again and again, pushing deeper and deeper until he was completely buried inside her. Hoshi relished the feeling of being filled by his rigid flesh.

Larr began a steady rhythm, withdrawing until he was almost completely out, then pushing forward, burying himself to the hilt, in and out, in and out. He pulled her hips toward him as he thrust so that he could go even deeper. The rhythmic probing of his erection pushing into her most intimate area caused the pleasure to build. He reached under her to grab her swaying breasts in both hands, fondling the mounds of soft tissue. He alternately pinched her nipples as he continued to plunge into her.

Hoshi moaned with pleasure as her pelvis was stimulated by the thick organ pounding in and out of her. The pressure built as the sensations from her pelvis and her nipples continued to push her until the pleasure exploded, causing her to writhe in ecstasy around the pole of flesh that was the catalyst for her orgasm. Larr held on to the thrashing human female as he continued to thrust.

Hoshi lost count of the number of orgasms caused by the Menk tipli. Larr was tireless as he worked his tool in and out of her, first from behind, then with her laying on the table, her legs draped around his shoulders, then with her on top, riding his pole. Finally, when she was almost exhausted from her many orgasms, she felt an urgency in his movements. His breathing became more labored as he gasped and thrust even harder, hammering his shaft deeper and deeper until his seed shot deep into the young ensign. Wave after wave of semen pulsed into her, filling her, then leaking out as the exhausted Menk collapsed on top of her.

Hoshi heard Dr. Phlox and Cutler talking in the next room as they returned from their break. She and Larr hastily pulled on their clothes just as Dr. Phlox opened the door to the storage room.

"Ah, there you are. You must have been hard at work," he said as he noted their disheveled clothing and sheen of perspiration.

"It took longer than expected to get Larr to finish what he had to do," Hoshi answered. "I'd like to go back to the hospital with him. There's something I want to check out."

Hoshi accompanied Larr back to the Valakian hospital. As they walked through the woods, Hoshi ran her hand down his front and was surprised to feel him erect. Larr told her Menk men were always ready for women. If they weren't already late, she wouldn't have let this opportunity pass, but duty called.

At the hospital, Larr went to work. Hoshi returned to the ward and found the doctor who had been assisting them. He was sitting at a desk, busy looking at a chart. Hoshi came up behind him and looked over he shoulder.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" he asked.

Hoshi leaned forward pretending to be interested in his work, meanwhile pressing her breast into his shoulder.

"Is that the timeline of the illness?" she asked pointing at the chart.

"Yes, and as you can see, the pace of the disease is slowly accelerating."

"And what is this line for?" she continued as she slowly rubbed her breast against him. She could see his gray trousers starting to bulge up. Hoshi kept feigning interest to maintain her position and breast contact.

Hoshi looked around. "Is there a more private place where we can talk?"

"Certainly, right this way," he said as he stood and led her into an empty exam room. "Will this do?"

"This will be fine," Hoshi said as she closed the door behind them. She turned to face the doctor. "I think you need some relief."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well, I'm a scientist and trained to observe. You are obviously overworked and from the look of your trousers, you need some help."

Hoshi reached forward and placed her hand over his bulge.

"Wait..." the doctor started to protest.

"Shh, it's ok. I have a special interest in studying male reproductive anatomy."

She pulled his pants down in one motion, exposing his rather small penis which was about the size of his thumb. No wonder the Valakian women preferred Menk men. Hoshi leaned forward and took it into her mouth. The doctor held her head and thrust forward twice, grunted and shot a small amount of semen into her mouth.

Hoshi swallowed and looked up.

"Thank you, that was very nice," the doctor said.

"Here, let me help you do that again," Hoshi offered as she started to lick his shrunken member.

"I'm sorry, but it will be at least six days before I can do that again."

Hoshi discovered that the doctor was typical of Valakian males. The Valakian men were all small, quick to arouse, quick to ejaculate, and had a very long refractory period before they could perform again. This was not a good combination of factors for the continuation of the Valakian people.

Later, Dr. Phlox shared some of the results of his findings with Hoshi which confirmed her suspicions. It seemed that the Valakian epidemic was genetic in origin and the deterioration was accelerating so that within two centuries, the Valakians would be extinct. However, the Menk were in the process of an evolutionary awakening. Even though the Valakians and Menk remained separate, he had found those Valakians not affected by the illness had evidence of Menk genetic material.

This did not surprise Hoshi after experiencing first hand Menk and Valakian males. She suspected that many Valakian women were having secret affairs with their Menk servants and many were having children from their illicit trysts. The Valakian men had no chance against the Menk in propagating their species. Soon, all the women on the planet would only have Menk men, the Valakian male line would die off and there would be only one dominant humanoid species on the planet.

Hoshi spent the rest of her time on the planet testing out her theory. The Valakian men never lasted more than ten seconds while the Menk men never disappointed her. She was sore when she boarded the shuttle. As she idly looked down on the planet as they flew back to the Enterprise, she smiled to herself. In a couple centuries, all the women on Valakis would feel this satisfied.


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