This is the fifth installment of the series entitled Counselor Troi Needs
Help. If you have not read the previous four, I strongly suggest you read
them, as different elements from those will work their way into the
storyline. As always, please send me all your comments. Now, on with the

Star Trek - The Next Generation: Counselor Troi Needs Help Part 5 (FF)
by Mndom

Counselor Troi looked at the computer and sighed. For weeks she had been
reading technical schematics and studying warp engine configurations. Her
goal had been to be made a full Commander and the Engineering section of the
test was giving her the most difficultly. Finally after an arduous month she
passed her exam was promoted to Commander. As a reward, Commander Riker had
taken her for a drink to 10-Forward, but in her heart she needed more of a
celebration, much more.

As she sipped her celebratory beverage, Will droned on and on about the
responsibilities and excitement that comes with command. Deanna smiled and
nodded every so often, but her thoughts were elsewhere. She was tired and
didn't want a lecture so soon after getting to her goal. In some ways, Will
was taking the joy out of the day. She excused herself and went back to her

Once in her quarters she stripped down to her bra and panties and sat in
front of her mirror. As she brushed her hair she started to relax and let
the news of her promotion settle in. Counselor Commander Troi, Commander
Troi, no she would keep Counselor as her title, but her rank would be at
Command level. She sent a message to her mother, Lwaxana, but knew her
mother would be far more interested in the men's dicks she had sucked
since their last meeting. Deanna decided to take a nice long hot shower
and then head to bed.

The next morning the new Commander looked at her appointment book. Aside
from Lieutenant Reginald Barclay, she had the day free. She sent a message
to Beverly to see if they could move up their daily exercise session. Troi
then relaxed with a new book and thought about her first command opportunity.
Two hours later she served her first command watch. Nothing of interest
occurred and she felt relieved.

Troi headed to Beverly's quarters and rang the bell. She was dressed in her
uniform and had her 3 button insignia proudly on her collar. She wanted to
surprise Beverly of her new rank as Beverly had just returned from a Medical
Conference. When Beverly opened the door, Troi asked her, "So Beverly, how
was the Medical Conference at Omicron VII?"

Beverly smiled and said, "Oh, it was all right. It was informative, but the
sites of Omicron VII were amazing. You have to see some of these pictures I

With that Troi stepped into Crusher's room and the door closed behind her.

Once inside and the door had closed, Troi ran to Crusher and kissed her on
the mouth. "Well, well, well. Looks like the pictures of Omicron VII will
have to wait", Beverly said.

Troi smiled and said, "Yes, I wanted to show you something" and pointed to
her neck.

Crusher looked closely and saw three 3 buttons on her best friend's collar
instead of two. "Deanna! You did it! Congrats!!!"

Deanna smiled and said, "Do you remember the evening we spent together a few
weeks ago? The one where I helped fulfill your fantasy about being spanked
with a switch?"

Beverly sighed and nodded. She remembered very well that particular evening.

"I have a fantasy that I have always wanted to try, Beverly. I have really
wanted to wait for the right moment to do this, and tonight seems to be it.
So, please Beverly, help me fulfill my fantasy."

Beverly smiled. She knew what Troi wanted and she knew that Deanna had helped
her. In many ways they were more than best friends. They were lovers, soul
mates, and so much more. Beverly didn't even have to think before she smiled
and nodded. She led Deanna over to her bed and sat her down.

Beverly stroked Deanna's hair and leaned in and kissed her softly. For
several minutes all she did was kiss her best friend. She slowly unbuttoned
Troi's uniform and kissed her neck. She worked her way down to Deanna's large
tits and licked them. Deanna threw her head back and sighed. This was always
such a turn on for her. Deanna moved up the bed till she was resting against
the head board. Beverly's long tongue lovingly encircled each breast and then
lightly licked each of Deanna's ever growing nipples. Beverly softly sucked
each nipple and then lightly bit them. Deanna always loved gentle biting and
this was no difference. At this point Deanna started squirming and Beverly
knew she had her right where she wanted her.

Beverly kissed Troi's tight abdomen and removed Troi's pants. Troi was now in
only a mauve thong. Beverly's tongue inched near Troi's pussy and licked her
inner thighs. Deanna sighed and started breathing hard. Beverly took this
moment to slip off Troi's shoes and her stockings. Beverly licked Troi's leg
from her upper thigh to her calf and then stopped. Then she repeated the
action on the other leg. Beverly continuously teased Troi for near twenty
minutes. Then with a loving smile, she kissed Troi's left foot. She licked
the top of Troi's toes. She licked in between each toe and repeated the
process over and over. Finally she took Troi's toes in her mouth and sucked
each toe, then the toes all at once. Deanna couldn't believe what was
happening to her. She was nearing an orgasm without touching her pussy. Then
as Troi looked into Beverly's eyes, she came into her mauve thong.

Beverly kissed Troi's right foot. She licked the top of Troi's toes. She
licked in between each toe and repeated the process over and over. Finally
she took Troi's toes in her mouth and sucked each toe, then the toes all at
once. As she did this she looked straight into Deanna's eyes. Deanna's face
was flushed, she was panting, and a smile stretched out across her face. She
was in absolute heaven. After licking Deanna's toes, Beverly smiled, and
kissed Deanna on her lips and whispered, "Here is a special bonus for making
Commander." Troi's legs were raised in the air and her panties were lowered.
Troi watched in ecstasy as Crusher lowered her tongue into Deanna's ass.
Beverly expertly tongued Deanna's ass over and over while finger fucking
Deanna's clit. Crusher's long tongue reached sensitive places in Deanna's
asshole. The sensation of a long tongue in her ass and a finger in her clit
made Deanna scream in orgasm.

Beverly then walked over to the night stand and pulled out her favorite strap
on dildo. It was a black ribbed strap on which was 10 earth inches in length.
She placed the tip in her mouth and she sucked on it and got it very wet. As
Troi watched in ecstasy, Crushed removed her uniform and stripped down nude.
She then placed the dildo at the tip of her pussy and pushed it in. Several
insertions later and the strap on was covered with Beverly's special
lubrication. She tied the straps to her legs and then mounted Deana from
behind. For several minutes, Beverly fucked Deanna's pussy and over and over.

Then she flipped Deanna over and pulled Troi's legs over her head. As the
huge strap on stretched Troi's ass, Deanna screamed. Crushed fervently
pounded Troi's ass with the ribbed strap on and Troi screamed in her third
orgasm. As the third orgasm faded, Troi's legs were lowered and she fell
flat. Beverly lay next to her and smiled. "There you are Commander, three
orgasms for your three buttons on your rank!"

Deaana smiled and faded to sleep. She knew that she had to repay Beverly and
knew that she would have to get a taste of Crusher's lovely toes.


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