Star Trek - Enterprise: Part 2 - Outbreak (MMF,MF,anal,ncon,cons)
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The outbreak of the Vulcan Pon Farr disease which had engulfed all of Vulcan
in a ravenous sexually charged fuck fest had now spread to the Enterprise
through the only Vulcan crewmember aboard, Sub-Commander T'Pol. T'Pol, who
had been cleared to return to duty was unaware that she actually carried a
dormant strain of the Pon Farr virus. As the virus took control of her Vulcan
inhibitions her sexual needs were unleashed infecting first Commander Tucker,
Ensign Hoshi Sato, and eventually Lieutenant Malcolm Reed who were now all
infected and contagious. A simple brush or any form of contact with any other
human or alien immediately resulted in the contagion spreading. Only four
members had contact the virus in an entire day but because of the simple
transferal of the disease the number was about to rise.

* * *

Bzzt... Bzzt...

"Sub-Commander, could you please come down to sick bay please, I need to run
a few follow up scans to make sure you're completely free of the Vulcan Pon
Farr disease," ordered Doctor Phlox.

Sub-Commander T'Pol was still sitting on the edge of her bed with her legs
wide open and a large amount of cum dripping down her inner thigh down to her
toes. She was simply sitting there with her mouth agape and a stunned look on
her face. The sound of the com going off took hold of her attention and she
answered in her usual monotone Vulcan voice, "Yes, Doctor, I'll be with you
in a few minutes."

"Thank you," stated Phlox.

T'Pol quickly cleaned herself up and put on her uniform and left for the
sickbay. Walking down the corridor T'Pol again felt a twinge between her
inner thighs and all she wanted now was a good fucking. Unable to focus on
what she was doing T'Pol accidentally walked straight into two low level
crewmembers whose names escaped her at the moment.

They had just exited their shared cabin on their way to their maintenance
shift on a lower deck where they performed menial tasks.

"Ohh, pardon me Sub--"

The effects seemed to instantaneous when they all collided. One of the
crewmembers took hold of T'Pol's ass and basically threw her into the shared
cabin while the other crewmember followed and removed his uniform as quickly
as possible. The crewmember holding T'Pol threw T'Pol onto the floor and
disrobed himself just as quickly as the other crewmember. T'Pol knew what
she was about to receive and she loved the idea of not just one cock but
two. She knew that this kind of sexual release would be enough to satisfy
her sexual needs, for the moment. She let the two crewmembers undress her
and they did so unceremoniously. They tore her out of her skin tight uniform
as quickly as possible, one kissing and rubbing her perfect tits while the
other made his way down to her perfectly trimmed pussy which was still wet
from her last pussy pounding.

T'Pol was in heaven and the two crewmembers knew it because she was eliciting
rather loud moans of pleasure. "Ohh Yesss, suck my tight Vulcan pussy,"
moaned T'Pol as the crewmember began licking and tasting the sweet taste of
the Vulcan goddess.

All of a sudden T'Pol reached her climax and the crewmember licking her pussy
was the first to find out, followed by the screams of pleasure from T'Pol.
Both the crewmembers knew it was their turn and so did T'Pol. T'Pol got on
her knees and pulled down both of the crewmembers underwear releasing two ten
inch monsters. T'Pol grabbed them both at the base and started rubbing their
cocks working from the base up. While rubbing their shafts she look straight
into their eyes with the sexiest looks she could give them before engulfing
each cock in rapid succession. While sucking on one she would be rubbing the
other, continuously changing positions to maximize pleasure for both
crewmembers. It was clear that it was working as both the crewmembers were
beginning to feel the urge to blow their loads on the sweet Vulcan's face.

However, T'Pol had other ideas and selfishly decided to stop servicing the
crewmembers so that she could have a chance to cum again before they got
their opportunity. She was hoping for another good licking to get off again
but the crewmembers had other ideas. The first crewmember opened her legs
and instead of licking her pussy again he took his cock and pushed it into
the Vulcan's tight pussy. T'Pol was definitely not ready for the pussy
pounding she was about to receive and opened her mouth to gasp.

However, the second crewmember saw his opportunity and jammed his cock
down her throat as far as he could making T'Pol gag furiously. The second
crewmember took no time at all to straddle her face and start throat fucking
the Vulcan whore. T'Pol had no escape from the double fucking she was
receiving. She was a little uncomfortable to say the least with a ten inch
dick lodged in her throat but she was also enjoying the wild pussy poundingshe was receiving from the other crewmember.

This went on for a good seven or eight minutes with the crewmembers switching
positions once. T'Pol reached her climax twice more and she was sure that the
crewmembers were ready to deposit their respective loads. However the
crewmembers were not ready to finish up and instead of blowing their loads
they got off of T'Pol with one of the crewmembers lying on his back allowing
T'Pol to straddle his cock. T'Pol was looking for the other crewmember to
stick his cock back into her waiting mouth, but instead of that she felt the
oddest sensation near her ass.

T'Pol was surprised and shocked at the same time screaming, "What are you
doing back there? Stop!"

Unfortunately the crewmember had no inclination to heed her command and with
one powerful thrust he slammed half of his cock up into her extremely tight
ass. Both the crewmember and T'Pol screamed in pleasure and in pain. The
crewmember in her ass had an extremely hard time working his dick all the
way into her ass but when he finally made his way all the way in both the
crewmembers started to pick up a rhythm and T'Pol was beginning to enjoy it
immensely. Both crewmembers felt and heard her cum three more times while
they fucked her in ravenous rhythm. T'Pol could see the strain on both of
their faces and knew it was time to receive the gooey present she had worked
so hard for.

Both crewmembers shouted at the same time, "I'm going to cum!"

In unison both crewmembers pulled out of T'Pol's pussy and ass just in the
nick of time. They made her sit on her knees while she grabbed both of their
swelling cocks. With her mouth wide open she pointed both of their shafts
right at her face and started stroking them as fast as she could. In unison
she heard both of the crewmembers grunt in pleasure as the pasted the young
Vulcan's face and mouth with multiple loads of hot sticky cum. Strand after
strand of their warm semen struck her face and mouth, plastering her eyes and
hair. She swallowed as much as she could but the Vulcan Pon Farr virus must
have given the male crewmembers of Enterprise an increased amount of sperm
because the crewmembers were still cumming after thirty seconds. T'Pol
continued swallowing and eventually the crewmembers collapsed due to
exhaustion and no doubt pleasure.

T'Pol got to her feet and made her way to the crewmember's shower to clean up
and make her way to the sickbay. As soon as T'Pol had made her way into the
bathroom the two crewmembers got up, got dressed and left their quarters for
their shift and probably more pussy. T'Pol showered, got dressed and made her
way to sickbay.

* * *

T'Pol opened the sickbay doors and walked in saying, "You needed to see me?"
in her regular Vulcan tones.

"Yes," said Phlox, who motioned her to sit on the metal scanner. "I have
just received an inoculation for the Vulcan Pon Farr disease that has been
implemented on Vulcan with limited success. It seems that it is extremely
difficult to inoculate all those infected by the virus. The inoculation you
see is not always permanent and for the most part the virus eventually takes
control of those inoculated with the anti-virus. I have decided to give you
the anti-virus now even though you tested negative for the virus. I believe
you could have a dormant strain of the virus and it is simple and painless

"No, thank you Doctor," said T'Pol in an anxious voice, "I don't believe I
need the anti-virus." T'Pol's sexual exploits were so amazing that she did
not want to give up the emotions she was now experiencing.

Unfortunately, Phlox saw right through T'Pol's façade, grabbing her by the
shoulder as she struggle to escape, he inoculated her with a hypo-spray in
her arm and cured her of the virus. Immediately T'Pol snapped out of her
virus induced reverie as the burning desire in her loins dissipated.

"Thank you Doctor," said T'Pol, "I could not control myself, I have infected
other crewmembers, you must inoculate the r-e-s-t o---f – t---h----e------".
T'Pol became extremely dreary and found her way to the scanner where she

"Sorry Sub-Commander, the anti-virus does heavily sedate the patient after
inoculation to help control the spread of the virus," instructed Phlox.

T'Pol was now completely unconscious and with the news of the spread of the
virus Phlox started to prepare several more doses only to feel a twinge in
his own groin. He had looked over at T'Pol who was slumped over the metal
scanner with her tight ass sticking straight up in the air. He could see the
perfect apple shaped ass and even the lovely shape of her pussy through the
skin tight garment.

'Damn', realized Phlox, "the virus", he said out loud. Phlox quickly
moved for the hypo-spray containing the anti-virus. Phlox reached for
the hypo-spray but before he could make it he took one last glance at
the Vulcan's figure. It was enough to make him hesitate and instead of
inoculating himself he reached out and gave T'Pol's luscious ass a good
squeeze. The virus had taken control of his inhibitions and actions and
Phlox was a slave to his passions. He took hold of T'Pol's uniform and
ripped the garment from the waste down.

The first thing he did was to stick his face right between her perfectly
sculpted ass cheeks and gave her pussy a furious licking. T'Pol was
completely unconscious but Phlox could swear he could hear her moaning.
Phlox didn't really care about the needs of the Vulcan slut unconscious
on her stomach so he decided to flip her over on her back and tear off
her top. Phlox pulled off his pants and pulled out his ten inch penis.
He then got up onto top of the bio-bed and placed his cock between her
tits while he pushed them together. Phlox started to titty fuck the
Vulcan whore with extreme excitement. He spit on his cock to lube himself
up while he vigorously fucked T'Pol's exquisite tits.

After five minutes he straddled her neck and placed the tip of his cock at
the entrance of her mouth. With great satisfaction Phlox pushed his cock
all the way down into her throat, inserting the entire ten inches with no
resistance. He could hear T'Pol gagging for air but he didn't really care
about the frigid Vulcan bitch. Phlox continued the violent face fucking for
another five minutes until he had an itch to plough T'Pol's pussy. Without
hesitation he off of the bio-bed and flipped T'Pol back over onto her
stomach with her ass sticking out over the edge of the bio-bed. Phlox
inserted his cock into the Vulcan's pussy with relative ease.

"Wow!" exclaimed Phlox, "the skank is soaking wet."

Phlox started to pick up the pace going all ten inches in and all ten inches
out. Phlox was in complete ecstasy and didn't want it to ever to stop. Phlox
was moving at an almost supersonic speeds and could hear T'Pol moaning in her
unconscious state. Phlox was on the edge of a massive orgasm when he felt
T'Pol's pussy contract around his cock and then her pussy juices flow down
his swelling cock.

With one last gasp, Phlox gasped, "Ahhhhh" as he unloaded stream after
stream of Denobulan cum into T'Pol's gaping Vulcan pussy. Denobulan's were
notoriously more virulent then human males and added with the Vulcan Pon Farr
virus Phlox couldn't stop cumming in T'Pol's tight pussy. Eventually, Phlox's
cum had no place to go and just as much cum was now escaping around his cock
onto the sickbay floor.

A minute later Phlox pulled out still cumming and flipped T'Pol over, he
stepped onto the bio-bed and pointed his cock at T'Pol's face plastering her
face, hair and mouth with eight more large loads until he finally stopped
cumming. T'Pol was covered from pussy to hair in Denobulan cum, her mouth was
full but she soon swallowed without waking to keep from drowning in cum.

"That was great," exclaimed Phlox, as he pulled on his pants. He gave one
last look at the cum covered Vulcan before reaching the com and saying,
"Crewman Cutler, could you please meet me in your quarters in ten minutes."

"Sure thing Doctor Phlox, I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Excellent", exclaimed Phlox as he opened the sickbay door and started
towards crewman Cutler's quarters with a wicked smile on his face.

* * *

The Vulcan Pon Farr virus had now infected even more crewmembers aboard the
Enterprise. Almost half of the crew would be infected in four or five hours
and with Phlox infected there would be little chance to inoculate the entire
crew before the virus spread to the rest of the crew.

To Be Continued...


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