Authors Notes: The following takes place around the events of the episode
ďSleeping Dogs.Ē

Star Trek - Enterprise: The Nasty Logs Part 5 - Yes My Lady!
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

Again our story continues with TíPol, Hoshio and Malcolm being enslaved by
the Klingons after being found on one of their ships that was derelict and
sinking slowly into a Gas Giants Atmosphere. The Enterprise has been forced
to abandon their crew when the Klingons surround them and ordered the
Starfleet vessel out of their space. Now our intrepid threesomes are at the
mercy of the Klingons and their sick perversions.

Malcolm Reed was in chains being dragged up a long passageway by two rather
grotesque Klingon crewmen. It had been hours since he had seen his two
companions, TíPol and Hoshi, after being parted upon capture on the Klingon
derelict. They had been accused of invading Klingon Territory and endangering
the lives of the incapacitated crew. In reality, they had gone on the ship to
try and save it from being destroyed on the depths of a Gas Giants
atmosphere. But here on this ship, under the thumb of these barbarians, it
just didnít matter anymore.

Upon reaching the end of the passage, one of the Klingons keyed a control
for the door opening it with a loud metallic screech. Malcolm was tossed in
unceremoniously landing hard on the metal floor banging his head. In the fog
of near unconsciousness, he feels himself being picked up roughly, slammed
against the wall his chains removed and his arms clapped in restrains. The
irons moved up and out, lifting off of the floor. He cried out in pain before
passing out altogether.

* * *

He awoke with the feeling of a gentle hand on his cheek. In is deluded pain
soaked mind he thought it was TíPol, his Vulcan Commander who had long since
charmed him with her gorgeous face and fabulous body. He called out her name
as his stupor began to clear. But then, as eyes began focus, there appeared
a face that was not his TíPol. It was a Klingon face.

Before him stood the most magnificent Klingon female he had ever laid eyes
upon. The huge voluptuous creature was all but naked, but for some sort of
black leather buckled corset and thong panties. She looked like the vary
embodiment of a demon succubus. Malcolm tried to speak the few words in
Klingon he knew, only to be slapped hard for speaking out of turn. Through
the stars that circled his head, he watched the woman walk over to another
equally beautiful Klingon female, her plump high bum swishing with every
step. The second woman handed her a small electronic device and what looked
like a riding crop, then went over to lie on the bed that Malcolm could now
just see in the dimness of the candle lit room.

The first woman came back to Malcolm with the crop under her arm and keyed a
few strokes on the keypad. She spoke softly to him and motioned for him to
speak. He swore violently at her, his words seemingly not making much sense
to his beautiful captor. Then suddenly she looked up with a cross glare, and
slapped him again.

ďI guess you can understand me now?Ē Malcolm said spitting out some blood.

ďYes, you human dog... I understand your words! So curb your tongue. I am
DomíKaH First Officer on this ship and Mistress of your life!Ē The device
was tossed aside and the crop came out to rest under the manís chin, the
strength of her grip partially closing off his windpipe, causing him to
gasp. Ignoring his discomfort, she began to examine his body though his sweat
soaked EVA suit. Malcolmís eyes focused on the other woman who was playfully
rolling around on the bed like some big kitten. Suddenly, DomíKaH grabbed
Malcolmís suit and ripped it off clean leaving him in only his underwear.
The other woman laughed uproariously while slowly touching her large breast
through a similar leather corset she wore.

Malcolmís mistress grinned wildly, her sharp jagged teeth clearly visible as
she reaches down with her fingers and traced the outline of his cock through
his briefs. She was surprised to find that it grew erect at once measuring
almost nine inches in length. She laughed as it jumped at her touch.

ďSuch a nice lorloD Duí wIí (loosely translated - male body part thing) for
such a small man.Ē The other woman again laughed at her joke while she boldly
released one of her big luscious boobs from the confines of the corset,
cupping it with both hands, pushing it up and at the same time pinching her
nipples. She twisted them lightly between fingers, watching them instantly
harden while alternately watching what her companion was doing the Malcolm.
Malcolm didn't reply to DomíKaH, but her fingers soon had him moaning with
pleasure, even through the material of his shorts. Looking for a response,
DomíKaH gave his cock a playful squeeze, impressed by the hardness in her
hand. The Klingon gripped both sides of his blue briefs and ripped them off
with ease. Released from the tight confines of his underwear, Malcolmís cock
sprung upward, pointing to the ceiling.

DomíKaH laughed and moved aside so that her mate could have a better look,
then moved back in to cup his balls in one hand, with the other, she ran her
nail alongside the thick shaft. Malcolm tried to hide his response, but for
a moment, his expression betrayed him. This egged her on, so she started
stroking his erect cock. ďThere are no ridged on it Kara,Ē DomíKaH said to
her lover, ďBut it looks interesting... should I have a taste?Ē The other
woman agrees before she lifts a big tit to her mouth, poking her tongue out
to lick and suck her hard nipple. With that she dropped down and took
Malcolm's throbbing penis into her mouth without hesitation and began to
suck softly on it.

Malcolm couldn't believe the incredible sensation he felt as the wetness of
DomíKaH mouth engulfs him. Every nerve in his cock was alive and as her
tongue passed along the length of his member, it sent sparks throughout his

Beginning at the base of his balls, DomíKaH began to lick and kiss her way to
his head. Licking the underside of his throbbing purple mushroom, she brought
more soft moans of delight from his blooded mouth. The she wrapped her lips
around it once again and deep throated his length.

Pushing against his restraints, Malcolm struggled to push more of his cock
into her willing mouth. With what movement he had, he began to thrust his
pelvis, face-fucking DomíKaH who was now reaching down pulling her panties
aside to insert two fingers deep inside her dripping cunt. Wiggling and
slamming her fingers deeper into her pussy, she increases the pace of her
fingers on her clit. She could already feel her climax building, as this
alien was fucking her throat.

Kara was now completely naked; she had flipped on to her back and opened her
legs toward Malcolm. Her pussy, a soaking wet mass with her thick pubic hair
shining in the candlelight. Her fat cunt lips were clearly visible as Malcolm
watched her reach down running her fingers from her asshole up through the
sticky cunt hole and over her hard fat clit. She was moaning out loud as she
started drive two fingers deep into her sticky box accompanying her mate.

DomíKaH could already taste the first drops of precum on her tongue. If this
human was like a Klingon male, she knew that he was close to exploding. She
gripped his balls and pressing on his urethra, she tried to hold him back as
long as possible. At the rate he was pumping, it would only be seconds more.
As her mouth finished an upward motion and had just begun to recover his cock
head, DomíKaH mouth suddenly filled with an explosion of hot cum.

She immediately swallowed as fast as she could, taking his cock deep into
her mouth as a second volley followed the first. She swallowed this as well,
making room for a third burst. This one she held in her mouth, moving it
around with her tongue to examine the taste. Small drippings exited the
corners of her mouth as a fourth and final salvo caught her by surprise as
she lifted away catching it on her face.

She continued to lick the spent cock began to grow semi-soft in her mouth.
DomíKaH let it slide free, and then began to lick it clean with her tongue.
Soon not a drop remained.

Standing up, she looked at Malcolmís bruised face and released the restraint
locks. He fell to the floor but was quickly picked up and hulled over to the
bed to the waiting arms of Kara.

The new woman kissed him personally. Softly at first, then a little harder as
her tongue slid between his lips. As his own tongue made contact with hers,
she bit on it causing him to scream. He tried to get up but DomíKaH was on
him at once, straddling him, pinning him on his back.

Running her hands across Malcolmís muscular chest, a wide smile formed. She
continued to run her nails across his naked hairless body rising red lines
welts and as they went.

"Nice...Ē DomíKaH purred as she stroked his pectorals. "Like that, don't
you?" She said as she continued to gently caress his nipples. Moving closer,
she kissed first one nipple, then the other. Then her tongue began to work
it's magic, bring little sparkles of pleasure to his body. She continued to
tongue his now erect nipples as her hand glided down to his semi-erect cock.
Taking it in hand, she was pleased to note it was already beginning to

Kara slid her long muscular legs on ether side of Malcolmís head. He could
smell her musky aroma coming from her heated cunt.

"Now its my turn.Ē She lowered one breast to his mouth as she herself moved
onto Karaís cunt, her tongue darting in and out her pussy, licking her
hardening little clit on the upstroke. Malcolm could feel a shiver run
through the bed as Karaís bum bounced on the padding, humping DomíKaHís face.
Malcolm was forced to reach upward with his tongue to trace the light pink
outline of her aureole. He rubbed the tip of his tongue against the top of
DomíKaH eraser sized nipples, taking the whole crown in his mouth. DomíKaH
body scent was intoxicating as he covered it with his saliva. Pleased with
his efforts, DomíKaH shifted her other breast into his reach.

As Malcolm continued to suckle, DomíKaH had brought his cock back to full
hardness. She grazed the underside of his balls with her long nails, tweaking
the small black hairs that surrounded them.

She pushed the man downward suddenly as she moved forward and squatted over
his face. With her legs spread, DomíKaH lowered herself until her bushy mound
hovered right over his waiting mouth. Malcolm stared few seconds at the hairy
pussy barely two inches above him until DomíKaH reached down with one hand
and parted her cunt lips. And ordered the man to lick. Lifting his head as
far as he could, Malcolm began to lick away as fast as he could. She growled
and lowered herself so that her open cunt now rested on top of his eager
mouth. She arched back and enjoyed the feel of his tongue inside her and
rubbed her now well-lubricated cunt back and forth over Malcolmís face.

"Yessss," she squealed, "harder slave!Ē Malcolm placed his tongue on her hard
clit as she started gasping, moaning and squirming in total ecstasy. Her slit
had petaled open and was flowing with sweet tasting cunt juice, which he
lapped up eagerly running his tongue up and down. Her clit was a hard little
nubbin poking out slightly at the top of her alto human looking vagina. He
alternated between licking her slit and brushing the tip of his tongue
against her clit causing her to scream with sudden pleasure. In minutes,
Malcolm had DomíKaH cumming over and over, squirting everywhere.

When she calmed down DomíKaH hulled Malcolm up to got up to sit in the middle
of the two girls, who both leaned into him kissing and licking his battered
face and chest in-between kissing each other hungrily. Boldly the human began
to stroke DomíKaHís breasts and pinch her nipples as Kara slowing jacked him
off, his hard on grow even larger. The kissing became a three way with mouths
and tongues intertwining, their hands roving all over each otherís bodies.

Malcolm was feeling the crack of Karaís ass with one hand and holding
DomíKaHís breast with another. Both the girls now had their hands on his cock
was jerking it slowly and rubbing their own cunts. DomíKaH was pressing her
breasts against Kara trying to get her nipples to rub against Karaís by feel
alone since their mouths were still joined. It was so intense that Malcolm
was sure that they would have brought each other off if it continued for
long. Fortunately Kara pulled back and told me, "Now it's her turn!"

DomíKaH grinned, as she licked her lips and when down on Malcolm while Kara
got on her knees and straddled Malcolmís head. She was facing towards DomíKaH
who was wildly sucking his cock. Malcolmís mouth and nose were now smothered
in a beautiful, tasty, new cunt. It had a different taste from DomíKaHís,
which had been sweeter but was pleasant all the same.

His tongue flicked out automatically and began to lick this new snatch, which
had presented itself. The cunt was wet and already slightly open. His tongue
made it open even wider exposing the inner part of her pussy to his deep
probing. Malcolmís hands rose behind her back and grabbed her soft yet firm
ass cheeks, which he caressed and kneaded gently while eating.

Gasping she suddenly lowered her body so that her breasts rested on his
stomach and her face was level with DomíKaHís face and the manís cock. She
now started joining DomíKaH, two women sucking his dick, one from the front
and another from the back. Sometimes their tongues would touch each other as
they competed for the same part of my cock. Kara would giggle playfully. The
feeling of this double blowjob was amazing! "Uggh!" Malcolm uttered, "If you,
uggh, continue like that, uggh" in between licks "I'll be coming any minute".
That slowed them both down for they certainly hadn't had enough yet.

Karaís vaginal muscles suddenly clenched as Malcolm flicked her clit with his
tongue she suddenly orgasmed howling like some beast from hell, flooding his
face with girlcum. She had been rather silent till now but when she orgasmed
she moaned so loudly that she surprised DomíKaH who flinched away.

"Let's change positions," I told them when Kara had calmed down. The three of
us seemed like long time lover, no longer master and slave. Kara nodded and
said, "I'll choose!" she lay down on the bed and directed DomíKaH over her on
all fours but in a 69 position. "Come here and take her from behind where I
can see what's going on," Kara told Malcolm. Malcolm thought that DomíKaH was
the mistress here, but now Kara was giving the orders. He decided to play
along just the same.

He positioned himself just behind DomíKaH and placed the tip of his cock
against her slit. He moved it up and down a few times making sure it was
thoroughly lubricated with her pussy juice. She pushed her ass backwards
against him and said, "Please put it in, I need it in me!" Not wanting to
disappoint her, he pressed his dick forward and heard her gasp as he
penetrated her pussy. She was very wet and hot, and her tight love tunnel
clenched his cock firmly. Without any obstruction he pushed in the full
length while closing his eyes to enjoy the feel of her alien cunt.

He humped her slowly, increasing the rhythm, pushing in and pulling out his
cock. He could feel her internal muscles rippling and trying to suck his dick
in even further as she humped back at me. Kara had moved her head just below
them. She started to finger DomíKaH 's clit and lick Malcolmís ball sac.
Drops of DomíKaH's cunt juice mixed with the manís pre-cum dripped onto her
face and she swallowed any that fell on her mouth.

DomíKaH lowered her head to Karaís own snatch and began to lick her slit. Her
tongue was even quicker than Malcolmís and she was finding all of DomíKaHís
erogenous spots. DomíKaH was moaning continuously now and hearing her aroused
Malcolm even more. His balls were slapping wetly against DomíKaHís pussy
mound as he pounded away. Every time Kara touched DomíKaH 's clit Malcolm
could feel her entire pussy shudder and clench at his swelling cock.

After several further thrusts of his cock, DomíKaHís back arched and she
began to hump backwards into him in frenzy. She set a fast pace for a minute
before she had an immense orgasm. Probably multiple ones that seemed like one
huge one! "Yessss, yesss, yesss!" she screamed as she came. While the two
women were in the middle of the fuck frenzy, Malcolm noticed a disruptor in
a holster and belt hanging on a peg near the bed. At once, he hatched a plan.

Withdrawing his stiff dripping dick, DomíKaH fell over onto her belly caught
in the grips of Karaís orgasm induced by her loverís expert tonguing. As the
two women clammed themselves DomíKaH dragged herself around so that she was
parallel with Kara on the bed. Malcolm knelt between the two exhausted women,
he could feel the cum pulsing in his balls so he positioned his cock near
Karaís mouth. Without any prompting and with her eyes still shut, she moved
her mouth towards his cock and began to flick her tongue at the tip. DomíKaH
too moved her mouth to his cock and began to lick it gently waiting for his

Malcolm was really close to coming, yet kept his eyes on the near by
weapon. His fingers found both cunts, open and wet and began to rhythmically
penetrate them as he humped against their mouths. He could feel a great
tingling sensation at the base of his cock that moved slowly upward, faster
and faster. "Here I cummm!" he shouted.

"Give it to us, right in our mouths," Kara gasped. They didn't need the
warning as they both had their mouths wide open as stream after stream of
cum began to spray out at them. They managed to catch the first few strands
in their mouths and they swallowed them eagerly but it continued to spurt
in huge globs and streams. Karaís lips, cheeks, and chin were totally
covered in thick, white cream. DomíKaH face was coated with cum and a strand
had arched over and settled on her dark hair looking very much like a string
of pearls. Strands of cum dripped onto the women's heaving tits and flowed
down onto their stomachs.

Finally, as his orgasm ended as the last few drops of cum rolled off the tip
of his cock, Malcolm leapt forward grabbing the gun and putting it where his
cock had just been, squarely in their faces.

* * *

He bound the two in the wall shackles, gagged them and picked up his rags,
tying them around his waist. It would be seemly for a Starfleet Officer to
escape naked, he thought to himself. So after blowing the struggling women
a kiss good bye, he slowly make is way out of the cabin and down the passage.

He tried to make his way back to where he was first held in order to try and
find the girls, but it soon became clear that he was hopelessly lost. He had
taken the translation device and with it was deciphering the direction signs,
yet they didnít help much. Eventually he came upon a large set of double
blast doors. The sign said; Shuttle Hanger. He smiled making a mental note of
it then turned to back track. But at that moment two large Klingons rounded
the corner along the far passage.

The ensuing firefight, forced Malcolm to take refuge in the hanger. He
sealed the doors as best he could then turned to see a rather ungainly
looking Klingon shuttle before him. Alarms went off. He considered the
situation for a time then decided the just get the hell out of there. The
girls could not be saved by him... perhaps by the Enterprise, if he could
make it back.

Jumping into the shuttle, he furiously tried to learn the controls before
the enemy could bash their way into the hanger. He found the weapons control,
then the power and flight system. He started pushing buttons hoping for the
best. The machine came to life, lifting off of the deck just a huge group of
warriors crashed in and started firing. Malcolm looked for an escape and saw
the hanger doors.

ďAh fuck it!Ē he swore as he hit the control for the disruptor canon.
Brilliant flashes of green fire leapt away blasting the doors into space. He
was off, rocketing out of the ship, sucking several Klingons out into space
with him. He swung his ship around and open fire on the Cruiserís warp
nacelle. The big ship dropped out of warp allowing Malcolm to peel off and
disappear from their sensors.

To be continued...


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