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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Crushed Crusher Part 2 (no sex)
by The Wiz

(A couple of weeks later)

Picard was in his ready room. So was Riker and he was not happy, not happy at

"But Captain, *all* my instincts tell me that the Tyrconions are just not
trustworthy, and I'm sure as hell that this is a set up!" Riker was stood
side-on and absolutely glaring down at his commanding officer.

Picard looked at Riker and stifled a smile before it reached his lips. Funny
how Riker's stance and gait always reminded him of the twentieth century
actor John Wayne. 'Must be something to do with their build,' he thought idly
to himself. His mind returned to the reason for Riker's aggressive posture.

"I shall be perfectly safe with Mr Worf Number One. But as far as I am
concerned the benefits of my personal attendance far outweigh any slight risk
to me." Picard looked up deliberately wide eyed at Riker pretending that he
really considered the risk to himself negligible. This was a complete hoax of
course, he was just dying to get on another away mission, even though he well
knew of his importance to the ship. However, if negotiations went well with
the Tyrconions the benefits to the Federation could be enormous, and the
Tyrconions had requested his personal appearance. He *had* to go.

"Your opinions are noted Number One, but the matter is closed, and I will be
going." Picard stood and his hands immediately went to the waistband of his
uniform top, tugging it into place before they dropped to his sides.

"Please assemble the rest of the away team in Transporter room 2."

"Aye Sir!" Riker's acknowledgement was crisp and full of disapproval, but at
that moment there was nothing he could do to stop his Captain from going.

* * *

As was usual practice in a potentially delicate situation, Lt. Worf and a
couple of additional security guards were the first to beam down to the
landing co-ordinates. It was their responsibility to secure the area and
Worf took his responsibilities very seriously. On inspecting the immediate
surroundings everything seemed to look innocuous enough and shortly the
Klingon Security Officer signalled the Enterprise that it was safe to
transport Captain Picard and Counsellor Troi down.

As Picard and the Counsellor had materialised Deanna felt immediately that
something was seriously wrong, and within a few seconds the Tryconion
representatives arrived on the scene, dramatically upping the empath's sense
of impending danger. She clasped Picards arm, pulling him closer to her so
that she could warn him, but before she could manage a single word the three
Tyrconians pulled phasers from their robes and fired. The four Starfleet men
pulled their weapons and fired back leaving two Tryconions stunned, but not
before one of their own number had been wounded. Deanna's hand went straight
to her communicator.

"Emergency, five to beam up!" Even as their weapons fired again the five
humans were transported to safety.

* * *

As Picard rematerialised back on the Transporter Pad he stepped down, and let
the Medical staff attend to the injured crew member, issuing orders that they
be beamed directly to sickbay. Troi accompanied the small party, intent on
checking that the phaser burn Worf had taken was not serious, and also
concerned for the less fortunate casualty.

Picard stepped out of the transporter room and made his way to his own
quarters. As soon as he saw there was no one in the corridor his hand went
to his side, nursing the phaser burn that glanced along his ribs. He had
been extraordinarily luck this time. Not only had this assailant tripped
as he fired the lethal shot at him, but nobody had even seen his shot as
it went wide of its target and skipped along Picard's side.

As soon as he was in the relative sanctuary of his quarters Picard gingerly
pulled his uniform top over his head and tried to examine his wound. It was
too far back to be clearly seen, so Picard went into his bedroom and surveyed
the damage in the mirror there. He was very lucky indeed, he flinched as he
gently touched the sensitive skin, wryly thanking his lucky stars that his
crew hadn't seen the hit on him, and he wouldn't be 'grounded' on account of
this mission at least.

Going into his bathroom, Picard retrieved his secret ally in his little
deception. He had a protoplaster that nobody else knew about. Anytime he got
hurt when on an away mission he would if possible heal the injuries himself.
He didn't want his crew any more protective than they already were, sometimes
he felt positively smothered by their good intentions.

* * *

In Sickbay, Beverly had in her usual efficient manner, sized up the extent of
the crewman's injury, prescribed the appropriate treatment, and left one of
the junior staff to carry it out under the supervision of another of her more
senior staff. Now her presence was no longer absolutely necessary she could
do what her whole being was crying out for her to do.

She was trembling and she had to get to Jean-Luc. It was only pure luck that
the ambush hadn't succeeded, and until she actually saw and touched him she
wouldn't have any real peace of mind, wouldn't really feel that he was truly

Reaching his cabin door Beverly sounded the chime, walking in as she heard
his familiar voice call "Come." However he wasn't in the living room and she
looked around for him.


"I'm in here Beverly, I won't be a moment. Why don't you sit down, I'll be
with you in just a second." His voice was friendly but unconcerned, the usual
totally in control Jean-Luc.

He sounded all right she thought to herself. 'I'm just being silly.' She
shook her head, smiling at her own protectiveness. 'How can I help it, I love
him, and any woman feel's the same way when their man is threatened.' She
needed to hold him, and walking into the bedroom she held out her arms to
pull him to her.

She stopped dead in her tracks, her hands falling to her sides. Picard was
sat on the edge of his bed, running the protoplaster just over a nasty
looking flesh wound. They both paled at the same time, but Picard then turned
an extremely embarrassed shade of red and dropped his gaze while Beverly just
stood there with her mouth hanging open.

Her healer instincts swiftly clicked in. Stepping forward and snatching the
protoplaster from his hand, Beverly made him lift his arm so that she could
finish the job that Picard had started. She didn't speak, and didn't make a
sound. She daren't, she was just too dammed angry. She just got on with the
job at hand and none too gently either, as far as she was concerned
gentleness was the last thing that *he* needed!

"Um, look Beverly. It's only a little mark, nothing at all. I *really* didn't
want to worry you." His excuse was feeble and he knew it. He could feel the
righteous anger emanating from the woman he loved and his stomach flipped. He
was in deep trouble, so he decided that he would be better off keeping quiet
for the moment.

On finishing the job to her satisfaction the Doctor stood ramrod straight in
front of her Captain. Glaring down at him, and then giving the protoplaster
a small toss and catching it with a flourish, the redhead then turned and
stalked haughtily out of his quarters, throwing the only words she said
during the whole sorry encounter over her shoulder as she left.

"This is confiscated Captain, *for good!*" Then she was gone.

* * *

"Dammit!" Picard gave vent to his feelings with just the one word, then
putting on a fresh uniform he pulled his command persona about him and made
his way to the bridge. He had a report to file, and Riker to face and he
wasn't looking forward to it!

For all of the rest of his watch Picard couldn't escape the feeling that some
terrible retribution was about to befall him, and he was almost squirming in
his chair although he hid it with the skill of a consummate artist.

He had handled Riker's exasperation quite well he thought, but he knew it
would be quite some time until he'd be going on anymore of the more
'interesting' away missions. Riker would not be so easily persuaded to allow
him out again.

He was still in his ready room, still avoiding (although he would never admit
it even to himself) contact with senior members of the crew. He had filed his
report, and Vice Admiral Allyna Nechayev had confirmed that the Tyrconions
were obviously not ready to deal with the Federation seriously yet. The
Enterprise was ordered back to Starbase 157.

Picards watch was now up and it was about time that he returned to his
quarters, but he didn't really feel much like it. He knew that they would be
empty, uninviting, and that Beverly wouldn't be there for him, or even worse
she might be!

* * *

Beverly was fuming to put it mildly, and her temper and indignation had
bubbled under all day. Just what was he playing at? He knew better than that,
and she knew that right now he would be squirming, waiting for her to tell
Riker just what he had got up to. Then there would be more questions. How
long had he been secretly using the protoplaster to hide his injuries from
the CMO and his First Officer? These were actually quite serious offences.
How could they maintain his health and safety if they didn't know what was
going on. He would probably get a really good dressing down from Nechayev,
and he'd deserve it as well!

Beverly knew that she couldn't tell Riker or anyone what Picard had been
doing. She didn't want to put him in that position even if his actions did
warrant it, but she wasn't going to let him off Scot free. Oh no. He'd been
incredibly selfish, deceitful and foolhardy with his actions and he was
going to pay for it.

She could say that she could hardly believe that he would try to pull the
wool over everyone's eyes in such a manner, but she knew him of old. She
remembered the young, rakish headstrong officer she first came to know over
twenty-five years ago, and she knew that despite all of his acquired self
control and discipline the young Jean-Luc Picard was just simmering barely
beneath the surface. Well it was time that his 'discipline' was reinforced,
and she was just the person to do it, she would be having 'words' with him

* * *

Deanna was back in sick bay, checking on the condition of the recovering
crewman. She could feel the anger Beverly was trying so hard to suppress, and
she knew that only one person could get her friend that worked up. It had to
be the Captain, but what on earth had he done to make Beverly so mad? Deanna
had never known Beverly this angry before, but it was the tone of the anger
that surprised Deanna the most. It was the type of anger someone would feel
after they had watched someone narrowly escape injury brought about by their
own careless disregard. 'Of course!' Beverly felt that the Captain shouldn't
have gone on the away team. Well Deanna had to agree with her there, even
though she didn't know the half of it.

She 'reached' for the Captain's feelings. Yes, she could read him easily.
His emotions were also very strong at the moment. Deanna smiled to herself,
dropping her head and turning her back to the others in the room. She knew
that his face would show absolutely nothing, but inside he was churning with
apprehension, and Deanna knew he was positively petrified of facing Beverly's
wrath, in fact right now he'd probably rather face a dozen angry Norsicans on
his own!

Deciding that she didn't want to discomfort the Captain any further than he
already was with her 'all too knowing' presence, Deanna kindly opted to stay
out of his way for the rest of the day. She could find plenty of other things
to do, and if he needed her he could always comm. her.

She left the sick bay, chuckling to herself. Oh, she'd love to be a fly on
the wall when those two finally got together tonight.

* * *

As soon as Picard got back to his quarters he checked for messages. There was
only one that caught his eye, and naturally it was from Beverly.

She said that she wanted him to come to her quarters at 21:00 hours sharp,
and he was to leave orders that he was not to be disturbed that evening
unless it was absolutely necessary. He swallowed but knew that he would be
there. He decided to have a shower and make himself as presentable as he
could. He wasn't sure which way this meeting would go, but he wanted to be
prepare for all eventualities.

He stripped down to his trousers, enjoying the feel of the room temperature
air on his firm chest and stomach, and sipped pensively at his tea. He smiled
to himself. If he could just get one kiss on her neck or behind her ear he
would be out of trouble. Her defences would tumble like autumn leaves in the
wind. He well knew the effect he had on her, as well as the equally powerful
effect she had on him. This last few weeks had seen their relationship come
to full bloom, and *if* he could just get behind her and nuzzle into her neck
she would be lost to her passion and he'd be home and dry. Maybe he could
even get the protoplaster back... No that was pushing it a bit too far, but
he was pretty sure that he could get back into her good books if only he
could get close enough to her.

On the other hand what if he couldn't? He knew that at the very least he was
in for one hell of a lecture, and he would have no choice but sit there and
take it.

As his CMO she was fully entitled to reprimand him for his actions, but as
his lover as well... the consequence didn't bear thinking about. However he
was thinking about them, and all sorts of scenarios presented themselves for
his attention. Some pleasant and some not so pleasant.

What if she decided not to remain with him? He knew full well how the wives
and girlfriends of away mission personnel suffered while their men were gone.
The same held true to the men belonging to female away mission personnel.
Many just couldn't take the strain and their relationships came to a
sorrowful end.

He had been on plenty of missions with and without Beverly and she had done
likewise, but they had never been so caught up in each other before. Any
consequences of these missions now held the potential to be immeasurably
painful for the both of them.

He tried to imagine his feelings if their positions had been reversed, and
suddenly it really dawned on him what his partner was planning for him. He
gulped, but he knew that he would be doing exactly the same in Beverly's

He also knew that she wouldn't be doing anything that he hadn't already
yielded her the power to do. In some ways he found that reassuring, but he
was nervous he had to admit. He didn't know just how far her temper would
take her before it was appeased by his sacrificial posture, and Beverly was
a powerful woman when roused. She was about as tall as he was and while not
physically quite as strong she wasn't that far from it, and he knew from
experience that she could pack a punch when she needed to!

He shut his eyes, imagining the fiery Redheads anger, her blue eyes spitting
cold fire, the strength of her grip as she held his waist to her body, her
breast swinging as she brought her other hand down on his naked buttocks, the
heat of her lap against his manhood as it woke and stirred against her strong
dancers legs.

He shuddered, dragging his mind from the erotic fantasy. If Beverly did as he
imagined she would, it wouldn't be erotic, it would be bloody painful and he
would have to lie there and take every bit of it without resistance. He hit
the shower, treating himself to a real water shower, cold water.

* * *

Beverly was in Ten Forward. She nursed a drink, brooding about her meeting
with Jean-Luc later on. This was another make or break point in her
relationship with him. Either he let her carry out what she had planned for
him, *and* obeyed Starfleet stipulations on away missions, or on their
arrival back at Starbase 157 she was going, and this time nothing would stop
her. The thought of that hurt her terribly, bringing tears to her eyes, but
she held them back, not letting them fall.

Suddenly she realised that someone was sitting in front of her, she looked up
into Guinan's gently smiling face, a face full of sympathy.

"What ever it is Beverly he's worth it." Guinan's calm voice reassured as
always. She continued, keeping her voice low so that only she and Beverly
could hear her words. "I heard about the away party Beverly. And I'm pretty
sure that I know whats going through your mind."

"Oh no you don't Guinan. I'm not even sure that I do." Beverly shook her
head, eyes fixed on the glass in her hands.

"Oh?" Guinan didn't sound very convinced. She continued.

"Let me see. I know about the secret protoplaster he's been hiding all these
years. I know how he's also gone against Starfleet regulations all this time,
and how he's tricked everyone so he can go play boy hero time and time
again." Guinan rose and looked down at Beverly's surprised face.

"And I know that I'd be doing the same thing to Jean-Luc if I was in your
shoes." She pushed her chair back under the table.

"Give him a couple of extra swats from me Beverly, he's earned them and he
needs them." She grinned at Beverly and gave her a little wink before she
walked back to the bar. As if she had said nothing at all she stood behind
the bar quietly polishing the surface to an even glossier sheen.

Beverly was flabbergasted, but then she thought 'why?' Guinan had known
Jean-Luc for literally hundreds of years, and as they would both freely
admit, their friendship went beyond family even, so why *wouldn't* Guinan
know what was going on! In any case Beverly knew that Guinan was a being
far beyond her understanding. She could even hold her own against Q's
attentions, and that spoke volumes in itself!

Thinking on Guinan's words and the saucy wink, Beverly felt her confidence
in her decision boosted, and decided that it was time now to make her way
back to her cabin and prepare for Jean-Lucs arrival. Walking purposefully
past Guinan, Beverly straightened her back and nodded her head in salute,
Guinan nodded back.


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