Star Trek - The Next Generation: In The Vash (MF,F-solo,voy)
by Skyla

"I wish you were here," Picard said. His heat carried right through the terminal.

"I wish I were there, too," Vash replied wistfully. "But we have got the weekend."

"Yes," he sighed. But the heat remained throughout the conversation. As soon as he said, "Picard, out" Vash knew what she had to do. Jean-Luc was horny and she was so wet that she would have to change into a fresh set of panties. So what if it was only Tuesday. So what if he was light years away at Starbase 7 as the Enterprise was being refitted. Checking shuttle schedules, she saw that if she left on the next one she could be there by that night. Perfect.

Touching the terminal to send Jean-Luc a message, and let him know she was on her way, she paused even as the link was being established. Cancelling the link, a wicked smile lit up her fine features. No, she wouldn't contact him. She would surprise him. What man didn't dream of a hot woman showing up on a lonely starbase out of the blue?

Hurriedly she packed an overnight bag. She set out a skirt, blouse, jacket, and the scarf that Jean-Luc had gave her the last time they were together. It was relatively conservative. Not overly so, however, she was Vash. But often the shuttles were crowded with many unsavory types. Not to mention the Ferengi. She had no particular distaste for Ferengi, in fact she had often done business with them and occasionally this had included a mutually satisfying liaison. Today, however, she had only one man on her mind. On the outside she seemed calm, detached, icy. But underneath, now that was a different story.

She got naked and confronted her closet. This would take some thought. Glancing up at the clock, she cursed. When it came to lingerie, a woman shouldn't be rushed. Not when that was all she planned to be wearing when Jean-Luc stated in that flat, irritating voice of his, "Enter," when the computer informed him someone was at his door. This should wipe that smug smile off his face.

Finally she settled on a silk camisole and a pair of stockings with lace garters.

No panties. She liked the idea of riding on a shuttle, modest as could be to the outside world, able to feel the warm breeze of the air ventilators caress her with the slightest spread of her legs.

She virtually pranced into the shuttle when she arrived at the spaceport. Long hair tucked up, lips adorned with no more than a touch of lipstick, she was indeed the image of a prim and proper archaeologist. But she knew better.

The shuttle was relatively empty, thanks to the mid-week lull. She settled down and buried her nose in a PADD on the new digs that were being initiated in the Kenogd system. This lasted only moments before she called up a steamy Romulan erotic classic. She was going to be ready for the captain.

"Vash,? Is that you?"

Vash nearly jumped out of her seat, interrupted just as two of the characters in the story were climaxing. A boy, actually a young man, was peering at her from the seat across the small aisle.

"Wesley? You are Dr. Crusher's son." She asked. She had met Wesley a few years earlier while visiting on the Enterprise. Since then he had turned from a gangling boy into a handsome young man.

He smiled, hopping up and extending his hand. She shook it weakly, a bit dazed. How grown up he looked. Four years had certainly ironed out a few awkwardnesses.

"Going to Starbase 7?" he asked.

"Um, yes," she said. She sounded more hesitant than she meant to be. She was too deep in her mood to carry on a normal conversation. He seemed to sense that. They exchanged ritual pleasantries, asked how each had been doing over the last several years. It seemed he was on break and was planning on visiting his mother. Thanks to a lucky scheduling of shuttles, it seemed he would arrive two days sooner than originally thought. A nice surprise for his mom. After more small talk he gracefully went back to his PADD on quantum fluctuations in warp fields.

A chapter later, she had become intensely aware of the hard prefab seat pressing hard against her butt. The cheeks of her ass clenched involuntarily. The Romulan story was really good, her images of what she'd do to Jean-Luc were intense, and

. . .

And, damn it, the presence of Wesley was contributing to it, too. Although he was but a boy the last time they met, he was now a handsome young man. The academy uniform he was wearing had a very promising bulge. She started to watch him out of the corner of her eye. Soon she noticed that he had dropped his hand to his lap and was slowly massaging his cock - trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

"Quantum fluctuations, I bet." She thought. He was probably reading one of the Rigel holo-novels. Stories that played themselves out in three dimensions, even on the flat screen of a PADD.

Vash was now in serious distress. Something hard under her was not enough. She needed something hard inside her.

"Excuse me," she told Wesley. She rushed back to the small lavatory in the rear and latched herself in.

At last, she took her skirt completely off and hung it up. Reaching into her overnight bag, she withdrew her vibrator.

The device hummed. Damn. That could be heard through the door if someone was listening. But the background whine of the engines should drown out the noise. In any event, she wasn't stopping.

She sat down on the little bench and placed the vibrator against her clitoris. Closing her eyes and tilting her head back, she let go a deep sigh of relief. The pleasure was nothing, though, compared to what she would feel once she had it inside her. The vibrator descended, disappearing stage by stage into the folds of her pussy.

She imagined a cock was sliding in, warm and blunt. Already the preliminary tingles were crawling up her thighs and past her ass. Yes, a nice fat cock, thick in diameter, one that would stretch her wide. One she could get a grip on.

Her breathing deepened. Little murmurs bubbled up out of her. The fantasy was working very nicely. Strangely, Jean-Luc was not a part of it. He had a skinny dick. Despite the wonderful things he did with it, if she were going to go to the trouble of imagining a cock, it should be her ideal.

As her hips began to buck and the orgasm was all but inevitable, she realized someone was watching her.

Apparently she hadn't locked the door after all. There, in the small gap between the latch and the frame, Wesley gazed in.

Her instant impulse was to slam her legs together and shut the door. Instead, hardly believing what she was doing, she gestured him to join her in the little compartment.

He stepped in and closed the door, checking twice to be sure that this time it was locked. He stared, bug-eyed, at her openly-displayed twat. He breathed deep. The air was rich with the aroma of woman.

She slid the vibrator out of her pussy and unfastened his uniform. Out of the folds of his shorts emerged a thick, fat cock, already oozing pre-cum.

"I see you've been watching for a while," she murmured, tugging him forward by his handle. She aimed him at her crack.

"Listening," he said, and pressed forward. His dick slid right up into her, along the channel forged by the vibrator.

"OH!" she moaned. "That sure hits the spot, Wesley. Faster, faster..."

He pumped her hard. Wet slapping sounds echoed through-out the little room. Anyone standing outside the door would surely know what they were doing. Oddly, the thought made Vash even more excited.

Good God. She was fucking a man, a boy, on a shuttle. But it felt so good. Wesley took hold of her by the upper thighs and pulled her into his thrusts. The warm blunt end of his head nudged her cervix on each stroke, sending deep pulses into her belly. She pulled him down into a kiss.

His tongue was long, salty, and adept. She wrapped hers around it, let it ride deep into her throat.

"You don't know how much I have dreamed about this, Vash," he whispered into her ear when their lips finally parted.

"Really? I had no idea."

Suddenly this wasn't just a quick fuck. It was culmination of years of lust. Vash liked that. It sent her right over the top. Fire gushed into her crotch.

"I'm cumming, Wesley!" Her hips went into overdrive around his cock, milking him. Deep in an orgasmic faint, she heard his breathing suddenly shift, and knew that the hot convulsions coming up from below weren't entirely hers. Any remaining friction vanished, overtaken by whipped cream softness. Savoring the afterlude, she didn't open her eyes until his last, belly-deep sigh.

She grinned, "And all I thought you had in you was an incredible mind for math." She was sorry to see his moist tool disappearing into his pants.

But he was right. If they stayed in the small restroom much longer, someone might catch them. She put away the vibrator, stood up, slipped back into her skirt.

Vash couldn't keep a straight face as she finished the trip next to Wesley. She was sure this was something that would keep him awake many nights when he returned back to the academy. Replaying the event in his mind as he slowly stroked his cock.

She worried they would fall into an awkward silence. But Wesley was not the withdrawn type he seemed to be as a child. He kept up his end of the conversation so well that when time came to disembark, she could hardly believe they had reached the station.

Wesley's mother was not expecting him so there was no one waiting for him at the gate. She was probably somewhere on the station enjoying the wider amenities offered that even a galaxy class ship such as the Enterprise did not provide.

Wesley hurried after Vash and quickly slid into the turbolift even as the doors whished shut behind him.

Inside the lift, the air filled with the aromas of their bodies, still redolent with sex. With some distant part of her brain, Vash issued the deck number where she knew the captain was staying in temporary quarters as the Enterprise was in the shipyard. The rest of her was remembering how nicely Wesley had filled her.

"Wesley..." she said, almost too softly for him to hear. "Will you fuck me again? In the lift?"

He swallowed, "Really?"

"Nervous?" she asked impishly, "After the Shuttle?" But she realized, without him saying a word, that he wasn't worried about exhibitionism. He was afraid she was teasing.

"I want you," she said huskily, letting the sincerity of her claim sink in. "If you've got another quantum fluctuation in that uniform, I want to have it."

Suddenly he grinned, "Computer, halt."

The readiness of youth, she thought happily, as she climbed off his prick some time later. Her pussy glowed with well-fucked warmth. How many times had she climaxed? She couldn't remember. Sweat pasted down her camisole - the one item of clothing she still wore.

Hungrily she went down on him. The rich taste of her own pussy greeted her. She sucked the juice off, guiding him in and out of her mouth, one hand cupped around the base of his shaft stroking.

He was still clothed, except for the pants and shorts around one of his ankles. Vash liked him that way. It was proof that they were so hot they couldn't wait to disrobe.

The air was filled with the sweaty steam of their bodies. And Vash could read Wesley's happy-little-boy expression as she sucked him. His cock was throbbing now.

Saliva was frothing along her lips. This was it, she could tell. She'd teased him, she'd fucked him hard with her cunt and her tits and her hands and now her mouth was going to finish him.

"Vash!" he bellowed. Hot jism exploded into her throat. Eagerly she swallowed it. He spurted until nothing more remained. But still she pumped, and still his hips remained poised off the floor of the lift. Neither one wanted the sensations to end.

Finally his muscles gave out. He sagged back to the floor. They'd been fucking for so long that his cock wouldn't go down right away, though. She took advantage of this state by climbing back onto the saddle, keeping him inside while they wound down slowly.

"You can share your equations with me anytime," she murmured. "Computer, resume."

As the lift slowed to a stop at the deck where she was to get off, Vash quickly arranged her clothes and hair.

"I look like I've just been fucked," she said. "I'm going to have to beg a shower from Jean-Luc as soon as I get inside."

Wesley looked at her in alarm, and with some pride. She was here to see the captain. And he had just got through fucking her on the floor of a turbolift. "I know," she said, "don't worry, this is between you and me."

"Perhaps we could..." Wesley started to say, but she put a finger to his lips.

"No, I think not. This was great, but it was just for this once." Vash softly said.

"That's all right," he replied. "I understand. Thanks for everything then."

Even though it had only been minutes earlier that they had been on the floor of the lift, the flutter had already returned to her belly. "Wesley, perhaps you would like to go with me and say hello to the captain." Although this wasn't the meeting that she had first imagined, hopefully this would give her time to slip into the shower and make herself more presentable.

As they were walking along the curved hallway, Wesley suddenly pulled her into a small alcove.

"Hey, what...?" she exclaimed. Any further comment was muffled by his mouth as he pressed it tightly against hers.

His hands artfully slid down her skirt and into her crotch. She was already wet and breathing raggidly. He knelt suddenly, and stuck his head under her skirt. Licking the juices as they flowed freely down her legs. Suddenly her body was racked in orgasm.

Pulling him up, "I really do have to say goodbye." she said. "But if this is it, then I want to give you a proper send off." She wrapped her lips around his cock and gave him the best head that she could possibly give. Pressing his cock back against his belly and taking his balls into her mouth. She then stood, turned, spread her legs, and placed her hands against the wall.

Wesley entered her from behind, rapidly pushing his cock into her. Banging her against the wall.

* * *

It was over. She'd quite possibly never been laid so well, and by a boy/man. But, yes, it was over. Despite the night's exception, she was a one-man woman, and Jean-Luc Picard was that man. Leaving the small alcove, they walked on down the corridor.

She was tired, what time must it be? She glanced at a clock set in the wall which read 1100 hours. The captain was probably reading a book in his quarters enjoying a hot cup of tea. Why he never realized that it was this very tea that often kept him up most of the night she would never know.

She gnawed on her lip. She wasn't sure she could stay awake to fuck him, much less be capable after the sessions with Wesley. That would sure be an ironic end to the night she had originally planned.

She and Wesley turned into the hall where the Enterprise officers were staying and stopped in front of the captain's quarters. She raised her hand to the small button that would chime someone was at the door.

And heard sounds drifting through. Distinct, unmistakable sounds of enthusiastic sex. Heavy breathing, murmurs of affection, the slow creak of a bed.

That bastard. That two-timer.

She caught herself before she kicked the door. What was she thinking? She was standing here with Wesley, his cum practically rolling down her legs, arguing fidelity.

The moans of the woman inside reached a fever pitch.

"Oh Jean-Luc, Oh Jean-Luc!" she cried.

"Yes, Beverly, yes..." came the reply.

Vash and Wesley looked at each other. It seemed the captain and his mom were having as much fun as Wesley and she just had. Slowly a smile crossed both their faces as they turned and headed back to the turbolift.


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