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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Deanna's Temptation: (FM+,Fm,F-mast)
by BiLaws

"Computer estimate time to arrival at Risa."

"Estimated time to Risa is 12 hours, 13 minutes, 37 seconds at current speed
and heading."

"Wonderful!" Sighed Deanna Troi, 'Twelve more hours of claustrophobia with
two other crew members in a shuttlecraft, but then I begin the ultimate in
entertainment, a boring three day conference' she thought as she stared into

"I would like an ice-cream, double chocolate hot fudge please." Deanna asked
the replicator. It bleeped and materialized the ice cream. "Mmm" She purred,
as she tasted the chocolate.

Fifteen minutes later the dish was sitting empty on the console, Deanna
leaning back, feet up, and smiling her cat that got the cream smile. The
smile that aroused every male she came into contact with. Oh some would have
denied it, but her Betazoid senses, told her differently. Even Captain Picard
popped a stiffy, when she flashed it. It would even make women get wet.

She wondered if the Captain and the Doctor were lovers. Deanna imagined the
Captain's baldhead, bobbing between her friend's lithe thighs, eating out her
expansive ginger minge. She cupped her C-cup's in her hands feeling their
weight and her nipples harden into her palms. And what about him between her
outspread thighs, his thin lips lapping at her bald Betazoid pussy. Ooh what
a delicious thought.

Deanna's hand had strayed down further, and was rubbing her pussy through her
uniform. She had always liked the feel of the soft fabric and the way the
seam cut up into her mound splitting it invitingly, outlining it and if she
left her panties off displaying her cunt lips perfectly if a tad obscenely.
She kept catching people staring at it when she walked. She felt her wetness
on her fingers as her pussy juice started to seep through the cloth and
thought, 'I'd better stop this or my uniform will stain'.

'What I need is a good fuck!' she thought to herself. 'But it's only me,
Beverly and Wesley here for twelve hours.'

The other two passengers were sleeping in the two tinny cells that passed
for rooms on the shuttle. Deanna decided to have some fun, and read their
minds as they slept, she may get some juicy dreams. First she gently entered
the flame haired Dr's mind.

Beverly was dreaming that she was lecturing first years at Star Fleet
Academy, except for knee high lace up black patent leather stiletto boots
and a dog collar around her neck displaying the legend Dr Fuck Slut; she was
naked in front of a hundred or so eighteen-year-old medical students. The
students all had their cocks out and where masturbating openly. Beverly was
acutely embarrassed by her nakedness and their lewd behaviour, but at the
same time extremely turned on, she tottering from foot to foot making her
large pale-skinned breast's bounce and sway causing her thighs to rub against
her cunt making her pussy juice run down the inside of her long lithe dancers
legs, she looked from one massive hard on to the next getting more excited by
the second as her mouth watered.

Losing control eventually she sat down on the little raised platform spread
her long legs displaying her soaking wet sex to everyone in the lecture hall.
Sliding two fingers of one hand into her hot cunt and working her inflamed
clit with the other she began masturbating for all the young men to see.

One of the young men approached her, rubbed his huge cock all over the
doctor's face leaving a snail trail of pre-cum, pushed his glossy purple
glands between the doctor's lips and masturbated his huge cock until he
ejaculated into her mouth, giving her a massive orgasm as she drank as much
of the hot young cum as she could. Then slowly all the students filed past
her, either masturbating over her, pushing their young cocks into her mouth,
her pussy or her ass, whatever they wanted, she moaned and screamed her
orgasms as they all fucked her at least once, some came back for seconds and
thirds, and when they came, they came all over her body, in her mouth, on her
face, in her hair, over her belly, legs, in her cunt and her now massively
dilated ass. By the end you couldn't tell who it was under all of that cum or
how much seed she had swallowed. Finally four of the youngest students stood
around her head and peed into her open mouth, the piss washing her face clean
as she drank as much of the piss as she could.

Deanna felt the doctor's pleasure as the pee and cum mixed inside her.
Pulling out of her friends head, she discover she had three fingers buried in
her bald twat and was wanking furiously. Giving into her feelings she brought
herself to orgasm thinking about a hundred men wanking and cuming all over

Calming down enough to straighten her uniform and to suck her fingers clean,
she checked the internal sensors to find out how long she had been 'visiting'
Beverly. Finding out it had only been a few minutes; then she concentrated on
Beverly's young son Wesley.

In his dreams Wesley was on the bridge dressed as the captain, his thin frame
barley filling the chair. Deanna saw herself beside him in her normal chair,
her uniform was a bit different, looking round she noticed she was dressed
the same as Tasha and Ro in a stylized version of their uniforms, each wore
thigh length black leather boots with pointed toes and high spiked heels, but
all the rest of the outfit consisted off was the collared shoulder piece of
the normal uniform that denoted their rank, department and supplying them
somewhere to pin their com. badge, leaving the rest of them naked.

"Lt. Yar, front and centre!" Commanded Captain Crusher, the Lt. came round
and stood in front of Wesley with her feet wide apart and her hands clasped
behind her head, Deanna noticed that Tasha's neck, face and breast's were
flushed and she was breathing rapid shallow breaths.

'She's turned on.' Thought Deanna, noticing the moisture clinging to the
Lt.'s light blond pubic hair, as she watched Wesley pulled out his enormous
erect cock. 'Wow!!' She thought that couldn't be real, although Beverly had
once told her that Wesley's father was well talented in that department.

Wesley sat in the captain's chair stroking his twelve and a half inch cock
and staring at Tasha's small firm breasts. "Suck my cock Lt.," He ordered.
Tasha dropped to her knees, grasped the throbbing meat and moved her head
down forcing the big bulbous glands into her mouth.

Tasha's breasts were perfectly round firm globes, sitting high on her heaving
chest, her nipples pale pink and erect. Moving her hands she started to wank
Wesley's dick as she sucked it as far into her mouth as she could. She had
both hands wrapped round it and as much of it in her mouth as she could but
Deanna could still see a good bit of Wesley's shaft.

"Come over here and sit on this." Wesley ordered Ensign Ro.

Deanna was mesmerized as Ro stood up-she had a cock! As she slowly walked
over to Wesley her cock became fully erect standing a good eight inches and
thick as her wrist, it bobbed and swayed with each step. Tasha sat back and
helped guide the Capitan's cock between Ro's slim buttocks and into her
tinny puckered ass-hole. Ro was moaning loudly and breathing hard as the
monster cock slowly slid up into her ass, she jumped in surprise as Tasha
took the whole length of her girl cock deep into her throat sucking for all
she was worth.

Deanna watched mesmerized at the scene playing out in Wesley's dream, Tasha's
blond head was bobbing up and down in Ro's lap sucking her cock, Ro was
riding Wesley's huge cock with her ass while Wesley was playing with her

"I'm going to cum!" gasped Wesley; the two shipmates disengaged themselves
from the monster cock. Tasha lay down and Ro mounted her fucking her hard on
the floor of the bridge.

Wesley stood up and presented his big hard shit covered cock to the Deanna on
the bridge, who without hesitating licked the length of his shaft lapping up
big lumps of Ro's shit and deep throating him till her button nose buried
its self in Wesley's pubic hair.

'By fuck!!' thought Deanna, 'If I could do that, I would be in high demand

Just then Wesley threw back his head and groaned loudly as he shot his cum
down Deanna's constricting throat. Pulling out, his cock still spurting cum,
he came in Deanna's face, hair and on her tits, turning he continued
ejaculating into Ro's hair, over her back onto Tasha as well, covering the
lithe blond in cum.

Quickly Deanna pulled out of Wesley's dream before he could wake up. She was
sitting with her fingers jammed into her boiling cunt and cuming hard for the
second time in minutes.

Deanna's uniform was soaked in her pussy juice and cum. "Oh fuck!" she said
out loud as she quickly peeled it off used it to dry off her thighs and
changed into a dry one. All the time wondering what size Wesley's cock would
be in real life.

The temptation was too much for Deanna, she was too turned on and had to find
out. Checking both Crushers were still asleep, she crept into Wesley's room
for a quick peek and gasped quietly. Wesley was sleeping on his back, legs
spread wide and was naked apart from a pair of boxers. What had made her gasp
was the size of his erection, every bit as big as in his dream and standing
proud of the pee hole in his shorts, pre-cum running freely down its long
length. Her cunt flooded instantly.

Walking slowly over to the sleeping boy she dipped her head and licked the
stream of pre-cum off of Wesley's cock before gently taking the enormous
glands into her mouth and sucking the pre-cum from the source. No sooner than
her lips closed over his bell end, he ejaculated sending great ropey strands
of thick cum deep into her suckling mouth. Deanna swallowed as fast as she
could but couldn't keep up with his youthful flow, cum dribbled from the
corners of her mouth running down her face, finally dripping off of her chin
into her impressive cleavage. For the first time in her twenty-seven years,
Deanna came just by swallowing cum. Composing herself quickly Deanna made a
swift exit back to the flight deck of the shuttle and changed yet again into
a clean unsoiled jump suit.

Wesley was first to wake and join Deanna on the flight deck, he looked sleepy
the way only teenagers can and a little flushed. She flashed him her sexiest
smile and greeted him good morning. Deanna had decided to play a little with
the not so little boy, her neck line was a little lower than normal and she
had deliberately pulled up the seam of her crotch so that it separated her
carefully arranged labia, she may has well been naked from the waist down.

"Here Wes, take the helm and let me see some of the skills Will has been
teaching you." She almost purred as she stood up to let him sit the pilot's
chair brushing her hip against his as they changed position.

Wesley concentrated on the control panel in front of him preparing to fly the
shuttle. Deanna slipped into his mind and almost laughed out loud, he had
seen how low her top was, the amount of breast flesh on show and he was also
painfully aware of how well defined her pussy was. Wesley was having trouble
keeping his eyes off of her.

Turning her back to him for a moment, she bent over at her waist on the
pretext of adjusting the co-pilot seat her perfect ass inched from his
flushed face for and paused for a while, and then sitting down she slowly
crossed her legs feeling the fabric brush over her wet throbbing labia
sending sexual electricity through her body as her clit hood retracted.
She asked him a few inane questions about piloting feigning interest in
his answers, she leaned forward too low and too close to him for him to
miss the view of her cavernous cleavage as her 34c's threatened to spill
out of her erotically adjusted neck line.

She could see his erection now clearly defined in his pants; she said
something funny and giggled knowing that this would make her tits jiggle
around in front of his hungry eyes. At that moment her right nipple popped
out into Wesley's line of sight, clearly erect and flushed a deep pink the
nipple caused him to gasp out loud.

Deanna continued talking for a few seconds before pretending just to notice
her nipple slip, she smiled broadly as she apologized to the stunned boy,
she pulled her entire right breast out of her top letting him see it in all
of its glory before slowly ever so slowly slipping it carefully back in
place as if nothing had happened. Again she apologized to the bright red
fourteen-year-old, trying to wipe the cheesy grin from her face as she did

Wesley was stuttering something of apology his erection now painfully
stretching his pants when his mother walked onto the flight deck.

"Good morning everybody, been up long?" Beverly asked brightly.

"No, not been up long!" Deanna answered her friend smiling as she winked at
Wes making it obvious that she had noticed his erection.

"Hi mom!" said Wes regaining a little composure. The thought of Deanna's
naked breast still fresh in his mind, its plump roundness with its erect pink
nipple burned into his brain forever.

"Here, sit here and watch how good your son is Beverly" Said Deanna getting
up and offering the co-pilots chair to the doctor. "Ok Wes, let's see your
stuff!" encouraged Deanna as she stood behind his chair.

Wes was showing some manoeuvres to his mom when he felt Deanna's breast
pressed against his shoulder as she leaned on and over the pilot's chair.
Then impossibly slowly he felt her rub it a little against him, he was
threatening to tear his pants with his hard-on. God he thought I'm sitting
next to my mom with a hard-on that would choke a horse.

"Relax hunny!" soothed Beverly as she noted how tense Wes had become, she
hadn't spotted how aroused her son was or why.

"Yes, take it easy Wes!" Cooed Deanna pressing her breast harder into his
shoulder, knowing full well he could now feel her nipple hard against him.
Standing up taking her breast off of him, she replaced it with her not
little hands and began kneading his shoulder muscles. "Wow, Beverly, he is
so tight through his shoulders, come feel this." Deanna encouraged having
an evil thought.

Beverly was amazed how tense her son was, his shoulders and back was solid
and full of knots. "Relax baby," she said as she started a remedial massage
her skilled fingers smoothing away the tension.

Deanna put the ship back onto autopilot before clasping Wesley's hands in
hers and holding them in his lap, right over his throbbing erection. "That's
it Wes, let your mom work out your stress," She said as she pressed both
their hand's against his cock.

Wesley closed his eyes and tried to remember that it was his mother who was
rubbing his neck and shoulders. His two hands were held between Deanna's and
sitting right on top of his manhood, her hand dwarfed by his size had hold of
his shaft under the cover of their other hands, and she was squeezing in time
with his mothers massage. He looked into her eye's and saw them smiling back
at him.

Deanna could feel Wesley's dick throb as she squeezed him covertly,
concentrating on him she sent an image of her taking his cock into her mouth
and sucking, she was rewarded by his jerking cock shooting into his jump suit
pants. She felt spurt after spurt coarse along his shaft under her fingers
and fill his boxers with his hot boy cum. God she wanted a fuck now more than
ever, she wanted to lick his cock clean and suck him back to full erection so
that he could fuck her with his massive cock.

"There you go baby, all done. How do you feel now?" asked his mother as she
stopped rubbing his shoulders.

"F....fine mom, really great." Answered the boy looking flushed.

"I'm going to take a nap!" Deanna said to the world in general, while sending
Wes the image of her stripping naked to bunk down. She walked off of the
flight deck swaying her ass sexily.

Wes chatted to his mom for a little while before excusing himself to go and
do some studying. On his way to his cabin he decided to peek into Deanna's.
He looked in and nearly came again, as he saw Deanna lying on her bunk, her
back turned to the door and her perfect naked ass sticking from under the
sheet. He could see her wet pussy lips, puffed and pink as well as her little
pink puckered ass hole winking at him from between her ass cheeks.

Deanna sat up in her bunk, the thin sheet falling away from her naked body.
She sat facing Wes her legs spread wide displaying her aching sex to the boy.

Wesley was amazed; the effect was stunning to his young mind. He walked over
to her slowly stripping on the way until he stood between her out stretched
legs with his huge hard on waving in front of him.

Deanna took his throbbing cock in her hands and stroked him gently while
smiling sweetly up at him; slowly she lay back pulling him on top of her and
guided him into her molten depths. She gasped as his huge cock filled her to
the max. They lay there together enjoying the connection before she urged him
into a slow long fucking motion, sawing his whole length in and out of her
clutching sex which brought her to an intense orgasm in no time at all.

Wes was a long way off of cuming again, he pulled out of the older woman as
she lay there panting, he crawled up her naked body offering his cum soaked
member to her quivering lips which she grasped in both hands, kissed the end
lovingly before rubbing it all over her face enjoying the feel of the young
boy's smooth cock against her skin and revelling in the perverseness of it.
Rolling over Deanna pushed up her perfect ass and rubbed the huge cock
against her little puckered hole. Wes getting the message pushed slowly onto
her and felt her ring pop over his bell and he was into his first anus,
Deanna pushed back until her ass was pressed tightly against the boy's flat

Rocking back and forth Deanna began fucking herself on the huge cock and
squeezing with her ass milking Wes into her, using all her experience to get
him off.

Wes leaned forward and grabbed her big round tits and started to fuck her ass
in earnest falling in with her rhythm, it wasn't long till he exploded deep
inside her bowels causing her into a massive body racking orgasm that
threatened to rip his prick from his body.

They lay coupled together for a while Wes revelling in the feel of her hot
ass and Deanna loving the feeling of his cock deflating slowly inside her.
Eventually his cock popped out of her and a torrent of cum flowed down her
ass cheek and soaked into the sheet.

Deanna positioned herself between the boys legs and proceeded to lick and
suck his cock clean of the mingled cum and shit mix that coated the twitching
cock, holding it up against his stomach she went to work on his ass hole with
her mouth making him groan as she managed to breach his sphincter with her
talented tongue, she felt his cock harden as she explored his insides tasting
the sharp tang of his shit. Long slow strokes of his cock while tongue
fucking his ass reworded her with the sight of a great fountain of cum as he
ejaculated high into the air covering his thin torso in thick white boy cum,
which she quickly devoured as she licked him clean.

"Wow! Deanna that was great!" Enthused the young Wes.

Deanna pressed her finger to his lips. "Yes lover it was, now dress quickly
and get back to your bunk before your mother catches us big boy!"

Wesley dressed and left leaving Deanna to lay and enjoy her perverse post
orgasmic glow. This she thought would be the start of many dirty things she
could do with the boy, and as she drifted off to sleep her mind started to
list all the other young boys on the Enterprise.


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