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Star Trek - Enterprise:
Universes Collide Part 2 - Welcome To The Sexverse Part 2
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Captain Archer, Sub-Commander T'Pol and Commander Tucker had been pulled
through an inter-dimensional anomaly; an anomaly which had sent them to an
alternate reality. In this reality however, the human race was far different
then their own. Instead of Starfleet, it was called Sexfleet, and instead of
seeking out new life and making diplomatic connections, this universe or
sexverse had dominated any form of life possible; seeding every conquered
world with their offspring. The birth rate for humans in the sexverse was so
high; they could easily dominate and populate any habitable world they came
across. Their birth cycles were only two months and because the sexverse's
version of humans was bent on only sex and war, overpopulation was always a
major concern. In fact, the Enterprise had to make regular stops at human
controlled worlds every two months to drop off their numerous young at each
planet's nurseries. The sexverse's humans had evolved in line for two things;
sex and war, and this meant that every human female retained their physical
attractiveness and athleticism when pregnant, up to the last ten days before
birth in order to make them combat and sexually active. Human females
immediately lose any weight gained with the pregnancy right after birth and
are therefore fit for duty and sex hours after childbirth.

As the Starfleet's version of Archer, T'Pol and Trip traveled through the
anomaly to the sexverse, their counterparts from the sexverse did the same
into Starfleet's universe. But unlike their counterparts, the three members
of Sexfleet knew what had happened immediately, and were able to make up a
suitable plan of action. They would act as if nothing wrong had happened;
blending in with the crew and gathering intelligence for their eventual
planned invasion of the universe they were now in.

"Let's put our E.V. suits on... Just in case their uniforms are different
then ours" commanded Captain Archer, as they're shuttle pod traveled towards
the Enterprise. "We need to gather intelligence, so blend in and retrieve as
much data as possible before we go back through the inter-dimensional rift"
commanded Archer, as he climbed into his E.V. suit.

"Captain Archer... Is everything alright? Our sensors picked up an energy
surge" Hoshi said through the shuttle pod's comm system.

"Yes... Yes... Everything's fine on our side... Were ready to dock" replied
the Captain, as the shuttle pod reached the Enterprise. Shuttle Pod 1 docked
with the Enterprise and Archer, T'Pol and Trip exited the docking bay with
their E.V. suits still on. They passed a few crew members, noticing their
mannerisms and uniforms as they sidled by. They quickly realized the small
differences; for instance, the male uniforms were almost identical, except
that their identification patch said Starfleet and not Sexfleet. The female
uniforms were completely different and as T'Pol walked by one of the female
crewmembers, she realized that this universe was nowhere near as liberal as
her own. The three Sexfleet crewmembers also realized that the crew was
largely male, maybe two-thirds, whereas their own was the exact opposite,
comprised of one-third male and two-thirds female.

"Go straight to your rooms and change your uniforms before spending the rest
of the night reading up on this universe's history" commanded Captain Archer,
as he got into the turbo lift alone. Trip and T'Pol nodded in agreement
before Captain Archer closed the turbo lift door and sped his way up to his

"Fuck! I could've used a little pussy tonight!" said Trip, pissed off that he
was stuck in some conservative universe and unable to get his rocks off.

"I could help you with that" moaned T'Pol, just as horny as Trip, grabbing
his crotch and giving his hardening cock a good squeeze.

"Unghhhh!" groaned Trip, enjoying T'Pol's gentle small fingers grasping his
shaft. "My room's closest" Trip whispered into T'Pol's ear, squeezing her ass
through her E.V. suit in the process.

T'Pol quickly followed Trip down a separate corridor towards his room, hardly
able to wait to wrap her lips around his hard cock. They didn't pass a single
person on the way to Trip's quarters and as they hit the button to open the
door, their lips were already locked in a passionate kiss. Unlike the Vulcans
of Starfleet's universe, Vulcans in the sexverse were totally submissive to
humans. T'Pol's people had valued logic and had even frowned upon sex in
general until their planet's conquest by Sexfleet. After that, they were
turned into sexual slaves by Sexfleet, exploiting them to seek their sexual
fulfillment. Impregnation of a Vulcan by a human was extremely rare, and that
made Vulcans a perfect substitute for human women when the ship's nursery was
full. Three Vulcan females were kept on every Sexfleet ship at all times,
just in case the nursery became overpopulated. The male Sexfleet crew use the
Vulcan subordinates to appease their sexual desires until a suitable Sexfleet
planet is found to offload the ship's nursery. Vulcans still had a role to
play in each ship's running, and attractive Vulcans like T'Pol could quickly
rise through the Sexfleet ranks by using their sexual prowess. Decades of
sexual exploitation by humans however, had resulted in Vulcan people's loss
of identity and adoption of the human psyche of sex and war.

"What a looser!" Trip said, looking around his counterpart's room and the
decorations which adorned it. It was largely plain, with only a few posters
of warp ships and engineering magazines. "No awards, medals or weapons...
These people are insane!" cried Trip, feeling his E.V. suit being torn off by

"I bet his cock doesn't taste half as goods as yours" moaned T'Pol, finally
removing his suit and starting to work on his uniform.

"You better believe it slut!" said Trip, now helping T'Pol remove his own

"Finally!" cried T'Pol, pulling off his uniform at last and letting his cock
spring out unencumbered. T'Pol greedily took hold of his hard seven inch
shaft with one of her hands before opening her mouth and engulfing over half
of it in a single movement.

"Ahhh Yeahhh! It's been too long!" Trip moaned, lifting his head up and
enjoying the sensation of having his little Vulcan whore suck his cock again.
In reality however; Trip had had sex only a few hours earlier, but for a
member of Sexfleet, a few hours was far too long.

T'Pol didn't even respond; she was far too interested and occupied with
bobbing her head back and forth over Trip's cock, easily deep-throating him
with each thrust. After five minutes of having his cock sucked by the
extremely horny T'Pol; Trip decided it was time to have a little taste of
T'Pol's magnificent pussy.

"Bend over that table whore!" moaned Trip, lifting her off his cock and
directing her towards a small rickety table in the corner of the cabin. T'Pol
complied without hesitation, sexily walking over to the table in question
with her E.V. suit still on. T'Pol bent over the table, sticking her ass out
as far as possible, ready for Trip to do anything he wanted to her. Trip
grabbed her ass hard, before sliding his hand down to her pussy and rubbing
it a few times. He unzipped the E.V. suit from behind and slid it off T'Pol
in quick order, revealing T'Pol's sexy Sexfleet uniform. She was dressed in
Sexfleet's standard female uniform; with a tight fitting and short blue
skirt, just barely covering her bright pink thong and her sexy ass. Her
uniform top was extremely tight fitting, due to her large firm breasts, and
was basically begging to be torn off. T'Pol wiggled her tanned Vulcan ass
sexily at Commander Tucker, enticing him to get a move on and rip off the
rest of her clothing.

"You want it so bad, don't you?" Trip said, watching T'Pol wiggle her ass at

"I need it... Please Commander!" moaned T'Pol, looking back at Trip and
giving him a sexy wink.

"Fuck!" groaned Trip, so horny, he couldn't wait another second. He tore off
her skirt roughly, before grabbing her pink thong and pulling it up as hard
as he could to rip it.

"Ahhhhh!" T'Pol moaned in pleasure and pain, as her pink thong pinched her
pussy and was torn off in the process. Trip lifted her little thong to his
face and took in a long deep breath, absorbing T'Pol's tremendous scent.

"You're a dirty horny Vulcan slut, aren't you?" asked Trip, with T'Pol's
thong still underneath his nose. T'Pol just nodded her head in agreement and
prepared herself for what Trip was about to do to her. Trip threw T'Pol's
torn thong into one of his counterpart's dressers before getting on his knees
and crawling over to T'Pol's gorgeous pussy. Trip buried his face in her
already wet pussy, sticking his tongue as deep into her as possible.

"Yessss!" groaned T'Pol, thrilled at having her pussy invaded by Commander
Tucker's long tongue. Trip took the opportunity to thrust a couple of his
fingers into her pussy as well, eliciting even louder moans from T'Pol. He
worked T'Pol's pussy like this for another five minutes, lapping up as much
of T'Pol's juices as possible. Satisfied that he had gotten his fill of
T'Pol's sweet juices, Trip stood up and gave his cock a couple quick tugs
before guiding it towards her wet pussy. Before he did this though, Trip took
hold of T'Pol's top and ripped it off her, finally freeing her perfect

"Here it comes slut!" Trip said happily, guiding his cock head towards
T'Pol's quivering pussy. He slammed his cock into her as hard as he could,
letting her pussy envelop nearly five inches with the first thrust. It took
Trip only a couple more minutes before he was thrusting his entire seven
inches into T'Pol's pussy, causing her to moan even louder. Ten minutes of
slamming his cock into her from behind, still wasn't enough to get him to cum
and because Vulcans were inferior to humans in their universe, T'Pol was
forbidden to cum before any human fucking her. T'Pol used every ounce of her
self-control to stop herself from cumming, as Trip continued to pummel her
tight pussy, slapping her ass every few seconds to further stimulate her.

"Please hurry up and cum!" moaned T'Pol, so close to her own orgasm.

"You'll have to wait you Vulcan whore... You know who's boss!" replied Trip,
slapping her ass one more time before lifting her leg and flipping her around
so her back was on the table and he could finally see her front. He was able
to keep his cock fully immersed in her pussy the entire time. Her breasts
were big, firm, perfectly shaped, and had nice little rosy pink nipples
capping each of them off. Her pussy was completely shaved and tattooed with a
large "V" over her pussy. The "V" tattoo was a mark of her servitude to
Sexfleet and the human race. Trip grabbed her hips and began to resume his
torrid pace, fucking the beautiful Vulcan as hard as he could. The strain on
T'Pol's face was priceless for Trip, as he knew she was using all her
strength not to cum. She knew the consequences if she came first; a
demoralizing spanking and demotion from her position as Sub-Commander.

"I think I'm about to blow my load!" grunted Trip, slamming his hips into
T'Pol's with increasing rapidity.

"Thank God!" shouted T'Pol, ready to explode at a moments notice.

"Maybe I'll get you pregnant this time!" laughed Trip, pumping his cock into
T'Pol's pussy and grinning in the process.

"You wish!" moaned T'Pol, knowing that pregnancy was extremely rare in human
Vulcan mating. In fact, she had never once gotten pregnant in her entire
life, despite the fact that she had been fucked countless numbers of time and
had her pussy packed with gallons of human cum.

"I do... More then anything!" Trip whispered to T'Pol, just before he began
to pant, signaling his end. Trip truly wanted to be the first human to ever
impregnate the slutty Sub-Commander of Enterprise; so every time he fucked
the Vulcan, he'd make sure to give her an extra large deposit of his potent
seed, deep into her Vulcan womb.

"Cum inside me Commander! Fill my Vulcan pussy full of your hot seed!" moaned
T'Pol, urging Trip to cum as soon as possible, so she could cum as well.

"UNGHHHHHHHH!" grunted Trip, slamming his cock as deep into T'Pol as possible
and firing his largest load of cum ever into her clutching pussy, filling it
to the brim in seconds. Trip continued to pump her womb full of his hot
sticky and potent seed as T'Pol went through her own massive orgasm. Both
Trip and T'Pol's orgasms were the largest of their lives. T'Pol had never
felt so much cum shoot into her; she knew if anyone was going to impregnate
her, it was here and now, with Trip's cock firmly lodged in her spasm
stricken pussy.

"Oh my! It's so much!" moaned T'Pol, after coming down from her own orgasm
and enjoying the sensation of Trip still ejaculating as much as he could into
her pussy.

"Just for you!" groaned Trip, finally firing off the last of his hot sticky
cum into T'Pol's unprotected womb. Trip just stood there after he had came,
with his softening cock still lodged in T'Pol's cum-filled pussy. After a
minute of relaxation, Trip finally dislodged his cock from her cunt, letting
their accumulated cum pour out of T'Pol, where it pooled on the edge of the
table and ran onto the metal floor.

"Ahhhhh! I definitely needed that... Clean that up before you leave!" sighed
Trip, pointing to the cum that had poured out of T'Pol's pussy. T'Pol slowly
got off Trip's table before licking up his cum from the table and floor. When
T'Pol finally stood up, Trip gave her a swift slap on the ass and told her to
leave his quarters and follow Captain Archer's orders.

"But... My uniform..." started T'Pol, realizing her Sexfleet uniform was torn
to shreds. T'Pol made to put her E.V. suit back on so she could make it to
her quarters down the hall without being spotted naked, but Trip picked it up
and put it in his closet along with his.

"I want you to walk to your quarters naked!" commanded Trip, smiling, and
hoping she would get caught by one of the Starfleet crewmembers. T'Pol had no
problem with walking the halls of the Enterprise naked back in her own
universe, but in this one, Captain Archer had given her explicit orders to
blend in. She stared at Commander Tucker in contempt before leaving his
quarters completely naked with his cum still running down her leg. T'Pol
heard Trip break out laughing as she left his quarters and made her way down
to her own counterpart's quarters. She snuck down the hall, peering around
corners and bulkheads to make sure no one was around. Believing she was
finally in the clear, T'Pol ran down the last stretch of her hallway, only to
come face to face with Lieutenant Malcolm Reed.

"Huh!" exclaimed Malcolm, before passing out and falling backwards onto the
floor. T'Pol smiled at the unconscious form of Reed, who also had a huge grin
on his unconscious face, before opening her cabin door and entering her
counterpart's place of sanctuary. For the rest of the night, Captain Archer,
Trip and T'Pol studied Earth and Starfleet's relative peaceful history.

"This is going to be easier then I thought!" sighed Captain Archer, finally
reviewing the last bit of relevant history, copying it to a data disk and
stuffing it into his uniform. He'd be ready to return to his own universe as
soon as the first opportunity presented itself.

"Captain Archer... You have an encrypted communiqu‚ coming from Admiral
Forrest" Hoshi's voice alerted the Captain from his reverie.

"Put it through Ensign" replied Archer in a casual voice. Admiral Forrest's
face popped up on Archer's computer before he began speaking.

"Jonathan... I've got some bad news... The Enterprise is going to have to be
recalled to Earth for the next month... It looks like Earth may be vulnerable
to a Klingon invasion" said Admiral Forrest, looking a little sorry for
giving Archer bad news.

"What about the anomaly?" asked Captain Archer, afraid that he may not be
able to return to his own universe anytime soon.

"It'll have to wait Jonathan... The threat at home is too great to ignore...
Get here as quick as possible... Forrest out" replied Admiral Forrest, to the
displeasure of Captain Archer.

"Dammit!" swore Archer, after the computer had been turned off. He called
Trip and T'Pol to meet him in his room and told them the bad news. Both were
worried that they wouldn't be able to hold out for an entire month, but
accepted the Captain's orders. They left his quarters and returned to their
own before Archer alerted the bridge to make a course for home at maximum


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