Star Trek - The Next Generation: Chain Of Control (MF,BDSM,tort,mc)
by Arcane

The mission had been a difficult one. So difficult in fact that the crew of
the Enterprise had little reason to think that it was a trap. It had been
however. The Cardassian installation into which Crusher, Worf and Picard had
entered held nothing of importance. They only desired to capture Picard. In
some universes they would succeed but there are infinite combinations of
chance. Picard had escaped capture. Beverly Crusher had not been so lucky...

* * *

When Beverly came to she discovered that she was standing in a small cubicle.
Her hands were clamped and raised above her head so that she could barely
touch the ground. She was incredibly hot, sweat soaking the lining of her
dark outfit. She looked around for some sort of escape but there obviously
was none.

"Welcome doctor."

She looked up to see the ugly face of a Cardassian in front of her.

"I am Gul Dusan. I was brought here to interrogate Picard.

"It was a trap," she realized.

"Yes. Unfortunately, I'm sure you'll be happy to know, they all escaped."

She smiled to herself. That meant they were already working on her rescue.

"Unfortunately it meant I had to change my plan. Obviously you're a smart
woman but you have little in the way of important knowledge. Thus your
usefulness becomes a doubt."

She shivered at the suggestion he was making.

"I decided, however, to take up the case. You have your uses I'm sure.
However you Starfleet types tend to be a little too tough. I shall have to
see you're sufficiently weakened first.

Suddenly he whipped his hand across her front, slashing at the fabric of her
top. It fell away to reveal her ample bosom, half covered by her long ginger

He smiled to himself.

"That should do for now. I'm sure you're familiar with sonic showers,

She didn't answer.

"Well you're currently in a similar chamber. Adapted slightly. You'll see
what I mean. I shall return in a few hours time."

He turned and left the room.

Crusher looked at the sides of the wall. They were covered in greyish
circles, just like a sonic shower. She couldn't see any difference.

Then the humming began. At first it was just like a real sonic shower,
washing over her skin. However it quickly escalated. She started to shake
and quiver, not out of fear but because the sonic vibrations were moving
her, jostling her about. Her quite large breasts were jiggling more than she
wanted but she couldn't stop them. The organs shook and quivered in time
with the pulses of the sonic vibrations. Her entire torso was being bathing
in this forceful massage. It wasn't entirely unpleasant but it did make it
hard to think. She felt sweat run between her cleavage and realized that the
heat in the room has getting higher. The more humid it got the more she
sweated until her whole nude torso was slick. Her slick breasts shook more
and more, sometimes sending drips out onto the walls. She was helpless to
move and she realized the barrage was getting harder and harder.

To her horror she looked down to see her nipples hardening. The massage was
arousing her breasts. Sure enough they started to flush and swell with the
shaking. Even though she was wearing pants she could feel the shaking
through her skin, starting to stimulate her genitals. She knew she had to
concentrate, to think of something else. But the shaking broke up her
concentration. It was as if her skull was being rattled too much to think.
All she could do was enjoy the feeling.

The longer it went on the more aroused she came. Her whole body felt as if
it was being kneaded and pleasured. She wanted to fight it, knowing that
this was what the system was designed to do, but it was too much. She needed
more. She struggled and tugged, shimmying her legs from side to side. Slowly
she managed to work her waistband over her hips. Then the black pants fell
away to the floor with a few shakes. Now Beverly was stark naked, her whole
body being treated. Vibrations caressed her legs and buttocks. But by far
the most powerful feeling was in the red mop between her legs. Wet from
sweat and longing the mound was now exposed to the direct vibrations.

Beverly found herself pulsing in time with the rhythm, trying to maximize
the effect of the massage. Her reason had slipped away now, she wanted
pleasure and she was receiving it. She spread her legs wide, bracing against
the sides of the cubicle. The more she opened her legs the more the
vibrations affected her as they pulsed at her clitoris. Her breasts were
full and rosy now, fiery hot like her sweaty red hair. Her nipples stretched
out to try and get closer to the source of their pleasure. Sweat came down
her body in waterfalls, flowing over her breasts and down between her legs.
Sometimes she slipped but she quickly moved to brace herself again. She felt
the pleasure rising and rising until finally...

"UUUUNNNGGGGHHHH!" Beverly yelled loudly as she came. The orgasm shot through
her soaked body like wildfire, burning her from her inside with a passion to
match her hair. She shuddered as it slowly pulsed it's way through her. She
realized suddenly that the machines were humming faster, working harder to
make her come again. She braced herself and spread her legs once more. It was
just the way she wanted it.

* * *

Beverly squirmed and shuddered with pleasure as if she was a sixteen-year-old
virgin in the spasms of her first orgasm. It looked as though she was trying
to break her bonds but really she was moving to intensify her pleasure.

The woman sat in the chair, horrified at the spectacle in front of her. She
wanted to turn away, to close her eyes but she couldn't. Beverly howled
wildly as she came yet again.

The woman on the chair grimaced at the sound. She hated watching herself like

They had recorded her of course, and now she was being forced to watch it
again. In front of her the holographic representation thrashed and moaned
just the way she knew she had. Beverly felt sick thinking that she had
resorted to such an undignified, wild beast as was in front of her.

The real Beverly was sitting on a slightly reclined chair in front of the
hologram. Her ankles and wrists had been strapped to the chair as well as
her thighs and upper arms. A fifth strap about her waist prevented her from
buckling. Her head was held in place by another tight strap around her
forehead. Her eyes were held open by precise mechanical fingers. She was
unable to turn or to close them, forced to watch the spectacle she had been.

The full tape ran for the two hours she had been left in the cubicle. Beverly
was now on her third straight showing of the video. She was still naked and
the room was humid enough to bring up a good sweat to drip over her pinioned
body. Occasionally cold water would be showered over her. When it did she
stuck out her tongue to try and catch it.

She had been brought to the chair directly after her torture had ended, so
her body was filthy with her own sweat and fluids. She was also physically
exhausted. Even though her eyes were forced open she was on the verge of
sleep. Every time she slipped too deep the chair would electrocute her to
wake her up.

The holo Beverly came yet again. She had certainly lost count of the number
of orgasms she'd had in the cubicle. She was ashamed to watch the figure in
front of her but she had no choice. Even if the chair was a holograph it was
real enough to restrain her. The hologram came one last time then slumped,
hanging in her bonds as the vibrations ended. Then she turned to Beverly and

"Now it's your turn!" she laughed at herself.

Beverly moaned slightly in defiance, not able to form a real word. The room
faded around her, replaced by thousands of flashing lights. They pierced her
mind but she was unable to close her eyes. Two small orbs extended on arms
from the sides of the chair. Each pushed into the firm flesh of her breasts,
goosing them. A third globe lifted up and slipped with a slurp into her
vagina. It touched up against her clitoris then began to work. All three
orbs washed Beverly with energy. She struggled at her bonds but she was too
tired. It felt so good, so relaxing and the lights were pretty too. Swirling
and pulsing they shone their lights into her defenseless eyes. If she wasn't
allowed to sleep then this was the next best thing for her. Her mind began
to wander, dancing among the lights. The pleasure wafted through her body
and she twitched slightly as she climaxed under the attentions of the orbs.

"Sleep," she heard a voice that matched her own. "Go to sleep, Beverly."

Her double was behind her, stroking her sweaty hair gently.

"Sleep. Sleep."

"Sleep." Beverly smiled as her mind slipped into the lights. She came again
but didn't even notice. "Sleep..."

* * *

Beverly screamed, both in fear and shock. She was falling, she had been doing
so for ages. She was falling down into a pit of luminous lights, pulsing and
flashing every way she looked. She was surrounded by them, flicking by and
gnawing at her mind. Her naked body rolled over and over, flailing uselessly
in the air, unable to catch on to anything. Beads of sweat dripped off her,
spinning out into the air. Rationally she knew it had to be another holodeck
program but she couldn't seem to convince herself of that. Random phaser
blasts strafed her as well. The effect of their touch varied from searing
pain to writhing ecstasy or anywhere in-between. They came at no set time,
hitting her in no set place, though tending to aim for sensitive spots. She
tried to curl up for protection but it was no use. She knew that screaming
wasn't going to do her much good either but she did it anyway. She had to
keep herself sane.

It was that sanity which the fall was stripping her of. She had been deprived
of most senses. All she saw was the whirling pulse of the lights, all she
heard was the random noise and rush of air. All she felt was the rush of hot
wind on her sweaty skin and the blasts of energy. All she could smell was her
own sweat. She tried to focus, to think of medical procedures, anything to
block out the torment she was receiving but it was no good.

Then the lights became fiercer, blazing with more intent, strobing even
faster. The blasts began to target her. She tried to protect herself but it
was too hard while falling. Blasts strafed her bouncing bosom, washing the
exposed breasts with pleasure. There was no more pain in the blasts. Likewise
the blasts pulsing on the red mop between her legs. Her legs and arms twisted
and turned, trying to prevent the shots but they came from all angles, over
and over, driving into her sensitive flesh. Then the third blast came, this
time striking her head. When it did she felt her mind fuzz momentarily, lost
in a haze of pleasure.

Now it was impossible to keep a train of thought. Every time she tried to
think the beam would pleasure her. She would be so lost in the rapture that
her memory was lost. Then it hit again and again. She could no more form
thoughts than they were blasted out of her. Unconsciously her body began to
twist, opening itself to the blasts, her arms opened wide, stretching out so
that the lasers might fully stimulate her sweat soaked tits. Legs bent and
opened, pulses were unrestricted as they drove relentlessly into her

Beverly had no rationality to close her legs or arms. She had no time to form
the thought before another pulse stole it.

Beverly came, lost in the mindless joy she faced. Her body twitched and
spasmed and she let out a mindless cry of joy. Still she fell down, tumbling
into a blissful sexual oblivion. There seemed no end to the pit, merely
orgasm after soul numbing orgasm. Beams danced over her erect nipples,
caressing her slick breasts. Pulses drove relentlessly into her vagina, wet
and dripping form the attentions. Her eyes were closed, head tilted back
with an expression of ecstasy.

There was no resistance. Only sex.

* * *

Resistance, as the Borg say, was futile. It was endearing, it was tough and
it was loyal but in the end it was futile. Time, as the Borg might also have
said, was irrelevant. Beverly no longer knew the time, not in hours, days or
months. Her imprisonment seemed endless, every waking hour subjecting her to
more and more treatments. Over and over she'd been placed in the "shower".
Each time she vowed to fight her urges. Each time she failed and was forced
to watch herself writhe in ecstasy.

Her mental resistance was being broken down with her spirit. She gave in to
the hypnotic images quicker now.

Beverley stood in the middle of the room, hands at her sides. She couldn't
move, supposedly due to magnetic restraints. Her bosom rose and fell,
dripping with sweat as she tried to gasp in the humid air. Her red hair was
plastered on her forehead and pressed tightly against her scalp. Her only
piece of clothing, if it was clothing, was a helmet on her head. It reached
her brow then curled back behind her ears, pressing tightly to her wet skin.
Because she was unable to move she had no idea where it lead. She couldn't
understand why she was able to think so clearly. It was one of the first
times since her capture that she hadn't been subjected to torture. Her eyes
flicked in fear to the door as Gul Dusan entered.

"How are you today Beverly?" he smiled an evil grin.

"Go to hell."

"Ah still the tough one. Not tough enough though I think." He pulled out a
small palm sized device. "We need a spy inside Starfleet Beverly. Perhaps
for no reason at all but we still need one. I think you will do."

"I don't think so." she would have laughed had she the heart.

"Well I do."

He twisted a dial on the control.

"What AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!" Beverly screamed as the helmet ripped through her
mind. She felt it shredding her resistance's, her defenses, filling her with
weakness and doubt.

"You will submit Beverly," he stated plainly.

"NOOO!" she howled in resistance, sweat dripping even more from her body.

In response he twisted the dial further, causing her to scream even more. He
watched as her breasts shook and jiggled as she howled, sweat dripping off
them. As he watched her nipples hardened, breasts becoming flushed. The
helmet was arousing her correctly.

"You know you can't fight it, Beverly. I will beat you."

"No... you... WOOOOAAAAGGGHHH!" Through the mentally blinding sensation she
could feel the tingling in her body as she responded to the helmets force.
She felt her body getting hotter and hotter, gearing up for sex. She knew it
was an attempt to brainwash her but her body refused to listen. She felt her
mind crumbling under the strain but still she tried to hold on a little

"Just enjoy it Beverly."

"Nnnnngggg," she gritted her teeth uselessly.

He turned the dial higher. Her vision was blurry, both from sweat and the
force on her mind. The dial was only about a quarter of the way around.

"Enjoy it!" he nudged it again.

"NO!" she howled and somehow managed to spit at him. The act of defiance
gave her strength, letting her push some of the sensations back.

Dusan snarled and wiped the spit from his face.

"Damn you bitch!" he lost his temper.

He turned the dial to full.

Beverly screamed at a higher and higher pitch until it was nothing more than
a high, constant whine. Her eyes clamped shut, mouth wide open as her body
was wracked with pleasure. She came thousands of times, millions, all at the
same time, all overlapping into a glorious haze. Instantly all resistance
dissolved, all doubts were washed away in a second.

Dusan quickly readjusted the level down, used for more than a second it could
fry a nervous system in seconds. His anger had worked however. Even at the
lower level the doctor wasn't resisting the orgasms that flowed over her,
about one every seven seconds. Her eyes were open now but couldn't really see
anything. Sweat bathed her entire naked body in waves, running over her
swollen breasts and down into her even wetter, quivering depths. Her mouth
was twisted into a relaxed, infinitely content smile.

* * *

Eventually they had managed to use diplomacy, getting her out of the prisons
with minimal difficulty. Her time had been traumatic, she recounted poor
treatment and small living quarters. They had never interrogated her,
thinking that a doctor would know nothing important. Gradually she resumed
her life on the Enterprise, getting back into her old routines. No one could
ever tell the difference.

But every night when she lay in bed, naked and sweat soaked, hands rubbing
her ample breasts and red tuft, she wished that just once more, just once
she could have those machines treat her again.

She would do anything to feel their touch once more.

She would do anything to please her masters.



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