Shanna The She-Devil/Tomb Raider: Hot Jungle Loving (FF,BDSM,ws)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Lara's small motorboat left her yacht and sped its way to the beach. She was
on a very serious mission. She had been charged with recovering millions of
dollars in lost historical artifacts and art. Several weeks ago a plane
carrying this precious treasure had crashed into a mysterious island. This
island was uninhabited and unclaimed, it wasn't even charted until the plane
crashed there. Lara didn't think that there would be too many difficulties
in recovering the lost treasure. She jumped out of the speedboat and then
unpacked her gear. Once she was prepared, she hopped out of her boat and made
her way inland towards the jungle.

She had found pretty decent path and had been walking for ten minutes or so
when she suddenly heard rustling in the grass. She immediately dropped to the
ground and drew two Uzi that she started firing the second she saw what was
rustling. It was a raptor, a creature she's encountered before. It went down
in a hail of bullets. Half a clip in that raptor and then another half in a
second dinosaur before she saw three more show up. She changed clips and then
blew the head off of one that had gotten uncomfortably close. When she saw
six more, she realized that it was time to use something more effective. She
tossed a grenade into their midst and there was a satisfying explosion
followed by flying scorched raptor pieces.

She turned and stepped off of the patch. She figured predators used it to
ambush prey and she'd be better off fighting her way through the heavy
growth. She was making what she thought was pretty good progress when she
suddenly felt a vine wrap itself around her ankle and tighten. The vine
tugged her legs out from under her and Lara hit the ground hard. She was
dragged across the ground then found herself lifted up off of the ground.
She now found herself hanging above a huge, hungry tooth-filled maw that
belonged to some sort of monstrous sentient plant.

"Oh Bloody Hell." Said Lara as she tried to reach for a weapon.

Another vine wrapped itself around her wrists sending her Uzi's shot flying
off in the wrong direction. Another vine then relieved her of her weapon
altogether. At this point she was unceremoniously dropped into the creature's

Well I'm doomed; Lara thought as the thing's jaws began to close. Suddenly
however, the closing jaws began to reopen. They were being forced open, in
fact. As soon as the gap was large enough for her to escape through, she
climbed out of the thing's mouth and drew and immediately drew a knife. She
noticed that it was a gorgeous blonde woman who had forced the creature's
mouth open, she didn't have time to thank her right away. She found herself
cutting one approaching vine after another. The tall blonde was also cutting
vines like crazy. After a few minutes the Flytrap monster had been reduced
to a chopped salad. The thing roared and waved its stubs pitifully. Lara
turned to her savior. The blonde had a spectacular body and was wearing what
looked like a dinosaur-skin bikini. Her body was so nice that it was all Lara
could do to keep from drooling, something that was much too unladylike.

"Thank you." Said Lara was trying not to stare.

"You are welcome. We need to leave here, it's not safe." Said Shanna.

"Lead on then." Said Lara.

Shanna moved fast, but Lara was able to keep up with her.

"Who are you and why are you here?" Asked Shanna.

"My name is Lara Croft. I'm here to find a crashed plane." She said. Lara
figured this woman had lived her entire life in the jungles of this swamp and
had no clue what a plane was. "Looks like a big metal bird."

"I know. I will take you to it." Shanna said.

Great job Lara, next time just call her a moron to her face. The two women
continued to hack and slash their way through the jungle. They climbed steep,
vine covered slopes and rocky grounds and even up through thick-branched
trees. Until they came to the plane itself. The plane had lost its wings in
the crash through the jungle but otherwise was in pretty good shape. Lara
made her way to the plane and climbed in through the hole in the cockpit.

"What happened to the pilot and the co-pilot?" Lara wondered out loud.

"Probably eaten." Shanna said.

"Cheerful thought." Lara said sarcastically.

She made her way into the plane's cargo hold where she found the crates
filled with valuable artifacts that the museums were wanting returned.

"What is all of this?" Asked Shanna.

"Treasures." Said Lara, who had no better explanation. "But how do I get them
back to my ship?"

"I do not know.... Maybe we can find a big dinosaur to pull plane to the
shore." Said Shanna.

"That is a good idea." Said Lara. "But why are you helping me?"

Shanna paused, suddenly less comfortable and less confident.

"Because you are pretty." She said.

"Well, that's sweet" Lara said with a big smile. Lara ran her fingers through
Shanna's blonde hair. "You are quite the magnificent beauty yourself."

Shanna suddenly lunged forward and pulled Lara in by her waist for a kiss.
They each had pretty huge breasts that were now mashed together as the two
women shared a long wet kiss. When they broke their kiss Lara looked in her

"Affectionate thing aren't you?" Lara said with a smile.

"Did you like that?' Asked Shanna.

"I'd have to be lacking a pulse not to." Lara replied.

"I know something you will like." Shanna stated.

She promptly removed her minimal clothing and treated Lara to a look at her
perfect body. Then she inexplicably began to do jumping jacks. Not that Lara
minded. She stood transfixed as she watched Shanna jump up and down, her huge
knockers bouncing in tandem. If I wasn't already wealthy I could videotape
the naked jumping jacks and make a huge fortune, Lara thought. She was
transfixed as she watched the other woman's melons go up and down, then up
and down.

"You like that?" Asked Shanna.

"Why yes, highly entertaining." Said Lara as she continued to stare. "Mind if
I give them a feel?"

Shanna stopped jumping so that Lara could grope her. Aside from her own they
were the nicest tits she'd ever felt in her life. She squeezed them like they
were giant stress-relievers. Shanna gave a little moan.

"Like that don't you?" Said Lara. Shanna nodded. "Ever have sex with a

"I have never had sex." Said Shanna.

"Really? What a waist. That body of yours is meant to be enjoyed." Said Lara.

"If you want to enjoy it, then you can." Shanna offered.

"Splendid idea. Youíre already naked so Iíll go ahead and even things out."
Lara said.

She dropped her gear then took off her teal top and then her boots and
shorts. Her poor bra that strained to contain her breasts were relieved of
their strenuous duty and then Lara Stripped off her panties.

Lara kissed her again except that this time Lara began fingering Shanna's wet
pussy. Shanna moaned and whimpered lightly then slipped her own finger into
Lara's cunt. The women kissed passionately for several minutes. Their eyes
closed and they and they gave in to their passion for each other. With their
free hands they mauled each other's tits. GOD she is so fucking hot, thought
Lara. Soon they were cumming in unison. They both slumped together but kept
kissing as their orgasms subsided. They opened their eyes and came to their
senses when they heard guns cocking. Lara and Shanna could see that when they
were distracted 6 women in camouflage had entered the plane. The all had guns
pointed at them. Their leader, Lara recognized. A rival named Amanda Benders.
There was a lot of bad blood between them.

"Bloody hell." Said Lara.

"Lara lovely to see you. Especially in such a compromising position." Said

"Who is this?" Shanna asked.

"Amanda Benders an art thief." Said Lara.

"An entrepreneur." Countered Amanda. "Lara, I think you need a lesson in

"You won't kill us." Said Lara, less than completely sure of that fact.

"No but raping, torturing and humiliating you and your little girlfriend are
in the cards for sure." Amanda said.

Her all-lesbian mercenaries all laughed.

"Leave Shanna out of this, it's me that you want. Let her go." Lara said.

"I won't leave you." Said Shanna.

"Well that is good since I really had absolutely no intention of letting you
go anyways. I suggest that you both cooperate unless you want to end up with
bullet-riddled bodies whose only purpose is to feed hungry scavengers." Said
Amanda. Shanna and Lara both stood stock-still. "Well I'm happy to at least
have your undivided attention. Tie the blonde up from the ceiling of this

Shanna did not resist as the mercenaries did just that. Shanna only stared
defiantly. Lara's hands were then tied behind her back and two mercenaries
restrained her.

"Good thing that I always carry some entertainment aides around with me in
case the mood strikes me." Said Amanda as she removed a cattle prod from her

"Leave her alone!" Lara yelled.

"Or what exactly? You don't seem properly positioned to make demands now do
you?" Asked Amanda. With that she jammed her prod between Shanna's tits and
zapped her.

Shanna gave a very slight twitch then yawned. Lara stifled a chuckle. Amanda

"A tough cunt aren't you?" Demanded Amanda. "Let's crank this baby up."

Amanda turned the juice up to a level that would give a rhino a heart attack.
Amanda jabbed the prod into one of Shanna's nipple and then zapped her. This
time Shanna screamed her head off. Amanda jabbed her in her other nipple and
gave her a second shock. There was mocking laughter from Amanda's
mercenaries. Lara struggled but she was held firm by the mercenaries. Shanna
glared at Amanda angrily.

"Bitch, still defiant huh? OK, then." Amanda zapped her pussy.

Shanna screamed again. But the electricity charging through her cunt was
doing more than cause pain, it was simultaneously pleasuring her. Amanda
zapped her again.

"More, do it more!" Screamed Shanna.

"Bloody hell, she is a masochist." Amanda said. She zapped her pussy over and
over until Shanna began cumming. The blonde slumped in her bonds, spent from
the force of her orgasm. "Well hell, that was no fun at all. Shit and now I
have to take a there's an idea."

Amanda took off her boots and then her fatigues. She followed up by slipping
off her panties. She walked over to where Lara was forced into a kneeling

"Well bitch, unless you want to see me to stuff a grenade in your
girlfriend's cunt, you are going to be my toilet this lovely day." Said

"Evil whore." Lara shot at her.

"Yes, well I do try, it's nice of you to notice." Said Amanda as she
positioned herself above Lara. She looked around at her mercs. "Why don't
you ladies have some fun with the blonde while I take a piss."

Her mercenaries obediently made their way over to Shanna who they began to
fondle. They grabbed her tits, fingered her pussy and her ass.

"Thirsty?" Asked Amanda.

"Fuck you." Said Lara.

"A bit later." Promised Amanda. "First though, open wide."

Defeated, Lara opened her mouth. Her opened orifice was soon hit with a hot
stream of piss. Hot urine filled her mouth quickly and she swallowed it down
but he had trouble keeping up with the flow. It soon spilled out of her mouth
and down her chest. Finally, once she thought she couldn't possibly swallow
another drop the flow stemmed.

"Good slut, now eat mommies pussy good." Said Amanda.

Lara's tongue dug deep inside Amanda. Amanda smiled and moaned as she was
eaten out, she was so involved in enjoying the pleasures of Lara's mouth on
her cunt. So involved she was that she didn't notice when Shanna knocked
out one of her merc's with a kick. She still wasn't paying attention when
Shanna broke her bonds. She was actually in the middle of her orgasm when
the last of her mercenaries lay on the floor unconscious. When she finally
regained her senses, Shanna was tapping on her shoulder. Amanda turned
around and surveyed the situation.

"Oh shit." Amanda said. "Any chance you two would be willing to let this
whole thing slide?"

Lara stood and glared at her. "No. Follow me bitch."

She was escorted outside the plane and hung by the wrist from a branch. After
the mercenaries were tied up Shanna and Lara selected some vines and began
whipping the shit out of Amanda. Her breasts and ass soon were crisscrossed
with lash marks while Amanda screamed and writhed.

"This was fun wanna help me carry her and the treasure to my boat, that way
we can continue this in the luxury of my yacht?" Asked Lara.

"Yes." Said Shanna.

She's strong, hot, and willing to please; thought Shanna. She'd make a
spectacular pet. She began to load up Amanda's ATVs as she thought about
perverted thing to do to (with) Shanna.


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