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Star Trek - Enterprise: Universes Collide Part 3 - Demotion
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Captain Archer wouldn't admit it to either Trip or T'Pol, but he was
beginning to enjoy himself in the sexverse. His universe was nothing to the
one he was currently occupying; sex was a common practice in Sexfleet and
Archer had already taken the liberty of exercising that freedom with a young
Ensign he had had his eye in his own universe. He had always enjoyed the
pleasurable company of Ensign Tara Rose, but he had never taken any sexual
initiative. In the sexverse however, Ensign Rose had basically thrown herself
at the Captain and he was more then willing to submit to her sexual advances.
He had fucked her long and hard, finally filling her womb with his potent
seed and guaranteeing her pregnancy. Luckily for Captain Archer, pregnancies
were common place on every Sexfleet ship, and because human females in the
sexverse have a short two month birth cycle, Ensign Rose was not worried at
all and neither was Captain Archer. The longer Captain Archer, Trip and T'Pol
stayed in the sexverse however, the more inclined they became to adopt the
sexverse lifestyle. Their sexual inhibitions were ebbing away, hour after
hour, largely because of the sort of sexual radiation being put out by the
sexverse itself. Before going through the inter-dimensional anomaly, Archer
had felt the sexually charged radiation through the anomaly, which had began
to effect his inhibitions. Now that they were fully immersed and affected by
the radiation in the sexverse, Captain Archer, Trip and T'Pol were succumbing
it to its effects quickly. Now that the Enterprise was returning to Earth in
order to report on the anomaly and plan the future invasion his own universe,
Captain Archer had decided that doing some deep recon couldn't hurt his
chances of saving his precious universe.

"Huh?" Archer said, as he awoke from a great dream. He looked to his left to
see that his dream had actually been real. Ensign Tara Rose was naked and
still sleeping right beside him.

"Captain Archer!" Hoshi's voice boomed through Archer's intercom system. It
had been Hoshi who had woken him, and as he looked to see what time it was,
he realized that he had slept over twelve hours.

"Yes Hoshi, what is it?" groaned Archer, hitting his own intercom button and
pulling his clothes on in the process.

"It's time Captain... They're waiting for you on the bridge" replied Hoshi
with a certain smugness in her voice, almost as if she found what she said

"I'll... Be right there" replied Archer with uncertainty in his voice. He had
no idea what Hoshi was talking about, but if he was to remain undercover, he
had to go along with everything. He decided therefore to go to the bridge and
engage in whatever action deemed normal by the rest of the crew. Archer
pulled on his Sexfleet uniform, took one last look at the conquered pussy
lying on his bed, gave her ass a good hard squeeze, and left his quarters for
the bridge.

"Hi Captain!" said almost every female crewmember the Captain passed in the
hallways. Captain Archer couldn't help but notice that every single one of
them was young, attractive and numerous in quantity. He also noticed that
every single one of them gave him a sexy and seductive wink, almost as if
they were trying to seduce him into fucking them right there in the hallway.
It wouldn't be out of the ordinary if he did take them up on their offer; as
he walked through the hallways, he could either see crewmembers fucking in
plain view or hear them going at in their respective rooms. After turning
down several tempting offers, the Captain finally made it to the turbo lift
and proceeded to the bridge.

"HOLY FUCK!" Archer said upon opening the turbo lift door and walking into
the bridge. Three Vulcans were bent over a railing, with their asses sticking
straight up in the air, exposed for everyone to see. Every one of them was
wearing a golden thong and had their tiny blue Sexfleet skirt hiked up over
her waist, just waiting for something the Captain to arrive. Archer put the
pieces together quickly, realizing why he had been called to the bridge. His
presence had something to do with the three Vulcan women bent over and
exposing themselves to him, and Archer had a strange feeling that his calling
to the bridge was one of pleasure, not of duty. As Archer approached them, he
quickly noticed that one of the Vulcan subordinates was in fact, T'Pol. He
had never seen a Vulcan blush, but as he looked at her, he could tell she was
embarrassed out of her mind, largely because her ass was exposed and everyone
was watching her in anticipation of something.

"Well Captain... I think they're ready for their daily spankings" Hoshi said,
standing up from her post and walking over to the Captain. Hoshi gave T'Pol a
swift slap on the ass as she walked by, before bending down and kissing the
small red mark left by her hand. "Ten should do just fine Captain" moaned
Hoshi, before standing back up and moving out of way so the Captain's view
was unimpeded.

"Sounds right to me" groaned the Captain, walking up behind the Vulcans as
the crew watched, with many of the male bridge officers already feeling their
cocks begin to harden. The daily Vulcan spankings were part of every Sexfleet
ship's tradition; publicly humiliating every Vulcan crewmember signified the
Vulcan's inferiority to the human race and subordination to the human
crewmembers of Sexfleet. "Sorry T'Pol, but we need to blend in" Archer
whispered into T'Pol's ear before raising his hand and smacking her ass hard.
In truth, Archer had fantasized about doing this, ever since he had first
laid eyes on the gorgeous Vulcan; he just had never had the guts or
opportunity to act on that fantasy.

"SMACK... SMACK... SMACK..." Archer continued to spank each of the Vulcan's
in succession and satisfaction, but always enjoying the sensation of smacking
T'Pol's ass the most. The other two Vulcans were just as gorgeous as T'Pol;
each with round juicy asses, immaculate breasts and perfect bodies. But it
was T'Pol's usual icy and reserved manner, now being thrown to the wind,
which the Captain found most enthralling.

"Fuck that Vulcan bitch Captain!" screamed Hoshi, massaging her own breast in
the process, clearly turned on by the spanking in front of her. The Captain
was quite tired of Hoshi interrupting his fun and ordering him around. In his
own universe, he wouldn't have cared in the least; men and women were deemed
equal, but in this sexverse, men were superior and women subordinate. For
Hoshi to boss him around therefore, seemed completely wrong, and instead of
continuing his spanking of T'Pol and the Vulcans, he called Hoshi up to the

"Shut up bitch! Get up here now... Maybe you need a spanking too!" commanded
Archer, pointing right beside T'Pol. Archer could have sworn he saw T'Pol
smile in gratification, as the rest of the crew began to roar in agreement.
Hoshi had always been a more outspoken member of the Sexfleet crew, and
although she was just as big of a slut as any other woman on Enterprise, many
male crewmembers often fantasized about teaching her a real lesson.

"Yes Captain" Hoshi said seductively, walking up to the railing and sticking
her ass out for Archer to spank. Archer couldn't believe it; he could treat
the women in this sexverse however he wanted, without any kind of reprisal.
He smiled before lifting Hoshi's little Sexfleet skirt over her small Asian
ass and revealing to everyone her perfect figure. Archer nearly exploded
after seeing how small and perfect Hoshi's ass was. Hoshi was petite, fit and
extremely beautiful. She wiggled her ass a little, just tempting the Captain
to begin spanking her. Before doing so however, he looked over at T'Pol's
face, just in time to see her smile and then reach back with her own hand and
smack Hoshi's ass hard.

"Ahhhhhh!" groaned Hoshi after T'Pol smacked her ass. The sight of this had
brought Archer's cock to full attention, tenting his Sexfleet uniform, nearly
tearing through it in the process. Archer looked at T'Pol before smacking
Hoshi's ass raw for the next five minutes, receiving several cheers from the
rest of the crew while he did this. All three Vulcan crewmembers remained
bent over the railing, waiting diligently to be dismissed. The sight of four
rosy colored asses in front of him was far too much for Archer to handle, and
after smacking Hoshi one more time, he ripped off his entire uniform,
exposing his seven inch shaft to every single bridge crewmember. All three
Vulcans, including T'Pol were licking their lips at the sight of his big hard
cock. As much as he wanted to slam his entire seven inches into his horny
Science Officer T'Pol, he had other plans at the moment.

"I think I've had enough of your insubordination Ensign!" Archer said to
Hoshi, stroking his cock in the process.

"Well then I guess you need to teach me a lesson!" replied the mouthy but
horny Hoshi. She stuck her ass out in the anticipation of getting another
spanking, but instead felt her tiny gold thong being pulled to her ankles.
"Ohhh... Captain... I like where this is going!" moaned Hoshi, as her pussy
was exposed to everyone.

"You just don't know when to shut up, do you?" asked the Captain, before
slowly guiding his cock towards Hoshi's tiny Asian pussy.

"UNGHH!" groaned both Hoshi and Archer, as his cock pierced her tight pussy.

"Fuck... I love the feel of your cock inside me!" moaned Hoshi, as the
Captain bucked his hips inward, forcing more and more of his shaft into
Hoshi's sopping wet pussy. The spanking she had received, had caused her to
get extremely wet, and now the sensation of having his big cock penetrating
her had nearly made her cum.

"Get used to it... It's going to be there a lot more!" groaned Archer, now
enjoying Hoshi's dirty words and joining in on the fun by talking back.
Archer couldn't help but notice T'Pol, whose hand had crept back to her own
ass and was groping her juicy red ass cheeks. He watched her move her fingers
to her thong and slide her fingers underneath it, moving them in and out of
her wet pussy. Archer nearly pulled his cock out of Hoshi and started fucking
the usually frosty and uptight T'Pol right then and there. The sexual
radiation emitted by the sexverse had obviously turned T'Pol and every other
Vulcan into a cock craving whore. Archer was sure that he'd get another
opportunity to bed T'Pol, so instead of pulling out of Hoshi, he slammed even
more of his cock into his Asian slut, bottoming out in the process.

"Mmmmmmm!" panted Hoshi, exploding at the sensation of the Captain's cock
penetrating her so deeply. She went through a massive orgasm just as Archer's
balls came into contact with her pussy. The extra lubrication provided by
Hoshi's orgasm, allowed Archer to move his shaft back and forth inside of
Hoshi at an ever increasing speed.

"Fuck that feels good!" groaned Archer, still watching T'Pol play with
herself. He raised his hand again and smacked T'Pol's red ass, making T'Pol
moan out in satisfaction as her fingers pumped in and out of her wet pussy.
Everybody was still watching the Captain have his way with his four female
subordinates, and because most of the bridge crew was male, Archer could tell
they were all as hard as diamonds. It was too bad for them that he wasn't
letting any one of them near his prized Vulcan whores or his little Asian
fuck doll.

"He can never get through the daily spanking without fucking one of those
whores, can he?" Malcolm whispered to Ensign Mayweather, who was extremely
turned on by what he was seeing. The Archer originally from the sexverse, had
always fucked at least one of the Vulcan's or human female bridge crewmembers
during or after the little spanking session. It was almost tradition to watch
the Captain pummel one of the sluts' pussies with his seven inch cock.

"I guess you win today's bet" sighed Mayweather, handing over a small gold
bar pressed latinum to Reed. They made daily bets on which female crewmember
the Captain would fuck during the spanking session, and Reed had obviously
guessed right on that particular day.

"Fuck... This pussy is still tight!" Archer groaned, slamming his cock into
Hoshi faster and faster, with greater ease with each thrust. Her pussy would
convulse in orgasm every few minutes, but after ten minutes of heated
fucking, Archer began to feel his own orgasm approaching, and not wanting to
disappoint his adoring crewmembers, he began to pant in anticipation.

"Yes Captain... Fill that Asian whore up with some cum!" shouted Mayweather,
obviously wanting to see Hoshi get impregnated by the Captain.

"No... Cum on her face!" replied Lieutenant Reed, wanting instead to see the
mouthy Hoshi covered in cum and demoralized in front of the rest of the
bridge officers.

"Ahhhhhhh!" groaned not Archer, but T'Pol, who went through her first ever
orgasm. The T'Pol of the sexverse may have had many orgasms and had been
fucked hundreds of times, but the T'Pol who was now going through an intense
orgasm on the Sexfleet Enterprise had never felt the sensation now burning
through her. T'Pol's satisfied facial expression gave Archer a devious idea,
as his own orgasm was beginning to overcome him. Luckily for T'Pol, Archer
was the only one to hear T'Pol orgasm, because if any other member of the
crew had seen or heard it, she'd be demoted and sent to a further spanking

"Get on your knees... All of you" Archer commanded of the four whores in
front of him. He pulled his shaft out of Hoshi before she and the three
Vulcans got onto their knees and crowded around Archer. The Captain began to
move his hand back and forth on his cock, visualizing covering all four of
the women in front of him with his sticky seed. It didn't take long for his
cock to begin to spasm out of control and spew out several long thick strands
of his semen.

"UNGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled the Captain, spurting several long thick streams of
his hot sticky cum, first on Hoshi and then on the three waiting Vulcans. All
four women had their mouths open, and as his cum spewed out of his cock, each
one of them, including T'Pol, did their best to catch as much as they could.
It was a hopeless task however; Archer was moving his cock back and forth
between the four Sexfleet members with each pulse of his cock, jetting his
strands of cum all over their faces and hair.

"Haaaaaaaaaa!" Archer sighed, spurting one last strand from his cock and
hitting Hoshi on one of her rosy cheeks.

"Now clean yourselves off!" Archer said, smiling and pulling his uniform back
up, while his four subordinate whores began kissing and licking the cum from
each others' faces. Everybody on the bridge was giving the Captain a round of
applause as Hoshi, T'Pol and the other two Vulcan's finished cleaning
themselves up and returning to their posts. Archer gave everyone a salutary
bow, before taking the Captain's chair and nearly falling asleep from

"Oh! I almost forgot... Ensign Sato..." started the Captain, speaking
directly at Hoshi, who was back at her station, pulling up her panties.

"Yes Captain" panted Hoshi, also exhausted from being ravaged by the Captain.

"You've been demoted to the rank of Crewman for your insubordination!" Archer
commanded, pleased with his decision to demote his little Asian fuck doll.
After reading Sexfleet's history, he had realized that the only way for women
to advance through the ranks was through sleeping with superiors. By demoting
her to the lowest rank possible, Archer knew that Hoshi would be visiting his
quarters every few hours to try and increase her rank and position aboard the

"Yes Captain" groaned a dejected Hoshi, accepting her demotion, knowing
exactly why the Captain had demoted her. Her pussy was addictive and she knew
it; it was her greatest ally and greatest enemy sometimes.

"Sub-Commander T'Pol... Please come down to the infirmary" boomed Doctor
Phlox's voice through the ship's intercom. T'Pol, who was still panting hard
from her massive orgasm, looked over at the Captain with concern etched in
her face. Archer looked back, also disturbed; was it possible that their
identities had been discovered by the doctor? Archer gave her a nod to
proceed, knowing that if she disobeyed, questions would be raised.

"Coming Doctor" replied T'Pol through the intercom system, standing up and
walking to the turbo lift in the process. Unbeknownst to the Captain however,
T'Pol had a very different reason for leaving the bridge. Her orgasm only
minutes earlier, had been so enthralling to T'Pol, that she knew she needed
another. The best way to do that was to find the nearest willing crewmember,
and she knew there would be several on the way down to the infirmary. Archer
looked back at T'Pol just before the turbo lift doors closed and to his utter
amazement, T'Pol had a big smile on her face, and it was at that exact moment
that he knew his mission in the sexverse was going to be far more interesting
then he could have ever thought possible.

As the Captain sat satisfied in his Captain's Chair aboard Sexfleet's
Enterprise, his counterpart aboard Starfleet's Enterprise was making his way
to the bridge, already itching to get his rocks off.


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