Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains explicit descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

HypnoTV: Star Trek - The Next Generation (f/f,mc)
by MAW

Deanna Troi reclined in her chair, giving a sigh of relief. A week long
conference had just been completed and this was her first chance to relax in
a while. There were times she actually hated her half-Betazoid nature. An
empath was in demand for almost every meeting the Captain attended. At least
she wasn't a telepath. Then she'd be really overworked.

Lounging in her quarters, Deanna let a hand drag along the tight dress she
wore. Unlike the other crewmembers, she didn't wear a uniform but a series
of skintight dresses with a nice bit of cleavage. Deanna smiled as she ran
a hand over her breasts. God, she was so horny. It was at times like this
she missed her former relationship with Commander Riker. Luckily, she had
a great substitute for it.

Getting up, Troi moved to her closet, her lithe body taking smooth steps.
Brushing a lock of her black curly hair away, Deanna opened a drawer and
took out a small palm-held device. With an odd smile on her face, she headed
out of her room and to another part of the officer's quarters.

* * *

There is no night on a starship. After all, the ship is surrounded by night.
Shifts are decided with different workers, schedules and purposes. For all
intents and purposes, the ship never stops working. The shift change had
just finished as Deanna came to the door she had been looking for. Brushing
her hair, she pressed the small pad next to the door. "Come in," the tired
voice inside said.

Stepping inside, Deanna saw Dr. Beverly Crusher throw off her blue medical
coat as she sank on a chair. The ship's Chief Medical Officer had obviously
had a rough day. Her red hair was a bit frazzled and her face, still
attractive despite her approaching her forties, was haggard. She propped
her feet up, letting her body, clad in a blue uniform, stretch out. "How
bad?" Deanna asked.

"Worf and Riker had another practice session," Deanna answered. "One of
these days, they're going to have to learn about engaging the holodeck's
safety inerlocks. Then Guinan cut her arm dueling Jean-Luc. Then there was
the class that didn't account for the Veralin plaque when they took a
field trip on the holodeck to Forgon."

"That bad."

"I need ten hours of uninterrupted sleep if I'm going to get through

"Well, you might have to settle for eight." Beverly looked up in puzzlement
at Deanna's remark. Deanna raised up the device and activated it. A shining
strobe light came on in the middle, flashing at Beverly's face. Instantly,
Beverly's eyes closed and her entire body slumped in the chair. "Pleasure
time, Doctor," Deanna said.

During their first year on the *Enterprise*, Beverly had been temporarily
possessed by an alien life-form. Trying to get information, Deanna had
placed her in a hypnotic trance. What no one, not even Beverly, had known
was that Deanna had entranced Beverly several times since. She had deepened
this state of the doctor's, removing inhibitions from her mind. Since then,
Dr. Crusher had been Troi's unknowing love slave.

Deanna moved onto the sleeping Crusher. She straddled her, placing herself
onto the other woman's body. "You know what to do, Beverly," Deanna said in
a quiet tone. "You must pleasure me now." Moving downward, Deanna kissed
Beverly on the lips and was greeted by a passionate lick of a tongue.
Kissing deeply, Deanna ran a hand down Beverly's body, feeling the curves
of her hips through her uniform. Deanna moved herself up Beverly's body and
leaned down. She took Beverly's head and pushed it to the cleavage on her
dress. "Kiss it, Beverly. Kiss them both."

Beverly buried her head into Troi's uniform. She seemed to inhale the scent
over the breasts before going in. Her hands groped, pushing Troi's dress
down until the breasts were exposed. She showered kisses onto the large
mounds, mouthing one nipple eagerly. "Yes, Beverly," Deanna moaned. "That's
right. Do it there." Beverly began to suckle on one nipple, slurping on it
like a new born baby. Her hands were busy elsewhere. One hand pinched the
nipple on the other breast, tweaking it and pulling at it. The other hand
moved into Troi's dress, down to her clit. Deanna smiled as she felt
Beverly's hands touch her pussy. She groaned as Beverly's fingers shoved
into her. Rocking back and forth on her friend, the Betazoid let the
feelings and urges she kept hidden for so long let loose, exploding onto
Beverly's hands.

Deanna slowly rose, taking Beverly by the hands, one of which was soaked in
cum. "Come along, Beverly," she said. "It's my turn." She lay the doctor
down on the bed, shedding her dress. She slowly peeled the uniform off, the
undergarments as well until Beverly lay nude. Deanna lay on top of her.
Naked, the two women kissed each other before Deanna moved down Beverly's
body. After kissing the belly, she came to the reddish clit. Pushing her
tongue past the curly red hair, Deanna licked at Beverly's pussy and heard
a gratified moan respond. She began to lick in more earnest, tasting the
sweet juices that came from Beverly's lips. She dug her tongue in deeper,
driven on by Beverly's cries. She closed her eyes just before Beverly came
onto her face, the cum streaking Deanna's black hair.

An hour later, Deanna exited the room and headed back to her own quarters.
As usual, Beverly would not remember anything of their encounter and would
sleep soundly until morning. Something bothered Deanna. She enjoyed Beverly
enough but lately some of the excitement had gone out. She had spread her
charms to other members of the crew, male and female, but something still
seemed off. Deanna smiled. Maybe tomorrow would bring a solution.

* * *

It was quiet in Deanna's quarters as she looked over at her guest. Ensign
Ro Laren was a Bajoran and a new member of the crew, having joined a few
weeks earlier under circumstances involving a conspiracy within Starfleet
to aid the Cardassians. Like all Bajorans, she had a series of wrinkles
along the bridge of her nose. She was young, but had seen too much violence
in her life to be called naive. Her short dark hair hung in bangs around
her head. A red headband held it up and a cerimonial silver earring hung
on her right ear. Her thin and shapely form was clad in a red uniform,
typical for helm officers.

"Anything you'd like to tell me?" Deanna asked. It was only her third
session with Ro, but the woman seemed to have softened slightly in the
last few weeks. Maybe Deanna could help her loosen up some more.

Ro bit her lip. Deanna didn't need her empathic skills to know something
was bothering her. "I've been meaning to talk to you about what happened
between me and Commander Riker last week."

Deanna nodded. An alien had tried to trick the *Enterprise* into fighting
its war for it. It had wiped the memories of the entire crew and given
them false information. Although the truth came out in the end, several
misunderstandings occurred. One of those was that Ro and Commander Riker,
normally foes on ship policy issues, ended up becoming lovers before all
was turned to normal. Both Ro and Riker had been tight-lipped about the
incident, although both had taken merciless ribbings from the crew.

"Exactly how are you taking it?" Deanna asked.

Ro sat back in the seat. Ever restless, this was as comfortable as she
could get. "We've both accepted it was under unusual circumstances and
that we were not in control of ourselves. Well, we were in control, we
just didn't know it was wrong."

"So, you've just decided to put it aside and move on?"

"Yeah. At least we say we are. It's different to actually do it, you know?
I mean, we had this--thing and now we have to work together like nothing

"I can relate," Deanna said smiling. Her former relationship with Riker
was common knowledge on the ship. "Perhaps we should try some relaxation
exercises. It might help you with your feelings."

"Why not? I'll try anything at this point," Ro said as she lay down on
Deanna's sofa. Over the last two sessions, Deanna had started leading her
through a series of exercises that Deanna said would help her sort out her
feelings. In actuality, Deanna had been bringing Ro into deeper states of
trance. Now, she thought Ro was ready for her plans.

"Just close your eyes and relax," Deanna said. "Take a deep breath, then
let it out slowly. Try to concentrate on my voice. Take nice, slow breaths
and let them out. Imagine that your worries are going with them, your
responsibilities, your tension. Just relax and listen to my voice. Feel
the relaxation spread to every part of your body. Allow yourself to relax,
to listen to my voice and let go. Nice, easy breathing. You can feel the
tension leaving you with every breath. You can feel the tension slipping
out of your body, leaving a nice, warm feeling behind. Just let this
feeling continue to work its way up your body." Troi talked for a minute
more, her soft voice leading Ro into a deep trance. Time to make her move.

"Ro, I want you to remember what it was like with Will. I want you to
remember the feelings he brought out in you. Those hot desires that you
felt with him. I want you to not only remember those feelings, but also
experience them. Feel them. Feel them make you nice and hot. Feel them
arouse you. Feel them excite you. Let those feelings go through you and
enjoy it." Deanna watched as Ro moaned and shifted on the couch. She moved
one hand to her breasts, another to her legs, slowly caressing them both.
"That would be much easier if you didn't have that tight uniform on, Ro,"
Deanna said softly. "It's so uncomfortable. It would feel much, much better
if you didn't have it on. Remove it and you'll feel so much better. Let me
help you and you'll relax further."

Ro slowly raised her hands to her chest, undoing the clasps that kept the
uniform together, pulling off the vest to show a white shirt underneath.
Deanna stripped off her boots and then helped slide Ro's pants off her
smooth legs. Ro then pulled off the white shirt she wore underneath as
Deanna slipped off the dark panties. Deanna stood up and let her dress
drop to the ground. She moved on top of Ro, straddling the young Bajoran.

"Relax, Ro. Relax and let me take care of you." She placed her hands on
the small breasts and rubbed them, her fingers caressing the nipples, which
tightened under her touch. Lost in thoughts of pleasure, Ro was unaware of
her surroundings or what she was doing and was too happy to care. Deanna
continued to massage Ro's breasts as she moved down her body. Coming to
the dark clit, she separated Ro's legs, placing a hand on each thigh. She
pinched them as she began to kiss Ro's clit, the unique smell of Bajoran
womanhood greeting her. Moaning, Ro grinned as she felt Deanna plunge her
tongue into her, the appendage digging into her pussy. She arched her back
as waves of ecstasy tore through her, running down to her clit where they
rolled onto Deanna's tongue. She came, her dark cum spilling onto Deanna's

Deanna decided it was Ro's turn. She knelt and pulled herself onto the
younger woman. She straddled her with her pussy right over Ro's mouth. The
mesmerized woman lightly licked the dark patch before sticking her tongue
in in earnest. She moved the tongue around Deanna's pussy, letting Troi
grow in pleasure. Then she began to lick it wildly, lapping away at Troi's
juices as she pinched the smooth thighs. Deanna slowly rocked herself on
Ro's face, willing her juices onto the woman. She could feel herself build
more and more. Finally, she exploded onto Ro, her cum falling right into
her mouth.

Deanna pushed herself off Ro, looking down at the entranced woman. An idea
occurred to her. Padding over to her uniform, Deanna picked up her insignia
and pressed it. "Dr. Crusher, please come to Counselor's quarters." She
quickly moved to the closet as Ro slumped back on the couch. She heard a
beep at the door and quickly faced it. "Come in."

Beverly came in, her face concerned. She had just enough time to see the
nude Ro and the naked Deanna just before a light flashed in her eyes.

"Pleasure time, Doctor."


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