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The events in the following take place after 'Two Days and Two Nights'.

Star Trek - Enterprise: Exploration (MFF,FF,ncon,mc)
by Chaos

Hoshi and T'Pol walked through the wooded forest. They had crash landed on
this planet after an engine malfunction. Just before they'd crashed they
detected a small camp. The planet was supposed to be deserted, obviously
someone had come here, and they could probably help repair the shuttle as
they had detected a warp signature.

"Something the matter, Ensign?" asked T'Pol referring to her subordinates
obviously increasing anxiety.

"Can I be honest, Subcommander?"

"It is important to be honest with you superior officer, Ensign."

"I'm sexually frustrated."

"Ahh, did the trip to Risa not help relieve that? It was my understanding
you met someone there."

"Yes, but he wasn't used to human women's needs."

"Ahh, I see, he didn't give you an orgasm?"

"No, it was just not a very good one. He kept trying to stick his penis in
my back. When I asked why he was doing it he said it was where his species

"Have you tried masturbation?"

"Yes, but you know, it's not the same."

"Perhaps you could start a relationship with one of the crew on board

"Office romances are hard, you know."

"Ahh, quite."

The two walked in silence for a few more minutes.

"Look there's the campsite!" said Hoshi.

The two ran towards it, suddenly a beam hit them both and they found
themselves unconscious. They awoke to find themselves nude, each tied to a
chair each. A naked alien man stood in front of them. He was tall, at least
2 metres in height, with long hair tied back in a crude pony tail. His body
was muscular and well defined, but what really got Hoshi was his huge cock,
at least 12 inches in length she guessed.

"He's a Hilferan," said T'Pol.

"Correct, Vulcan," replied the Hilferan.

"A Hilferan?" Asked Hoshi.

"The species with probably the highest sexual prowess in the known Galaxy.
Hilferan men and women start having sex at 8 years of age, and don't stop
until death. They have sex daily at least or else their sexual instincts
would completely destroy them. They are extremely skilled with all humanoids
and will go to any lengths, even rape or pedophilia to release their

"Thank you for the lecture Vulcan..." said the Hilferan.

"It's T'Pol."

"Yes, quite. In any case, I think it's obvious while I've got you both in
this position. My name is Takrin and you two are T'Pol and?"

"Ensign Hoshi Sato."

"Should I call out Ensign, Hoshi or Sato when I'm screaming orgasmically?"

"Erm... Hoshi." Hoshi had to admit she was getting turned on by this.

"Now the reason I came here was that this planet has a plant that produces
a hormone which release chemicals which stop women suppressing their sexual
feelings. Even Vulcan women, although you need a larger dose." He got a
hypospray and injected both women, though he injected T'Pol for longer.

"It should take just five minutes to take effect." Takrin began to
masturbate, something he continued for the next 5 minutes.

"TAKE ME!" screamed Hoshi.

"No, take me!" screamed T'Pol.

Takrin smiled and released both. Almost immediately both women dived on him.

"We want your cock!" said T'Pol.

"You can have my cock," said Takrin smiling, "but first I want you two to
experience lesbianism."

The women were so desperate for sex they didn't give a second thought to it.
The two naked women rolled around the floor kissing hungrily. Hoshi pushed
T'Pol down in front of her, she grabbed the left nipple with her teeth
hungrily while her hand reached out for the right breast and she groped it.
T'Pol moaned. Hoshi was surprisingly skilled. T'Pol lifted her lovers head.

"Have you done this before?" she asked.

"I experimented at the academy," Hoshi said smiling sexily. She kissed
her way down to T'Pol's bald snatch, she parted the Vulcan's legs and began
to lick. T'Pol screamed in ecstasy as the young Ensign bit her clit and
began to suck. T'Pol screamed as the ripples of a massive orgasm moved
through her. "Now it's my turn."

The Ensign stood up and lowered herself upon the Vulcan. All T'Pol could do
was oblige the Ensign's wishes. T'Pol mimicked what Hoshi had done to her
she was pleased to hear the young woman moaning in pleasure, she was even
more pleased when Hoshi came and her juices spilled over T'Pol's face. The
two women lay on the ground, exhausted, their chests inflated and deflated
as they breathed in and out. Hoshi moved up next to T'Pol and began to drink
her own cum from T'Pol's face.

Takrin walked over and picked T'Pol of the ground with his hand, he pushed
her against a cupboard and opened her legs, she grinned as he thrusted inside
her deeply. T'Pol felt his 12 inches inside her, it hurt but at the same time
it was nice. T'Pol bent her head back and screamed a scream of pleasure.
Takrin thrusted in and out of her and T'Pol screamed as she released 50 years
of repressed sexual instincts from puberty and beyond. She grabbed Takrin's
ass, pulling him inside her and she came again and again, and then Takrin
came too. She felt his cock explode inside of her and she fell to the ground,
barely conscious smiling to herself. Takrin turned to Hoshi, she was crawling
towards her clothes.

"I must of underestimated the dose for your species, you appear to be
recovering from the effects of the chemical. Shame. And I've ran out." Takrin
ran over and pushed Hoshi so she was bent over a table and her arse pointed
into the air. She struggled against his grip, but could feel his bell-end
circling her anal passage.

"T'POL!!!" she screamed, but the Vulcan did not respond. "Not that, anything
but that! PLEASE!" screamed Hoshi, but it was too late.

Takrin's huge cock plunged into her anus. Hoshi screamed in pain and tried to
resist, but she couldn't against Takrin's superior strength, Takrin started
to push his cock in and out of the young Ensign, suddenly she found herself
adjusting to the pain and felt pleasure rising up inside of her. She was so
ashamed, but she was feeling pleasure.

Suddenly there was a new feeling, looking down she found that T'Pol was
manipulating her genitals with her hand. Hoshi just gasped and decided to go
with it. She started to moan, she could feel the pleasure rising up inside
her. Takrin shot his load into her violated anus, and Hoshi screamed as she
came to an explosive orgasm of her own. The three fell to the floor, holding
each other.

"Amazing," said Hoshi. She smiled. She began to fall to sleep, she wondered
what she would tell Captain Archer......


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