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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Ro's Company (FF,FFF,fist,toys)
by Okudas

Ensign Ro Laren walked from the holodeck feeling totally relaxed. She had been walking along the Bajoran beaches around the Cartarian Sea. The program had been designed to simulate the conditions before the Cardassian invasion. The real beaches were beginning to revert back to the way they used to be but it was a slow process. She was there on Troi's orders. Her work had been getting too much for her lately and the strain had begun to show. She entered her quarters and
flopped onto the bed. She slipped into a deep sleep interspersed with strange dreams of past encounters. She was not surprised when she woke to find a large wet mark on the sheets near her crotch. The sheets were soon disposed of and replaced. She *had* to get herself a man she decided silently.

Deanna Troi was walking fast down the corridor. She was late for an appointment. Something that had never before happened. As she rounded the corner she walked straight into Ro and hit the deck.

"Oh God I'm sorry Counselor," said Ro as she helped her superior up. It was only Ro's reactions that stopped her from going the same way.

"No problem, I shouln't have been running anyway," Deanna had a strange look in her eye as she took the hand offered to her and heaved her slender body back onto it's feet. Ro found the look to be slightly erotic the way she was studying her. She caught herself. I *Really* have to get myself a man. Deanna made her apologies and left to see her appointment. Why had that encounter had so much of an effect.

The empath was still wondering this all the way through her appointment and was inwardly punishing herself for her unprofessional behavior. It was five minutes afterward that she realized why Ro had had the effect she did. "My God, she wanted it as much as I did..."

Ro was also still thinking about the corridor encounter when Deanna walked onto the bridge. Seated at the Helm she could not see what was going on behind. She hoped that Deanna was wearing that outfit. The Purple one which showed a generous amount of the councilor's ample cleavage. Again she caught herself. Her mind was wandering and Picard had given her an order. She had no idea what it was. What do I do, she thought her mind racing. You don't ask the Captain of a
Starship to repeat orders. Suddenly she heard a voice. Only she wasn't hearing it. It was inside her head not coming from the outside. She recognized Troi's voice which was telling her what the Captain had said. She didn't know how long she had paused and entered the orders. The screen went momentarily dark as the ship hopped into warp. The experience had troubled Ro and she thought of little else as she worked her shift. When she was relieved she went to the turbolift. Just as the doors were closing they reopened and Troi walked into the 'lift. "Deck ten," said both women simultaneously.

"You going to Ten-Forward as well," said Troi as the lift whisked them to their destination.

"Just for a few minutes," said Ro nervously. She though hard about how to approach her next sentence.

"Councilor... While we were on the bridge I missed an order from the captain. When I was about to ask for it to be repeated I heard your voice in my head. I put in what you told me and it was right but-"

"You heard that??? But that's impossible... well obviously not impossible but.... wow!"

The lift doors opened with the two women talking intently they continued this way all the way through the short walk to Ten-Forward and half way through their second round of drinks.

* * *

Ro sat quietly watching Troi finish her drink. As she swallowed her breasts rose and fell in rhythm with the gulps. They were talking about, what else, men. As Deanna talked about Will Riker a slight flush spread across Ro's cheeks. She herself had slept with Will when they all lost their memories. The subject began to wear thin. Ro had had little chance for a relationship while growing up in the camps and Deanna's mother had prevented much in that sense for Troi. They sat in silence for a few minutes. Suddenly Ro took the plunge.

"Have you ever... like, gone with another woman."

Deanna took this in her stride. She explained that she had had a couple of encounters but without much success.

"I think the best was with Bev. She was great. I think you really need to be friends before attempting anything like that. That way you know the person and know what they like. What about you?"

"Not yet. I haven't really had the chance. I mean you are really the only woman that's ever interested me in that way," it was out before she even realized what she was saying.

"I'm sorry, Sir," reverting back to formality seemed the only way of redeeming at least some pride. "I shouldn't have said that... sorry." She got up and almost ran from the bar.

* * *

The door chimed and Troi announced herself verbally.

"Ro? Ro are you there? Look we really need to talk.

Ro eventually gave the command to open the doors. Troi walked in and let the doors close. Then she lifted her head and said.

"Computer, only open theses doors on the command of Councilor Troi and Ensign Ro Laren, Security clearance Troi Alpha Three One."

"Clearance accepted."

Now even Captain Picard would need a hell of a reason to get the doors open.

"What are you doing? I made a big enough fool of myself without a helpful chat from the councilor."

"I'm not here to talk. You said I was the only woman that interested you and I think that we should... explore that interest."

Without another word she began to loosen her hair from the braid it was currently trapped in. Ro at first looked slightly startled but then a grin spread across her face. She took a step towards Deanna and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her hands roamed her upper body.

She eventually found the fastenings which held the uniform together. She undid them and Troi's bra restrained breasts fell forward. The Uniform was now on the floor and Ro was surprised to see that Deanna didn't wear any knickers. Whenever she had tries that her uniform had ended up sticky from the way it rubbed against her clit. Apparently Troi had no such problems. Deanna reached behind her to unfasten her bra and her massive bosom fell free. Ro had always wondered how she managed to control breasts such as those. It was usual that women with such large and soft mammeries were large themselves. This was certainly not true in the case of the Betazoid.

Ro stepped back to take in the whole picture. Her feet were small and dainty. The legs were absolutely perfect. Slender and straight. The councilors hips and thighs really were a sight to behold, and like all Betazoids she was totally hairless. The outer lips of her vagina were as smooth as her breasts. Another striking Betazoid feature was her nipples. In the same way as her eyes were dark, so were her nipples. They were large and incredible dark. Almost black. They oozed a constant stream of lactate.

"You're wearing too much," the councilor stared matter of factly.

She then proceeded to undress Ro. She was no less striking. She was smaller altogether though the uniform hid the true size of her breasts. While not as large as Troi's they were large enough to be able to play with. Ro stepped out of her uniform and began to remove her knickers.

"Leave them on for a min," said Troi with a wicked grin. She went over to the replicator and accessed her own private programs.

"Computer give be one... now which shall it be... Yes!... Troi 3ax."

A small device the general shape of a male penis took form. While it was the right shape Ro noticed it was disappointingly small.

"Isn't their anything bigger?" she asked.

"Just you wait. I asked you to leave your panties on for a reason."

She walked over to Ro and knelt down. This allowed her breast to hang. They thinned as they swung down and were nearly touching the floor. She put the device on the crotch of Ro's panties and entered a command. The dildo pushed into the crotch and began pushing the material into Ro's tunnel. This had the effect of stretch her vaginal walls to their limit. It felt as if she was being fucked by someone with a dick the size of her forearm.

"That is incredible," she moaned as it went deeper and deeper.

"I haven't turned it on yet." She pressed the button to execute the command she had entered and Ro orgasmed on the spot. She went weak at the knees and was trembling with lust. The device had plugged into the nerves surrounding her labia and clitoris. At the same time it had literally turned up the sensitivity on the these nerves and sent and impulse through her body directly to the pleasure centers of the brain.

Ro finally finished her orgasm and fell to the floor exhausted. She of course was hornier than ever as was the norm with Bajorans. She had something she had wanted to try for a long time.

"Come here," she whispered. Deanna walked toward her and stood over her. Ro told her to lie down and she knelt and the opening to Deanna's own vagina. She leant forward and Deanna inwardly sighed. No-one had ever exited her with cunnilingus and she was sure that Ro would be no different. She was totally unprepared for what came next.

Ro looked as if she was indeed going to lick Deanna's Labia, instead she put her head forward and touched her ridges on the opening before her. Deanna's clitoris was engorged from watching Ro's ferocious orgasm and was easy to locate. Ro began to rub her ridges up and down while at the same time licking the lower part of Deanna's vaginal lips. Even while doing this she still had one hand on the Councilors breast and was kneading for all she was worth. Deanna was loving it. She had never had any man give her this kind of pleasure. Or any woman for that matter. She was beginning to get near to climax herself when abruptly Ro stopped. She was about to ask the problem when she exploded into orgasm. Ro had made contact with her second Clitoris.

All Betazoid women have a clitoris much like a human woman's. However, some are blessed with a second. Located behind the first it emerges from the protective sheath only during high arousal. Deanna had only been able to get to it using a device for that specific purpose. It had never emerged of its own accord. It was 10 times more sensitive than the first and direct contact brought immediate
climax. She screamed as the orgasm jolted through her and it went on for nearly a minute. During thus time she orgasmed about five or six times in all. She prayed that the doors were sound proof and that no-one had heard her. She looked down at Ro and was surprised to see that she had achieved what few Betazoids ever do. She had again tapped into the dormant psychic powers that all beings posses. Instead of her voice she had transmitted her own orgasm straight to Ro. Betazoid orgasms are more intense than other humanoids due to the telepathic powers they use. Ro had been over come and was lying on the floor asleep and a large amount of sweat and girlcum. Deanna Curled up around her in the fashion humans call spoons. In this position she fell fast asleep anticipating that this would be happening again really soon...

* * *

Troi woke some three hours later. She eased herself away from Ro without waking her. She unlocked the doors and slipped into the dim corridor. She was soon into her own quarters where she undressed and took a sonic. As she massaged her breasts the exertions of last night were eased away. The large amount of her own cum mixed in with her sweat and Ro's own secretions were washed away as she switched the shower to ordinary water.

She dressed in her blue Starfleet issue uniform and made her way to the bridge. The viewscreen held the usual starfield muted into long streaks of warp space. Within minutes of her own arrival, Ro walked onto the bridge and took up the Conn. position. The hours seemed to drag until they were both off duty. When the shift finally ended they walked in silence to the Ten-Forward lounge.

"So where did you disappear to this morning," asked Ro sounding slightly hurt.

"Well you looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you."

"I woke up in the middle of the floor totally naked and in a large puddle of my own cum," she suddenly grinned, "it felt wonderful."

"So what's next for us?"said Troi. She knew that Ro wanted to rip her clothes off there and then but was still slightly apprehensive about the whole thing.

"I think we should carry on our own before we even think of a third party," Ro whispered.

"Who mentioned a third party?" Troi said with a smile.

"You did.... Didn't you?" Now Ro was nervous, she had put her foot in it like she had the night before. This time however she did stay in the bar. "Well, I thought that could be the next step."

"No you're right. We should experiment a little more by ourselves. How about later tonight?

"OK but this time we use your quarters, mine still have a damp patch."

* * *

Ro sat in her quarters waiting for Deanna to call. She had been called away for an emergency meeting and could be hours. On the other hand it might be just a few minutes.

She had changed out of her uniform and was wearing a loose fitting Bajoran 'Kaylee'. This was a traditional outfit usually worn over other clothes. Ro was totally naked underneath and the translucent material showed her nimble frame in all it's glory. She new that she would have to wear something over the top for the journey to Troi's quarters but for now she was looking at herself in the mirror. She was already wet in anticipation and the loose material clung to her
smooth labia. Her small nipples were erect and poking into the material. Suddenly the intercom beeped.

"Troi to Ro... Sorry about the delay. I'm ready."

The intercom channel closed before Ro could respond so she pulled on a wrap and left for the councilors quarters. When she arrived the doors automatically opened and locked behind her.

"Deanna?" she called softly. The lights were dim and the air still. A louder hail would have broken the mood somehow. Ro noticed Troi standing by the observation window. She looked naked. This disappointed Ro as half the fun was the initial undressing. However Deanna wasn't naked. In the same way that Ro was wearing traditional Bajoran garb, Troi was also wearing Betazoid clothing.

Betazoids value their nakedness. Weddings and Funerals all have the guests naked as the day they were born. However, just as they value the sight of their naked bodies they are a deeply sensual people. They enjoy as much as Humans the undressing and the excitement which can be derived from that act. For this reason when they are preparing for a sexual encounter they will wear clothes which prolong that experience. This of course was the real reason for Troi's delay. The outfit takes as long to put on as it does to take off.

Ro dropped her wrap and wondered at the stark contrast between the two outfits. Whereas she had only one thin layer of material between her and Troi, her counterpart was wearing more of a logic puzzle than a dress.

"You're beautiful," said Troi, breaking the silence. She had decided that their last encounter had been over too quickly. They had both reached orgasm within a few minutes and fallen asleep. This was to last well into the night.

Ro took a step towards the older woman and started to size up the outfit. She soon realized that she could only remove one piece at a time, and they had to be removed in strict order.

"Shall we begin?" Troi was anxious to start the process. She had a taster of Ro's emotions the previous night but she needed more.

Ro started by removing the first piece. This was located on the inner thigh and exposed a large amount of creamy white flesh. Ro started nibbling the exposed body of Troi as she found the next part to remove....

* * *

Some half an hour later Troi was almost totally naked. However all the *important* parts were still covered. Her pubic mound and buttocks were still encased in the light blue material as were her breasts. Ro removed the next piece and exposed her left nipple. Ro latched onto it hungrily and sucked the sweet lactate which was emanating from it. She soon found the next piece and soon the councilor's creamy buttocks were exposed and Ro once again buried her
head in between and them. She came up against an obstacle however. A thin G-String was blocking her path to the councilors ass. As she pulled on it Troi gasped. She had been getting wetter and wetter throughout the whole experience. The sudden pull on the string holding the last two pieces on nearly made her come on the spot.

She forced herself to hold it and asked Ro to remove the last pieces quickly. Soon her right breast and her pubic mound were uncovered and Troi stood wearing nothing but a smile.

Ro slipped out of her own dress and it floated to the floor. Again she took a step toward Troi, her eyes fixed on the bare lips of the councilors vagina. She longed to taste her wetness, to encompass herself in Troi's psyche, but she knew that she must wait. Deanna had planned this implicitly. She didn't want to ruin the evening ahead now by rushing things.

Troi knelt before Ro and frankly examined the young ensign's 'equipment'. She had a small triangle of light hair covering her upper pubic area. Further down she had the outer labia majoris just the same as a human woman. She lacked the inner lips possessed by humans and instead a small muscle circled her vaginal opening. When contracted in acted much the same way as the hymen on a human female. It kept out infection and kept her moist inside. Unlike the hymen she
could relax this muscle at any time and allow penetration.

This was exactly what the Councilor had in mind. Reaching down between her own legs she massaged herself and coated her hand in the sticky wetness she found there. Then she reached up and pushed her fingers against Ro's outer lips. The pre-cum on her hands allowed her to insert three fingers without resistance.

"I need your fist inside me," Ro managed to say between gasps.

"I'm not sure it's going to fit, I don't want to hurt you."

"Sure, it will. It'll just take time."

Slowly Deanna rubbed Ro's clit with her thumb. Ro began to produce pre-cum and soon Troi's hand was soaked. Again slowly she eased another finger into Ro's incredibly tight pussy. Ro relaxed even further the muscle surrounding the entrance to her tunnel. Eventually Troi had all five fingers inside her lover. She began to push her fist further until she again encountered resistance. She gave one final push and her hand disappeared into Ro in a rush that made Ro
gasp with lust. Her eyes were closed and it was clear that the whole process had turned her on and she was already close to climax.

Troi knew this and stopped moving. Soon Ro had calmed down and they could continue. Troi began to move her fist back and forth within Ro's body. This brought forth small whimpers of pleasure from Ro.

Troi wanted to see how far she could go. She pushed her hand further and further into Ro's channel. She was soon massaging her cervix. She discovered she could go even further. By this time she was buried almost up to her elbow, deep into Ro's incredible body. She had to stop as she could go no further. She was suddenly bombarded with emotion as Ro climaxed loudly. It was the strangest feeling. Bajoran women climax in a similar way to humans. The one major difference in the amount of cum which some women can produce.

The ducts which produce this fluid were located at the point just above where Troi presently had her wrist. This meant that the only way for the cum to go was up. Deeper into Ro's womb which covered Troi's fingers. She withdrew her hand and licked the sweet liquid off her hands. She massaged the rest of in which was now leaking from between Ro's legs into her breasts making the shiny and sticky.

Ro bent down and began to lick her own cum from Deanna's bosom all the time massaging her own clitoris.

"Do the same to me. I want to feel you inside my body." Troi was wet herself and needed release. Ro however did not oblige straight away.

"Not yet... I'm gonna have some fun first."

She pulled Deanna onto the floor and straddled her chest. The councilors large nipples were fully erect and were hard as iron. Ro sat right on Troi's left breast flattening it to her chest. She began to rub herself on Deanna's nipple which was acting like a small penis. It was long enough to push against Ro's clit and cause strange sensations to shoot through her body. Troi on the other hand was getting more and more turned on. She began to suckle on Ro's hanging
breasts and licked her nipples back into full arousal.

Soon Ro decided that the teasing would have to stop. She eased her self off of Deanna's chest and started to push her fingers into Troi's now dripping wet pussy. Deanna was determined to control her climax as Ro pushed against her cervix. Ro began to pump in the same way as Troi had. The she did something which shattered Troi's resolve and shot her into the height of ecstasy.

Ro moved her hands down and pushed her finger deep into Deanna's ass. It was incredibly tight and this added to the utter devastation Troi experienced. Feelings raced through her body. It felt as if her entire groin was on fire. She bucked and screamed all the time girl-cum cascading down her legs. Ro was shaken by the severity of the orgasm and began to ease her hand from both of Deanna's tunnels. This only added fuel to the fire of Deanna's climax.

During the three minutes that followed Troi climaxed 27 times in all. It was incredible. Over and over again screamed out Ro's name until finally she slumped to the floor. Utterly exhausted.

All the time she had had her eyes closed and it was only now that she focused again on Ro. She was staring over Troi's shoulder. As Troi turned she saw the problem.

"Am I interrupting something." said a familiar redhead...

* * *

Deanna was lying on the floor in a veritable pool of sweat and cum, still with Ro's fist deep inside her body. She looked up at Beverly seething with lust.

"Don't just stand there, join in." She managed to gasp between breaths.

Bev just stood with a slightly amused grin on her face. She was however visibly turned on by the scene played out in front of her. Her nipples were jutting into the tight blue uniform she wore. Her eyes were alight with thoughts running through her head.

Ro removed her hand and Troi slumped backwards onto the floor, her head laying between the Doctor's feet. She looked up giggled as the Beverly looked down at her.

"So where do we start?" asked Bev with more than a little trepidation.

Troi did not answer. She simply stood and placed her hand on Beverly's heaving chest. She massaged the nipple beneath the uniform until it was jutting even further out from her body.

Gently Ro pulled the fastenings at the back of the Doctor's tight uniform. As the clothing loosened Bev's breasts, still in her lacy bra, were exposed to view.

She stepped out of her boots and then out of the uniform itself. All she was now wearing was her bra and panties. The latter was decorated with the Starfleet Guild of Councilors badge of office, just over the opening to her vagina.

"You still wear those!" the councilor exclaimed in glee. "I gave those to her when we last... well you know."

Ro understood but decided that the Doctor was still wearing far to much. She pulled down the small knickers and attacked the Bra fastenings. Soon Beverly's breasts had fallen free and were being suckled by Deanna.

As she had that first time with Deanna Ro stepped back to take in the whole view.

Even though Beverly was the older of the three women her largish breasts did not show the slightest sag. They were soft however and where Deanna's fingers touched they make small dimples in the caramel colored skin.

She had a small triangle of red hair just above her vaginal opening. It was already matted to the skin with the juices emanating from her pussy.

All the time Deanna was suckling Bev's small rosebud nipples. Ro decided she was missing out and moved toward the gorgeous Doctor.

She began to mercilessly flick at Bev's clit and was soon sending waves of pleasure through the older woman's body.

Deanna lifted her head long enough to ask, "So what are you actually here for anyway."

"Well I heard the screams as I passed the door and what thought you must be in pain. I used the override and saw you on the floor thrashing about with Ro's hand halfway into your womb."

"It felt like she had gone right into it and out the other side. That's why I was screaming so much. You have to let her do it to you," Deanna seemed anxious to watch the whole thing as much as she had wanted it to be done to her.

"Does it hurt?"

"Bev, you've had a baby. If you can take that then you can take a fist."

"OK. Plunge away," she said with a small grin.

* * *

Ro gently lowered Bev to the floor. She began to massage the her outer vaginal lips as Deanna caressed her nipples. Ro slipped one finger into Beverly's tunnel and used her thumb to flick at her clitoris. This sent waves of pleasure through the Doctor. She was soon very wet and Ro found it easier to push in her fingers.

She gently pushed in a second and third finger and eventually had all five fingers prizing the distended lips apart. As she began to push her hand further in Beverly yelped. Ro stopped immediately and asked the problem. It turned out that Deanna had began to nibble on Bev's nipples and the yelp was one of pleasure not pain.

Ro continued her push and as with Deanna her hand suddenly slipped in with a rush and a sticky wet sound. As she began to move her hand in and out Bev began to moan. Through her teeth she managed to say.

"I want more, I don't feel full. Dee, put your hand in as well. I need to feel full up."

"Are you sure you want another hand. I don't want to hurt you."

Beverly indicated in the positive and Deanna move down next to Ro. She began to ease her fingers past Ro's arm and push them into Bev's vagina. Her lips were incredibly slippery but in was still a tight fit. She push her hand in and felt something inside. She gripped it and realized she was holding hands with Ro. Deep inside the older woman's body they gripped each other's hands and began to move them further towards her cervix.

They loosened their grip on each other's hands and began to move them in opposite directions. Beverly's orgasm had been building for several minutes and this alternate movement sent her over the edge. She threw her head back with a huge groan and her pussy muscles contracted hard on the other women's arms. They in the meantime had been massaging each other and climaxed almost simultaneously with Bev. They lay their on the councilors floor climaxing together. Three as
one. As they all slipped into sleep they were all totally contented. They had each found two new intimate friends who they would value forever...

The End


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