Star Trek - The Next Generation: Holo-Dom (MFF,anal,F-dom,BDSM)
by Dreamchild

Deanna leaned over, making a minute adjustment to the costume she was wearing. She had done extensive research through 19th and 20th century novels to achieve just the right effect. And tonight, she wanted that effect to drive someone to his knees.

Overhead, a quiet voice suddenly spoke. "Commander Riker is requesting entrance."

Deanna laughed suddenly, twirling the bullwhip in her hands. She didn't intend to use it only for flogging, tonight. "Let him in," she commanded.

"Commander Riker, you may enter when ready." A pressurized whine was heard, and a portion of the boudoir wall faded into a Holodeck door. Silhouetted by the hallway light, Will Riker squinted as he entered, trying to see through the dimness of the room. "Deanna," he called uncertainly.

"Here, Will."

The door closed, recreating the image of a delicately feminine bedroom wall. Riker's visual purple increased until he could see the surroundings clearly. "Uh, this is some place you have -" he started to say, cut off as Deanna rose from the bed. Instead of her usual uniform or one of her favorite loose-flowing outfits, the counselor was dressed in a dark purple satin bustier, matching panties, fishnet stockings, and high-heeled elfin boots. Her jet hair was swept up in a washerwoman's knot, a few curls dangling artfully at the nape of her neck. "Oh, my God."

"Do you like what you see, Will?" she asked, smiling playfully.

Riker nodded, trying to swallow past a suddenly dry throat. "Yes. I like it. I've never seen you like this before, amazing."

Deanna nodded, walking catlike around the four-poster bed. "I don't normally indulge in this sort of play. My duties as counselor usually force me to keep my sexuality on a tight rein, so to speak." Her mouth quirked up, the smile turning cruel. "But I think it's time that you're exposed to this side of me, Will, if only for the good of the females aboard this ship."

Riker's head jerked up from his contemplation of her uniform. "What are you talking about?" he said, confused. "I've never done anything to any of the female crew members--"

"Oh, but you have, Will." Deanna's voice purred silkily, sending chills up his back. "You've made your way from bed to bed, freely sampling the bodies of numerous women. Many of which, I may add, wound up in my office heartbroken and wondering what they had done wrong. Tonight, however, all of that's going to change." A glowing smile of anticipation spread across her face. "Computer, initiate subprogram Valkyrie."

Immediately, four large women appeared around Riker, grabbing him unceremoniously. "What the hell--" he said, dumbfounded.

The women picked him up and carried him to be bed, ignoring his increasing struggles as they laid him face-up on the lacy orchid coverlet. "Goddamn it, Deanna, this isn't funny," he shouted.

Deanna glanced at him, a cruelly playful light entering her eyes. "Strip him," she commanded.

The Valkyries obeyed, efficiently baring Riker in a few seconds. "I'm ordering you to stop, right now!" he roared, as the women fastened his arms and legs to the bedposts. "Damn you, Troi, you'd better listen--"

"Oh, and gag him."

A Val reached beneath the bed, pulling out a hard rubber ball gag. With a practiced gesture, she forced it between Riker's jaws, fastening it behind his head. "That's much better," Deanna commented, stepping lightly up onto the mattress. She had retrieved the bullwhip, and was tapping it against one fishnetted thigh as she gazed at his body stretched on the bed. Apart from the slight thickening around his waist, Riker was still in excellent shape, she thought - powerful pectorals and biceps strained into a "Y" shape, strong thighs parted similarly. How that must make him feel so - exposed, she mused. Vulnerable. She continued her appraisal, finally concentrating on his cock. That wonderful, inexhaustible organ that she'd played with, sucked, ridden so many times. And now, it was hers to command.

"Tonight, Will, you are going to learn about discipline," she said, watching his cock. As she expected, it twitched, beginning to swell under her gaze.

"I see that excites you."

Riker shook his head wildly, incoherent moaning sounds emanating from behind the gag.

"Don't bother lying to me, Wil. I can feel your emotions, remember? And I know you're afraid." She sank down, kneeling between his outstretched legs and lowering herself until she was poised over his body. "You know that you've done wrong. And you know that you deserve to be punished." Ruby lips brushed the head of his cock, leaving a light trail of moisture. "Do you deserve to be punished, Will?" she whispered?

A single tear started from the corner of his eye, trickling down his cheek. He nodded, groaning again.

"Then you 'will' be punished. Harshly." She stood up in a graceful motion, nodding at one of the attending Vals. From a nearby chair, the woman took a cushion - lifting Riker's body effortlessly, she placed it underneath his ass, forcing his hips up and exposing the dark cleft beneath his balls.

"Excellent." As if in thought, Deanna tapped the handle of the bullwhip against her cheek. "Now, Will, where do you think I ought to put this?" she asked.

Riker's eyes widened. She had to laugh at the reaction - seeing her imzadi naked and spreadeagled, with his eyes as large as saucers, was proving to be more fun than she had anticipated. "I think it was Dorothy Parker who wrote that all men should experience penetration at least once," she continued, sliding the bullwhip handle down into her hands, where she fondled it lovingly. "In your case, it may give you a whole new insight on women."

And she smiled.

Wordlessly, a Val handed her a small crystal jar. Deanna kneeled on the bed to take it, scooping out a sizeable amount of the lubricant. "Geordi made this formula especially for me," she said, smoothing the glistening stuff over the whip handle until it gleamed. "As, after one of our sessions." She reached down between Riker's legs, teasing the balls a bit before sliding her first and second fingers onto the tight, puckered surface of his asshole. She massaged it slowly, feeling it tense in anticipation, before sliding her index finger inside. Immediately, Riker's entire body quivered, humming in response to the violation. "How does that feel, Will?" Deanna purred. "How does it feel to have me inside you? To know that I can do whatever I want with your body?"

A single, long groan was her only answer. The Betazoid smiled and inserted another finger, testing the warm inner surface until she found the sensitive prostate plate. Slowly, she started to rub, increasing the friction until a moaning Riker began to squirm, grinding against her fingers.

"You want this," she whispered. He nodded, whimpering when she withdrew her hand, then gasping in pain and delight when she pressed the head of the bullwhip against his sphincter. The muscle resisted, and Deanna waited until the small spasm had eased.

When she was sure Riker was as relaxed as he could be, she pushed again. The bulbous head slid in easily this time, and his asshole immediately clamped down around the handle. Deanna slid her hand up to his balls again, stroking them as her other hand began to push the whip handle in and out of Riker's trembling body.

The Betazoid glanced up from her work to see the commander thrashing his head from side to side. She knew that if the gag was removed his tongue would be snaking out, licking at lips gone dry from excitement. She felt her clit start to tingle at the thought. Signaling to a Val, she let the Holodeck creation take over the job of buttfucking Riker while she moved around to the head of the bed.

Riker's eyes followed her hungrily as she came closer, only wincing occasionally from the pressure of the bullwhip. Teasingly, she caressed her breasts, pinching hard at the nipples protruding over the lavender half-cups.

"And now, I think it's time that you pleasure me," she crooned.

The other Vals stepped to Deanna's side, stripping their mistress slowly in response to their programming. She smiled with pleasure as she raised her arms above her head, allowing a Val to suck lovingly at her hard nipples while another kissed her neck in light, feathery strokes. The third Val was already kneeling between Deanna's legs, submissively licking her clit and kissing the sensitive labia. Deanna leaned her head back in ecstasy, reveling in the sensation of a velvet tongue inside her pussy.

"Concentrate," Deanna commanded. The Vals increased their attentions, teasing her breasts, lips, neck, clit until she thought she was going to come. Finally, she gasped, "Enough. It's time for my slave. Remove his gag."

The Val who had been licking her clit went to the bed and unclasped the gag, drawing it from Riker's dry mouth. Immediately, his moan was sealed by the Val's own mouth, still wet with Deanna's juices. Their tongues met in a snake dance, ended by a barked command from Deanna. "I want to see what else that tongue can do," she said, rubbing and pulling at her nipples with one hand while the other teased her clit.

"Please, I'll do whatever you want me to," Riker gasped, groaning at the intense pain/pleasure of the whip handle thrusting in and out of his ass. "Imzadi -"

Catlike, Deanna leaped forward and slapped him precisely. "Do not call me that here," she commanded, watching him cower as far away as the restraints would allow. "Here, I am your mistress, and will be addressed as My Lady."

"My Lady," Riker repeated obediently. "My Lady, please allow me to pleasure you in any way you wish."

"Much better," Deanna said approvingly, climbing onto the bed. She swung a sleek thigh over the commander's face, positioning her pussy directly above his mouth. "Now, slave, I want you to use your tongue on my clit to give me three orgasms. Any less than that, and I'll make you wear that bullwhip onto the bridge."

Riker quickly complied, stretching his neck upwards so that he could reach the counselor's labia with his tongue.

The first orgasm happened quickly, Deanna was so worked up from the attentions of her Vals. The second orgasm was slower, more sensual, as she worked her hips back and forth over Riker's eager mouth. She particularly enjoyed the prickly softness of his beard against her inner thighs, sighing when his tongue explored the sensitive skin between her inner and outer lips.

"I think I definitely prefer you with the beard," she said softly. He made a muffled assent, sucking softly at the puffy inner lips and lapping the hot juices that cascaded from her warm cunt before returning his attention to her clit. Soon Deanna was moaning and wriggling against his face as her second orgasm stormed through her body.

Breathing hard, she lifted herself away from his mouth for a moment. "You do that very well, slave," she murmured, staring down between her spread thighs at her imzadi. "And you look good like that, with my come on your face."

"I'm glad that I please you, My Lady," the commander whispered huskily. Deanna could sense the final crumbling of his dominance, his submission to her will. 'If only I could tell you why you are submitting to me, imzadi,' she thought silently. 'You see, empaths can do more than simply sense emotions - they can control them, as well. And when I control your emotions, Will, you won't need a chain of broken hearts just to reinforce your sagging self-image. It's the best solution, imzadi - I promise.'

"Do you think that you're finished, slave?" she said aloud.

"No, My Lady. I still have to make you come one more time," he replied humbly.

"Yes, you do." She moved off his face, settling on the side of the bed. "But I think I've had enough of your mouth - I want to ride your cock for awhile. Would you like that, slave?" She edged down the length of his body, suddenly grabbing his throbbing erection and making him jump.

"Would you like to feel my hot pussy around your cock, milking it for come?"

"I would like anything you did to me, My Lady."

"Answer the question."

"I would like to feel your tight pussy sliding up and down my cock," he whispered. As if in reply, Deanna stroked her hand up and down, tracing the engorged ride on the underside. "Just like that, My Lady. I humbly beg you to fuck me."

"And I shall." Deanna climbed over his thighs, turning so that she could watch the Vals busy with their assplay. She positioned the head of his engorged prick against her clit, rubbing it over the nub before sliding it deep inside her cunt. She gasped, feeling him fill her up so completely. Whatever problems you may have, Will, there's nothing wrong with your fucking, she thought, moaning as the thick shaft parted more and more of her flesh, thrusting deeper into her body. The Vals speeded up the thrusting of the whip handle concurrently, timing it so that it matched Deanna's movements - every time she buried Riker's shaft in her body, the Vals buried the handle in his ass.

One Val leaned down to lick at the juncture, her tongue flicking over Deanna's clit on every downstroke. The sensations intensified - cock, tongue, finger, handle, Riker's moans and her own frenzied cries - until Deanna burst into another delicious orgasm. Her inner muscles clamped down onto the commander's cock, milking it in a wild frenzy until he came himself, screaming with the orgasm.

Deanna continued bucking for a moment, trying to draw the last drop of come out of her captive's balls before finally collapsing on the side of the bed, satiated. Two Vals moved to her side, stroking her face and kissing her neck gently while one removed the bullwhip handle from Riker's ass (with a very audible pop, Deanna noted drowsily) and the other unbuckled his restraints. The Betazoid lifted her head away from the Vals' soothing mouths, fixing Riker with a cool smile.

"You did very well, Will. We'll have to do this again soon."

"Anytime you wish it, My Lady." And he slid stiffly off the bed to crouch at her feet, gazing up at her with undisguised adoration. "Anytime."


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