Authors Notes: The following takes place around the events of the episode
"Sleeping Dogs."

Star Trek - Enterprise:
The Nasty Logs Part 9 - Katzenaugen (Cats Eyes) (MF,FF,bond,exhib,cons,ncon)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

Our story continues with T'Pol and Hoshi still in Alien hands after being
taken captive by the Klingons who found them on one of their ships that was
derelict and sinking slowly into a Gas Giants Atmosphere.

T'Pol had been sold into slavery to the Orion Pirate Queen Laytha, who being
pleased with her acquisition, has taken her to her ship to be her Vulcan Love

Meanwhile, Hoshi, and a fellow slave Na'a Solev, an Andorian girl of noble
birth, were rescued by Caitian mercenaries who were hired by the girl's
respective governments. Yet, before their escape could come to fruition,
they were attacked by Ferengi Pirates and forced down to be maroon on the
dangerous untamed world of Regal VII. Only Hoshi, Na'a and one of the
Caitians, the leader of the group of mercenaries named S'loorr, escaped the
crash but unfortunately their troubles were far from over as both girls were
attacked by two different denizens of this alien world. Hoshi was dragged
off by a Kalar, a primitive neanderthaloid to be used as its mate. While
Na'a was violated by a primitive ape-like creature caught in the throngs of
its mating season.

* * *

On the Orion Pirate vessel Maelstrom, T'Pol and her Mistress, Laytha were
continuing their non-stop fuck session.

T'Pol reached in to rub Laytha's swollen clit, taking Laytha's lead then
moved down gently experimenting by pushing a finger into her mistress's
yielding pussy. "UUUUHHHHH!!! AAAAHhhhhh... oooohhhh!!!!!" Laytha gasped,
"More, more!" she growled, more fingers!!!!" T"Pol took her whole hand
making all her fingertips touch she slowly pushed at the entrance to her
pussy. The feeling of being stretched to her limits caused Laytha to spasm.
With one quick motion she bucked T'Pol's hand inside of her.

Moaning like a banshee, she continued over and over to buck her hips
while T'Pol moved in rhythm with her engulfed hand inside. The effect was
cataclysmic. Wave upon wave of pleasure wracked her now screaming body and
mind. No longer able to control her body it started shaking unbelievably,
screaming almost at the top of her lungs cumming, squirting hard, splashing
all over T'Pol's face.

Suddenly, Laytha jumps up flipping T'Pol over onto her back. She straddles
the girl bending down to lick her own cum off of the Vulcan's face, purring
with sexual gratification as she does. Then she wraps her arms around her,
holding her close letting their lips touch in a long and lovingly kiss.

Laytha reaches down and cups one of T'Pol's breasts in her hands squeezed
them gently, trying in vain to hold all that magnificent flesh in her palms.
She lets T'Pol's thick nipples slip between her fingers as she lovingly
caressed her areolas sending murmurs of passion to slip her lips.

"Now my lil one," Laytha cajoled. "I'm the mistress here; you touch me when
I say and I shall touch you when I wish!"

T'Pol nodded. "Yes Mistress."

"Good" Laytha then leaned over pressing T'Pol's shoulders down on to the bed.
She did not dare struggle. Their lips met once more as Laytha reached forward
towards two brass rings she had mounted on the wall above the bedstead. There
she found two lengths of silken cord that were hanging there. The Orion
Pirate pulled one end free and looped it around T'Pol's right wrist while
pulling the free ends through the loop and secured it to one of the brass
rings to pull it tight. Taking the second cord she repeated the operation on
T'Pol's left wrist and so secured her fast, unable to move.

Then she moved to the foot of the bed and secured T'Pol's legs with similar
cords around her ankles. T'Pol now lay spread-eagled at Laytha's mercy. The
Pirate climbed back onto the bed.

"Now my lil one your punishment for being so naughty before, at trying to
escape." Laytha smiles and reaches over to her "Sea Chest" at the foot of the
bed, her adorable little plump ass bobbing about as she rummaged through her
belongings. After a few seconds she presents a massive strap-on dildo.

"Ohhhhh no please!" T'Pol pleaded as she stared at the monstrous appendage.

"Oh yes my lil one." Laytha said grinning evilly. I saw this back in a shop
at the slave market and knew I had to have it. The merchant■" She continued,
ignoring T'Pol's frantic pulling at the straps, "said it's modeled on the
cock of a Fury Andorian Humper Beast. Isn't it magnificent, 35 cm long and 8
cm broad? (About 12 x 3) Now being a sweet little Vulcan princess that you
are you wouldn't know what Fury Andorian Humper Beast is eh?" T'Pol didn't
answer. "Well you see," Laytha said while trying to figure out how to put
on the nasty looking gadget. "They are fuzzy little bear-like things that
teenage Andorian girls fuck. I hear that the reason they give these beasts
to Andorian girls, is that if they don't those horny girls will rape any man
or woman in site, something to do with their maturity cycle."

* * *

Meanwhile somewhere across the Quadrant, the Caitian, S'loorr has discovered
why indeed a teenage Andorian girl a Fury Andorian Humper Beast.

Na'a Solev screamed for the cat-like S'loorr to fuck her■ now! He lets out a
growling purr and gently takes Na'a and flips over on all fours before him.
He moves behind her and begins to rub her wet pussy against his great huge
cock. She softly moans as the monstrous head slowly started slid into her

"Oh you Gods," she yells, "I want this so bad!" She thrusts backward, causing
the things large cock slid deeply inside of her. She grunted as all 10 inches
disappears between the folds of her pretty blue pussy, all six of her beasts
swinging invitingly. The thing pumps in and out, grabbing for handfuls of
power-blue tit flesh, ever letting himself get deeper and deeper. Na'a
screams, "Oh fuck, yes, I'm commming!!!" Her tight pussy clamps around the
catman's cock as she climaxes wildly, gripped the creature's arms as her
entire body shakes uncontrollably. Her juices poured from her spasming pussy.

"Ohhhhhh Fuck! Dear Gods!" she yelled. She bucks her hips frantically, as
she cums again, over and over. S'loorr growls and squeals a high pitched cat
howl. He swells in her as his need for release washes over him. "Damn, you!
Ohhhh fuck!" Na'a moaned.

The Caitian makes a soft moaning noise, and thrusts his hips upwards,
driving his cock all the way into Na'a. Her body quivers. "GODS, I am
Cummmming Again!!!" she screams. She feels the creature's large cock
pulsate wildly inside of her as it shoots its cum. "God, it's so hot,"
she moans as she climaxes still once more. The creature bucks its hips
wildly as its cock releases the rest of its hot sticky cum into the
girl's pussy. He collapses on top of her, her pussy still holding his
cock firmly.

Seconds later, S'loorr detects something in the bushes; he slowly reaches for
his plasma rifle but hears the familiar sound of an energy cell being locked
into firing position. He slowly turns to see three humans pointing their
Phase Pistols at him.

"Captain?" Commander Charles Tucker says to his commander with a silly grin
on his face.

"Easy Trip..." Captain Jonathan Archer says eyeing the beautiful Andorian
girl "I don't think he wasn't forcing her."

"Ohhh ya... more men!" Na'a Solev suddenly yells as she flips over to see the
Starfleet Officers over her. S'loorr pushes the girl back down as she tries
to get up to crawl towards the Officers.

"Stay down; they're not for you... ahhh Captain Archer listen... ahhh, I am
S'loorr, the Caitian sent to get your Officers back? I know this looks bad
but■ stop it woman!" The girl was rolling on the ground, presenting herself
to these new comers whose eyes were bulging from their heads. "Captain
please just ignore her■ please believe me, there is a reason I'm doing this
you know." The Caitian was now starting to sound pretty desperate.

"Oh we can see the reason." Malcolm Reed says watching the girl get on her
knees to wrap her arms around the Caitian's waist, stoking his flanks.

"Please, this girl is in■ ahhhh, heat? I was just trying to help her. Please
believe me."

"Help her?! Listen you bastard," Archer screamed, "I don't get a shit about
her or why you're fucking her! I just want to know where my Officers are!"
Archer rushing up to point his pistol inches from his face.

"We were too late for the Vulcan woman," S'loorr mumbled, "she was sold to
an Andorian Pirate named Laytha, but I have the Human woman. She should be
back at the camp."

"We were just there!" Trip raged. "She's not there!"

"Not there, but I don't understand, she was■.ohhhhh shit!" The Alien said as
the rest of the surround him menacingly.

* * *

Some hours later, and kilometres across the Jungle,

Artrex, the Neanderthaloid Kalar struck camp and lashed a leather strap
around Hoshi's neck, tied to a sinew rope that he held to drag her along. He
began move quickly through the woodland, dragging Hoshi as he went.

He had found and kidnapped the woman the previous night when Hoshi was out
hunting. He was an outcaste of his people, a being that none would have. When
he spied the woman, who enough was like is species to please him physically,
he captured her for a mate to restart his own clan, thus continuing his line.

They were in hilly country so to avoid anyone who might be looking for his
prize, Artrex moved just below the ridgeline camouflaged but thick growth. He
constantly scanned the distance for enemies, both of his own kind that would
take his mate, but also for the people of this handsome woman, whom he surly
knew would want her back for she proved to be most enjoyable under him.

The sun was high in the sky when the Kalar stopped suddenly and put his ear
towards the sky. He signalled her to silence as he cautiously pulled her into
the brush just as an aero-craft passed overhead. Hoshi at once recognized it
as one of the Enterprise's Shuttle pods. She tried to yell for help, but a
hard slap to the face caused her to black out instantly, but just along
enough for the pod to climb out of range. As the sound of its engines to fade
into the distance, Artrex shook the Hoshi back to consciousness. Hoshi moaned
then squealed as she was roughly hauled back to her feet to once more moving
forward farther and farther away from where her companions where.

Hoshi knew that it would do no good to struggle. She was too slight of a
woman to put up a fight. So she followed him noiselessly, peering over her
shoulder in hopes to see the Pod once more, but seemingly to no avail.

The hillside fell away steeply below them into a narrow and rocky canyon.
The bottom was sandy and covered with scrub. They were coming upon one of
the massive deserts that covered most of the planet of Regal VII. The jungle
had all but disappeared as it became hotter and hotter. It was now too hot
to travel; Artrex found a sheltered overhang and settled down spreading an
animal skin over the bare ground. Hoshi was tossed down on the skin and in
turn was tied to a tree root jutting from the cliff.

He handed her some dried meat and water then he himself sat down to eat and
stare at her. Gathering all the strength she had, she tried to talk to him,
to reason to him. But he just ignored her, ether that, or just didn't
understand. At length Artex seemed to become tired of her chatter and moved
toward her threateningly.

Hoshi tried to scrabble away, but as the tether became tight around her neck,
the Neanderthaloid grabbed her, smacking her across head so that Hoshi felt
her body began to go limp and slip into a semi-consciousness state once more.
She felt him strip off her clothes moving in to bite and suck on her nipples
while at the same time, he began to knead her crotch through her panties. He
found that she was not giving him enough of a response, so he roughly rolled
her onto her belly and forced her thighs apart with his big strong hands.
He ripped off her panties and was now kneading her naked crotch, pushing two
thick fingers into her cunt. He rapidly worked his hand like a piston,
drawing gasps from her. She knew better that try to pull away again.

He kept finger fucking her, while his other hand was sunk in her hair,
pulling her head back and arching her back up. She screamed in pain that
seemed to drive him on.

In spite of herself, the finger fucking aroused the girls libido. She moaned
and began to get moist, then wet, juices flowing down onto the animal skin.
This gave added enjoyment to Artrex, giving him a massive erection.

Artrex withdrew his fingers and smeared her vaginal fluid over her crotch and
then worked some into the crack between her ass cheeks. She felt his thick
fingers spreading her cheeks and then grunted as he drove them into her ass.

Hoshi had no way of knowing but Kalar enjoyed anal sex in order to relax.
Thankfully Hoshi wasn't anal virgin, she had been the subject of some rather
vigorous ass fucking by an alien creature back on the Klingon ship, an
experience that she found■ not wholly unpleasant.

When he withdrew his fingers, she let herself relax slightly. But where his
fingers had been, she now felt a smoother, bulbous thing. She braced herself
as he gabbed her bt her slim hips and pushed his huge cock into her ass. The
head entered, and then her tightness stripped back his foreskin as he sank
more and more into her.

"No, please, no!" she cried pitifully. She was struggling forcefully against
him, her cries turned into whimpering as he pressed his dick into her ass,
finally. It didn't take long: his cock was slick with her own juices and he
was putting intense pressure on her sphincter. He just kept pressing and
pressing as she squirmed in pain until she screamed into the headrest: the
head of his dick had forced its way up her ass. The penetration was rough
and her body cramped up in pain. She tried to relax do as he said but her
survival instincts kept kicking in. She bucked her body wildly back,
screaming and kicking, and then he suddenly stopped and slammed all his
weight down on her.

She squealed in surprise then heard familiar voices. "Get that bastard off
of her!" Artrex was lifted away; she turned over to see the smiling face of
Captain Archer above her.

To Be Continued...


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