Star Trek - The Next Generation: Beverly Gets Crushed (MF,rape)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

While the Enterprise streamed through the stars at cruising speed, Dr.
Beverly Crusher was busy with her own work. Huge amounts of data had to be
entered into the ship's computer data base every night, and tonight was no
exception. She had remained behind while everyone else had left. The ship
runs 24 hours, but most of the medical staff works one shift. She had stayed
behind to clean up the last details and then head to her quarters for some
much needed rest.

She was just finishing up some data entries, when she felt something around
her. She stopped suddenly, and then looked around. There was nothing there,
but she still felt a presence. She slowly put her data port down on the
table, and stood up. She slowly walked around the room, her footsteps echoing
off the barren walls. The medical room was completely devoid of life, except
for her. Beverly was completely alone, or so she thought. Above her, an alien
presence was stalking her. He'd waited for the others to leave, and was
readying to strike at the object of his lust. Her red hair and green eyes had
attracted his interest, and he had been slowly biding his time, fantasizing
about her lovely breasts, and forcing himself inside her. And he would,
whether she wanted to or not. He didn't care.

Beverly continued her walk around the Medical Room, still feeling the odd
presence in the room. But there was nobody else in the room. She slowly
scanned the room, and then went back to her chair and sat down to finish her

Hovering behind her in a gaseous state, he was completely invisible. But
when he materialized, he would phase into an all too solid form. He enjoyed
watching her, studying her moves, fantasizing about what was to shortly come.
From the moment he first saw her on Gamma IV, he'd wanted to thrust his organ
into her and enjoy her many pleasures. Finally, it was time.

Beverly turned back to her work, but then quickly turned around again. Her
red hair blinded her, and she tossed it aside. It was getting late, and her
mind was starting to play tricks on her. She sighed, and then continued on.

Unseen behind her, the alien was slowly materializing. It was seven feet
tall, with gray-purplish skin that was thinly covered in hair. With the
phasing in almost done, it began to silently ease closer to the unsuspecting
Dr. Crusher.

Suddenly, a huge hand came up from behind her and covered her mouth. She
tried to scream, but was muffled by the leathery palm. Terrified, she was
spun around and found herself looking into a monstrous face. The huge,
gray, purplish alien face was only inches from her bulging eyes. He held
his hand over her mouth as she struggled to free herself. Suddenly, he put
his left hand around her throat, and began choking her.

Beverly shook in terror. She was too frightened to talk. The alien monster,
his violent actions, and his threatening appearance were terrifying. She
shook with fear as he slowly withdrew his hand from over her trembling mouth.
He quickly reached down and ripped off her communicator badge and threw it

Then he shoved his right hand down to her crotch, and began to quickly unzip
her pants. Beverly tried to fight him, but he began slapping her and tossed
her to the floor. She quickly jumped up and tried to run away, but the alien
grabbed her around the waist, and threw her against one of the examination
tables. Beverly tried to turn around, but again, he caught her and forced her
to bend over the table. She let out a desperate scream, and then was cut
short by his hand grabbing her throat again. Beverly gasped for air as it
wrung her neck.

Beverly desperately tried to breathe, and flailed around trying to hit back
at her tormentor. "Please." She whispered, "please, I won't scream again."

With that, the alien released her, and she collapsed to her elbows onto the
table, gasping for air. She massaged her tender neck, as she gulped in the
oxygen she desperately needed.

While Beverly was trying to regain her senses, the alien grabbed her
waistband, and pushed her pants down to her knees. Her black panties were
next, and he pushed those down to her thighs. Her naked buttocks and thighs
added to his arousal. Beverly was terrified, but she couldn't scream. The
creature would surely break her neck if she dared let out another scream.

With a rough, rubbing motion, he caressed her bare buttocks, enjoying the
soft skin. He'd waited for this moment and was going to enjoy every moment
of it. Beverly was whimpering at the thought of this hideous monster having
his way with her, but there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Then she froze with fear, as something began pushing between her legs. It
was the alien's large, knobby organ being pressed between her thighs. She
tried to cry out, but could only give out a faint cry. She felt the tip of
the alien's organ sliding between her bare inner thighs, and then rub against
the opening of her vagina. She tried to fight back again, but the monster
began pushing its organ inside her reluctant body. The alien moaned with
pleasure, and Beverly cried with anguish as the alien violently raped her.
In his sexual frenzy, he put both of his palms on her hips and began a
rhythmic stabbing into her. Beverly was trying to hold herself up as the
alien violated her from behind. She dared not scream any more, the alien
would certainly kill her.

Thrust after thrust went deeper into her, sending torrents of pain into
Beverly's body. She was in no way prepared for such a ruthless assault, and
there was no arousal in her to send lubricating juices in her vagina. She
just stayed there, absorbing his massive penis in her tight copper colored

With a flash of energy, the alien burst into orgasm. He spewed his semen deep
inside Beverly as she collapsed on the table. Beverly tried to protest as
he continued to pump his semen inside her, but he kept pumping.

When he finally finished, Beverly noticed that he was still hard! This
monster wasn't finished with her yet. He grabbed her shoulders, and flipped
her around so they were facing each other. She brought her hands up to her
face to hide his fearsome visage. The alien didn't care. He just looked down
at her beautiful, copper colored pubic area. It turned him on so much, and
he still hadn't seen her breasts. So while Beverly's hands were hiding her
face, he grabbed the zipper on her tunic, and slowly started to pull the
zipper down. Beverly realized what he was doing, and her hands grabbed at
his hand pulling the zipper down.

"No!" She cried, as he unzipped her, and her trembling hands tried to fight
his hand holding the zipper. The alien enjoyed her torment, and let her put
up her feeble resistance. He actually enjoyed feeling the desperation in
her soft hands as he slowly unzipped her tunic. Finally, he unzipped it
completely, and let the tab go. She tried to bring the tunic back together
to cover her naked skin, but he roughly pushed her hands away and warned her
to stop resisting. She whimpered, and fearing the wrath of the alien, she
quickly complied, and let her hands fall to her sides.

The Alien stood before her and leered at her. She was wearing a black bra
under the tunic, and he reached for it. Beverly instinctively grabbed his
hand, and the alien replied with a quick slap to her cheek. Then another,
and another as she cowered from his vicious assault. With a tirade of
swearing he yelled at her and told her never to try that again. Beverly
begged the alien to stop hitting her, and said she wouldn't do it again.

With that, he grabbed her arm and lifted her up to her feet. While she
staggered to find her balance, he grabbed her shoulders, and with one tug,
pulled her tunic down to her waist. Beverly was still crying, as he reached
for her bra and ripped it off of her and tossed it away. He stepped forward
and began massaging her firm breasts. He then began kissing her face as she
tried to turn away from him. Licking her cheek, and kissing her everywhere
on her face, he began to get even more turned on. She couldn't do anything
to stop his assault. Her tunic trapped Beverly's arms, and he pushed her
back against the desk. Everything scattered as she was pushed on top of it.
As she struggled for balance, the alien reached down and pulled her pants
and panties to her feet. He quickly grabbed her foot and had her step out of
them so her legs could be spread apart. He pushed Beverly back and lifted
her legs into the air.

"Please don't do this to me", she cried as the alien lifted her thighs into
the air and pushed her knees up to her chest. Each of her knees was bent
over his shoulders, her black booted legs hanging free over his back. Her
beautiful, copper pussy was completely exposed to him. He grabbed his organ
and guided it to her vagina. With one thrust, he half-disappeared into her.
Beverly let out a shriek as the organ began thrusting into her again. The
alien continued to pound his organ into the helpless Dr. Crusher. He was in
a sexual frenzy, and nothing was going to stop him. He came deep inside
Beverly, squirting more of his semen deep inside her struggling body.

As Beverly absorbed his semen, he pulled out of her and let her legs down.
Beverly thought he was done, and was going to finally leave her alone. But
she winced when she noticed his organ was still swollen and rigid. She was
beginning to think that the assault would never end, and started to cry

His hands greedily groped her bare breasts, kneading them like dough. Again,
he began licking her face and neck, disgusting Beverly with his foul touch.
His rock hard organ was rubbing against her bare belly, taunting her.
Completely helpless, Beverly could only lie there as he molested her. Once
again, he guided his organ towards her juicy juncture, and began thrusting
into her. Beverly finally broke down completely, begging and pleading with
the alien to stop hurting her. The massive organ was sending shockwaves of
pain from her agonized vaginal muscles all the way up her writhing body.
Once again, the alien spurted in orgasm inside Beverly. She withered as he
pumped her in ecstasy. She couldn't stand it any longer. The pain from the
multiple penetrations of her unprepared vagina was intense.

Suddenly, the alien withdrew from here, giving her a moment of relief.
Then, he pulled her up to a sitting position, her arms still held by the
half-removed tunic. She could see that he was still erect, and her
nightmare wasn't over. He then pulled her tunic up, freeing her arms. She
immediately covered her breasts, and crotch. As she tried to cover herself,
he pulled her forward onto her feet. She wobbled in discomfort. Her mind
reeling, she was a nervous wreck.

Suddenly, the alien began pushing her down to the floor. She tried to comply,
and he set her up on her knees. The cold hard floor brought her to attention.
Now the alien stood directly in front of the bowed figure of Dr. Crusher.

Beverly knew what was next, and nervously motioned to fondle his organ. The
alien grunted and smiled as Beverly caressed and played with his organ. He
then pushed it towards her mouth. Beverly reluctantly brought the thing to
her mouth, and nervously parted her lips. Her big red lips opened wide to
accept the girth of the massive organ, and her teeth were scarping against
it. She could only fit the head of the penis inside her mouth, and the alien
wanted more. She began to slowly inhale the organ, stroking it all the time.
He began pulling it back, and jamming it forward, in and out of her mouth.
Beverly could hardly keep up with the gyrations, but she knew the penalty
if she didn't please him. The alien's hands held Beverly's head while he
moved it up and down on his cock. She could hardly breath, and was gagging,
gasping for air as he forced her.

He came in another spurt, shooting his load into Beverly's reluctant mouth.
She fell backwards as he let her go, his organ spent. As the alien groaned
with pleasure, Beverly laid on the floor sobbing. Death had to be better
than this, she reasoned. She had been raped and degraded by this hideous
alien. What had she done to deserve such a horrible fate? Her eyes were so
wet that her vision was blurry. Wiping her eyes, and brushing her hair out
of her eyes, she turned around to curse out the alien, but it was gone.
Sobbing, with her chin locked, and eyes reduced to slits, she scanned the
room for the awful alien. He had left as quickly as he'd arrived. Beverly
gathered herself together and zipped up her tunic. She quietly put her pants
back on. She couldn't find her panties anywhere. The alien must have taken
them as some kind of trophy. Finally, she made it to the table and sat down.
Her groin was aching, her face was burning, and she sat there crying and


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