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Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Crusher and Janeway meet as Cadets at The Academy and become more
than friends.

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Star Trek - The Next Generation/Star Trek - Voyager: Academy
by Rob39874

Cadet Beverly Crusher had managed to get the admiral to throw a fancy dress
party for the cadet's to enjoy and due to lack of volunteers Admiral Nechayev
had selected some of the students to help out with decorating the main hall.
Cadet Janeway was the only one to have volunteered and was the first to

"Where do I contact to help with the decorations sir." she asked the admiral.

"Over there Cadet Janeway." The admiral replied pointing to a tall red head.

Janeway walked over to her and said "Hi I'm Kathryn Janeway I'm one of the

"Great if you can help by just hanging up the decorations around the room."
Cadet Crusher said.

* * *

Four hours later when the others had arrived they had finished and were
getting costumes ready.

Kathryn and Beverly were in a corner looking through the costume they
selected ones they thought were nice and went to Beverly's quarters to

Kathryn changed into a slinky cat-suit while Beverly changed into a very
revealing dress something she wouldn't normally wear.

Kathryn turned around seeing Beverly in the suit took Kathryns breath away
as she saw how revealing the dress was and Beverly turned around "How do I
look?" she asked.

"Fine you look great" Kathryn said her breathing a little rushed.

"So do you." Beverly moved closer and then she asked "Kathryn have you ever
been with a woman?"

"once" Kathryn said "but I like men as well."

"Me two but we can have the best of both worlds really." Beverly said and
kissed Kathryn.

Kathryn tensed before relaxing into the kiss when they broke the kiss to
breathe all Kathryn said was "Wow."

Beverly smiled "You'll be doing a lot more than say wow before tonight is
over." Beverly said.

"Well maybe we should adjourn to the bedroom then." Kathryn suggested.

"Well I was thinking of doing it here but the bedroom would be more
comfortable." Beverly said she walked into bedroom and Kathryn followed
Beverly took of the wig and took of the dress revealing that she had no

Seeing where Kathryn was staring she smiled "Well you can't wear anything
under the dress or it becomes see through through the lights." she then put
a look of mock annoyance on her face "Now strip!" she said.

Kathryn began to seductivly take of the leather costume Beverly began to
finger herself Kathryn took of the rest of the costume quickly and lay beside
Beverly who began to moan. Beverly took her hand away and held her fingers to
Kathryn's lips who licked the juices off them.

"Goddess your beautiful." Beverly said.

"So are you Beverly." Kathryn said as they kissed each other again before she
moved down to Beverly's breasts. "I've imagined this ever since I saw you in
that hall."

"Well now you can no longer imagine." Beverly whispered and moaned as Kathryn
took one in her mouth and sucked on it.

Kathryn nibbled on her nipple and smiled at the vocal-Ness of beverly her
other lover always kept quiet and it felt good to know that she could make
someone scream that loud with pleasure.

She moved of the breasts and moved down to her stomach leaving a trail of
kisses until she reached between her legs. "Mmmm nice." she said she licked
up her thighs until she reached her clit she gave it a long slow lick.

"uhhhhhh!!" Beverly moaned in pleasure "Yeah Kathryn like that."

Kathyrn alternated between licks and nibbles driving Beverly to the heights
of pleasure.

"Kathryn I'm cumming!!!" Beverly yelled not caring how vocal she was being.

Kathryn smiled as she rode the orgasm with Beverly. When it was over Kathryn
moved up her body and kissed Beverlys lips.

Beverly smiled and reached into her bedside drawer you will like this she
brought out her vibrator.

Kathryn moaned and rolled over and opened her legs with a slutty smile on her

"Give it to me baby." she said.

Beverly grinned and trailed the end down Kathryns body until she lay it next
to Kathryn's pussy and gently pushed it in.

Kathryn groaned with ecstasy as Beverly slowly began pushing it in and out
faster and faster.

"Yessss." Kathryn moaned .

Beverly took out the vibrator and began licking at the place where her
vibrator had explored suddenly Kathryn came loudly. Beverly got up and kissed
Kathryn's lips as they feel in a blessed sleep Beverly knew there would be
more fun at the academy.


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