Authors Notes: The following takes place around the events of the episode
"Sleeping Dogs."

Star Trek - Enterprise: The Nasty Logs Part 2 - Captured (MF,FF)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

Our story continues with the boarding party; T'Pol, Hoshio and Malcolm still
stranded on the Klingon Raptor-Class Ship after the female Klingon, Bu'kaH
steals their shuttlepod leaving them to sink slowly into a Gas Giants
Atmosphere. The Enterprise captures the fleeing Klingon woman, but not before
she sends a communiqu‚ to her fellow Klingons that it was the Enterprise had
attacked her crew. On the ship Malcolm is off by himself trying in vain to
fix the alien technology in order to try and fly the ship out of danger.
Meanwhile Hoshi and T'Pol explore the terrifying ship and in turn "comfort
each other" in their moment of stress.

We open with Captain Archer convincing the female Klingon female that he
means her no harm.

"Take it bitch!" Archer yells as he enters the shapely Klingon maiden's ass.

She howled loudly as he tore into her, causing her yet more orgasmic release.
Her muscles shivering and weaken, she could not stand it any more.

"Please stop...stop! You have me!"

With that Archer pulled out, "Here I cummm!" he shouted. Pointing his cock at
her face. Stream after stream of cum began to spray out at her. She managed
to catch the first few strands in their mouths and swallow it eagerly but it
continued to spurt in huge globs and streams. Bu'kaH lips, cheeks, and chin
were totally covered in thick, white cream. Strands of cum dripped onto the
women's heaving tits and flowed down onto her stomach.

Suddenly, the intercom broke, "Captain to the bridge! Klingon ship's

"Oh, fuck!" Archer yells hopping off of the Bio-bed and scooping up his
uniform. Bu'kaH lies on her side rubbing her pussy, watching with a grin as
the little man hops about comically, trying put on his boots.

"You know that they are going to kill you?" she says indifferently flopping
over on her belly, the hard bony ridges of her spine clearly showing. Archer
looks up at her and scowls. Then rushes out still half dressed past Doctor
Phlox who was listening at the door. The doctor takes one look at the naked
woman on the bed, gives her a broad Denobulan grin then starts to remove his

* * *

Minutes later, Archer was on the bridge just in time to see three large
D3-Class Klingon Cruisers enter orbit above the planet. The lead cruiser
opens up with a few warning shots across the Enterprises bow to show whose
boss, then casually hail the small Starfleet ship.

Archer looks over at his buddy Trip and gives him a node to open channels.
At once a shadowy figure appears from the gloom of the Klingon ship. "This
is Captain Klaag of the Klingon Defence Forces, you will release our
countryman at once then leave this space at once!"

"Klaag? What the...? Don't you remember me?" Archer said with surprise at
seeing the huge alien.

"Yes, Captain, I remember you."

"Well, then why are you doing this? I brought you home after crashing on
Earth and protected you from your enemies... why?"

"It is because of that fact, Sir, that I do not blast you from the sky for
entering our space, boarding our ship and holding our citizen. Yes, we know
what you've been doing." The Klingon says with a sneer. "Now release her and
be off with you. We will save our comrades!" Archer swore under his breath
and order trip to fly the Klingon woman over to the Klingon ship. Trip
protested, but did what he was told all the same.

"What of our crewmen-on the damaged ship?" Archer implored Klaag.

"They are forfeit, prizes of the Empire!" Klaag said arbitrarily. Archer
fumed and sore wildly.

"You can't do this! They are my..."

"Be silent human! They are in our territoryþthus subject to our laws. As
captured invaders, I can ether have them killed or sold into slavery.
Because there is a tiny kindness owed to you, I will not kill them...but
hand them over to the Orions for their slave markets. There, if you have
enough latinum, you can buy them back human. Now, recover your shuttle
and leave before I change my mind!"

Archer watches the split screen monitor as the Shuttle departs from the
Klingon ship and heads back to the Enterprise. Then turning back to Klaag
he reluctantly agrees to his terms and slumps back into his chair,
discouraged beyond words.

* * *

Meanwhile on the damaged Klingon ship, T'Pol takes Hoshi to the next step of
Vulcan relaxation...

T'Pol reached up, and gently touched Hoshi's cheek, moving it across her soft
china doll-like lips, to letting her kiss her fingers tenderly. Still under
the trance that the beautiful Vulcan put her in to relax, Hoshi eagerly began
to suck on the searching digits, taking it in her mouth as if she was sucking
on a cock.

T'Pol let slip a tiny smile so slight that only a Vulcan would know it's
meaning. This insignificant crack in her unemotional fa‡ade marked her now
overpowering desire for this human, a need to beyond her control to resist.

With her other hand T'Pol slowly unzips Hoshi's EVA Suit, letting her small
but firm breasts free from the tight material. She voluptuous Vulcan leans
into her companion letting her lips wander where her fingers were. Hoshi
responds at once sucking on T'Pol's full lips and probing tongue. Enraptured,
with lust, T'Pol slips down, moving her mouth on Hoshi's breast. Lips closed
around her nipple causing the girl moaned softly, raking her fingers through
T'Pol's hair.

The woman moves from one breast to another, sucking her nipples to rock hard
peaks. She arched her back to push more of herself into T'Pol's mouth. She
responds with passionate flicks of her surprisingly skillful tongue, over her

Hoshi slowly starts to realize that this wasn't a dream, that this beautiful
woman was making love to her. She reaches down, framing T'Pol's face in her
hands and bents down to kiss that lush mouth, delighting in the taste of her
own sweat on her lovers lips. Their tongues danced around one another,
sending shivers through their bodies. Hoshi pulls back and stares longingly
into T'Pol's eyes. Her hands pull the suit off of her shoulder opening them
just far enough to let T'Pol get at the heat of her cunt. The Vulcan wasted
no time, opening her own suit freeing her big magnificent breasts and
dropping to her knees, slipping her heavenly tongue inside her lover. The
woman licked frantically at the folds of her pussy, devouring her, drinking
up the juices the seeped from her loins. Hoshi cups the head bobbing up and
down, holding it in place, ensuring that hungry mouth stayed were she wanted
it . . . on her cunt, sucking her with abandon.

"Yes . . . take me," Hoshi muttered, writhing excitedly in her against the
cold metal table in the Klingon mess. She thrusts her hips to meet each jab
of T'Pol's darting tongue. Then T'Pol found her clit and began sucking on
it hard her hands wrapped around the girl's lovely ass. Hoshi unleashed her
pleasure with a howl of delicious agony. Her climax left her panting for
breath. The room seemed to be spinning around her as her legs gave way,
falling to her knees with T'Pol.

Hoshi licked her lips. "Let me look at you." T'Pol, stood up showing little
or no emotion and slowly began to undress for her, revealing more and more
of that luscious body to her widened eyes. The woman was exquisite, with
perfectly formed breasts capped by plump nipples that hardened under her
licentious stare. Her gaze drifted down to the tuft of dark hair between
muscular thighs. Hoshi felt a pang of hunger deep in her belly. She took the
hands offered to her and let T'Pol pull her up on her feet and into a lover's
embrace. Their lips met in a searing kiss. Hoshi moved her hands over T'Pol's
naked body, tracing the elegant curves she knew so well from the skintight
uniform she wore.

Finding the cleft of the other woman's bottom, Hoshi teased it until she
heard T'Pol moan softly. She had never heard T'Pol moan with pleasure before.
It excited her beyond words.

They sank to the floor the two of the side by side, legs intertwined, hands
fondling the other's breasts kissing deeply . . . lost in each other's arms.
Hoshi rolled onto T'Pol onto her back and pulling herself on top of her,
kissing the other woman deeply. T'Pol pressed hard into her cunt with an
upraised knee and she thrust her hips to meet it, moaning into the kiss as
their bodies slammed together. She grasped T'Pol firmly by the ass and pulled
her lover tight against her, slopping her wet cunt all over T'Pol's leg. Her
lips moved to Hoshi's neck causing her cried out softly as she nibbled at her
skin, lavishing her with kisses.

Hoshi ran her hands over the other woman's hard bottom, stroking the rounds
of those tight buttocks. Pulling them open, she found the puckered opening
of the Vulcan's anus and pressed into it with her finger. T'Pol let out a
squeal. And moaned with delight. "Oh...yes...yes!"

Hoshi pushed her finger in a little deeper and T'Pol moaned into her
shoulder, nuzzling against her as she deftly slid a finger in and out of the
woman's secret opening. T'Pol wedged her knee tight between her thighs kept
constant pressure on her sopping wet pussy, driving her wild with need.

The Vulcan must have sensed her need for she inched downward to kiss Hoshi's
breasts, taking a nipple between those soft lips and sucking it, taking each
breast in turn, kissing themþ licking themþ biting them gently. "Oh god...
fuck me now! I must have you inside me!" Hoshi cried.

T'Pol moved down her belly with kisses, nudging her thighs apart and
nestling between them. Fingers teased her slit, stroking her gently. The
communications officer sucked in her breath as her lover stroked the length
of her pussy before slipping inside. She suddenly found herself impaled on
two fingers, arching off the bed as T'Pol drove into her. There was nothing
reserved about the way this Vulcan took her. T'Pol moved in and out of her
cunt and a frantic pace, loving her hard and fast and deep, making her body
wriggle on the floor. Her pussy clenched tight around the other woman's
fingers, sucking them in even deeper. She lifted her hips to meet each manic
thrust, her head rolling from side to side.

Looking down, Hoshi met T'Pol's eyes and held the other woman's gaze for a
long moment then watched as her lover's mouth descended on her clit. The
room exploded around her. Fire engulfed her. She wailed piteously under the
intensity of her climax, body arching sharply off the bed as the orgasm
surged through her.

Her breathing came in ragged gasps and when her head stopped spinning she
realized T'Pol was snuggled up alongside her, cupping a breast, nibbling on
her ear.

"Mmm," Hoshi purred as she rolled them both over and stared down into the
other woman's eyes. Their lips met in a crushing, desperate kiss. Hoshi
scooted further down the floor and drank in the sight of T'Pol's heaving
breasts before taking one into her mouth, stuffing as much into her mouth
as she could. Her lover whimpered underneath her, raking urgent fingers
through her mane of dark hair. Her tongue flicked wildly over the nipple,
making them hardened even more so. T'Pol's nipples seemed to be straining
upwards for her kiss as Hoshi indulged them, sucking them into her mouth...
running her tongue over them... holding them in her teeth and tugging

Sliding a hand over T'Pol's flat tummy, she tangled her fingers in the damp
thatch of hair that covered the other woman's mound. The Commander squirmed
anxiously on the floor, muttering Vulcan "sweet nothings." She dipped a
finger into T'Pol's depths and was rewarded with a deep, resounding groan.

"Oh... oh...!" T'Pol cried.

Hoshi slid her finger in and out of her superior officer's cunt, continuing
to suckle a breast as she did so. The hot juices dribbling down her hand and
pooled around the cheeks of her ass. She left T'Pol's breasts and kissed her
way down her undulating body until she was poised above her lover's pussy.
The air was thick with the scent of arousal. Her fingers still deep in
T'Pol's quivering pussy, Hoshi used them to splay the puffy red pussylips.
Holding the open for a long moment she at last bent down and burrowed her
tongue in T'Pol's wet heat. The Commander squealed with a very un-Vulcan
unabashed delight, thrashing wildly about the floor. Hoshi ignored the
bucking hips and dire cries, lapping greedily at her until she was certain
her lover could take no more of this splendid torture. She ran her tongue
over T'Pol's clit then took the hard little naughty thing between her lips,
sucking it ravenously. The Sub-commander erupted in orgasm; coming so hard
it nearly pitched Hoshi off of her. She hooked her arm around T'Pol's leg,
riding out the storm, keeping her face in the thick of it and licking as she
could. She kept at it until T'Pol's began to settle down, shivering in her

Then suddenly, they felt the ship tremble under them. T'Pol reached for her
communicator and buzzed Malcolm. "What's going on... you get the engines on

The Tactical Officer swore violently, "No... I'm not sure...the engines, are
still down...but?"

"But what Mr. Reed?" T'Pol murmured trying to put her cloths back on despite
the rumbling deck plates.

"The... the, sensors say that we are rising!"

"" T'Pol returns as she falls on her bum for the third

"I don't know...but it's happening!"

"Meet us on the bridge!" T'Pol orders as she and leave, hand in hand.

To be continued


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