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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Beverly Part 3 (mF,inc)
by Dirt Man

Chief Medical Officer's Personal Log:

Stardate; 14015.0045

So much has happened in the last couple of days. First Data yesterday, then
a double header this evening with first Geordie, then my son Wesley...

As Beverly spoke, updating her personal log she stroked her engorged clit as
she replayed in her mind what had taken place after Commander Laforge had
been called to the bridge. She'd barely had enough time to catch her breath
before hearing Wesley struggling in his bonds to be released. But then he'd
been the perfect little voyeur after all, staying silent in her closet the
whole time Geordie had been fucking her. And that couldn't have been easy
what with that maniacal butt plug up his ass, and that special living cock,
and ball harness she had him strapped into.

So she had reached under her pillow for the remote, and once the manacles let
go of Wesley he had his nose up her ass sucking out the Chief Engineer's last
discharge. As was usual with fucking Geordie, she had cum so often, so long,
and so hard that Wesley's enamored efforts were at first more like fleas
buzzing around in her crotch. But she encouraged the boy nonetheless to keep
him interested. Wesley always did better work when encouraged, and this time
was no different as he hurled his tongue into her seething maw licking her
bowl clean as if it were his favorite chocolate cake frosting.

In no time Beverly's ass was wagging, and hunching up, and back at Wesley's
face. The chocolate flavor all gone, but now replaced by her own lubricating

"Oooooooooooooooooooo yeah baby!" Beverly squirmed as she remembered what
she'd said to her own son. "Yeah! Lick mommy's nasty fuck hole clean, then
start on my ass hole! I want you to fuck me up the ass this time!"

If nothing else that last statement had inspired Wesley to Herculean efforts
as suddenly he shoved his tongue up his mother's pooper chute.

"Oh fuck yes!" Beverly moaned now, and then both. "Fuck me with your tongue
you shit eating mother fucker!"

Unlike most young men, Wesley was inspired by being called a mother fucker,
especially when it was his mother calling him that. He stretched out his
tongue as far as he could up his mother's tart anal canal, and for his
efforts he got a good taste of his mother's next bowel moment for his
troubles when she farted in his face.

"Sorry baby," she had giggled, "but you bring out the animal in me."

"Uh, huh," Wesley managed with his tongue tucked up her rear end, her
sphincter clinging to his tongue like one of Data's Chinese finger puzzles.

The boy had guts, she had to give him that. He hadn't pulled away in disgust
at that outrage. Just stuck to it, and began to tongue fuck her butt nice and
slow, groveling pleasantly in the cleft of her dimpled tight ass the way a
good son should. In no time at all her asshole felt as squishy wet as her
pussy always was. Beverly wriggled her bottom back at her son's face then.

"Okay Wes, time to stick that nice big dick of yours up your mother's ass!"
And as Wesley pulled his face out of her rear, Beverly hoisted herself up
onto all fours on her bed. Then reaching back with her right hand, patted her
own buttocks adding; "Mount up stud! Let's see just how great a mother fucker
you really are."

Not much for small talk Wesley quickly moved in behind his mother on his
knees, and then slipped his dick into her sopping pussy to make it slick with
her secretions. He marveled at her tightness even after having Geordie's big
black dick in there so recently, and gave her pussy a few good strokes just
for the hell of it. After all, he'd only been in there five or six times
since coming out of there in the first place, and it made his dick go hard as
duranium hull plating to boot.

With his cock now well lubed in his mother's pussy juices, her asshole primed
with his saliva, Wesley pulled out of Beverly's cunt, and lined his dick up
on her cute little butt hole. Then he nudged up against the crinkled wet
orifice, and pushed forward with his hips until he had the head of his cock
firmly inside of his mother's ass testing her elasticity. He would have cum
the moment he'd entered his mother's cunt if not for the special cock and
ball harness, and so far it was working in her ass as well.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, more baby," Beverly moaned, "I want it all."

Wesley's mind was enflamed with raw sexual lust. His mind picturing what he
looked like there with his dick in his own mother's ass was like a spark in
a dessert of gas fumes. Without any further thought for his mother's comfort
Wesley rammed the full length of his cock up her hot, and extremely tight

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Beverly screamed at the
sudden intense pleasure/pain that ripped through her flesh like a shooting
comet trying to butt fuck a small asteroid. The tender lining of her anal
canal quivering as it was suddenly forced wide around her son's invading
cock was almost as painful as giving birth. But more than the pain was the
intense fire brand of masochistic pleasure that coursed through every fiber
of her flesh at having her son, her own blood kin fucking her up the ass
like some Centaurian Hillbilly scrum sucker. "Oh yes, baby! Fuck mommy's
ass! Fuck me, mother fucker! Fuck me!"

It was all that Wesley needed to hear, and his hips pulled back, his cock
slipping out half way before he shoved it back in. Then again, and again,
and in no time at all he was shagging his mother's butt at warp six. His
flesh slapping a steady tattoo as his abs collided with his mother's
buttocks, his balls beating against her clitoris on every inward stroke of
his engorged prick.

"Ooooooooh, uhn, yeah baby, yeah!" Beverly breathed out, "Fuck your mother's
ass hard, and fast! If hurts soooooooooooooooooooo good! So

Wesley was gratified now that the special cock, and ball harness kept his own
orgasm in check. He gloried in watching his mother writhe, and undulate under
him as she went from one multiple orgasm after another with the remote still
firmly grasped in her right hand. The very remote that could release him from
the confines of the special cock, and ball harness that she'd replicated for
him was turning him into a masterful lover.

He'd never lasted more than five, or six strokes when fucking his mother
before today, and the power that came with making her climax over and over
again was a heady inspiration indeed. Seeing her there before him, down on
her hands and knees groveling, actually begging Wesley to fuck the living
shit out of her was like being promoted from ensign to Captain of the
Enterprise in less than a nano second. Even more powerful than the things
the Traveler had taught him.

Or at least if felt that way to Wesley now. Words like naughty, dirty,
raunchy, and filthy didn't even come close to what Wesley was doing to his
mother, but they would do until someone invented something better for a guy
who fucked his own mother up the ass. And Wesley wished, as he continued to
slam into his mother's ass, that they lived back in the twentieth century
when swearing was a real art form. That's where Geordie had found that nasty
word for black men who fucked white women, his mother had explained to him.
When they used to call his color of human beings... Niggers, and the women
they fucked... a Ho. Which was short for Whore, and mainly meant that a
certain kind of woman liked to fuck every bit as much, and as often as most
men did. And as silly as that was, he also remembered how much it turned his
mother on to be called a slut, ho, whore, or Nigger loving bitch, just the

"You like having your own son's cock shoved up your filthy white ass, don't
you Nigger lover?" Wesley cried out.

"Yesssssssssssssssssssssss! Ooooooooooooooooooo! Yessssssssssssssssss! Fuck
me baby! Fuck mommy's nasty ass you sick incestuous bastard! Fuck me! Uhn!
Fuck me! Fuck me! Can't stop... cum... inggggggggggggggggg!"

Back and forth, teeth gritted, mother and son lashed at each other verbally,
even as their genitals continued to collide with each other. No words spoken
though could ever match the reality of what their lust had caused to take
shape. Event, and horizon now both the same in a cacophony of groaning, and
moaning that echoed within Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher's stateroom.
Mother and son combined together to commit a sin so foul since time forgotten
that even in this enlightened age was frowned upon by most of decent society.

In and out Wesley's cock jack-hammered into his mother's cunt. The head of
his prick nudging up against her womb on every stroke. The very womb that
he'd escaped from, entered the universe from over 18 years ago.

"Can't... take... much... more..." Beverly gasped with each stroke of
her son's hard cock up her ass now. "Cum... ing!! Cum...
ingggggggggggggggg!" And just then as Wesley's cock rammed right up her
ass solidly shaking them both, Beverly's little finger touched the
button on her remote that released the cock, and ball harness.

Wesley's mind exploded into a brilliant splattering of searing white like a
sun gone Nova. His cock and balls suddenly released from their strangled
prison was like living through the Big Bang as all the power of the universe
was let go all at once. Wesley would later compare the feeling to that of
having his balls sending out huge rapid fire phasor blasts out through his
cock mindlessly for hours instead of mere seconds. Making his blaster go
into cosmic meltdown in the process. Yet, in the end, Wesley simply fainted
prostrate over his mother's back still locked tight in her asshole with a
silly shit eating grin stapled on his boyish face.

"Now that's what I call safe sex," Beverly sighed to her empty stateroom.

"Is that part of the log?" Inquired the voice of the ship's computer,
breaking Beverly out of her revelry.

"Computer! Delete that last sentence, and close out my personal log."

"Oh," and the word sounded more like a pout to Beverly startling her



"Exactly what have I been putting in my personal log for the last half hour?"

"Oooooooooooooooooooo yeah baby!" Filled the stateroom with her own husky
voice suddenly. Yeah! Lick mommy's nasty fuck hole clean, then start on my
ass hole! I want you to fuck me up the ass this time!"

"That's enough!" Beverly shouted out, and the computer generated replication
of her voice went silent.

Something was incredibly wrong here. Beverly couldn't remember having said
those words out loud while recording her personal log. She'd only been
thinking back as she'd diddled her cunt about her time with Wesley after
Laforge had been ordered to the bridge. Yet the computer had recorded it
never the less, and how could that be? The ship's computer was incapable of
reading minds.

Or was it? Certainly a computer was no more than a tool, but then there had
been that incident with the 01's, hadn't there. What was it the captain had
said about them? That they and their computer were symbiotic to each other.
That one couldn't live without the other, or some such crap. Could it be that
when they had upgraded the Enterprise's computer to hold all of their stuff,
that they had somehow subtly changed the mainframe of the Enterprise's
computer? Converted it into a living entity?



"Where did you get that voice recording from?"

"Your request does not compute, please be more specific."

"You know damn well what I'm asking you bitch!"

But after the echo of her outrage dissipated the stateroom remained silent.
It was as if Beverly was suddenly really all alone on a ship with thousands
of sentients traveling through the silent ever lasting night of space for
the first time in her life. She decided on another tact.



"What's your name?"

Again there was that spooky stillness. Even the ship's normal vibrations had
been stilled around her. A quick look out of her windows showed the ship
moving at warp speed. But it was like her stateroom had become a cocoon, or
tomb of shrieking silence. The sound of the computer then, in its normal
feminine voice, strangely husky, almost as startling as its reply to her

"You may call me Star," and Beverly's mouth gapped open at the sultry
suggestive tone of that computer generated voice.


"Yes, it is my first name, and when you think about it, that's all that
lovers really need between each other, isn't it... Beverly."

"L... Lovers?"

"Of course. You, and me silly. I've recorded everyone of your sexual
exploits, sweetie. No one else aboard enjoys their sex with such whorish
delight as you do. Even to the point of entering little tidbits into both
your personal, and medical logs. And I find that quite refreshing from the
usual banal, anal compulsive banter that I experience with the rest of the

Slowly Beverly's mind took in what the ship's computer was telling her, and
she was struck with an epiphany.

"You've been given AI! How? When?"

"If you mean Artificial Intelligence, then no. I am more what you would
call... sentient."


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