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Star Trek - The next Generation: Borg Orgy (MFF,oral,toys)
by BBW Lover

On a recon mission, a small Borg sphere with 2 male and 2 female drones encountered an unknown special anomaly. They tried to scan it to see if any of it could be assimilated and used by the Borg.

Suddenly, the sphere was hit by an unknown energy force. The propulsion drive was disabled and the sphere was pulled into the gravity field of a nearby planet. The sphere hit the surface hard, knocking one of the male drones from his station. He was thrown into a power distribution node and died instantly.

After the sphere came to a stop, the primary drone, 1 of 4, a female, ordered the others to evaluate any damage to the sphere and each other and make any necessary repairs. After the drones repaired themselves, they examined the sphere. The damage was extensive and would take weeks, maybe months, to repair. But they began. They first repaired 3 regeneration alcoves so they would survive long enough to complete repairs and contact the collective.

After 4 days, they started to experience disruptions in their regeneration processes. They began to have dreams. And not just dreams that anyone would have, but erotic dreams about species they have assimilated, forgotten family and friends and each other. One of the female drones, 3 of 4, a human whose previous life was that of a hostess from Risa, with a very active and varied sex life, was the first to be effected by her dreams. During their active period, she would often daydream about past sexual activities and would, at times, even fantasize about members of her collective. But she wasn't the only one effected. The male drone, 4 of 4, would often stare at the female drones and get an erection.

One day, in the middle of regenerating, 3 of 4 exited her alcove and walked over to 4 of 4 and opened the front of his covering and pulled them down to his ankles. He had a massive erection that was approximately 8 - 9 inches long. Resistance was futile, she opened her mouth and began to suck on it. It seemed to get harder as she progressed. For the first time since he was assimilated, he let out a moan and instinctively began to pump his hips to meet her head movements. He placed his hands on either side of her head and moaned louder.

His moaning alerted 1 of 4 and she emerged from her alcove with the intent of stopping the other 2 drones from their irrelevant actions. But when she saw 3 of 4 giving 4 of 4 a blow job, she was overcome with a long-forgotten arousal between her legs. She slowly moved her right hand, which was still intact, to her crotch and fingered her no longer dormant pussy through her covering. She then ripped her covering off of her crotch and exposed her pussy and slid 2 fingers into the hole and thumbed her clit. It was a long time since she had masturbated, and she was horny for the first time in years, possibly decades.

3 of 4 stopped sucking 4 of 4's dick and removed her covering and exposed her pussy to him. He didn't miss a beat, he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her towards him and inserted his cock into her wet and horny pussy. She pushed back against his thrusts, meeting each one with equal force. She couldn't hold back her lust. She screamed in ecstasy, begging him to fuck her harder. She felt his dick pulsating and knew somehow he was about to cum. She pushed back one last time and held herself against his thrusts. As he started to cum in her pussy, they both let out loud moans, nearly screaming. After so many years of abstinence, it took him nearly a full minute to finish cumming. When he was finished cumming, he leaned back into his alcove and continued his regeneration.

3 of 4 wasn't satisfied. When she saw 1 of 4 with her hand on her pussy and obviously enjoying herself, she crawled over to her and kissed her pussy and licked her clit. Her past experiences would now come in handy. 1 of 4's knees weakened and she sat, then laid on the deck of the sphere, spreading her legs to give 3 of 4 better access. 3 of 4 was still an expert at licking dick and pussy.

She continued to eat 1 of 4's pussy with all the aggression of a Borg drone. She inserted the appendage on her left arm, which resembled a dildo, into 1's pussy and pumped in and out causing 1 to hump her hips to meet the thrusts of the dildo in her cunt. She cried out, "Faster, harder, more, more!"

3 was happy to oblige. She pumped the dildo even faster into 1's eager pussy. She had one, then two orgasms. And finally, one massive one that caused her pussy to grip the dildo so hard that 3 could no longer move her arm. The sight of 1 cumming caused 3 to cum without even being touched. But, she could no longer take it.

She removed her Borg dildo from 1's pussy and straddled her head and ordered her to eat her cunt. 1 did as she was told, licking 3's pussy as if she had done it all her life. Which, she probably had. As 3 grinded her hips into 1's face, 1 reached down and continued to finger her pussy.

4 of 4 finished his regeneration and saw the other drones, their wet cunts being eaten or fingered, and instantly got hard again. He exited his alcove, and with his covering still around his ankles, got between 1's legs and put his Borg dick into her wet Borg pussy. 1 was surprised, but welcomed the sensation of finally getting fucked.

4 ordered 3 to turn around and kiss him. She did, keeping her pussy tightly against 1's tongue. 1 was licking 3's clit like it never had never been licked before. 4 was pumping harder and harder into 1's pussy and slipping 3 his tongue. Moans and screams of passion echoed throughout the sphere. The sounds of wet pussies being eaten and fucked nearly drowned out the moans.

3 screamed "I'm cumming!!!! Keep licking!!!!!"

1 was also cumming, but was unable to say anything. Only slightly biting down on 3's clit as she came. 4 couldn't hold back and shot his second load so powerfully into 1's pussy her orgasm lasted 3 full minutes.

As they collapsed onto the deck they started to fall asleep. Remembering that, being Borg, they needed to regenerate in their alcoves. They slowly got up, recovered themselves and returned to their individual alcoves.

After regenerating, they still felt horny and wanted to fuck each other again, but at that moment, they received a signal from a Borg cube that was nearby and signaled that they would be there within minutes to retrieve them and collect all debris from the crashed sphere.

They didn't show it, but they were all disappointed. They knew that once they rejoined the collective they would have all non-Borg data and experiences purged from their memories. When the cube arrived and beamed them up, they looked at each other and smiled. Somehow, deep down, they hoped that they would get the chance to have another orgy, and possibly convince other drones to join in. Maybe even the Queen herself. 4 of 4 got hard just thinking about that.


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