Star Trek - The Next Generation/Star Trek - Voyager: Seven's Sexual Bliss With Wesley Crusher (mF,anal,first,bukkake,cream pie)
by Dr. Demented 666

Back in the Alpha quadrant Seven of Nine began her new life on Earth and happened across a vacationing 13 year old Wesley Crusher from the Enterprise. She recognized him from Star Fleets personnel files and decided to converse with him about Picard's encounters with the Borg. Seven strutted her magnificent frame over to the boy and engaged in a conversation that led to a dinner invite at her place that evening.

Wesley went to Seven's residence and she let him in, the home engulfed in an aroma of freshly baked goods and her body in perfume as they went to the living room where they both sat on the sofa and continued where they left off that afternoon. Seven was as intrigued by Wesley as he was her, but Wesley was extremely attracted to the unassimilated Borg and admired her tall and slender frame that was hugged tightly by her black and silver one piece body suit; her hair pulled tightly behind her head and showing off her long sumptuous neck.

The boy couldn't take it anymore and let his teen hormones take over and began a sexual conversation with Seven...

"Is it true that the Borg don't have sex?" Wes asked of Seven.

"It is, the Borg assimilate and reproduce via a machination chamber." Seven replied.

"Sooooo, you're a virgin?" Wesley curiously wondered and knew the truth but asked anyway.

"Yes, I am...Why are you so interested in asking me these types of personal questions for?" Seven asked puzzled of him.

"Because I am, too, and was wondering if...If..." Wes stuttered in hesitation and not knowing of her answer or reaction.

"If-what?" Seven finished his question for him.

"Well, if you would consider sexual experimentation with me?" Wesley asked of her.

Seven's curiosity peaked and her eyebrow rose over her one eye and she took a deep breath and made her breast heave outward as she stated: "I have been wanting to experience sex for the first time, I just never imagined it with anyone you're age before; but you are quite handsome. Very well, remove your clothes."

Wesley couldn't believe his luck and stood quickly and just as quick stripped naked, exposing his boyish good looks and smooth but well toned frame. Even Seven was impressed with how he looked and reached out and took his enormous hard-on in her hand...

"It's so big, Wesley...It's like 12"...Very unusual for a male, especially a 13 year old like yourself. I'm impressed to say the least. You're even in the early stages of puberty." Seven smiled as she stroked his cock and caressed his peach fuzzed balls and pleasured him in a way only he has done to himself only a few times before.

Wesley's hips jolted back and his cock popped out of her hand and sprang upward in midair and several long shots of cum shot from its tip and landed on her uniform. Seven looked at herself and the mess he made all over her and stood, unzipping her uniform in the back and sliding out of her boots; then lowering her tight uniform off of her and letting Wes see all her naked splendor for the first time...

Seven was beautiful, her large breasts stuck out firm like torpedoes with no sag and stiff nipples; her long legs led up to a perfectly bright blond bush that wasn't overgrown but trickled with her wetness. Wes went to her and began to rub his shaft against her smooth leg and watched as she sunk to her knees and rubbed his shaft against her long neck and across her cheeks and full lips.

Slowly she opened her mouth and let her tongue slide along the underside of his long cock until she reached the tip where she raked her teeth over his cock head and then put him in her mouth and began to suck on it as she looked up at him and watched his joyous reactions. Wes grabbed the back of her head and pulled himself fully into her mouth and felt her throat clamp around it as she gasped for air. This set Wesley off for his second orgasm, cumming hard in Seven's mouth and making it trickle passed his cock out the corners of her mouth and slide down her neck.

Seven pushed him away and coughed as she gasped for air and then looked up at him...

"A little warning would've sufficed..." Seven panted.

Seven rose to her feet and went and sat on the couch and opened her legs, inviting Wesley over as she petted her soft pubes; watching as he got between her legs and began to rub the underside of his cock against her pubes, tickling his dick in the process.

"Penetrate me!" Seven begged...

Wesley pushed the tip of his dick into her and then sunk himself fully into her pussy, feeling her hot insides and a flood of wetness encompass his cock as he popped her cherry. A tear rolled down her cheek as she grasped at the cushions on the sofa...

"Are you ok?" Wes asked of his lover...

"I'm fine...More...Finish with me!" Seven begged of him.

Wesley did as he was told and fucked her with slow, long thrusts, as he leaned in and began to kiss Seven; easing his tongue into her mouth and flirting with hers as he took her over and over. Seven lifted her legs and wrapped them around him as she became dizzy and chills ran up her body as she experienced her first ever orgasm brought on by the intense pressure building inside of her by Wesley's own orgasm.


As Wes filled her with his cum and the throbs and pulses of his shaft against her inner vaginal walls became in sync with one another, Seven showered the boys lower region with a flood of orgasmic fluid that spurted from her pussy and around and passed his cock that was in her. Seven screamed with delight and veins popped out on her neck as Wesley finished in her, letting her legs sink back down as her own orgasm subsided.

Wes withdrew from her pussy and watched as his cum began to flow from it like a river, he quickly went down on her...

"What are you doing?" Seven asked of him as she watched him plunge his tongue into her and lap up his cum and swallow it. She couldn't believe he was doing this to her after just inseminating her, but the feeling was so good that she let him continue until spraying his face with several more orgasmic shots as his tongue flicked over her white clit that hung erect from its sheathe.

Wesley took her legs just behind the knees and bent them up to her shoulders, letting her ass rise into the air and had her hold her legs in that position as he licked the tip of his index finger and massaged it over her puckered asshole...

"What are you going to do?" Seven asked as she felt his finger slide into her ass and him work it back and forth like a mini-cock.

Wesley lined up with her asshole with the tip of his dick and began to push firmly...

"Wait....It's too big!" Seven blurted out and then a surprise expression came over her face as the head of it popped into her ass and she winced sharply with a painful expression...

"Easy! Slow! You're hurting me! SLOW! Not all the way!" Seven ordered.

But Wesley sunk himself fully into her and listened as she squealed in pain as he pulled back to the tip of his cock and sunk it in her again...And again...And again...Making her reach around his back with both hands and dig her nails into his skin and rake them up his backand leave claw marks on him until she was stretched enough and could take it with pleasure instead of pain as Wesley fucked her anally and made out with her as her legs remained pressed against her shoulders.

Seven reached down with one of her hands and rapidly massaged her pussy and clit, making herself squirt onto Wes as he fucked her in the ass until he pulled out and massaged his cock in her pubes and blew cum all over her stomach, tits and face; leaving her asshole gaping. Wesley finally let Seven up and she collapsed to the floor and couldn't walk for some time from the anal pounding she just received.

Seven laid there on the floor on her stomach and Wesley laid across her back on his stomach and plunged his tongue into her ass gape and fluttered his tongue about against her inner anal walls. Seven sucked against the side of his cock that hung down against her face and the two pleasured each other until they both had one final orgasm...Seven's squirts spurted against the floor and beaded in droplets as Wesley's cum splattered against her face and into her mouth, dripping onto the floor and pooling in a white puddle.

Wesley and Seven would continue seeing each other as friends and lovers, but more so for the later.


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