Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Paramount Studios. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. This series portrays what happened to Hoshi Sato between the scenes that were aired for the general public.

Star Trek - Enterprise: Between The Scenes Part 6 - Rogue Planet (M+F,alien)
by Phil ([email protected])

Hoshi smiled as she watched Commander Tucker try to get a picture of the captain to be posted at Starfleet Academy. Tucker was having difficulty getting the captain to cooperate. Watching them reminded her of the time she tried to take some photos of a man she had been seeing.

He had a superb physique and the largest penis she had ever had inside of her. But he was painfully shy and trying to get a picture of his gorgeous naked body was a chore. She finally did get some pictures, but most of them were of the two of them in different positions. He didn't seem to mind taking pictures so much when he was thrusting deep inside of her. The thought of how good he felt inside of her quickly made her wet. Her lustful thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of a rogue planet on the sensors. This rogue planet had left the orbit of its system and was floating alone and darkened in space. A power signature of a ship was detected near the equator.

Captain Archer, Commander T'Pol, Lieutenant Reed and Hoshi took the shuttle pod down to the planet surface to investigate. Since the planet was no longer orbiting a star, everything was dark, perpetually night time and quite chilly. Strange bioluminescent creatures crawled through the dark jungle. The crew wore a dark jacket and insulated pants to stay warm. Their faces were eerily lit by the green light from their night vision eye piece. They discovered a campsite and Captain Archer and Hoshi waited while T'Pol and Reed went exploring.

Archer and Hoshi did not have to wait long. Men with camouflage clothing entered the campsite carrying weapons. They had a prominent vertical ridge extending from their nose to the top of their head. Archer and Hoshi stood, hands open and to the side as they tried to communicate. Soon, Hoshi had the translator working and they found out that these men called themselves the Eska and the leader's name was Damrus. T'Pol and Reed returned with the rest of the Eskan party. Over dinner by the campfire, the crew of the Enterprise conversed with the six Eskan men, learning about them.

"Are you studying the wildlife here?" Hoshi asked.

"Not exactly," the Eska with blond hair named Galrum replied with a short laugh.

"We're on an expedition," Damrus stated.

The Drazion we're eating," continued Galrum, "we killed it yesterday."

The Eska, apparently, had been coming to the planet to hunt for nine generations. Archer explained that hunting had gone out of style on earth. Reed, however, was eager to accompany the Eska hunting to see how they managed to sneak up on their prey. The testosterone level was almost palpable as the Eska and Enterprise men verbally jousted. It reminded her of the locker room talk she had heard after a football game when she was hiding in the trainer's office.

This was in college and Hoshi had sprained her knee in her aikido class. The trainer had been kind enough to wrap it for her and she felt all too happy to repay his kindness. Very quickly, she was divested of her clothes and leaning forward, elbows on the table while the trainer grasped her hips and thrust into her sweaty body. That's when the football team entered the locker room. The door to the trainer's room was slightly ajar and Hoshi could see the players as they changed, showered, and traded stories of conquest off and on the field. The view of those naked hard bodies, the smell of their sweat, and the feeling of the hard flesh inside of her quickly pushed her over the edge. From that night on, Hoshi had many pleasurable encounters in that locker room with most of the team. Those memories stirred a tingling in her groin.

Hoshi dreamily brought her attention back to the table. Unconsciously, she had surreptitiously slid one hand between her legs, pressing against her clitoris. She looked around and noticed Galrum watching her from across the table, a hunter studying his prey. She felt a flush of anticipation seeing his interest in her. It had been a while since she had a man and she really wanted one now. And the Eska had been here for several weeks without even seeing a woman. She sat up straighter, pushing her bust out more prominently. Galrum looked appreciatively at her figure. Like shooting fish in a barrel Hoshi thought to herself.

"We're explorers, trying to learn as much as we can about other worlds," Hoshi said. "The wildlife here is quite unique, having adapted to life without the light or warmth of a star. I would love to get a closer look."

"There are some very interesting things to see here," Galrum answered. "If you wish, I could show you some of them."

Hoshi turned to the captain for permission.


"If Galrum is willing to take you," Archer replied.

"I would be more than happy to take her, Captain," replied Galrum. "And make sure she has a good time."

Galrum turned to Hoshi.

"When would you like to go?"

"Now is fine with me."

They stood and Galrum escorted Hoshi out into the darkness. Galrum put on his goggles and turned them on, making them glow with a subtle pink light. Hoshi activated her own night vision eye piece, making it glow green. This magnified the existing light, allowing her to see in the dark without a flashlight. They went several hundred meters leaving the warmth and light of the camp behind. The dark shapes of the trees loomed over them as they made their way through the nocturnal jungle.

"Do the women from your planet ever come here to hunt?" Hoshi asked.

"No, only men."

"Why no women?"

"Women would be a distraction."

"But, don't..."

"Shh...," Galrum held his hand up. "Look here."

He pointed to what looked like a log on its side about waist high and put his hand on it. When he removed his hand, the area he touched glowed on the log in the same shape as his hand. Hoshi leaned forward to see, pressing her breast into his arm.

"Is it responding to touch or to heat?" she asked as she leaned against him.

"Ah, I'm not sure."

"Well, let's see," Hoshi said as she rubbed her hand lightly over the log. It felt surprisingly warm and soft, covered with a moss like growth. A trail of light appeared then rapidly faded away where she had touched it. Then she pressed more firmly in one area and when she lifted her hand, the area glowed for a longer time before fading. Whenever she moved her hand, she shifted her body so that her breast rubbed against his arm.

"Seems to be responsive to both," she noted.

As Hoshi turned to face the hunter, her hand brushed across a hardness in his trousers.

"Now here's something interesting that I'd like to study further."

Hoshi cupped her hand over the large bulge and squeezed eliciting a groan from Galrum.

"This is also responding to touch," she observed as she felt him grow harder in her hand.

The young ensign knelt in front of the Eskan, deftly opened the front of his camouflage pants, and pulled out his stiff erection. It was average size with a ridge of flesh similar to the one on his forehead, running from the top of the glans to the base of the penis. Hoshi smiled to herself, knowing that the ridge would provide her with extra pleasure. She grasped the shaft and rubbed the head against her face. She loved the first contact of foreskin against her skin. A bead of fluid appeared at the tip as she squeezed and milked the shaft. Eagerly, she bent forward and licked it, savoring its slightly tangy flavor, then took him into her mouth.

He groaned as she began to suck. All men, the universe over responded to her oral ministrations in the same way. She bobbed her head back and forth taking his flesh deeper and deeper into her mouth until she could feel him hit the back of her throat. She pumped her hand up and down the base of the shaft as she continued to orally stimulate him, tasting more of his fluid.

"It also seems to be responding to heat," Hoshi noted.

He pulled Hoshi to her feet and nuzzled and tasted her neck, her ears, her jawline. Not all races kissed on the lips, so Hoshi held on to the hunter as he explored her by smell, taste, and touch. His hands roamed over her body, squeezing the mounds of her breasts and caressing the curve of her bottom, pulling her forward so that he could grind his jutting manhood into her pelvis.

He unzipped her jacket and the shirt underneath, freeing her breasts. The cool night air made her nipples harden as the Eskan cupped the soft mound of tissue in his hand. He bent over and rubbed his rough skinned face against her chest, scratching her soft skin. Electric shocks of pleasure shot through Hoshi as he pinched her nipples, and more shocks jolted through her as he took them into his mouth and alternately sucked and lightly bit them. This heightened her already extremely aroused state as she moaned with pleasure. As he continued to work on her breasts, his hands were busy pulling down her insulated slacks revealing her pale skin.

Hoshi felt him slide his hand along the soft skin between her legs and push a finger into her dripping orifice. She moaned as he digitally explored her most intimate place. Satisfied with what he felt, the hunter then straightened up and pushed Hoshi over so that she was bent at the waist, her hands on the log. Her top was open to the waist allowing her breasts to hang while her slacks were puddled around her ankles. He stood behind her, positioned the head of his penis just at her slick opening, then grabbed her hips and shoved forward, driving himself deep inside of her.

Hoshi gasped as the hardened appendage invaded her sensitive core, only to be withdrawn and then driven deeper, in and out, deeper and deeper until she felt like her whole being was centered around the pistoning rhythm in her pelvis. She pushed back against the invader, matching his thrusts with her own trying to get as much of him inside of her as possible. Galrum reached up and touched several buttons on the side of his night vision goggles as he looked down at his erection moving in and out of the human woman.

Back at the camp, the Eskan and Enterprise crew continued to compare their worlds, sharing stories and ideas. One of the Eskan hunters subtly reached up and adjusted his night vision goggles he was still wearing. On a small screen inside of the goggles, he could see the picture transmitted from the tiny camera in Galrum's goggles. He smiled slightly as he saw Ensign Hoshi's naked bottom speared by his friend.

"Looks like the hunting's good," he told the other hunters. "Check channel 221."

The other Eskan adjusted their goggles and murmured appreciatively.

"I'll go check and see if he needs any help," he said as he excused himself from the table.

"Anything we can do?" Archer offered.

"Sorry," Damrus interrupted. "But too many hunters can disturb the pleasure of the hunt."

Meanwhile, Galrum reached forward with his hands to fondle her breasts as they swayed beneath her in rhythm to his thrusts. Hoshi was so aroused that the stimulation of him pinching her nipples along with the additional pleasure of his penile ridge quickly pushed her to the brink. The pressure in her pelvis was jolted to higher and higher levels with each thrust until she exploded with pleasure. Galrum held onto the woman moaning and writhing in ecstasy as he continued to pump into her clenching tunnel, and this pushed him too over the edge. He grunted as he rammed deep inside of her as the dam broke wide open and his semen shot out of him.

Hoshi felt him spasm as his erection pulsed filling her with his warm milky seed. She lay draped over the warm fuzzy log which tickled her naked breasts pressed against it as she felt Galrum become flaccid and slide out of her. She was a bit disappointed that this encounter was so short. Sure she had a wonderful orgasm, but she had really been hoping for more.

As she came off of her high, she pushed her body up off of the log and could see an outline of her body glowing on it. The interesting part was her breasts, and especially her nipples were brighter making a glowing image of her naked torso. Just then, she felt a hardness against her bottom. She turned to look over her shoulder and saw another Eskan hunter standing behind her his erection pressed against her. Galrum stood to the side. Hoshi smiled. Now things were improving. This was going to be better than she had anticipated she thought as her new lover pushed into her.

One by one, the Eskan hunters took turns, quietly leaving the camp to enjoy the human female. Hoshi lost count of the number of times she came. Galrum stood to the side the whole time, capturing all of the action on his camera. By the time his last companion was finished, he was ready to go again.

Galrum and Hoshi finally returned to the camp. Hoshi was flushed and somewhat breathless, her hair slightly tussled. Archer and the Eskan hunters looked up from the table.

"Looks like you had a pretty good work out," he commented. "Did you enjoy yourself, Hoshi?"

"Very much so, captain. I got very close to some of the wildlife here and it was very exciting," she replied as the semen from the six Eskan men continued to leak down her leg. She looked around at the hunters who were looking her over with appreciative eyes.

"Well, I'm afraid I have to send you back to Enterprise. They're having problems with the translation matrix."

"Couldn't I do that later, sir? I'd like to spend more time down here and do more exploring."

"It would be our pleasure to show her more," Galrum said.

"I appreciate your generous offer, but we have a diplomatic mission to complete and we could ill afford to have the translator go out on us," Archer stated. "You'll be leaving at 1600 hours."

"That's an hour from now," Hoshi noted. "That gives me a little more time to explore. Does anyone have time to give me a quick tour?"

All the hunters jumped up, clamoring for her attention, promising to show her the best sights.

"Well, Hoshi," Archer stated, "you've definitely won over our hosts."

"I don't want to disappoint anyone," she said, looking at all their eager faces. "We'll go together and I'll let each of you show me something."

Hoshi smiled as she walked into the darkness with the six men. So many men, so little time...


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