Authors Notes: The following takes place around the events of the episode
"Sleeping Dogs."

Star Trek - Enterprise: The Nasty Logs Part 6 -The Slave Market
by Blue Shadow ([email protected])

Our story continues with T'Pol and Hoshi still being held captive by the
Klingons after they, and Malcolm Reed, were found on one of their ships that
was derelict and sinking slowly into a Gas Giants Atmosphere. Malcolm managed
to escape but was unable to rescue his companions. This has left the two
girls alone to journey to the Orion Slave Markets.

* * *

"Come see the fruits of my labours, luscious to the eye and succulent to
the taste!" The Tellarite boomed loudly as he led T'Pol and Hoshi in chains
through the narrow streets of the Orion Capital on Rigel VIII. The now
agitated golden-skin men of Orion gasped at the sight of these two beautiful
women. They crowding in on them, as were new to them, a Vulcan and a human,
species seldom seen in on their world but were much sought after as "Love
Slaves." The lascivious males grunted loudly and sported their naked
erections as sign of their approval of the girl's virtues. Some tried to
grope the young women as they passed, only to be bashed with short clubs
welded by Orion Slave Handlers escorting the Tellarite and his prized
merchandize. For the Slaver, "Gork" all this commotion was even better than
the pig-faced Tellarite could have hoped for. The girls would be the star
attraction at this day's sale, fetching top currency for the troll-like
being. He was very pleased.

Hoshi looked on in near tears as alien hands grabbed at her breasts and ass,
while T'Pol retained her stoic Vulcan composer slapping and kicking at the
prodding men. She would glance back now and again trying to aid at her fellow
slave, dressed as she in a near see through silver chemise-like shift, with
reassuring looks that said that they were going to get through this. But for
Hoshi, she was near the breaking point, hardly able to keep moving toward the
looming market.

Her emotional state had been in a slow downward spiral ever since their
capture by the Klingons and later being passed onto the sadistic Tellarites
after the Klingon ship, that they were being transported in, was disabled by
Malcolm Reed upon his escape. The Klingon Captain felt the women were too
much trouble for what they were worth, so he offloaded them on to a passing
Tellarite Slaver to help recoup the loss he suffered from damages. Now as
they were surrounded by millions of horny aliens, Hoshi had lost almost all
hope of being rescued by the Enterprise, it was only her growing love of her
Vulcan lover that stopped her from going utterly mad.

T'Pol too was growing fond of her companion. Though still in the grips of the
Vulcan stoicism, the recent events had too begun to break the shell hiding
her emotions. Was it love? She didn't know. Such a thing was alien to a
Vulcan. Hoshi had taught her the "joy" of experiencing orgasm by her gentle
Sapphic Love. But then later, as the big Klingon Captain fucked her silly,
she realized that perhaps what she was experiencing wasn't love but lust, and
the need to simply cum, as much as she could. An event on the Tellarite ship
before making planet fall on Rigel VIII came proof of this theory.

* * *

There were about six of them encircling T'Pol in the cargo hold of the
Tellarite ship. The first pig-faced man told her that she had to give
something for her passage on their ship. T'Pol told them innocently that
she had nothing to give. They laughed obscenely telling her body would
be payment enough. T'Pol seeing no way out of it simply nodded went on
her knees before them. The Tallarites howled with lust as she removed
the rags the Klingons had given her, letting them fall onto the deck.

The first man whom she later learned was her slaver; "Gork" moved toward her,
and told her to unbuttoning his pants. With shaking hands she reached up and
open the catches. Inside a big roll of throbbing meat lay inside. She reached
in and pulled out a long, hard cock out into her hand. She stroked his
ghastly thing for several moments, allowing Gork to become fully erect. The
big appendage was thick and slick looking; bright pink in colour, having
large bead-like projections all up and down it's length, all caped a big
bulbous head.

He ordered her to open her mouth. She complied; leaning in, her ass sticking
out allowing the other men a full view of her wet, pink slit. The being slid
his long cock into T'Pol's waiting mouth. Her newly trained lips fastened on
his cock while he began thrusting his hips toward her face, driving his dick
deep into her mouth and throat. The other creatures watched and pulled their
own cocks out of their pants to stroke their selves as they watched T'Pol and

He grasped her head firmly pulled it to his crotch until his cock was fully
inside her mouth and her nose was buried into the thick mat of cock hair. She
sucked and stroked his cock fast with great urgency for her own needs were
rapidly stripping away her emotional iron curtain.

Within minutes until she felt him about to cum. The man's thrusting speeded
up until, grunting, he expelled his load of frothy sperm into her mouth.
T'Pol eagerly swallowed, slurping it down, wanting to taste every drop of
cum. At last, the man withdrew his slick cock from between her lips as
another man pushed him aside and stepped forward to claim T'Pol.

She sucked and sucked and sucked until her lips were sore and her belly was
full of cum. Then, grunting and snarling they threw T'Pol to the deck pawing
at her body, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples and probing her
drenched pussy. They were on there knees rubbed their hard cocks against her
perfect white skin. Gork again took the opening prize, his piggy face went
between her legs to use is long sticky tongue to lick her swollen clit and
pouting lips. It slipped into her pussy opening her up. She was crying out
in pleasure at once, her Vulcan shroud ripped away totally.

Unable to take the lustful sounds he tore up her glorious body positioned his
cock against her pussy, and with a hard thrust, buried his large dick in her
young cunt with a grunt. T'Pol let out a cry that echoed off the walls as her
still barely untried cunt was violated again. But this time, unlike with the
first she was ripped into, waves of pleasure over took her at once as Gork
shifting his prick back and forth inside her full cunt. He drew it almost all
the way out, then slammed back into her shaking her whole body violently. Her
breasts bouncing freely, two hard globes mounted by thick wrinkled aureole
and wickedly stiff nipples almost a half inch long. Two other men lay besides
her sucking on each wobbling breasts, gently rubbing her heated body, waiting
for their turn.

Gork had never felt such a tight pussy and soon felt himself start to cum.
With only a few more thrusts, his cock exploded with a shower of sperm inside
T'Pol's heated cunt which greedily contracted on the cock, wanting all of the
cum she could get.

With their Commander out of the way three Tellarites fell on her at once.
One man climbed between her wet thighs and positioned his thick cock against
her cunt; another straddled her face, lowered his dick to her mouth, while
the third straddled her rib cage, fondled and squeezed together her creamy
breasts and slid his prick into the hollow between them.

The man at her pussy thrust into her with a jolt, her mouth opened to let
a moan of pleasure escape, only to let the Tellarite at her mouth slid his
throbbing cock between her lips. She took it hard, sucking on it greedily.
The Tellarite between her legs slammed his hips into her as she pushed
against his body to draw his cock deeper into herself. The man at her
breasts squeezed them over his dick as he pushed it back and forth between

The cock in her pussy pulled back and then humped forward again. He had
broken the last of T'Pol's resistance. This was even bigger then Gork's.
She wanted to see it entering her but all she could see was a pair heavy,
hairy balls hanging on her face.

He began to fuck into her with smooth regular motions. His hips moved forward
and back easily, sliding the thick cock in and out of the well-lubricated
hole with satisfied ease. T'Pol felt a still strange but familiar tingling in
the skin around the thrusting cock. The feelings grew and spread down the
length of her ravished cunt. She screamed in excruciating ecstasy despite the
cock in her mouth.

The warmth and tingling in T'Pol's loins increased. She felt a strange
yearning, and a rushing flood of sexual heat and passion swarmed over her
body, making her skin flush deeper red, staggering her with its intensity.
Unconsciously her ass pushed down to meet a forward thrust of the long,
thick member. She groaned deep in her throat as the erotic carnal desires
made her head throb and sent quivers of gasping delight shooting through
her frame.

Her bulging breasts seemed to swell and burn as the cock them hammered
between them; his hands kneaded and squashed them. The fingers twisting
and massaging the vulnerable thick nipples, sending explosions of lust
through her, making her whole body tremble. She gasped in delight, as the
already erect nubs seemed to harden and lengthen even more. Her nipples
had always been incredibly sensitive, but now they were on fire.

Her ass jerked repeatedly as the cock drilled her pussy, her hot fuck-juice
gushing past the meat in her penetrated hole, making her fucking get loud
with slurping slapping noises.

Then her body seemed to undulate and quiver as an explosion of fiery sexual
gratification that blasted through her convulsing form. One final thrust was
enough to unleash the awful tension in T'Pol's cunt. Her eyes rolled up as
an explosion of white-hot contractions hammered through her. Squeezing the
hard unrelenting cock with a barrage of hungry frenzied spasms.

All four bodies jerked violently as they were consumed by orgasm. The
Tellarite in her pussy pulled out and quickly and began shooting a thick
gush of cum onto her belly. The other two couldn't wait and squirted their
loads all over her surprised face. Thick spurts of it were slapping across
her face, coating it with thick lines and clumps of semen.

On and on they pounded into her, each of the six Tellarites, taking turns
fucking their Vulcan in various ways. They had left her cunt sloppy and
swollen, and her body covered with cum.

* * *

T'Pol looked about the slave pen for Hoshi who had been separated from her
has they had entered the market. But all she could see were the green faces
of Orion Slave Women, bred to be slaves by their masters so they could be
sold off when they reached sexual maturity like fatten cattle. She started
to become desperate, thinking of how fragile Hoshi must be going out of
her mind with fear. But then, upon hearing her name called out by the Orion
"Market Master" standing on a podium overlooking the main stage, all thoughts
of Hoshi became lost in her own panic. She tried to hide among the other
slave girls but they simply pushed her toward the front, happy that it wasn't
there turn.

Two powerfully built Andorian handlers, slaves themselves, grabbed her
roughly and dragged her effortlessly out of the pen, much to the cheers of
thousands of Orions waiting for the prime event. Dwarfing her between them,
they hauled her up on the platform, holding her by her arms. For the first
time T'Pol could see the inside of the looming coliseum-like Market. It was
easily that largest structure in the Capital City. She gaped at the sea of
faces in front of her, people covering every square meter of the vaulted

Then her attention shifted to her owner, the slaver "Gork," as he stepped
onto the stage with his "Masters' Rod" a symbol of the Orion trade, held high
in attempt to impress the spectators. He introduced her to the crowd as a
Vulcan Princess schooled in the ways of the "Multi-species Erotic Arts." She
glared at him, and wanted to cry out, to expose him for the swindler that he
was, but the Andorians gripped her arms tighter reminding her to keep her
mouth shut. The next thing she knew the sale was on with the Market Master
going into his spiel.

"What am I bid for this exquisite piece of alien loveliness, this sweet
Vulcan Princess, delightful to the eye and even better to touch?" The crowd
cheers again at the vile comment. "Gentleman, think of her in your beds,
dutiful and willing to please. Ladies, a prime servant for your chambers,
to draw your baths, to comb your hair, tož serve your other needs?" More
cheers. "What am I bet, what am I bet for this treasure from far off Vulcan.
What am I bet?"

And at this a shower of bets fly from the stands, much too low to be of any
real consideration, but then from the luxury seating just at the base of the
stage, so close that they could almost look up her shift, a massive Klingon
mercenary, dressed in fur and leather, raises an ebony hand. "5 bars of
gold-pressed latinum!" All bidding stops for the rules of the game had
changed. The Klingon had forgone the local currency and bid the far more
valuable latinum. Far beyond what most Orions could deal in.

T'Pol looks down on him. He was a heavy man with a huge bulge in his
codpiece. Her eyes widen at the sight of it, causing her wondered if he was
going to do with her with such a big thing. Her mind flashed back to the
fucking that the big Klingon captain had put her through on the ship. She
shuttered at the thought of being put through that every night. But then
came another bid, "10 bars of gold-pressed latinum!" From the back she sees
a trio of Ferengi merchantman hopped about excitedly. She chooses not to
think of what they would put her through.

Then came a third, "I bid 50!" A female voice cries out from the back of the
crowd. The mob in the stands gasp while the wealthier bidders in the lower
seating parted for the green-skinned Orion woman, bowing as she and four men
of various species, walk to the front of the stage.

"Your ladyship, you do us an honour." The Market Master says bowing to the
woman as she stands looking up at T'Pol with a cruel smile on her green lips.
She was at least six feet tall and her deep green hair was tied back, clasped
in an ornate golden barrette. She wore a white silk shift that was bound
by a large black leather belt. The outfit seemed to grip to everyone her
substantial buxom curves. Her legs seemed impossibly long and shapely stuffed
in a pair of tall black "sea boots" that rode halfway up her thighs. She
sported a brace of Klingon pistols tucked under the belt aside a large curved
dagger in a bejewelled hilt.

"What is her age? Is she a virgin?" The woman says.

"She is young, my lady," he returns skirting the question for lack of an
answer. "And she is hardly tried my Lady, and well schooled by the best
Vulcan courtesans." She considers for a moment then looks around.

"I bid 50 bars of gold-pressed latinum, does anyone bid against me?" There
was not a sound.

"SOLD!" the Market Master screamed, "Sold to Laytha, Pirate Queen of Orions

* * *

T'Pol wandered around the large room. There was a big uproarious bed with a
delicately carved headboard depicting what looked like a woman being fucked
by a Klingon Zark. T'Pol took one look at it and quickly backed away and
focused her attention to the night table beside the bed and the golden chess
on top. She looked at the door to make sure it was shut then opened the chest
to see a variety of vibrating dildos, clit sucking devices, nipple clamps and
out assorted nasty works. She slammed the chess lid down and backed away from
that area of the room.

Next her attention shifted to a cabinet that held various bottles and
decanters along with crystal goblets that were unmistakably of Earth origin.
This pirate apparently got around a lot. Next to it was a writing desk, again
of Earth origin. There was a computer terminal on it but it was locked out to
her. She rummaged through the drawers and found a small dagger with a thigh
garter binding. She stole it and quickly bound it to her left thigh under her
shift, feeling better for having some protection.

There was a heavy sea chest at the foot of the bed, she when over to it but
mostly found clothing inside. The large wooden table with four chairs at the
rooms centre contained an assortment of alien eating utensils and finery.
There was a feast already laid out; fruits, cheeses, cold meats and bread
ready to be devoured, but T'Pol hardly felt like eating. The room was indeed
richly appointed, but T'Pol was surprised at how cluttered and untidy it was.
She would have expected it of a man's quarters if she didn't belong to her

She strayed to one of the view ports and watched the star streaks stream
by, the sure sign that she was on a ship at warp. She thought back to the
Enterprise and of the people she left behind. If she wasn't Vulcan she
would have surely have wept. But her years of devotion and training chased
away all of those "feelings."

Suddenly the door opened and big Orion Female, Laytha strolled in. She
ignored T'Pol, not even bothering to look her way and went to the cabinet
where she poured herself some of light bluish liquid from a decanter. She
then leaned against the cabinet and stared at T'Pol. The eyes were a
striking grey colour; they seemed to almost stare right through her.

"Vulcan... I've never seen a Vulcan before." The pirate put her drink down
and suddenly crossed the few meters between them, driving T'Pol back against
the wall in surprise. The Orion pressed T'Pol against the wall with her own
voluptuous body. She looked deeply into T'Pol's eyes and pressed her hard
lips against hers. T'Pol felt the Laytha's tongue pressing against her lips,
demanding access, but T'Pol held hers tightly together and tried to move her
head aside in protest.

The Pirate Queen's right hand roughly seized one of T'Pol's breasts and began
to knead it. T'Pol shot her a desperate look and opened her mouth to moan.
Her lips parted for fraction of a second and the other woman's long tongue
darted between them. She wanted to fight, but it felt wonderful, powerless in
the larger woman's grasp. When Laytha's fingers found her nipple and squeezed
T'Pol gasped and felt her beginning to respond.

As the kiss continued, Laytha's other hand traced down T'Pol's side, down
her hip and over to go between her legs, but then she felt the dagger. T'Pol
thought that, that was it for her. That Laytha would kill her on the spot for
having a weapon, but instead, she chuckled lightly past her pressed lips.

The pirate left T'Pol's breast and, with both hands reached over and slid
down T'Pol's bum. T'Pol gasped as the two big hands seized each cheek lifting
her against her thigh which had slipped between T'Pol's legs. The contact
with her pussy caused T'Pol to moan, and her arms slipped around the pirate's
neck seemingly of their own accord. Laytha pulled away from her as suddenly
as the assault had begun and laughed deeply.

"As I thought, my little pretty one," Laytha says turning to set at the
table to eat, "I first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you liked pussy.
Though I'd wager a fat cock would do yah right nice too eh?" T'Pol didn't
say anything but simply watched at the Orion gnaw at a slice of Alvanian
melon, the sticky green juice dripping down her chin and dropping into her
ample cleavage. She smiles at T'Pol and bids her to sit on her lap.

T'Pol nodded lightly moved toward the table. The pirate turned her chair
slightly and opened her arms as T'Pol gracefully sat in the woman's lap.
Laytha arms moved around her waist and held her tightly. T'Pol could the
captain's breath in her ear, her lips on her shoulder. She felt shivered
with delight and purred leaning back against her mistress.

The green-skinned woman's hands moved up to cup T'Pol's breasts. Her nipples
stiffened at once through the silken material. She arched her back and
shifted her bum so that her legs fell on ether side of the Orions leg. Laytha
responded approvingly by gently pinch her aching nipples. Her other hand
sliding down her sides to her hips, and then over her left thigh, avoiding
the dagger, and slowly pulled up her skirt, until it was bunched around her
waist. She reached down and cupped her sex then and pressed in gently with
her fingers.

"Oh!" T'Pol sang as searing pleasure shot through her pussy.

Laytha could feel that her mound was all but bare, accept tuft of hair on
her pubis. Laytha heard that Vulcans shave their pussies; she made a mental
note to ask her why later. Her fingers parted the larger lips; she could
felt that she was growing wet already. Laytha then caught her aroma. It was
overwhelmingly rich and earthy. She smelled fertile to the Orion. This made
her smile for her offspring would be of great value if she could find a
suitable stud to mount her.

A long, stiff finger pressed against her slick lips and then into the warm
furrow of her slit. "Oh... oh!" T'Pol groaned. Laytha laughed and continued
to gently stroke her slave's pussy, making sure her finger brushed the big
clit, that ballooned out of it's hood with little coaxing.

T'Pol felt the tension was building in her causing her to whimper pitifully,
her hips rocking of their own accord in the pirate's lap. T'Pol tried but
could not stop them. Her breathing was ragged and punctuated by small
squeaking sounds she had never made before. She felt two fingers slip into
in her pussy.

Laytha started moved them around and in and out, causing a louder moans to
escape her slave's lips. She picked up a quicker pace. Using her other hand
she zeroed in on her clit. Just grazing it slightly caused T'Pol to spasm.
Then, taking two fingers and placing them on either side of her clit, she
completely exposes the extremely sensitive organ. She started an up and
down motion that against it. Her hips seemed to follow. T'Pol started to
moan constantly now and her hips finding the rhythm of Laytha's fingering.

The fingers inside of her were moving a lot faster now and her moans were
getting louder. Another finger entered her, this almost always caused an
immediate orgasm but T'Pol purposely held back with all her power, perhaps
to impress her lover. She was moaning like a banshee, bucking her hips,
wave upon wave of pleasure wracked her now screaming body and mind. No
longer able to control her body it started shaking unbelievably. Screaming
at the top of her lungs T'Pol had the biggest orgasm she'd ever had. A
torrent of pussy juice erupted, splashing against Laytha's leg, splattering
her, T'Pol, the table and much of the food. Then it continued, going into
her first ever multiple orgasms. She didn't stop for almost three minutes;
cum flashing everywhere until Laytha slowly she started withdrawing her

To be continued


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