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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story can be considered a sequel to "Meeting Deanna", for the events in this story take place after "Meeting Deanna".

Star Trek - The Next Generation: Meeting Tasha (MF,anal)
by Christopher L Estep

The next morning, I woke up to the feeling that I wasn't exactly alone in bed. I slowly opened one eye and saw hair...long, dark, hair. Deanna Troi's hair. Then my brain reminded me of the events of last night. I was in Deanna's quarters. My cock, stimulated by the recollection of last night's events, stiffened and swelled, but seemed to be elclosed in something. I slowly looked down to my crotch, and realized that I was still in the half-Betazoid counselor's asshole, and had apparently been there all night. I felt Deanna slowly begin to wake, and wondered what her reaction to my being still in her ass would be....however, I needn't have worried. She pushed back slowly, taking my cock into her ass slowly until I was again completely hilted.

"Let's just take it slowly, Deanna," I said. "Let's not rush..." I began a very slow, easy, thrusting motion, sliding my cock outward from the depths of her ass, then, after I was almost completely removed, just as slowly pushing it back in to the hilt. Deanna moaned softly, and turned her head slowly toward mine, which had rested over her left shoulder.

She whispered, "This is the best way to wake up..." then she kissed my tenderly, slowly sending her tongue into my mouth. I sent my own tongue out to meet it, in a replication of the movements of my cock in her ass, and we slowly brought ourselves to orgasm in the ship's morning, continuing that slow, easy, unhurried pace.

I slowly removed my cock from Deanna's ass, and walked over to the replicator. "Hot Swiss chocolate," I said. Soon, a steaming mug of hot Swiss-style chocolate was awaiting me. I ordered a second mug, and brought them back to the bed, where Deanna was now sitting. I handed her the still-hot mug of chocolate, and sat down beside her on the bed.

"How long had it been, Deanna?" I asked.

Deanna looked at me with a smile. She blew some of the steam off the chocolate and took a sip. "Too long," she said. "Since I was still on Betazed."

I looked surprised. "You mean, Commander Riker never...."

Deanna cut me off. "No, Chris, Commander Riker never. Not even when we both were on Betazed."

I simply took a small sip of hot chocolate and shrugged. "His loss."

Deanna smiled again. "Is your gain."

After we finished our chocolate, we took a slow, luxurious warm-water shower together, dressed in clean uniforms, and reported to the Main Bridge. We still had fifteen minutes before we were on duty, but we both tended to prefer arriving early. I relieved Lt. Barclay at the relief Engineering station and set to work.

After three hours, I took a sideways glance at the Sciences station, currently manned by the Enterprise's Security Chief, Lt. Natasha Yar. I took a glance at her figure: she was a bit on the skinny side. But I couldn't get a good view of the rest of her figure, because she was sitting down.

However, in a seeming act of Divine providence, Cmdr. Riker wanted a sensor sweep of the space ahead of the ship. This meant that Lt. Yar had to get up and walk over to the senor station, which was just to the left of the Sciences station. When she stood up and turned her back to me, I noticed that her uniform pants were snug, showing off her rounded ass. I gazed longingly at that ass, imagining her bent over to take me there. While I was distracted by my thoughts, I failed to notice Lt. Yar turn and look at me until a minute had passed. I started to turn back to my station when I noticed that she was smiling at me. I waved hello, then I noticed her gaze was directed at my crotch.

"Oh, jeeze", I thought. Sure enough, I had a major erection, which was showing through MY uniform pants. I started to turn away and face my station, but not before I caught her suggestively licking her lips. I had turned back to my station when she asked me to help her with something at the Sciences station.

I walked sidewise toward the Sciences station, keeping my crotch toward the wall, then sat down at the Sciences station. She asked me to record the sensor sweep and send the results to Stellar Dynamics. While I was telling the Sciences computer what I needed it to do, she whispered softly, so no one else could hear, "So, Lieutenant. Did you like what you saw? I know I did!"

I whispered back, "Yes, Lieutenant, I did like what I saw." I entered a few commands into the Sciences computer, then whispered to her, "But...."

She giggled softly; again, I was the only person who heard her. "Ah, yes. But...what?"

With that, she turned back towards the sensor station; but this time, her ass was aimed right at me, just inches away from my face. I took a quick sideways glance at her ass, which she wiggled in a highly suggestive manner; since I was the only person who could possibly notice, I knew she was trying to tell me something! Once the sweep was complete, I got up and started back toward my station. Lt. Yar handed me a PADD surreptitiously as I got up. "Read what it says, commit to memory, and erase the PADD."

I took a quick glance: it contained her name, the location of her quarters, a request to call her Tasha, and asked me to come where indicated after shift change...and to bring some medical lubricant, and make sure I took my vitamins. I committed it all to memory, erased the PADD's display, then, just as surreptitiously, gave the PADD back to her. I whispered, "Message recieved, Tasha.." I then licked my OWN lips, wiggled my eyebrows at her, then finished going back to my station.

The rest of the shift was extremely uneventful. After shift change, I walked to the Turbolift. "Deck Seven," I snapped. The lift sped me toward the nearest lift station to my own quarters. I got out, turned left, and walked down the corridor to my quarters. After I entered and closed the door, I walked to the replicator station on the right-hand wall. "Medical lubricant, grade one," I said. "Type of container: one-half liter jar, with lid."

Shortly, the jar of lubricant arrived at the replicator station. I placed it on the table, took off my uniform, and dropped it into the disposal chute. I took off my briefs, and did the same thing with them, then took a cleansing sonic shower..

After my shower, I went to my dresser drawer and took out a black short-sleeve button-down shirt, and a pair of black denim jeans. After putting on a clean pair of briefs, the shirt, and the jeans, I next took out and put on a white pair of "crew" socks, and a pair of uniform boots, modified so the jeans could be tucked into the boots. I combed my hair, grabbed the jar of lubricant, and headed out of my quarters toward my rendezvous with Tasha.

I arrived outside Tasha's quarters and hit the ANNOUNCE button. A feminine voice said, "Come in," so I did. I walked into Tasha's quarters...and stopped dead in my tracks!

There she all her glory...and nothing else. Facing away from me, standing on the floor, hands in front of her on the short, a position designed for hot, steamy sex!

I quickly stripped off my clothing, grabbed the jar of lubricant, and slowly began to push it into the obviously horny Lieutenant's asshole. As I began, I said, "You obviously want it pretty bad, don't you?" then slowly pushed two well-lubricated fingers into her asshole.

"I do. Oooooh," she moaned as my fingers sunk into her asshole. When they were as deep as they could go, she rotated her ass on my fingers, forcing them to stretch the walls of her asshole, then she pulled herself forward off my fingers. "I haven't had it since the Academy! And I love it SOOOO much!"

I then proceeded to lubricate my now-rock-hard nine inches of cock. "Never let it be said that I disappointed a damsel in distress!" With that, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass.

She pushed back, forcing my cock to push deep into her ass. I just stood there, letting her take it at her own pace. Soon, however, I was fully ensconsed in her tight asshole. Once I was fully in place, she stood up.

I needed no further prompting. I took my left hand and started massagine her left nipple, while my right hand reached around and down to her protruding clit, which I also began to massage slowly. Tasha once again started a rotation action with her ass, now filled with nine inches of Starfleet engineer.

"Ooooh...Yessss...I LOOOOVE being fucked in the ass...I always want cock in my ass..." she moaned out, rotating and twisting her body like an ecadisiastic dancing girl on Zitli. I could take no more of this; I had to do SOMETHING, lest I go insane!

I then started to thrust in and out of her ass, placing my mouth by her left ear, which I started to trace with my tongue.

"Ohhhh...butt-fuck me...butt-fuck me...always butt-fuck me..." she kept repeating over and over as I picked up the pace. After about ten minutes of this, we just started a raw back and forth motion, with my pulling back and her pulling forward almost unsheathing me, and my push forward and her push back forcing my meat back into her asshole. In about two minutes, I could feel my orgasm fast approaching, so I started strumming her clit and her nipple like a crazed banjo player. This got her so wound up that she forced me into her ass to the hilt and started a squeeze-release, squeeze-release with her asshole as her orgasm took hold. The squeeze-release got to be too much for me; I quickly let loose a gusher of cum into her ass. Such was the force of her squeezing that I thought my cock would get squished flat! I slowly pulled back, pulling my cock completely out of her ass. She quickly turned around and kissed me VERY hard, forcing her tongue deep into my throat!

"Tasha," I said, when I finally came up for air, "why me?"

Tasha said, "You're the first person in a long time to get me so horny that I just had to fuck there a better reason?" She smiled, then ran her fingers through my hair.

I nodded. "Nope!"

"What next, Tasha?" I asked.

Tasha lay on her bed, stretched out on her back. "While you take a shower, I think I'll relax, then we'll see what happens from there."

I said, "Deal!" Then I slowly walked toward her shower.


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