Disclaimer: This story is based on Star Trek characters and situations created and owned by Paramount. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. This series portrays what happened to Hoshi Sato between the scenes that were aired for the general public.

Star Trek Enterprise: Between The Scenes Part 7 - Vox Sola (F-alien)
by Phil ([email protected])

Hoshi worked furiously with T'Pol to understand the language of the alien creature that had come aboard the Enterprise. Captain Archer, Trip and two crewmen were trapped by the alien in the cargo bay and their best chance of survival lay with being able to communicate with it. The language was unlike any Hoshi had ever encountered and deciphering it was like solving a higher level math problem or breaking a code. Dr. Phlox called to let them know that crewman Kelly's metabolic rate had reached a critical level and that they had to do something soon. Ready or not, they left to try to save their fellow crewmembers.

Hoshi entered the darkened cargo bay tentatively with T'Pol. Lt. Reid had set up a force field in the dimly lit room so that they could get close enough to try to communicate with the alien. Hoshi wished they had more light so that she could see the alien better, but they had discovered that the alien was sensitive to light. It had spread over the far wall, a web of slimy white ropes of protoplasm and tentacles that had wrapped the captain, Trip and two crewmen in cocoons of the same material. Hoshi held up an electronic device and activated it, emitting a constant pitched sound.

"It just sounds like a constant tone," Reid stated.

"I'm going to set up distortions in the tone," Hoshi explained. "Hopefully, the organism will understand what I'm trying to do."

Several tentacles shot out toward Hoshi, but were deflected by the force field, making Hoshi jump.

She nervously continued her work, sending various distortions of the tonal signal. The creature finally responded with a cacophony of sounds. The translator began to process the sounds.

"Come on," Hoshi encouraged as she looked down at her translator. "Just a little more."

She soon had enough data to communicate on a rudimentary level. The organism gave her coordinates on its home world. Hoshi told the creature that they would take it home. The alien slowly lowered and released the four crewmembers, depositing their slime-covered bodies on the deck. T'Pol ordered the force field to be lowered and they went to tend to their crewmates. Hoshi moved forward, paused and looked up. The creature pulled back to the ceiling, consolidating its form.

Dr. Phlox escorted his four patients to sickbay. Hoshi told the alien that it was to stay in the cargo hold until they returned it home. Lt. Reid reactivated the force field just to be on the safe side.

"Hoshi, are you coming?" T'Pol asked as she turned to leave with Reid.

"No, I want to try to learn as much of its language as I can. Who knows when I'll have a chance to learn a language as unique as this." Hoshi then turned to Reid. "Are you sure you shouldn't have a guard posted here?"

"The force field should provide plenty of security," he reassured her. "Besides, we're only a comlink away if you need help."

They left, leaving Hoshi alone with the creature. Hoshi immediately started to work, punching at the keys of her translator until finally, she was able to talk into it and have it translate.

"Are you comfortable? Do you need anything?" she inquired.

"Warmth good, gives energy," it replied through the translator.

Hoshi turned the temperature up in the cargo hold. She learned that the alien was part of a much larger organism. But unlike most organisms she was familiar with, this one was composed of thousands upon thousands of individuals like himself. They were most satisfied when they were part of the whole and could draw on the collective knowledge and experience of the whole organism. But from time to time, by accident or design, one would leave the collective. Most never returned. But the few that did always had unique experiences and new knowledge to share with the collective.

He had hitched a ride aboard the Cretassan shuttle when it had landed on his planet. But his experience was one of misery and loneliness. He clung to the outside of the shuttle, barely able to survive in the coldness of space and went into a hibernative state. He was jostled awake when the shuttle docked with the Enterprise and when the shuttle pulled away, he made his way into the docking bay.

He had tried to communicate through the com system, but no one responded. Hoshi realized that the high frequency distortions she had heard earlier on the bridge was actually the creature trying to talk to them. When he had met Hoshi's crewmembers, he had tried to communicate in the main way he knew how, by merging nervous systems. He did not realize that it would harm them. The alien then told her how excited he was when she came in and was able to figure out how to communicate with him.

Hoshi started to sweat with her efforts as the room became warmer. As she brushed a stray strand of hair out of her face, she didn't notice as one of the tentacles approached her from the side and sprayed a fine mist over the force field which settled on her. The pheromones in the spray were absorbed by her skin. As the pheromones were carried through her body she felt slightly dizzy and put her hand to her head, thinking the heat was getting to her. She unzipped her shirt and removed it, leaving only her black undershirt on. The undershirt, wet with sweat, clung to her breasts, outlining their symmetric curves, topped by her erect nipples. Hoshi turned back to the task at hand.

"What wrong? Why take skin off?" the alien asked.

"Oh, that's just clothes," she answered. "We wear them to keep warm. I'm getting hot, so I took off my shirt."

"Clothes. I no have clothes."

"Not all creatures need them. Actually, you're lucky you don't need them. It would be nice not to have to wear them."

When the alien didn't respond, she asked him if he was ok.

"Tired. Talk like this too hard. Wish could touch talk."

"Touch talk?"

"When touch, can talk mind to mind. Much easier."

"But when you touch us, it hurts us."

"No. I know now how touch talk without hurt you. I show you."

The alien reached out with one tentacle until it was just outside the force field. Hoshi went over to turn off the force field. Though a part of her didn't think it was such a good idea to do this alone, another part of her was thrilled at the thought that she would be breaking new ground in alien communication. The pheromones continued to work on her, decreasing her inhibitions. She suddenly felt strangely attracted to the alien, wanting to touch him, to see what he felt like. She cut the power to the force field and walked up to the waving tentacle. She noticed that the tip of the tentacle flared out making it look like a penis. Wonder what that would feel like inside she thought, then berated herself silently. Once in a while, she thought to herself she needed to keep her mind off of sex.

"Now what?" she asked.


Hoshi tentatively reached out and touched the tentacle. It's smooth but subtly textured surface was surprisingly warm. She could feel a low level vibration beneath its pliable surface. It reminded her of a cross between a penis and a vibrating dildo, the best of both worlds. She laughed at herself - nothing seemed to be able to keep sex off of her mind. Now that she was touching the alien, she could sense that he was excited. She also somehow knew that he wanted her to touch more though she didn't specifically hear him say anything.

She wrapped her hand around the tentacle and squeezed gently. To her surprise, it stiffened beneath her hand. She began to move her hand up and down the end of the tentacle and that part became rigid. Not only did it look like a penis, it responded like one. Hoshi could feel herself becoming aroused as the pheromones continued to affect her. And she could sense that the alien was also enjoying this as his tentacle became slippery with clear mucus.

"More touch, talk better," she heard him say in her head.

She took the white tentacle in both hands and continued to slide her hands up and down its now slippery surface until a foot of it was rigid. She became flushed with desire and suddenly she felt that her clothes were too constricting, that she needed to be free of them. She kicked off her boots and used one hand to push down her pants and pull off her shirt, leaving her only with her panties. Other tentacles slithered toward her and were soon stroking her legs, arms, and back. Two other tentacles slid up her torso and encircled her breasts. The head of those two tentacles rubbed against her nipples, making them erect as she felt electrical shocks of pleasure shoot through them.

A drop of white liquid leaked out of a small slit at the end of the tentacle. Hoshi felt compelled to taste it and licked it with her tongue. It was slick and had a vaguely salty taste, not unlike semen. The taste aroused her even more as she took the head of the tentacle into her mouth. For all the world, it felt like she was sucking on a large vibrating penis.

A part of Hoshi felt that she should stop this - what if someone came into the cargo bay and saw her like this: almost completely naked with tentacles stroking her body and another in her mouth? But any thoughts of protest were squelched when she felt a tentacle nuzzling her crotch. It rubbed against the now soaking fabric, pushing and probing until it slid under the flimsy cloth. Hoshi gasped as she felt the blunt head came in contact with her most intimate region.

The tentacle slid along her lubricated lips causing jolts of pleasure as it rubbed against her clitoris, causing Hoshi to become even more aroused. The other tentacles wrapped themselves around her arms, legs, and waist and she was hoisted into the air, drawn toward the alien. Two tentacles continued to knead her breasts while other tentacles ripped her panties off, leaving her completely nude. She was positioned so that she was suspended in front of the alien, semi-reclined, with her legs spread apart.

The tentacle between her legs rubbed up and down her slippery opening, then slowly started to push into her. Hoshi felt the thick head separate her inner lips. She groaned with pleasure as the thick appendage entered her body. Once it was deep inside of her, it stopped and she could feel it vibrating, stimulating her even further. With a tentacle in her mouth and one in her vagina, Hoshi discovered that she could more directly communicate with the alien. She could also better feel what he felt and knew that he was greatly enjoying this.

"Feels good?" she heard the question float into her mind.

"Very good," Hoshi thought, wondering if the tentacle inside was going to just sit there or move.

As if in response, the alien withdrew the tentacle inside her vagina until it was almost completely out. No, Hoshi thought to herself. Don't pull out. The tentacle paused, then slowly pushed back in. The tentacle stiffened as it continued to pump in and out of the attractive young female. Hoshi was in heaven - the thrusting vibrating tentacle inside of her was stimulating her G-spot sending waves of pleasure coursing through her pelvis. This was augmented by the ministrations of the tentacles massaging her breasts and nipples as well as the other tentacles which were touching other parts of her body. And she loved the feeling of the phallic tentacle in her hands which she was taking as deep into her mouth as she could.

She could feel the pleasure building in her groin and knew that at the same time, the alien was feeling intense pleasure. It was almost like they were linked sexually and that their pleasure was feeding on each other, building on each other, a sexual feedback loop. The tentacle inside began to pound her harder and harder making her breasts bounce in rhythm to the thrusting. Another tentacle began to stroke her clitoris sending huge surges of pleasure racing through her body.

The pleasurable feelings of pressure were pushed higher and higher until they peaked. Her body convulsed as she felt not only her orgasm as it tore through her body but simultaneously the orgasm of the alien. Thick ropes of hot white slippery fluid shot out of the ends of the tentacles, filling Hoshi's mouth and vagina, and spurted onto her breasts. Hoshi swallowed the alien semen as fast she could, the tentacle pulsing as it shot out load after load. But as good as Hoshi was, it was even too much for her and the excess leaked out the side of her mouth onto the strands already on her chest and out of her vagina. Her own body continued to be wracked with spasms of pleasure as her orgasm subsided.

Two days later, Hoshi entered the mess hall and ran into Dr. Phlox. They chatted as Hoshi chose her food.

"I hear you're making excellent progress learning to communicate with the alien," Dr. Phlox stated.

"It's syntax is very complicated, but I think I'm getting the hang of it," she replied.

He sniffed as he caught her scent. Unknown to most of the crew, Denobulins had an acute sense of smell and he knew the aroma of a woman in heat. Even her shower couldn't wash away the smell of the alien semen from his sensitive nose. He looked closer and noted her dilated pupils and flushed skin.

"Considering you've spent all your time in the cargo hold with the alien, I'm surprised you look as fresh as you do. I heard you're sleeping on a cot so that you can be with the alien as much as possible. Such dedication. I'm sure you find the whole experience quite stimulating."

"You have no idea how stimulating learning about an alien can be and he is very curious about us also," she replied with a twinkle in her eyes and a sudden wetness between her legs. "I should get back. We'll be dropping off the alien back at his home world soon and I want to spend as much time as I can with him."

Dr. Phlox watched as Hoshi walked out of the mess hall. He let his eyes settle on her round bottom as it swayed in rhythm with her steps. Now there was a human he would like to explore further, he thought to himself. She would provide a most pleasurable outlet on this ship.


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