Star Trek -The Next Generation: Meeting Deanna (MF,anal)
by Christopher L Estep

As a relatively newly-minted Lieutenant, even one with a strong background in computer technology and warp dynamics, it still struck me as extremely good luck to wind up on the Federation's flagship, USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D. However, if one doesn't make the best of one's opportunities, one doesn't continue to get them.

So, after being beamed aboard the Enterprise from Starbase 24, I reported to Commander William T. Riker, the First Officer.

"Welcome aboard the Enterprise, Lieutenant," he said. "I know you are anxious to get started, but you have some familiarization to do first. Take a couple of days to study some tapes and Holodeck simulations of Main Engineering, just so you get your feet wet. You'll be Number Three in Engineering, behind Lt. Cmdr. LaForge and Lt. Barclay. So report to Holodeck Four. The first simulation is waiting for you. In this first simulation, YOU are in charge, but the simulation is one you haven't faced before." With that he smiled enigmatically and left me in thought. "What sort of simulation could he have left for me that would cause him to SMILE like that?" I thought. With that, I walked off to Holodeck Four.

I approached Holodeck Four. "Computer, load active Engineering simulation One, identity code - Estep Baker Six." The computer said in a well-modulated female voice, "Program complete. Enter when ready." With that, the doors opened, and I stepped into...Main Engineering. I looked around some, then went directly to the Main Engineering console. A rather pretty young female Ensign was on duty there. "Engine status, Ensign," I asked. "All functions nominal, Lieutenant." she replied. Then the RED ALERT klaxons began sounding. Then the ship shook and a VERY ugly sound I only hard in my dreams filled the room: the sound of a hull breach. "Damn! Computer! Location of hull breach!" I snapped.

"Location of hull breach is at the Main Bridge," that same sweet sounding voice that introduced me to this Holodeck reported.

"Personnel on duty on Main Bridge at time of breach," I snapped back tersely. The computer replied, "Personnel on the Main Bridge were the Captain, First Officer, Operations Officer, Chief of Security, Chief Engineer, and Engineering Officer."

"Next senior officer in current chain of command. Specify."

"Currently, that would be Lieutenant Christopher Estep, current location, Main Engineering."

OH SHIT! Not only was I now in COMMAND of the ship, but I had no main Bridge.

However, they didn't call me "The New Slipstick" for nothing.

"Computer, accept new command code, special sequence Omega Two. Location, special security files located in personal data files of Lieutenant Christopher Estep. Enable Command Code Christopher Gamma."

"Special Command Code Christopher Gamma enabled." the computer replied.

"Good." I thought. Now the special command codes were locked out. Only I could change that, and right now I had no mind to. "Computer, specify cause of hull breach."

"Hull breach caused by attack by Romulan Warbird."

Hmmm. Maybe I could shake things up over there. "Is the Warbird currently cloaked?"


Even better. "Is the Warbird's bridge in Transporter range?"


Perfect. "Are the Warbird's shields up?"



"Computer, locate the main hull plate above the Romulan Warbird's bridge, then beam the plate to Shuttle Bay One."

"Unable to comply."



"Beaming the plate aboard will cause explosive decompression abnoard the Romulan Warbird's bridge, resulting in the Warbird being hurled into the Enterprise, which is currently at half-impulse power."

There could be a way around this, however. "Are Warp engines operative?"


Aha! "New orders, Computer. Immediately after beaming the plate to Shuttle Bay One, execute seven-second jump in opposite direction from projected course of disabled Warbird at Warp Six. Immediately following, execute sustained course to nearest Starbase at Warp Nine. Authorization: Estep Omega Two and Starfleet Emergency Regulation 2357."

"Orders confirmed. Carrying out programmed directive."

Twelve seconds later, the sound of the E-D's engines howling their way to the nearest Starbase at Warp Nine could be heard throughout Engineering. Then, and only then, did I FINALLY collapse in the Chief Engineer's office chair.

"Computer, end simulation."

Except for the chair I was sitting in, the rest of Engineering faded away to be replaced by featureless Holodeck. Riker lookedc at me, grinning from ear to ear. "You ARE as good as the Hood said you were," he replied. "To quote an old Earth Navy saying, sir, 'Preplanning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.' "

I may have looked relatively fine, but my uniform was soaked through, and my nerves were a wreck. "After racking up the best score ever in that simulation, you deserve some time off. Dismissed."

Whew! However, the LAST place I wanted to go was my quarters. I saluted Riker, then headed for the nearest Turbolift.


Soon the Turbolife deposited me just outside Ten-Forward, that meeting-and-greeting place well-known throught Starfleet. I headed immediately for the bar.

An unusually-coiffed woman was behind the bar. However, her reputation had preceded her.

"You must be Guinan," I said.

"And YOU must be Lieutenant Estep, formerly of the Hood, the man who just beat our Chief Engineer's toughest scenario." she replied, grinning. What was that I said about preceding reputations? "As you can see, I'm somewhat physically shaken. German chocolate cake and an Earth root beer, ice cold."

Soon both the cake and the root beer had arrived. The cake was warm; however, just as I asked, the root beer was ice-cold. It was also in a frosted quart-size mug, with the Enterprise-D logo on one side and the UFP seal on the other. As I began to attack the cake, I sensed a presence just to my right. After I had swallowed my first mouthful of cake, and gripped my mug of root beer to wash it down, I turned to look at my companion.

Good thing I had a strong grip on that mug; otherwise, I might have dropped it. THIS was the face that launched a thousand starships, with a body that could launch ten thousand more. She was wearing a blue Sciences uniform, with the three pips of a full Commander. What I noticed most were two things: the twinkle in her eyes, and the way she looked at my cake.

She said, "Hello. I'm Deanna Troi, Ship's Counselor."

I slowly took her proffered hand and gently pressed it to my lips, palm down.

"Enchante, Commander. I'm Lieutenant Christopher Estep, lowly Third Engineering Officer of the great Starship Enterprise."

Deanna smiled at my repartee. "Apparently you may not be very lowly for very long, if what I hear about you is true."

I kept up the bantering tone of my voice. "And just what is it you have HEARD, O most beautiful of Starfleet Counselors?"

She actually BLUSHED! However, that quickly caused ME to blush. (Ever see a black man blush?) However, she recovered enough to say, "The only person to ever think that fast was Lieutenant Barclay. However, he was wired into the Ship's Computer at the time."

Something to discuss with Lt. Barclay sometime. "And what will the Commander have?" I asked.

She replied, "Guinan, I'll have what the Lieutenant's having."

Soon thereafter, Deanna's cake and her root beer, also in a cold frosted mug of smaller proportions, had arrived, and we started to devour our cakes, washing them down with gulps of the cold root beer. In about ten minutes, both the cake and root beer had been consumed.

"Commander," I started.

Deanna replied, cutting me off, "We're off duty. Call me Deanna." I marked that one down in my brain. I waded in again. "Deanna, I am glad to see that you are a fellow chocoholic. At least I won't feel so alone when I start cooking my own cakes and making ice cream." I grinned. "I'll have SOMEONE to help me eat it."

With that, I stood up by my chair. She stood as well. She withdrew her Federation credit voucher.

"Put that away, Deanna," I said. I told Guinan, "This one's on me."

With that I broke out my Federation Express card (Latinum). Deanna whistled at the sight of the card. "You're a Starfleet Lieutenant, and have one of THOSE?"

I shrugged. "The money from my inventions has to go SOMEWHERE, dear Deanna." With that, I started to go.

Deanna walked up to me and said, "Wait. I'd like you to come to my quarters, so we can talk some more."

Well, I had nothing better to do right then. "Okay. Lead on."

Deanna and I entered the Turbolift just outside Ten-Forward. "Deck Five," she said in her melodious voice.

Soon, the Turbolift stopped on Deck Five: Senior Officer Country. I let Deanna leave first, then stepped out behind her. I started to take a quick look at her figure in that uniform; however, the "quick look" turned into a long lingering glance up and down (especially down) her shapely shape. I watched that walk until I managed to tear my eyes off her ass; good thing I did, because it would have been unseemly for a senior officer to catch my eyes about to fall out of my head! We came to a stop outside her quarters. SHe opened the door, and she entered first, then I entered. She motioned me over to her bed.

"Have a seat, Chris," she said, again in that oh-so-beautiful voice. "I need to use the bathroom."

She headed into the bathroom, while I took a seat on the bed and glanced around her quarters. I wonder why she invited me to her quarters, I thought. She's the Ship's Counselor, you ninny! another voice echoed inside my head. She is just trying to help you relax. Soon she exited the bathroom.

Gone was the Starfleet uniform. Gone were the three pips of a Commander. Instead stood a vision in a chocolate-colored peignoir that left very little to the imagination, then stimulated fresh imaginings of a lustful nature in my brain! I didn't need to be telepathic to see what THIS woman wanted. Without saying a word, I slowly walked up to her and kissed her on the lips. The kiss quickly turned torrid, with her thrusting her toungue deep into my mouth, searching for chocolate cake crumbs within. She apparently found a few, for as she found each one, she sent it deep into my throat with her VERY active tongue!

Several seconds later (even though it STILL felt too soon for me!) the kiss finally broke. Still without saying anything, I found the seam on my yellow Engineering uniform and slowly unfastened it, bring my coffee-colored skin into view. Within a minute I was completely naked in front of Deanna. Deanna slowly began licking me, starting at my forehead, only stopping once in a while to murmur, "Chocolate! Chocolate!" and resume licking. Soon she reached my raging eight and one-half inches of cock. She grasped it in one hand and kissed the head.

"I simply LOVE chocolate!" she murmured again, then she slipped the head of my cock into her mouth, then started to sink all eight and one-half inches slowly down her throat like a pipe being sent down a wellshaft.

She kept licking my cock with her tongue as she sent it down her throat, then she began to "deep throat" me, brushing the head of my cock with her tongue on each pass. I tried everything to take my mind off the incredible things this vision was causing me to feel with her mouth and tongue; unfortunately, I just couldn't hold out.

With a growl, I let loose a gusher of come into her throat, which she swallowed easily. She finally stood back up in front of me.

I slowly sniffed the peignoir she still wore. Hmmm, I thought, could it be? It smelled like chocolate! I took a little taste of the fabric. Good grief! It WAS chocolate! A peignoir actually made of chocolate! This is gonna be FUN! I slowly started to eat my way through the confection encasing Deanna, starting at her neck. As each piece of skin came into view, I licked off the threads of chocolate remaining on her skin. When I got to her breasts, I paid extra attention to her nipples, making VERY sure they were thread-free. She liked that, and forced my head deeper onto her nipples, keeping me to the task. Finally, after a few thousand calories, I had reached the lowest hem of the peignoir, just below her now-exposed wetness. All that has holding the hem of the peignoir up were my hands, which were around her ass. I grabbed the hem between my teeth, and slowly chewed my way through it, making sure I bit completely through the circle of chocolate garment. Her legs parted, and the entirety of her femaleness was pen to my lustful inspection. Her vaginal lips were open; I wondered just what was in there. So, with no trepidation, I sent my oral probe into that unknown area of Deanna Troi, keeping both hands grasped to her ass.

She REALLY liked that maneuver, apparently, for she bucked her crotch full into my face, forcing my tongue deeper into her. I started thrusting my tongue faster and faster in and out of her, rubbing the lips of her female opening with my tongue on each pass. Soon, however, I stopped and backed away from her now-soaked crotch. Instead of standing up, I turned her until her ass was facing me. I first took the rest of the chocolate peignoir I held in my hands, and chewed and swallowed thoroughly. Then I slowly parted the cheeks of her ass, then sent my oral probe into the small opening I found there. I thrust my tongue in and out of her anal opening repeatedly, like i was licking an ice cream cone (not far from the truth, as she apparently found some sort of liquid enamant that tasted like pineapple). She pushed back as my tongue thrusts increased in frequency, then she screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed. I slowed down my tongue thrusts, then finally stopped and stood back up behind her.

Still without saying a word to me, she walked over to her bed and knelt on her kinees on the bed's edge. She slowly reached back and opened the cheeks of her ass, where I had just licked. Then, in that same melodious voice, she said, "Drive the 'Hershey Highway', my love!"

With that missive from the lovely Ship's Counselor, I did as I was told; I took a kneeling position behind her and slowly pressed the head of my cock into her anal cavity, where my tongue had so recently been. She, however, was in no mood to wait; she forced my cock to completely thrust into her asshole to the hilt! She groaned as the full eight and one-half inches of human male appendage entered the depths of her asshole; but she didn't stop until I was completely hilted in her ass.

Then she began a rotating movement, occasionally sliding back and forth, actively fucking me with her ass. I did nothing at this point, letting her enjoy herself, and simply hung on for the ride!

And WHAT a ride! First, she rotated her hips clockwise, then counterclockwise, all the while fucking back and forth with her ass, thrusting my cock in and out of her asshole as she rotated. This proved to be much more than I could take! I started thrusting actively then, fucking her asshole like a man possessed! Not neglecting her, I took one hand and moved it down to her protruding clitoris, which I started to rub, slowly at first, then with a slowly increasing speed, until my rubbing pace matched my thrusts in and out of her ass. Soon, she screamed out another climax, actually fucking me faster as she went into orgasm after orgasm. That broke through my last limits. With a final thrust (and shout), I hilted myself completely into her asshole, shooting my second cum load deep into her ass.

Some time later, I recovered. We had collapsed on the bed, her flat on her stomach, me flat on top of her, my cock still ensconced deep in her ass. I started to withdraw, but she squeezed the cheeks of her ass.

"Please," she said. "Leave it in, and stay the night. We'll have a morning to remember as well."

Who was I to argue with a lady?

She said, "Computer, lights out."

The lights in her quarters extinguished, and we lay back down in her bed, my now-soft cock still in her ass, where she wanted it.


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