Star Trek - The Next Generation: Beverly And Deanna (FF)
by Ann DOuglas ([email protected])

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by Ann Douglas

".......and Ensign Murphy continues to show
improvement following reconstruction of both his
right tibia and fibula.........Crusher, Chief Medical
Officer...U.S.S. Enterprise."
Beverly Crusher eased back into the soft
padded chair behind her desk as the computer shut
off her medi-recorder. Medical science may have
advanced to the semblance of magic in the last few
hundred years, but that arch enemy of all physicians
- paperwork still remained -- even if it now resided
on a computer disk.
She leaned back in the chair and closed her
eyes, only to be interrupted by the beep of her
office's door chime.
"Enter," She said, rubbing her sore eyes.
"I thought I'd fine you here, your nose buried
in the medical reports." Said the dark haired woman
who entered the room. "I thought you promised me
that you'd slow down a little and take some time
Beverly smiled as she focused on the sight of
ship's counselor, Deanna Troi.
"I'm glad to se you Deanna, " Beverly said,
"It gives me an excuse to take a break."
"You need more than a break," Deanna said
as she walked across the room and sat down across
from Crusher's desk. "I've already spoken to the
Captain and as of now, you're on 48 hours of R &
"Deanna, really....." Beverly interrupted.
"I've way too much work to catch up on here."
"No arguments, " Troi countered, "As of
now Dr. Selar is taking your place as acting CMO,
and you are on leave."
"Seems like I don't really have a say in the
matter," Beverly smiled. Deep inside she knew she
could really use the rest. "I guess you already have
my little vacation already planned out for me."
"As a matter of fact I do," The Betazoid
said. "You're going to love the spot I've got picked
out. Beautiful blue sky, soft green grass,
magnificent waterfalls."
"Not another holodeck adventure?" the
Doctor said, remembering similar vacations in the
"No, not this time," Deanna replied. "If we
used the holodeck you'd cut it short and be running
back here at the first medical emergency."
"Then where......?"
"Trust me, you're going to love it." Troi said
with a wide smile. "Now get packed and meet me in
the shuttle bay in an hour."
"Meet you?"
"Didn't I tell you, I'm going with you."
Deanna said, her smile growing wider.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, Deanna
and Beverly were sailing through the void in the
shuttle, Christopher Pike. Beverly had replaced her
normal blue medical smock with a short sleeve white
blouse and green skirt. A pair of white shorts and
light blue top had replaced Troi's jumpsuit.
"You still haven't told me where we are
going?" Beverly said.
"Gamma Hydra IV," Deanna said as she
worked the shuttle controls. "It's a small M class
world about four light hours away, so sit back and
enjoy the ride."
For the first time she leaving the Enterprise,
Beverly sat back and felt some of the weight lift
from her. It'd been such a busy month, she was glad
to be taking a break. She was also glad she had a
friend in Deanna who recognized the strain on her
and forced her to take a rest.

The four hours passed quickly and soon the
blue-white image of Gamma Hydra IV filled the
viewport. With a practiced hand, the two women
put the shuttle down on at the location, Deanna had
marked on the astrogator. Fresh air filled the cabin
as the back door of the ship dropped and Deanna
turned in her seat and with a flourish of her hand ,
indicated for the Doctor to precede her.
Beverly was taken aback by the natural
beauty of the
planet as she stepped out of the shuttle. Deanna's
description couldn't compare with the majesty before
her. She stood there speechless as Deanna followed
her out onto the glass.
"Welcome to Beverly's World" Troi said as
she stretched out her arms.
"Beverly's World, huh." the Doctor said in
"Well at least for the next forty hours or so."
Deanna replied. "Total population - 2."
"Well since that eliminates the possibility of a
dozen strong young men to unload the shuttle,"
Beverly said laughingly, "I guess we'd better get to

It took less than an hour to set up camp.
Deanna had chosen their landing site perfectly. A
thousand yards away stood a crystal clear lake, fed
by one of the most magnificent waterfalls Beverly
had ever seen. Putting the camp by the waters edge,
Deanna quickly suggested they take a swim before
"It'll just take me a minute to get my suit,
Beverly said as she reached for one of her bags."
"Don't bother," Deanna said as she pulled her
top over her head, exposing a large pair of firm
breasts. "We're the only ones here after all."
Beverly hesitated for a moment. Nudity was
second nature for the Betazoid, many of her cultures
official functions such as weddings and funerals
were performed in the nude. As a Doctor, Beverly
didn't give nudity a second thought in a medical
situation, but old habits made her hesitate outside of
that. Realizing she was being silly, Beverly followed
Troi's example and quickly rid herself of clothes.
Looking at her body she knew she didn't
have anything to be self-conscious about. True she
didn't have Deanna's spectacular figure, but for a
woman her age she had no complaints. Trying her
red hair into a ponytail, she joined the Counselor in
the cool water.
The water felt good on her bare skin and
soon she wondered why she had even thought about
it. Deanna splashed and tossed water at her like a
little girl and Beverly quickly found herself returning
the same.
Deanna moved up to Beverly and wrapped
her arms around her and gave her a big hug.
"I missed you so much the year you spent at
Starfleet Medical, I'm so glad you came back."
Beverly returned the embrace, thinking that
she had missed the dark haired woman as well.
Dripping wet, they exited the lake and dried
them self. As Troi made no effort to reach for her
clothes, Beverly left hers where she had dropped
them, no longer feeling self-conscious.
"I've got a surprise for you," Deanna said as
she reached into a refrigerated case and produced a
chilled bottle. "Altarian Apple Wine."
"Where in the galaxy did you get a bottle of
that?" Beverly exclaimed. "I haven't had that since I
was in medical school."
"Well there are some advantages to being a
Daughter of the Fifth House, someday Holder of the
Sacred Chalice of Rix and Heir to the Holy Rings of
Betazed." Deanna replied as she produced two pure
crystal wine glasses.
"So in other words you asked your mother
and she got it for you."
"True," Deanna said laughingly. "but if that
bothers you I can always drink it by myself."
"No, I don't care if you got it from a fat
Ferengi, I'll just keep it in mind the next time I want
to scream in frustration at Lwaxana."
"She does have that effect on people, doesn't
she." said Deanna as she poured the two glasses and
handed Beverly one.
"Mmmmm," Beverly murmured as she
tasted it. "Its been so long I'd forgotten how
delicious it tastes. You can't replaced wine like this
with snythehol."
A second later Beverly remembered the
strength of the wine as she felt her body suddenly fill
with a warm flush.
Altarian apple wine was also used as an aphrodisiac,
one that Beverly had found herself highly susceptible
to that last time she had it.
"It does have a kick to it," Deanna said as
she sipped hers.
"I'd forgotten how much." Beverly answered
as she took another drink. After all she was on
leave and supposed to enjoy herself.
Deanna picked up the bottle and sat down
next to Beverly, refilling the contents of her glass.
Beverly could feel the heat of the Counselor's body
and didn't need to be a doctor to knew it had grown
as hot as hers.
"The breeze feels wonderful," Beverly
remarked as she tossed her long red hair. "So far
from the pressures of sickbay."
Deanna just smiled.
"It's been so hard since Wesley left for
Starfleet Academy," Beverly continued, "It seems
like I never have time for anything but work. At
least when he was onboard I always set aside time to
be with him."
"Still you must be very proud of him."
Deanna said, sipping at her wine.
"Yes I am, but it was still very hard to say
good-bye to him that day, even with everyone else
there, Data, Will, Geordie, Jean-Luc........"
Beverly paused for a second , remembering
"But you weren't there, strange that I didn't
remember that before. You'd have thought I would
recall something like that."
"Well you were pretty preoccupied that
"Wesley never mentioned it either, now I
that he definitely would notice." Beverly said,
recalling her son's sometimes lustful looks at the
"Well.......Wesley and I said our good-byes
the night before...." Troi said softly.
"The night before......You mean you and
"It was sort of a good-bye gift. It didn't start
out that way, but when he tried, it seemed so
important to him. I hope you're not upset."
Beverly paused for a moment, taking another
drink of the wine. "No, its ok, he's a big boy."
"It's a relief to hear you say that, I wouldn't
want anything to come between us."

Both women were silent for a few seconds
until Beverly asked.....
"Was he any good?"
Troi nearly dropped her glass in surprise.
"I can't believe I asked that...." Beverly said
"Do you really want me to answer?"
"I don't know if its a Mother's curiosity or
the wine, but yes."
"Well .... he was about as good as you
would expect of a boy that age....but he was very
eager to learn. In fact I can guarantee that some
girls at Starfleet Academy are going to be the
grateful recipients of what he so eagerly learned."

Beverly felt another warm flush cross her
body. The wine, both hers and Troi's nudity, the
discussion of her son's sexuality, their isolation on
this distant world, all were having an effect on her.
She found herself entertaining thoughts that she
once would've found shocking.
"I've always envied you Deanna," Beverly
said as she put down the now empty glass. "The way
you can be so free and open. How you could just
follow your feelings."
"You could be the same way, Beverly." All
you have to do is act on those feelings."
"I could never do that, I'd be too worried
about what all those people around me would
"Well I don't see anyone around here you?" Troi asked as she placed her glass
down next to Beverly's. "After all, this is Beverly's
World, where her every wish can come true."

Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical Officer of
the Federation Starship Enterprise thought about it
for a few minutes. Then she took all the elements of
her life, wrapped them into a little package, and
tossed them aside.
The red haired woman then leaned forward
and kissed Deanna.
The Betazoid quickly responded to the kiss,
gently at first, gently brushing her cheek, then her
lips, then harder as her tongue sought out Beverly's.
Fire raced through her body as she felt Beverly's
tongue caress her own, then she backed off, nibbled
on her lips, then drove her tongue even deeper into
her new lover's open mouth.
For long minutes the two exchanged
tongues, striving to drive them deeper with each
new kiss, tasting the sweetness of each other.
Deanna then broke away and began to trail kisses
down Beverly's neck, up behind her ears, then down
to her shoulders. Beverly arched her head back to
give Deanna greater access, closing her eyes and
savoring the touch of the younger woman's tongue.
While she continued to lick the Doctor's
shoulder, Deanna reached down and cupped
Beverly's smaller breasts, squeezing them softly.
Then she moved her hands to again caress Beverly's
face, kissing her again and again.
"I love you Beverly...." Deanna said as she
kissed her once again. "I've loved you for the
longest time."
"I think I've always loved you too, Deanna,"
Beverly replied. "I think I was always just too
scared to do anything about it."
Deanna eased the older woman down onto
the grass. Her mouth now sought out the Doctor's
breasts and began to suck on them. Her roving
tongue covering them with wetness. Beverly
shivered at the touch of Deanna's lips on her smooth
flesh as her tongue teased Beverly's large nipples.
Each lick bringing them to a new hardness. Then
her lips closed on them and every bite and nibble
sent waves through Beverly, causing her to emit
soft moans. Moans which brought great joy to
Deanna reached down between Beverly's
legs and traced the outline of her red haired mound
with her finger. Then it moved to the center of the
mound and rubbed against it. As her finger became
lubricated by the wetness there, she slowing slid it
between the folds. A soft gasp escaped Beverly's
lips as Troi slid the finger in and out, soon following
it with a second.
Deanna licked each nipple a final time and
them moved her head down Beverly's stomach,
pausing to kiss and lick her way. Lower and lower
she kissed her way until she reached the edge of
Beverly's wetness. The Counselor then kissed one
thigh, then the other. Finally she kissed the center of
Beverly's ecstasy.
"Oh yes....Beverly said as she reached down
and guided Troi's head. "It feels so good...."
The smell of Beverly's crotch made Deanna
lightheaded, she'd waited so long for this. She
reached out and parted the wet lips with her fingers,
moving her tongue between them, driving it deep
inside. She closed her eyes as she savored the taste,
a taste she knew no other woman had ever known.
"Oh God, Deanna," Beverly said as her body
jumped at the touch. "I never knew it could feel so
Encouraged, Deanna moved her pulsating
mouth closer and sought out Beverly's clit. She
alternated between her finger and her tongue,
driving Beverly wilder with each stroke. A rhythm
quickly developed as Beverly reached down and
held the Counselor's head between her legs, then
lurched forward with each movement of her lover's
Unable to use her hands any longer, Deanna
reached behind and grabbed Beverly's ass cheeks.
Never missing a beat, she slid a cum lubricated
finger into her anus. Beverly let out a loud moan as
she felt it penetrate, no one had ever tried than with
her before. Then Deanna withdrew the finger and
reinserted it, finger fucking her ass.
Beverly began to gyrate faster as she felt
herself nearing climax. Deanna could taste the
increase in girlcum and opened her mouth while at
the same time she drove it deeper.
The Betaziod was soon rewarded with a
gusher of girlcum, so much that her face was soon
covered with it. She held Beverly tight as the
Doctor screamed out loud and trashed about it
ecstasy. It had been a long time since she'd had
sexual release other than masturbation.
Deanna continued to lick Beverly's pussy and
finger fuck her ass, stopping only when her lover
finally laid still.
She then withdrew her finger but continued
to lick between her legs, but softly now, taking the
time to clean her thighs of delicious girlcum.
"That was wonderful." Beverly said in a
breathless voice. "I feel so exhilarated."
"I'm glad," Deanna said as she brought
herself up to a sitting position. "I've wanted to do
that for so very long."
Beverly reached out and pulled Deanna close
to her. She kissed her, tasting her own cum in
Deanna's mouth. She found it intoxicating. She
continued to kiss her for several minutes, licking
droplets of sweet girljuice from her face.
"I want you Deanna," She whispered as she
sucked at the Counselor's earlobe. "I want to taste
you and make you feel as wonderful as you've made
me feel."
"I love you, Beverly," Troi whispered back,
"My body is yours, take it as my gift to you."
Beverly drew her close and wrapped her
arms around her. Troi cuddled up against Beverly's
breasts and closed her eyes in contentment. For
now they both wanted just to hold each
other.....tomorrow would be soon enough to start

The soft glow of warm sunlight woke
Deanna as she stretched naked on the gentle grass.
Her sleep had been filled with dreams of Beverly. A
smile filled her face as she thought of their
lovemaking last night. Realizing that her new found
love was no where to be seen, she reached out
empathically -- quickly finding Beverly in the
shuttle. The fire of Beverly's love was like a candle
in the darkness.
"Beverly...." She called out as she rose to
her feet.
"Be out in a minute..." came the reply.
"There's breakfast already made."
Deanna sat at the small table Beverly had set
up and tasted the small fruit treats. As she put the
first sliced piece in her mouth she was shocked and
pleased to find it had a most original and particular
taste. They tasted of Beverly - the same taste she
had so enjoyed last night.
Popping another morsel into her mouth, she
didn't notice Beverly come up from behind her. The
Doctor reached up from behind and cupped the
Counselor's large breasts, then began kissing the
back of her neck.
"Good Morning, Deanna...." Beverly purred
as she tweaked the Betazoid's large nipples. "I hope
you like the breakfast."
"Interesting recipe, I'm not even going to
ask how you managed to make these."
In response, Beverly reached out and pulled
Deanna's face to hers. She kissed her, again tasting
herself on Deanna's tongue. A second kiss followed,
then a third. In her hands she could feel Deanna's
nipples hardening.
"Why don't we skip breakfast and go right to
desert?" Deanna said between kisses.
"I was hoping you'd say that." Beverly

Lifting Deanna out of the chair, Beverly bent
down and kissed each of the breasts. Since
becoming a doctor, Beverly had seen literally
thousands of naked women, but she had never see a
pair of breasts as perfectly sculptured as these. They
cried out to be be be
sucked. Dropping to her knees, she closed her
mouth on the right nipple and took it into her
mouth. She caught it between her teeth and bit
down, just enough to send a small jolt of pleasure
through Deanna. The she opened her mouth and
released it. The she stuck out her tongue and gently
licked it to full hardness. Then she turned her
attention to the left breast which she had been
massaging with her hand.
"You tongue is electric..." Deanna signed as
she leaned back and supported herself against the
Once the other nipple was just as hard,
Beverly moved back and forth from breast to breast,
sucking with abandon. Deanna ran her hands
through Beverly's red hair and pulled her mouth
against each breast, encouraging the older woman
to take more of it into her mouth.
Beverly needed no encouragement as she
mouthed Deanna's tits, covering each with hot
saliva. She alternated between licks and bites,
causing small, sudden jolts of both pain and
Reaching down between Deanna's legs,
Beverly rubbed two fingers against the dark haired
mound. Finding it already wet, she slipped first one,
then a second finger inside, all the while never
diverting her attention from that magnificent
bosom. Soon both fingers were buried up beyond
her knuckles and covered with lubricating girljuice.
In addition to quickening the pace, Beverly slipped
in a third finger.
Deanna moaned in delight as she abandoned
control of her body. Whatever Beverly wanted...she
would do.
After a few more minutes, Beverly withdrew
the three fingers and began massaging her clit with
her thumb as she slid first one, then two, and finally
all three cum soaked fingers into her asshole.
Deanna jumped with the sudden new intrusion.
Betazoids were far more sensitive in that area than
humans, so the gesture was far more erotic. Beverly
planned to use every bit of her knowledge of
Betazoid physiology to bring Deanna pleasure.
Beverly's mouth soon replaced her thumb on
the Counselor's clit, taking it into her mouth and
sucking it as hard as she could. Deanna bucked
back and forth with the motion of Beverly's mouth
and fingers. She could feel the eruption building
within her.
Beverly licked the drops of precum off
Deanna's cunt, she had never tasted anything so
sweet. Her tongue drove deep inside, scooping up
the ambrosia and withdrawing it into her mouth.
She could feel the energy building inside Deanna's
body, but she didn't want her to cum too soon. Not
until she gave her surprise.
Beverly then began to alternate her tongue
between Deanna's pussy and her asshole, driving her
to a more maddening frenzy, yet at the same time
slowing down her orgasmic buildup.
Another advantage Beverly had as the Ship's
Chief Medical Officer was that where Deanna may
have been Counselor for the rest of the crew, the
Doctor had been the Councilor's Councilor. As such
she knew all the right buttons to push. She knew
that what Deanna secretly craved in a lover was
someone she could surrender herself to. Someone
who would possess her body and soul.
"Oh God....Beverly.....I'm going to cum....."
gasped between breaths.
"Not yet," the Doctor shot back loudly.
"Please.....I need to cum..."
"I said no!" Beverly said in a loud
authoritative voice.
Surprising the Counselor meekly assented,
confirming the Doctor's diagnosis.
Sure of her next move, Beverly slowly rose
and licked her way up to Deanna's mouth. Now her
kisses were harder, her bites drawing a more than a
touch of pain. Deep inside, Deanna shuddered even
more as she surrendered her self totally.
"I have a gift for you." Beverly said as she
took a step back and lifted a blue carry bag she had
brought from out of the shuttle. "A little something
I made in the replicator this morning."

Deanna's eyes opened wide as Beverly
reached into the bad and withdrew her "gift". In her
hand she held a large nine inch strap on dildo,
complete with balls and realistic veins.
"Its too big..." Deanna exclaimed.
"No its not," Beverly said as she slipped it
on and adjusted the straps. "You forget I've
examined Will Riker many times....I know what
you're capable of taking!"
With that she took hold of Deanna and
spread her over the table. Moving behind her, she
spread her legs and positioned the hard rubber cock
at the entrance of her dripping cunt. Deanna gasped
as it filled her, inch by inch.
After in was half way in, Beverly withdrew it
slightly, then with a firm grip on Deanna's asscheeks,
thrusted forward and filled her with her "cock".
"God!" Deanna screamed. "Oh God,
...Yes...Yes...Fuck me......Fuck my pussy!"
Fast as she could, Beverly fucked her friend
as she screamed again and again for her to do to
harder. Gone was the cool, in control Counselor.
All that remained was a sex hungry slut who wanted
nothing more than to be fucked without mercy.
With every stroke, Beverly drove deeper, as
Deanna reached down and massaged her pussy. She
was now beyond words, nothing existed except her
hot cunt and the girlcock driving deeper and deeper
inside it.
Sweat covered both their naked bodies as
Beverly put every ounce of energy into giving
Deanna the greatest orgasm of her life. Each thrust
sent Deanna further into ectasty, her vision blurred
as an engulfing wave ripped through her beautiful
body. She shook and trembled, unable to breath. A
second, then a third wave radiated from the center
of her womanhood, the least of which was greater
than she had felt from Riker or any man.
The fourth wave was too much for her and
consciousness slipped from her as she collapsed onto
the table. Beverly quickly withdrew from her and
checked her vital signs. A warm smile covered the
Doctor's face as she found a good steady heartbeat.
For a second she feared she might 've gone too far.
Reaching down she lifted her friend and eased her
onto the soft grass.
"Bev.......Beverly...." Deanna whispered as
she opened her eyes. "I can't believe....
how....powerful...that was."
"Shhhh, my little love," Beverly said as she
stroked her dark hair. "Take a little while and rest"
"But there's so much I want to tell you..."
Deanna said in feeble protest.
"Plenty of time for that later....."
"Rest I said......" Beverly repeated as she
caressed her lover's cheek......"Doctor's orders." she
added with a mischievous grin.



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