Star Trek - The Next Generation: Dr. Brahms Encounter Part 1 (MF,FF,M-mast)
by Anonymous

"Captain's Log - star date 42193.2. We are currently en-route to the Smegma
system where we have a scheduled rendezvous with the Star Cruiser Cozek.
There, we will be taking aboard Mrs. Lwaxana Troi and Dr. Leah Brahms who are
both returning to Star Base 69."

* * *

Meanwhile, Wesley Crusher is alone in his mother's quarters browsing through
the latest issue of 'Girls Over 40'. "Oooooh", he moans as his self service
intensifies. His stroking becomes faster, his grip tighter, his member rock
hard. Suddenly an intense rush of pleasure sweeps over him... as does a
stream of his cum. "Yuk! Damn! I can't believe I did that again". Wiping
himself off with his mother's towel he stowes the magazine under his bed. He
finds himself exhausted and lays down to rest.

* * *

Ten-Forward is relatively quiet. Guinan is behind the bar having a
philosophical conversation with Worf. "What I'm saying, Worf, is that I
just don't feel attracted to men."

He moves back slightly on his stool, "I don't understand. That is unnatural.
There must be something wrong with you."

Guinan recognizes the emphasis placed on "Wrong". "Listen, Worf, don't be so
quick to judge what you don't understand. I realize you Klingons consider
yourselves the 'Studs' of the galaxy, but some species prefer a soft touch to
the hard, barbaric pounding you have to offer".

"You wouldn't know anything about what I have to offer!" Worf snaps back.
During his rebuttal Worf pulls down the lower portion of his uniform
revealing the extent of his Klingon heritige. Guinan's eyes bulge out of
their sockets.

"Damn!", she says, "Seeing that reminds me of 'The Color Purple'!"

* * *

"Hot Chocolate", Deanna's voice coos at the replicator in her cabin. Her
patient, a newly acquired Ensign, sits nervously.

Deanna slides back into her chair, cupping the warmth of her drink. "Now,
Ensign Onya, I sense a great need inside you", she begins. The young girl
lifts her head. She is shy and quite beautiful. "Oh no, Deanna, there is
nothing inside me now. I took it out before our appointment".

Deanna smiles at the girls nievtae. "What I meant was that I get the feeling
you desire something you've never had before". The Ensign's eyes immediately
break contact from Doyouwanna's. "Oh God, she knows!" Onya thought to

Without another word Deanna slips out of her chair moving towards the Ensign.
Before Onya can blink Deanna is kneeling in front of her. Her body feels
charged with energy as Counselor Troi strokes her creamy thighs. "You're
very beautiful" Deanna's voice causes a shiver up Onya's back. "Relax, I
won't hurt you."

Without thinking, Ensign Onya begins to disrobe. Her innocent blue eyes
sparkle off her milk white skin. Her breasts break free of the snug
Starfleet uniform and into Deanna's mouth causing an instant moan from the
young Ensign.

Ensign Onya sprawls back onto the couch, now completely naked. The Counselor
begins the Betazoid tongue taste test between Onya's legs. Her love box is
completely wet and ready, but Deanna is making her wait. The inexperienced
Ensign begins to buck in anticipation as Deanna's fingers move up and down
her inner thighs, each time as if they might make contact with her vagina,
but veering away at the last moment.

Finally the Counselor's fingers make contact with Onya's clitoris. At first
the Ensign is thrusting wildly, but she soon engages a rythmic motion like a
well oiled machine. Onya's shy, timid nature is unapparent as her moans turn
to screams of pleasure. "Oh, YES!, YES!, HARDER!, MORE!"

The ships computer responds, "Please restate request."


The computer continues, "That function is unavailable".

* * *

The turbolift was pungent with the smell of forbidden lust. Captain Picard
and Commander Riker stepped in. Riker took a deep breath. He did everything
deep. Picard was mildly upset at the odor. "When are these people going to
stop using the turbolift for quick encounters. This ship is the size of a
country and yet people still want to 'do it' in the elevator!"

"I think, sir", Riker interjects, "that they all want to join the 'Billion
Mile High' club."

Picard's brow rises, "That's no excuse."

The doors opened onto the bridge and the two step out.

"Status, Mister Data." Picard becons.

Mister Data responds instantly with a clear, pleasant tone. "I am equiped
with a 12 inch penis designed for maximum pleasure and penetration. My
testicles are modeled after..."

"Enough Data! I was referring to the status on board this ship." Picard
was even more aggrivated now.

Mister Data twitched his head in thought and began again. "Sorry, sir. The
status on board the ship is normal. A breakdown of recent activity reveals
1024 persons aboard ship. 893 were participating in some sort of sexual
encounter. 501 involved vaginal penetration, 356 were oral, 28 were anal,
7 were masturbation, 1 was with a house pet. Of the humanoid encounters, 445
were with members of the opposite sex and 125 homosexual..."

"DATA! Please!" Picard was now beyond aggrivated, he was downright horny!

* * *

"What's this?" Cheif O'Brien looks up at his new wife serving breakfast for
the first time.

"Sushi" was the innocent reply.

"Oh, God Keiko, if I wanted to smell raw fish in the morning I'd stick my
head between your legs!"

"Miles!" her tone rose slightly.

"OK, OK," Miles calmed down, "I'll eat it."

Before Keiko could blink in apology her pants came ripping off and she was
tossed backwards onto their dining table. O'Brien's tounge 'fished' it's way
in and out of the oriental love slit sending Keiko into a blinding ecstacy.
So intense was the feeling that she knocked over her bowl of rice. The
sensation emminating from her pussy sent shivers up her entire body like
waves of electricity. She grabbed her husband's head as it bobed up and
down, making sure he wouldn't stop. She began to moan softly, "oooooh." The
pleasure intensified her voice steadily until it reached a feverish pitch,
"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH, UH, UH, UH, UH" her orgasm jolted her body in spasms.
Her hands, now gripping tight around her husbands head sent it up and down
with her pumping hips. Unfortunately for Chief O'Brien, this meant his face
was smashing into the edge of their table.

"OW, OW, OW, OW" he grunted. It was over as quickly as it started.

Keiko relaxed and a calm swept over her body as she sighed in satisfaction.
Cheif O'Brien was holding his chin looking in the medicine cabinet.

"Keiko?..." Miles waited for a response.

"Ummmm" was the only sound she could mutter.

"I've got to get to my post. I'll see you later, darling." He kissed her
forehead. As he was almost out the door he turned, "You know I've always
wondered why I'm hungry an hour after I eat you?".

* * *

Holodeck 3 looked like an engineering lab. Lieutenant Geordi LaForge was
conversing with his female generated image. "Dr. Brahms, we are in a crisis
situation, I need your help."

"No Geordi", the voice was soft and inviting, "What you mean is that I'm a
tramp meant to serve as your personal sex slave. To perform whatever
discusting, perverted act your filthy mind can dream up. To submit my young,
perfect body to your need for flesh... Right!"

Geordi responded innocently, "Well, that's another way to put it."

The holodeck creation then blinked her lashes over her beautiful round, dark
eyes. Her lips revealed a smile. The kind that causes and instant hard-on,
and it did.

"God", he said out loud to himself, "to think I'm actually going to meat...
I mean meet you. Exit!"

The holodeck door revealed itself like reality cutting into a dream. Geordi
walked out hoping the bulge between his legs would subside quickly.

* * *

"We have reached our destination, Captain." Data's voice was neutral as

"Thank you Mister Data, hold position." Picard touched his communicator
located directly over his heart. "Bridge to transporter room, are we ready
to beam the passengers over?".

"Uh, Ow! Stop trying to pull, it's stuck!" came the reply to a bewildered
Captain Picard.

"Is everything alright, Chief O'Brien?".

"Uh, sorry..." a grunting sound accompanyed the words. "We are ready, sir.

Riker interrupts "What the hell is going on down there!?"

"Sorry Commander. My wife was just visiting me. Keiko dear, please take the
anal intruder kit back to our room, I've got work to do. Don't worry, we'll
get it out later."

Captain Picard was feeling unusually frustrated as he turned to Commander
Riker. "Not only do I have to put up with Mrs. Troi being aboard", he spoke
softly, "but my transporter officer is on duty with a dildo up his ass! My
God Will, I feel like I'm losing respect."

"Oh don't worry, sir," Riker comforted, "we'll still respect you in the

Continued in part 2....


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