The Liaisons cycle lasts for six vignettes, well, sketches,
really. They were done in the autumn of 1994. These are the
second two. The only episode of Deep Space Nine I've ever seen
was the first, so please excuse any misperceptions of the
characters in these two tales.


Liasons lV (More of a lark, than anything else.)

Jadzia and Dax woke in darkness.

Jadzia, stunned by the flood of impressions and memories, almost broke
into tears but couldn't because Dax was in control. His personality
overwhelmed her, his thoughts were so organized, his opinions so clear
that she felt like an amatuer at being an adult compared to Dax who'd
been alive so long.

Unable to control her body, she had an overwhelming impression of

Dax, for all his gentleness, assumed control of this new body, driving
Jadzia into her to mind. Dax, his senses awash from the surgery and drugs
knew three things for certain: something important had happened, his back
hadn't felt this good in years, and his bladder was full.

Jadzia-Dax's feet slid from below the thin blankets and onto the floor.
Dax, scatching this new scalp, searched for the washroom. There. Dax,
sleepy and disoriented from the drugs, leaned head-first against the wall,
staring down at the toilet. The drugs were so sapping Dax couldn't stay
upright and so bent at the knees.

Jadzia's thoughts buzzed about, annoying Dax like a mosquito. She tried
shouting for a nurse or the hospital computer but her throat was not her own.
Jadzia watched in horror, then a kind of amusement as her hands, under the
ancient trill's control, opened the fly on her pyjamy pants, took her right
thumb in her left hand and pissed in her pants. A gruff voice sounded in her
mind: Dammit, the plumbing's been changed: I'm a woman again.

'Happy now? My name's Jadzia. I'm pleased to meet you.


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